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The Frustrating Search

The bright and very intelligent minds with a brighter overview of the MH370 search are at a loss as to what more they can deduce.

Worse, they start to blame everybody else for their frustration.

To summarize, what we now know about the matter is that firstly, the MH370 flight took off for Beijing. Secondly, it did not reach Beijing. Thirdly, a time was fixed when the last communication with the plane was received.

Fourthly, everything else after this is guesswork.

Fifthly, if I were a pilot wannabe, or a 377 tech, how would I do it to make the things happen like so?

My answer to this question will be your guesswork!

Give it more time and I will tell you.


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The Wooing of China

And so starts the wooing of China.

This country holds the key to just about every country represented in Brussels.

Of course they can only do so much.

Because nobody gave him an engagement ring!

The G7 has the obvious jitters

that they may eventually become the G7

in name only.

Besides, they have yet to serve him Won Ton Soup.


Korean Military Exercises?

The South Koreans and the Americans do their military exercises.

Guess what? The North Koreans fired back!

Now THAT was funny! yukyuk437

korean encounter3

Armor Recovery

(Russian troops load the tanks in trains to be recovered so that radicals and terrorists will not be able to use them. This happened in Libya after Ghadaffi’s downfall. Radicals and bad elements took over the armaments left by the Western powers and consequently are now being used on Syria, and Benghazi, too.

NATO does not have a model of the newest Russian armor that even the 102-mm cannon have difficulty in penetrating.

These armor being returned to Ukraine was shipped by trains and  are now the very same images captioned by the Western media as Russian armor being transported to the border between Ukraine and Russia for a pre-supposed military invasion of Ukraine. What a correspondent!)

armor recovery2

President Vladimir Putin has ordered all weapons and hardware left by the Ukrainian military after Crimea’s accession to Russia to be returned to Ukraine.

The Russian President, who is also the commander-in-chief of the military forces, gave the order to Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu at a rank-conferring ceremony in Moscow on Friday. The order concerns weapons, and military hardware including aircraft and ships.

Shoigu reported that Ukrainian units stationed in Crimea who had not wished to come over to the Russian side had left Crimean territory.

The minister added that the flags and symbols on all the ships that remained in Crimea were changed to Russian. “We have not allowed any acts of desecration and disrespect towards Ukrainian state emblems,” the official added.

After the overwhelming majority of people in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation earlier this month the Ukrainian servicemen stationed on the peninsula were given the choice of swearing allegiance to the new authorities or leave for Ukraine. The Ukrainian military bases were taken under the control of security forces because of fears the weapons could fall into the hands of Ukrainian radicals.

A source in the Black Sea Fleet HQ told the RIA Novosti news agency that Russia intended to take over about 30 combat ships and support vessels that belonged to the Ukrainian Navy. However, the source added that this would be done only after a thorough inspection of the ships’ condition. On March 26 all 193 former Ukrainian military bases and institutions in Crimea flew Russian flags.

Also on Friday, Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Russia had initiated the severing of its treaties with Ukraine on the division and status of the Black Sea fleet.

According to the 1997 agreement Russia received a part of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet and started renting the naval base of Sevastopol from Ukraine. In 2010 the treaty was renewed and the two nations agreed that the Russian Naval base in Sevastopol would remain for an additional 25 years starting May 2017. Russia paid $100 million a year in basic rent and also agreed natural gas price discounts.

To annul the agreement either side must inform the other side about this intention at least one year ahead.

However, after Crimea chose to join Russia the renting agreement became obsolete. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev earlier said that the failure to end the Sevastopol rental agreement could cost Russia up to $11 billion.


According to RT…..


RT 3-31-14

Crimean Invasion As Per Agreement

The Russian troops and weaponry in Crimea which the “international community” declares blatantly as an invasion is in reality as agreed upon by the Parliament of Crimea and the government of Russia. And since Crimea is now a part of the Russian Federation, this agreement has been cancelled. And Ukraine, or what’s left of it, has to refund the $11 billion in rental fees.

Black Sea Fleet2

Russia’s lower chamber of parliament, the State Duma, has voted to denounce the Russian-Ukrainian agreements on the Black Sea Fleet. The MPs voted to halt the rent payments to Kiev for Sevastopol naval base and to cease writing off Ukraine’s debt.

The State Duma censured a total of four agreements on the status of the naval base in Sevastopol on Monday. These include the 1997 agreements between Moscow and Kiev, according to which Russia officially received a part of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet and started renting the naval base of Sevastopol from Ukraine, as well as the 2010 agreement prolonging the rent of the naval base till 2042, with an option of extending it by a further five years.

As part of the agreements, Russia annually paid the Ukrainian government $526.5 million for the base, as well as writing off $97.75 million of Kiev’s debt for the right to use Ukrainian waters and radio frequencies, and to compensate for the Black Sea Fleet’s environmental impact. The Russian Navy was allowed to station up to 25,000 troops, 24 artillery systems, 132 armored vehicles and 22 military planes on the territory of Crimea in addition to the vessels.

Crimea’s accession into Russia de facto terminated the deal, with Russia no longer obliged to pay the rent, the MPs decided.

As a result of the March 18 agreement, which marked the Black Sea region’s joining the Russian Federation, “the subject of the Russian-Ukrainian agreements ceased to exist,” said the head of the Duma Committee on the Affairs of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Leonid Slutsky.

“From now on the status and the conditions of the Black Sea Fleet stationed in the city of Sevastopol will be regulated within the constitutional framework of the Russian Federation,” Slutsky said, calling the vote “historic.”

A total of 443 out of 450 MPs voted in favor of the move, far exceeding a simple majority of 226 votes. However, according to Russian law, such a law must first be voted on by the Federation Council, Russia’s upper house of parliament, before coming into power. A vote on the issue is scheduled for Tuesday, April 1, and an extraordinary session of the Federation Council will be held.

On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry sent a diplomatic note to the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow, informing the Ukrainian side of the draft law introduced by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The note also raised Moscow’s intention to transfer Ukrainian military hardware remaining in Crimea.

The coup-appointed Ukrainian government was quick to reply, with Ukrainian Foreign Ministry official, Evgeny Perebiynis, telling journalists on Friday “in case the Russian side denounces these agreements, the Russian fleet in Crimea will be illegal.”

Upon signing the law into power, Russia would have to “think of withdrawing the Black Sea Fleet” from Crimea, Perebiynis warned.



Media Aggravates Tension in Ukraine

We now have proof in this crisis that it is actually the media that increases the tension and sensationalize the news about the Ukrainian Crisis.

There is no tension, no conflict, no intent for Russia to invade Ukraine. The news media networks should remove those reporters who say things about mobilization and troop movements when there are none. In fact they say these things from hearsay reports. If they really want to report the truth about troop movements, let them put up video clips with themselves showing the actual troop movements. They are reporting things in the safety of Ukrainian kitchen billets.

They should report on one thing : that Russian troops and Ukrainian military will not fire against each other. They fought together before against German invasion and they have died together.

So cease and desist. If they want sensational journalism, go to Eastern Ukraine and talk about the fascist movement.

Note that if Russia will really intrude into Ukrainian soil, 40,000, 88,000, even 100,000 troops will not be used. What for? The Russian expatriates in Eastern Ukraine will do the work for these troops. The most that would be needed is one army division supported by one armored division sans the heavy panzers. This will add up to less than one-half the contingent that is presently stationed in Crimea. That is, if they are really needed.

By the way, a federated Ukraine may not work because you would have only two states to put up, one Ukrainian and one Russian state. After a while, these two states will eventually split.

How can the “international community”  help?—— Put up a demarcation line and then separate Ukrainians from Russians.

Isn’t this the way that Pakistan was carved out of India?

Give up, people, the way to save face on this fiasco is to split Ukraine into East and West Ukraine. This way you don’t have to send arms and money, just money.

This also prevents putting up radicals like those from Libya.

Remember also that there has been no terrorism spawned from this region yet!




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From Russia With Love


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New Afghanistan

I get this squeaky feeling from  my squeaky flashes of the mind. And no, this has nothing to do with voices that I hear. The only sounds I hear are not voices, but from that dog barking to notify me of the postman pulling up the driveway.

Partly to spite Putin, but mostly to upgrade Ukraine’s capacity to repay the IMF loans, the “international communitry” is planning to convert the whole Ukrainian countryside into an agricultural paradise growing only cannabis weeds.

Consequently, they have to import Afghan farmers to start this on a large scale.

Afghan farmers bring along some Taliban-oriented younger folk.

And there go the neighborhood.

And then, of course, there go the security of East Ukraine, Poland,Moldava, and etc.

The Western “international community” will not stop at anything to “communize” the rest of the world.

(HAH! You never saw this one coming, did you?)


The World Monetary System

The Crisis in the Ukraine should have spawned an early evolution of the world monetary system.

It actually would have veered off in a different way.

Instead of heading on a course that dictates a single world currency, the Ukrainian crisis initiated the lost confidence in the other currency. Groups of countries would have retreated into separate cocoons using a single community currency. Either that or they form their own separate trading spheres.

What could have held them together is the common reference to gold, a commodity of which is deposited in some common depository. If everybody makes a run for withdrawing the gold from these depositories, there go the trust enjoyed by and between central bank governors.

Rivalries between currencies would have been between the marks(commonly called eu), the yuans, the rubles and the dollars.  Credit cards and letters of credits  may not enjoy anymore being favorites for  providing status on the financial transactions.

The rates of exchange between foreign currencies would still be used, although it will be obsolescent as states start using common currencies.

The world will not have a single currency, but at least there will be fewer currencies used.

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Ukrainian Elections


Don’t look now, but if a democratic election is attempted, it may start a civil war! Not one side will accept a rival win.

Right now, there will be no chance that Russians and Ukrainians will co-exist.

After this fiasco on the Ukrainian Gambit, there is no way that the US and the “international community” can save face. Asserting financial and sanction-clouts will just aggravate the situation. They miscalculated on the Russian expatriates pushing back, and Putin’s stance of patiently waiting for the US and its cohorts to get out of line.

The best solution, still to be tabled, is splitting Ukraine into East and West with borders clearly defined.


Diplomatic Resolution

By the term “diplomatic resolution” to Ukraine, does it include Crimea in the talks?

Does it waive aside all sanctions to all sides?

Does it involve the UN in the talks as arbitrator?

Does it involve Russia pledging money to help Ukraine who is against Russia?

Who or which countries will enforce the resolution?

Who would pay for Ukraine’s debt?

Does it require a democratic election?

Will it only end up on the split of Ukraine to East and West?



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