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Daintre Christensen




Tension in Kiev




Gone With The Wind


A city is frozen in its tracks

by ice and snow.

No sand, no salt, no blader, no winter tires.

Welcome to the Club!

Will these cost much money?

Yep, millions!

Come join the club

and treat this money

as Gone With The Wind!




Dragon Dance

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Native Dance

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The Rape of Vhong Navarro


The public is being made to believe that the assailants conveniently found a roll of duct tape inside the condominium of the girl whom Vhong was supposed to have raped. This tape was used to bind together the wrists of Vhong Navarro.

In an interview, this girl appeared to be pleasantly calm and glamorously composed even after such horrific events that happened in her place.

If you ask me, this event was a seriously planned blackmail of Vhong Navarro and a publicity stunt for the girl.

Heads up, people, watch for inconsistencies like this girl storing a roll of duct tape in her condominium as if she were a miss fixit type of girl.

(shades of Katrina Halili)

Sera Congi


Vladimir Putin

Man On The Spot


It appears that his success in sterilizing Russia’s borders

of terrorists has been overshadowed by

the existence of terrorists

right on his doorstep, Dagestan.

Dagestan, Russia

Could a pastoral scenery like this still spawn terrorism?



Just For Laughs


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Alicia Asquith



The NFA Cartel


One does not use a language like the English language if one does not have much experience conversing with it nor have much access to it. Reading in English is not similar to slinging in English.

The word cartel means:

1. a combination of political groups for a common action; and

2. a combination of independent commercial enterprises designed to limit competition

There is no such thing as a rice carttel, particulatly if the product is grown legally all over the country. There are no commercial enterprises in the country which has, in effect, limit the competition; except of course the NFA which not only intend to limit the price of rice but also limit any competition to the selling of rice. Call the private enterprises a syndicate, if they work together. But what they do most is not to raise the price of rice but to ultimately provide a means of distribution without which there could be a false rice shortage.

These rice syndicates were present and alive ever since. The rice mills may have their own granaries to store the rice, but making the product available to the public is the problem. The Department of Interior could have worked over this problem seriously if it had the time. The local government could distribute this rice by establishing outlets but in so doing, this project would create more problems in bureaucracy that would overwhelm the government.

Private syndicates would be the answer but they also charge for the transportation of rice. They could be, however, under local government inspections. And then again these inspections may give rise to grease money tthat would slick the enterprise.

The answer again points to getting more people to produce or plant or work to plant rice. How? Create a policy of attraction to get the people to go back to agriculture away from urban life.

The NFA should do more than import rice. It should persuade people to produce rice. It is presently making a profit from the people’s woes by selling imported rice.

Royal Rumble



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Vicky Morales



Mariz Umali



Pia Guanio



The Habit


This government has now acquired the habit

of blaming everybody else but……


Rice, Lies, and No-Brainers

Rice, Lies and No Brainers


Think about it this way,

Rice is not vice.

Unlike tobacco, and alcohol no sin tax is imposed,

And unlike drugs, it is not illegal.

And that’s a no-brainer.


Rice is not only food,

It is the staple food, eaten by everybody.

So it is a no-brainer to say it is legal to import rice

even by private citizens in accordance with free enterprise.

And conversely, it is illegal, undemocratic, and unconstitutional

for the government to nationalize the importation of rice.

While the NFA controls the price of rice,

it is immoral for it to monopolize the importation of rice

It’s a no-brainer.

Smuggling rice is IMPORTING rice

in large quantities for commercial purposes.

Importing rice for commercial purposes

is not called smuggling

if the correponding taxes for it has been paid.


The country will never be self-sufficient in rice production

When all that the people can eat is imported rice.

It’s a no-brainer.

It is stupid for the government to tell the people

to avoid wasting rice

when more than half the people

have not much rice to eat.


The grandest of all no-brainers is the project of building communities

around public lands cleared and plowed

for rice producing haciendas.

Subsidized houses could be built for the tenants that should come from

the unemployed, the squatters, the sidewalk vendors, the prison convicts

and the like.

Think about the problems that these government constructed

communities would solve—

the employment problems,

the traffic congestion problems,

The squatter problem,

the sidewalk vendor problem,

the rice-sufficiency problem,

and maybe the terrorist problem.


It’s a no-brainer of a solution, eh?

(erap had this idea down pat, but he had no people to do it!)