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Easy Does It


Easy, easy now—-

The Ukrainian Crisis is soluble by peaceful means.

Pride and greed should not be put into play here.

What should be, should be. Let the accusers of  Yanukovych prove that he is guilty as charged. After which let Yanukovych prove that he is innocent of the charges.

But the fate of a whole country which is Ukraine should not be put up as  the prize of any trial. The whole world of the West converges to grab a piece of Ukraine as if this country is a fragmented gold medal.

And let the media stop reporting from rumors and hearsay.

Let the events play out. Up to now there has been no shots fired.

Notice that all Russia has to do is cross the border and they are inside Ukraine.

Russia helps the situation by not doing so. It is determined not to be an aggressor. Oh no, it will not fall for this!

Maybe if the Ukrainians ask for help……


Russian Marines?


Those unidentified men in uniform with arms may be considered as Russian soldiers.

They will be there as expected because they are guarding a Russian military base. They do have guards for military bases.

They probably will give the excuse that they are merely Russian marines on a diplomatic security duty. The embassies do have those don’t they? EH?

But their numbers should be more than 9 marines.

The UN Security Council


This UN body is being asked to look at the Ukrainian Crisis. Finally, a neutral body is being called to decide.

Of course Canada is neutral. Everybody knows this. Even now without conferring with the Russo-Ukrainians and without the participation of the Canadian opposition members of the Parliament, the Canadian delegation in Ukraine suddenly heaps praises to the Euro-Ukrainians, giving approval to the new makeshift government, and promising Canadian money to the protesters. I told you that Canadians are neutral, didn’t I?  Well here’s your proof!

By the way, how’s the XL pipeline approval coming along?

Intimidating, eh?

Yanukovych Speaks


Yanukovych addresses the nation still as legitimate president


27.02.2014 16:20

Viktor Yanukovych stated in his address to the nation on February 27 that he still considered himself the legitimate president of the country. The text of his statement was distributed by Russian news agencies.

“I, Viktor Yanukovych, speaking to the people of Ukraine, still think of myself as the legitimate head of the Ukrainian state, elected on the basis of the free will of Ukrainian citizens. I can not stay indifferent to the tragic events in my homeland. I believe that the agreement on the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine that was signed by me and the leaders of the Ukrainian opposition in the presence of esteemed Western partners on February 21, 2014 has not been executed. Extremism is on rampage in the streets of many cities of our country. My associates and me receive death threats.

“I am forced to ask the Russian authorities to ensure my personal safety from actions of extremists. Unfortunately, all that is happening now in the Verkhovna Rada, has no legitimate character. The decisions that the Parliament takes in the absence of many members of the Party of Regions faction and members of other factions, who fear for their safety, and some were subjected to physical violence and were forced to leave the territory of Ukraine, are illegal.

“I am convinced that in these conditions, all decisions will soon prove to be ineffective and will not be fulfilled. In this situation, I officially declare my determination to fight to the end for the implementation of important compromise agreements to take Ukraine out from the deep political crisis. I urge everyone to immediately return the situation in our country in the constitutional field.

“Now it becomes obvious that the people in the south-east of Ukraine and in the Crimea do not accept anarchy and lawlessness in the country, when it is a crowd of people on squares that elects the heads of ministries. I, as the current president, did not allow Ukrainian armed forces to intervene in political events. I thereby order it now as well. Should anyone give such an order to the Armed Forces and security agencies, such orders shall be considered illegal and criminal,” Viktor Yanukovych said in a statement.

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Sochi Opening (2)








Four-year Heartbreaker

So close and yet so out of reach…….










Question For the Ukrainians


To both Euro-Ukrainians and Russo-Ukrainians I ask this question ;

Would it not have been better for Ukraine had you decided that separate trade deals would be made with both Russia and the EU?

Right now the protests are conspicuously done for undeclared and secret reasons.

Is the lure of hamburgers and soft drinks and rock music  and drinking-rum-and-Coca-Cola-go-down for-coo-manna too big to handle?

Russian Rubicon


Will Russian troops enter  Ukraine? This is more likely than not. Is this move legitimate according to international laws?

Was the invasion of Falklands by Great Britain legitimate? If so, then Russia will enter Ukraine for the very same reasons—to protect Russian citizens and Russian sympathizers.

This “invasion” would be more legitimate if these Russian citizens and sympathizers proclaim a separate state of East Ukraine and formally asks the Russian federation for help, or even file for membership to the federation.

And thereafter, if Russian “invasion” stops at the Dnepr River, it would have secured East Ukraine. If  Russia continues towards the Dnestr River, then it would have secured all of Ukraine.

Will the West initiate military action against Russia? More likely no. Ukraine is not a member of NATO so the West will have to bring this matter to the UN. If the UN Security Council says Russia committed aggression, it will declare a police action. Otherwise, who cares about global warming. This conflict would be hot enough to consider.

Remember that this upheaval, similar to the Egyptian Crisis, does not endanger the peace and security of the world. This crisis is localized. Grandstanding, with Ukraine as the background will not do. This was started by an unpopular trade deal! No such things happened as political prisoners and murders, and intrigues. The world should not be misled.

And never ye mind the Canadian delegation to Ukraine. They’re harmless, and may have even brought their own microphones for  their prepared speeches.

(Consider also the reasons for Germany’s annexation of Sudetenland.)

Kelly Brooks


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$51 Billion Olympics


Perfect Olympics.mpg


Kevin O’Leary



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Nato Must Have Read My Post



NATO must have read my post.

IT now declares that NATO recognizes the sovereignty of Ukraine.

OF course, it is an independent republic federated along with Russia.

NATO did not emphasize that Ukraine is not a member of NATO and thereby NATO is not obligated to come to the aid of Ukraine.

Weird it is that this particular conflict sprang from which country Ukraine is supposed to sign a trade deal with.

The deal with Russia is awesome, meaning one third discount on the price of natural gas plus $15 billion gift to pay off Ukraine’s debts.

Now Putin suspended the aid to the country and no natural gas discount is imposed.

And for what? A proposed $35 billion dollars loan from EU and the US?


Kiev Olympics


Obama warned the Russians not to send troops to Ukraine, the republic that depends on Russia for its government budget.

Putin, basking in his glory about the perfect $51 billion Sochi Olympics, ordered military exercises close to Ukraine.

Irked, Obama sends in 9 marines to Ukraine. No, these are not figure skaters.

It is understood that Obama ordered also a reduction of the defense budget.

They are dropping the F35 Stealth Raptors project. They are visible in ordinary Doppler radar, anyway.

They are still arming their drones with rockets, not arrows.

Americans Eliminated

American NHL players lose to Finland, Finland?


Finns Win.mpg


Ukrainian Developments


The Ukrainian opposition presents their candidates to their supporters.

The Russo-Ukrainians want to separate

There, they want to fix it themselves.

They don’t want any outside help.

Well, maybe Canadian advice is OK, Canadians are trusted all over the world. They’re not greedy.

And the UN? Is that League still functioning? It failed on Afghanistan. It failed on Syria, wherever have they been successful, anyway.

But unless they form a coalition, whatever government formed is not legitimate.



Kiev Sniper Rifles


Kiev sniper shoots 20 law enforcers:


Now, where could he get these sniper rifles?

Browse for

Military Exercises Near ukraine


Russia holds military exercises near Ukraine, naturally, for its own security.

See what I mean about opening your big yap! You may have started another conflict like that in Egypt.

This does not concern the US. This is a UN problem. And I do not believe NATO will take this up.

This is a Ukrainian domestic problem. There is no terrorism in this. Neither does this involve American interests. Curb your pride, this is Russian territory. And it will have its Naval fleet intact! It will be war if you try to take the fleet down. This war Canada may not join. And if it does not, there goes the NORAD!

Any country that tries to get involved in this one way or the other will do it only because it is greedy!

(Ukraine does not have anything to do with the Olympics!)

Homosexuals Illegal?


This is absurd!

Homosexuality may not be a right, but it is not illegal!

Since when did abnormality, or deficiency, become illegal?

Political Actions for Ukraine


I did mention that this Ukrainian upheaval is a socio-economic problem. If this be so, then a political solution may not be the ultimate solution.

The Ukrainians holding power right now mentioned a figure of $35 B for a complete restructure, and have asked the foreign countries for loans.

I say let them show guarantees on how to pay this loan back.

And I also say to leave the country well enough alone. If the authorities can survive this upheaval for more than ten days, then they do have an economic structure to withstand such problems. And therefore they may put out a good guarantee for the loans on the basis of their agriculture.

If after ten days of protests, the people start to get hungry, they will turn to the source of food which is promptly available. The Russo-Ukrainians will fall to the Russians for help. the Euro-Ukrainians will fall to the EU for help. And there you go—a simple procedure to predict the results of any referendum.

By the way, if one will put their mind really deep into the root of the Ukrainian problem, they will discover one thing—-that this is really a racial conflict. Euro-Ukrainians versus Russo-Ukrainians.

The country is headed for a split, and when it does, West Ukraine will be the poorest country in the world.

Leave the Ukrainians alone. They will solve this by themselves. Water seeks its own level.

The Big Mouth


President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, has given a public warning for Russia not to send troops to Ukraine, This would be the first time I would tell him to shut his big mouth. Of all the serious blunders he would make the rest of his last term is to further annoy Russia. Who said Russia was going to do anything about Ukraine?

He may attempt to be called great and laudable president of America by fighting for gay rights, fighting for same sex marriage, fighting for the immigrants, fighting for the middle class, fighting for gun control, fighting the American Congress to uphold these fights, but not to rattle the saber against Russia.

Right now the US has not a mighty army. The tanks and conventional weapons that annihilated the Iraqi army has been put on mothballs and the American manpower is being drastically reduced. What force does he think he can field against the new Russian tanks and bigger planes? And which of the American political forces does he believe will side with him to back up his warning against Russia?

Let me put it this way—-if he wants to add the name “great” to his presidency he should stop mouthing foreign political leaders under the semblance of fighting for the USA.

Now I am not Russian. Neither am I Ukrainian. But I really do not agree with the idea of people ganging up on others using blackmail, intimidation, and trade sanctions. And I really don’t support people who make empty threats publicly to gain support and sentiment.

His mouth won’t make him great.

(him and what army?)




Ukraine–Sick Man of EU or Russia?


The Ukrainian upheaval is not political. yet the West is treating it as political.

The problem is actually socio-economic in nature.

Ukraine should not have veered away from the USSR, and then caused the breakup of the union. The country afterwards gained control of the USSR missiles which it probably dismantled and sold to other countries. This is again as per reports and may not be true. The media, such as my blog, should never report anything without confirmation. News reporters tend to put out some things which are mere hearsay. Benghazi is an example, Syria is another. Palestine is an ongoing blunder. But the biggest mistake they made is to put up some news which go against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. This gave rise to the Taliban as a consequence. These rebels became a rogue outfit that fought against the Americans, using weapons provided by the Americans.

If the EU accepts Ukraine as a member, it should be prepared to assume the position of providing aid to Ukraine similar to the aid provided to Greece. After the country is stabilized, Ukraine will resume its ties with Russia and its Russian relations.

Do not report anything hearsay or rumor. You are paid just to be there, anyway. Heck, earn your keep the right way!

An election is in the offing for Ukraine. I would suggest a referendum first to choose whichever solution is needed. The UN should come in to supervise the referendum.

The other countries of the world should keep their hands off this country. No sanctions, no arms, no money, no expeditionary force, not even ambassadors nor envoys. Aid should be in the form of food, that is all.

If history serves me right, Ukraine is historically Russian. But then again, I might be mistaken in what I read.



Lien Yeung


Lien Yeung.mpg


The Netherlands Factor (2)

The Netherlands Factor

What could be behind these Dutch people winning 24 medals in speed skating, sometimes winning them in a 1-2-3 fashion?

I will say that with regards to this post, as in some of others, it is not gospel. What I mean is that you may believe in the contents or not. This is not guesswork, though, and chances are you will believe in it. But you may also choose not to.

This post will not refer to anything else that was written or said before. In fact the words here come from my unadulterated thoughts. This would be good for you as a reader because by then you can always say that what do I know, anyhow, since nothing and nobody will corroborate these. However, do understand that when I write a seemingly logical thing, I do back it up with logic. And what could be more logical than, ehem, music.(????)

In classical music, there is a type of composition called concerto. This type usually consists of three renditions called Movements. The First Movement is fast in tempo, the Second Movement is slow, and the Third Movement is faster than fast. The performance of the orchestra appear to attract the paying audience to the music, the second Movement appear to showcase the talents of the soloist and may tend to lull the audience to sleep or sit up and drink of the fireworks. The Third Movement is faster enough as if the members of the orchestra are in a hurry to answer the call of the washrooms.

This mode of composition is also applied to speed skating, and also in the whole spectrum of races in which humans participate physically. In fact, the mode of energy consumption by the humans goes like this : sprint, coast, scramble.

At the sound of the starting gun, the racers sprint, then they coast, and they scramble to get to the finish line. This process is not done by choice but by necessity. The human body expends the available energy in the sprint, then calls up more energy on the coast, and then expends the rest of the called up energy on the scramble to the finish line. If there is any deviation from this rule that the racer may choose, he gets a warning from his body in the form of pain, fatigue, and/ or dizziness. To avoid these warnings, the racer, or speed skater, goes into training. What is this training all about, anyway?

Training is to accustom the body to answer the demands for energy automatically and completely. In other words, training raises the bar with which the human body complains of the excessive demands by the skater. you see, the speed of the skater depends upon the availability of energy reserves, the speed with which these reserves are supplied, and the amount of available oxygen for energy conversion. If the body is burning energy at a constant rate, then the lungs and the blood which supply the oxygen will not be stressed too hard and the skater will not be gasping for breath.

All of these processes are accomplished by the human body during the coast and just after the sprint. At this point it is realized that any performance enhancing devices are applied to actually improve the performance of the human body during its coast period. The Dutch skaters, however, train their bodies to use the coast speed and use this speed not as a coasting speed but as a constant speed.

What am I saying now? I am saying that the Dutch does not use the sprint, coast, scramble method. It uses the sprint, sprint,sprint method; only their sprint is slower than an ordinary sprint, but faster than an ordinary coast. The Dutch speed skater starts, and coasts, and scrambles at about the same speed. Therefore the skater gains time at about that period when the rival skater is coasting, This also forces the rival skater to go faster during his coasting time, thereby consuming more energy than what is required for his scramble time.

Warm-ups are merely warm-ups and do not consist of expending energy at about equal to the amount to be spent for the whole race. Warm-ups tell the body to prepare to make available the energy on demand as it was accustomed to during the training stages. Too much time spent during warm-ups may not be good because warm-ups also spend energy.

When I wrote that Sang Hwa Lee beat the Dutch in their own strategy of the sprint, I merely meant that she started and ended the race with a sprint, no coasting. the Dutch trainers may or may not know this, but all they do is train the skaters to skate at a fast but constant speed.

If one observes closely the lap times with which the Dutch skaters finish each and every lap that they race, it will be noticed that the times are almost the same, proving that their speed is constant all throughout the race. I will have to upload a sample lap time snapshots next time. meantime, consider what I just wrote.

Is the diet of the Dutch responsible for their winning performances in speed skating? I say also that the type of diet helps, and is similar to the Jamaicans sprinting fast on the summer Olympics. It helps on the availability of energy on demand by the body, and may not be applicable on long distance races.