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Health Sec Under Fire


Health Sec Sebelius faces the Congressional hearing presumably for the Affordable Act website problems but the Obamacare was the thing really under attack. A good insurance administrator and coordinator, Sebelius accepts the responsibility for the online glitches of the Health Insurance, although it was really unfair for her to bear the brunt of the tirades concerning the technology involved.

These woes were expected because the website has to service millions of hits at any one time, much less process millions of inquiries about Obamacare, all in one website.

Probably an increase in the number of IT servers would do to help the situation. And also more cooperation from the government agencies which this website has to connect to gather the info for verification purposes. I did post before that it would have such problems as this. One has to start a beachead first before one starts an invasion. The website attempted to cover the whole country altogether at one instant. To top it all, there was no prior dissemination of information regarding Obamacare. Printed matter was not distributed, and call centers were not established. All info were to be accessed to the website. What a mess. The Republicans are now having a field day taking swipes at Obamacare and claiming that it is causing damage to the people.

If the Republicans continue with this, their party will not be a contender on the next elections. The Affordable Health Care will go through despite man-made obstacles, and will stay as a suitable fixture on the American way of life forever. The word “affordable” explains it all. People will change their minds after they have experienced a surgical operation, which normally costs $2500, for free.

Wheeling Numbers

 I have mentioned the phrase “wheeling numbers” several times. This is one method of reducing the amount of your bet to achieve the results. This is good when playing the odds.

For example, if you have chosen 12 lotto numbers to play, a full combination using these 12 numbers will provide you with 924 six-number combinations. That is a lot of money to bet on numbers that you may not be sure to come out.

However, if you play it so that you accept a minimum of 4-number win if your six numbers come out, then wheel your numbers like this: For the selected twelve numbers namely, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12——

you may play, 1,2,3,4,5,6

then 1,2,3,7,8,9

then 1,2,3,10,11,12

then 4,5,6,7,8,9

then 4,5,6,10,11,12

then 7,8,9,10,11,12

for six combinations.

You may test these for any 4-number combination hit.

Of course you may substitute these lotto numbers for the ones that you chose, provided that you follow the same arrangement, like 13 for 1, 6 for 2, 38,for 3, and so forth.

Me, I add two more combinations to these, namely ; 1,3,5,7,9,11

and 2,4,6,8,10,12.

I find that when I add these, I even cover the three- number combination hits.

A full twelve-number combination will give you 924 six-number combinations. Yikes!

(16 is a good choice, 36 is half-and-half, if 7 and 47 hit then they must have bucked a trend, maybe 48 or 38)

(don’t bet using the bread-money!)


The Canadian Senate Scandal


This is not supposed to be a scandal, but the people are blowing it out of proportion.

This is a simple matter of Senators charging expenses for something that they did not know is not allowed. Worse, the Canadian Senate made rules only after they found this out, making these rules retroactive in enforcement. Worst, the Canadian Senate refuse to rely on their own auditing department and chose instead to get the police to handle the auditing.

If you ask me, the Canadian Senate is auditing themselves out of existence. The clamor for the dissolution of this legislative body has increased dramatically on the premise that this group is not essential to the Canadian Parliamentary system. 

Amidst all this mess, there has nothing said about what could have solved this problem before it arose. Nothing has been mentioned about the word AUDIT. Verily, if the expenses of the Senators were audited the first time these were submitted, then they would have learned that these expenses are to be disallowed for some specified reasons. And henceforth after this first disallowance, the Senators would never have filed for the same expenses again.

Right now, some Canadians are wasting the government’s time in trying to gain control of the Parliament. And for what? There are more pressing matters to take care of, matters that concern mostly the Western canada.

To wit: matters concerning the charges for tv programs that are never watched, double the roaming charges on cell phones, charges on petroleum and natural; gas that are competitive internationally but remain to be higher than what it costs within Canada. and etc.

We realize, of course, that since the Canadian Parliament is situated in some odd place in the East, the people there would be much concerned about what specifically happens in the East, which is mostly which type of bystanders and innocent unarmed people will the police shoot next, and not what happens in the West which is chiefly responsible for using up their resources to pay for what the Parliament noisily bickers about.

Diplomatic Fiasco


The biggest American diplomatic fiasco was not even caused by diplomacy nor the lack of it.

It was caused by the publication by Guardian, or that venue with which Snowden blew the whistle, that the NSA has been listening to the communication by the European and South American Heads of State and some others.

As White House confirmed this, adding that all other countries are doing this, there was no hint that the fact that the way it was published and confirmed made all the other countries jittery.

Of course every other country is spying on all the other countries, but to have this act made obvious is something that is to be concerned about, and some concessions should be made to repair it to alleviate these concerns.

The Americans should stop being bullies in international trade.

The Powerball Lottery


The American Powerball Lottery looks formidable at first glance. It will ceratinly be less probable to be won if one is to configure the odds. Usually, when lotteries come to be gamed like this, one would do better to consider this game as two lotteries in one. That is, one should choose their numbers, and their programs, for two separate games : one for the main numbers and the other for the powerball numbers.

I do notice that the lotteries in the U.S. do increase their jackpot prizes for reasons that they are not being won. In contrast, Canadian lotteries are won much more frequently so that the jackpot do not accumulate as high as in the U.S. Curiously enough, Canada is 6 or 7 times less populated than the U.S.  It is most possible that Canadians are using their wits to play the numbers smartly.

The more scientific of the American lotterty bettors use the Standard Deviation principle, or that one which shows you a bell curve for statistics. ( Bell Canada has nothing to do with starting this theory as this is a TV company).

This curve shows that the activity, or the winning numbers, are concentrated in the middle of the curve with the most activity at the tip of the bell. It will tell you that the numbers most probable to hit are concentrated on or at the tip of the bell,  commonly called the median. Any number situated at the extremes of the curve on either left or right have very little probability of winning. There is a mathematical formula to find the median.

But this theory runs contrary to the Random theory which is a simple true to fact principle of : what happens less often is the next to happen. In other words, this theory just about eliminates all other theories of probability. Naturally, because it is random. It will not follow any rule but its own, and it does not even have its own rule. It just simply says that the curve, now called a bell curve, will just flatten out in time as the “lazy” numbers start to become active.

What then does one have to do? Bell Curve or Random Theory, one is betting his money to win more money.

I would suggest to use something which is called a “trend”, a sort of in-fashion, what’s new hitting the town. Do remember, though, trends in lotteries, or numbers coming out frequently, do stop coming out before the third consecutive time.


Global Edmonton


Edmonton, City of Champions

It shows…



Connie Sison



Rhea Santos



Bernadette Sembrano




(Alaws pep, Tunying, kulang sa sahod

kapag walang umento, kulang sa kuwento.)





Zen Hernandez

 Sporting the closest I see resembling a rayadillo uniform is Zen Hernandez. The stripes are not that sharp in this photo, but they are supposed to be as narrow as pins and the distance between them is shorter than this


Bianca Gonzales



Missing Files 404 Errors


Once again I remind you good-natured folks with the good-natured dispositions:

search inside Shrapnel, and not outside the website. Use the search box here, not that of Google, or Internet Explorer, or Firefox or what?

I do not pay money to “increase website traffic” because this is not a commercial site.

If you do not want to enter this website, I will not blame you,

because you only have yourself to blame——just kidding!

Naturally, the choice is yours, but I know you will come back, eh?




Western 649 Canada


The appeal of this lottery is that it costs only one dollar per bet on one combination plus another which is provided as a quick pick. In other words, a dollar gives you two combinations on the ticket, maximum of 12 combinations in one card. The prize win is not that much, of course, but it gives back a ten-dollar win for a three- number hit same as the National 649 lottery. $50 dollars for a 4-number-win and $500 for a five-number win. The bonus number is counted only on after a  five-number win.

If you are one to experiment on your systems, this is the lottery to go with. If you get a 5-number win with your system, then carry it on the national 649. It should work the same way. But the trick is to get a win using the odds on this lottery or on any other lottery for that matter. What are the odds to play with?

The numbers from the last five draws usually gives you a three-number hit. The last nine draws may give you a five to six-number hit. The numbers from the last 17 draws may give you a seven-number hit. Your problem, of course, is how to choose the numbers from these last draws. as they will be too many to bet on even by using the wheeling systems.

And then again, refrain from mixing your systems. If one system is guaranteed to provide a 70% chance of hitting the numbers, if this is combined with another system that provides the same percentage of winning, then the total percentage afforded you would only be 70% of 70%, which is 49%.

Try a system like this : It tabulates the winning numbers from the view of the last nunber of 22. The numbers encircled are the numbers that hit. It is on the position of #2 for 7 and #11 for 2. If you can fill up this tabulation with the winning numbers AFTER the draw, then you may predict wich numbers to eliminate and which numbers may win. It would be easier for you to decipher this if you were a programmer with a desktop and a printer.

The last column shows the view from lotto number 22 before the western lottery draw tonight. At odd times, wheeling 15-numbers with a 4 out of 5 win guarantee would give back one 4-number hit plus seven 3-number hits. The bet costs $42. The prize win is $120. Play the odds!


Earth Quaker


Ah, but you must admit

she can make the earth quake, too.

kate upton

Earthquake In Philippines


RP Earthquake2

Brooke Baldwin



The General’s Story

(As the Rayadillo General continues his story, it would be fair to warn the readers that while history suggests that this story is factual, it still remains as a product of my imagination. In other words, this narrative is not to be taken as the gospel truth in history. There is no need to break in the National Archives to verify that what I write is true. There is no existing proof to be found in writing, anyway. And since this story has been handed down several times over, something has to be amiss as regards the truth in this. Should you be bothered by what you read, just consider the events portrayed in this as mere possibilities.

A second warning though, since this is a product of my mental faculties, anybody or any group using these events and possibilities for commercial purposes may be found guilty of copyright infringement. This story was published so many years earlier than today. This idea is mine.

And again I say, consider the possibilities.)


The Rayadillo General approached the garetta and lit from the horse with a bound, leaving my grandfather to lead the horse away. He went straight to where his aquiline nose was pointed, which he knew beforehand that it was his appointed place for the afternoon. Without losing a stride, he unbuckled his shoulder strap and threw on a bamboo-slatted ledge his sword, scabbard, holster, and hat in one swoop. He then took out one of the last American cigarettes he had, struck a match to it and sang, “Ho-ose can you see, by the Don’s early light, what so proudly we hey….”, only to be stopped by the loud eherms, and coughs and ehems of the 43-odd people stocking the garetta. Pleasantly surprised, the General was amazed to discover that this symphony of coughs could actually come together in one note and in one beat if given the chance, like this instance.

The General’s Story

by Cool_Ambo

“Rizal was a Chinese mestizo,” he blurted out, “and that was his undoing”. That stopped everybody in their tracks, and pretty soon, their disbelief turned to arguments and discussions among themselves. After all, these were inopportune times for anybody to be Chinese or to have a Chinese lineage, much less be adored as a hero like Rizal. The General took these moments to muse about his becoming a general by Aguinaldo’s choice for the reason that he had known the good Doctor Pepe Rizal, and that he was able to translate Rizal’s two books impromptu to groups of listeners at any given instant.

“Another thing that was his undoing was his manner of nodding to people, European style.” This last statement did not sink in to the people, but it made them stop to listen.

“The good doctor was an eye doctor, but he practised general medicine to the poor, most specially to the poor. That was my cue to go to him for medical consultation, not because destitution applied to me, but because he was starting to be famous as a doctor of all sorts. He conducted me to his room, a makeshift treatment room, and called me Panyero, so I called him Panyero, too. This started us to converse in Spanish and lo, he speaks the language like a Spanish Don. He looked at my complaint, the wart-like lump over my left wrist, for which, without a moment’s hesitation, he reached for soap and proceeded to wash it with warm water. After drying it, he took out a bottle wherein some very fine needles on wooden handles and soaked in brownish liquid. He proceeded to stick these needles around the lump. Everytime he does, that portion of my wrist became numb. After a while, he took out a razor and cauterized the lump. There was excessive bleeding but he had bandages ready.

All the time he was talking incessantly about his two books. I had to listen because I was still too woozy to go. And then he talked about a change in the government. He was not in favor of it. He stressed that we are not ready for a change in government. There are not enough learned people to take over the government, especially with this kind of corruption all over. The religious orders are much too influential with the throne of Spain and the Pope. It will be very bloody for our people who has not handled nor even seen weapons of war. We do not have the right leaders. Most of all, our people are still unawares of what they will be fighting for. They are still ignorant of what is happening. Our people must first understand what they will fight for, and then get the funds to sustain a fight. Till that time, let us hope the Spanish Cortes will realize that reforms are very much needed. Or else the country would just be jumping from the frying pan into the fire if there be an armed uprising.

He gave me two books wrapped in red paper. He said that the second book tells of the futility of an insurrection when undertaken before that time when the message from the first book is understood. But the people must learn fast. And I must explain to them thru these books, he cautioned as he slipped a small phial of the brown liquid in my coat pocket to kill the pain. He said that by his training as an eye doctor he is able to make people see things clearer. But he prayed that he could make people see more than these things.

On my way out I met a heavy-set woman with sensuous, tear-bound eyes. Unmistakably European, and her wide hat flicked as we nodded a greeting to each other. She was with an old man, presumably her father and patient of Doctor Pepe.

When I returned to him the next week, he dressed my wound and we talked at length about the books. It seemed that the first book caused much stir in Europe. The second book is now considered a call to arms. This will get him into trouble. He said he came back so that he will intentionally get into trouble so as to put more drama to wake the people. The nostalgia is killing him, anyway.

The first book, he admitted, was easier to write because he merely recounts what transpired in his life and some other people’s lives. This gave rise to the topic of Elias. He told me he found such a man around town, but he regretted killing Elias in the first book because now it would have been a better story if Elias saw the dawn break even for a little bit before he died. He said he tried to create another Elias in his second book but he was engrossed in the student population so he dropped the idea. All the while he insisted that his purpose was to stir up the people to ask for reforms, but he would not mind if the people broke some Frayle’s legs or so. Besides, an insurrection would have given him positive proof that the people have understood his message. Maybe a little protest will do. Still, he dreaded most the uprising of the people with some guillotine in mind. He did not want to be remembered for starting a reign of terror in the country.

The exact character, which he stereotyped as Elias, was found sitting on a pew in church one Sunday. It was at this point of his story that the Doctor got up to warm a pot for the two of us to partake. It appeared that he knew I was coming in the morning so he personally roasted and ground some cacao beans and peanuts to make tsokolate espanol. And when he started telling me about this man whom I later came to know as the firebrand of the revolution named Andres, the prospect of listening to the tale of Andres and sipping tsokolate espanol was very hard to resist. So I did not resist, and stayed for another while.

next : Andres At Bagumbayan…

Your Lottomax


Out of the 27 numbers to choose from, 28,33,34,35,40, was drawn plus number 12 as the bonus number for the lottomax.

Numbers 21,24,40,43,49, were drawn for the Western Lottomax plus 42 as the bonus number.

I missed including numbers 10,16,26, and 29. 24 came out in Western lottomax.

Five numbers plus the bonus number for each is not bad. The problem is, which lottery to choose what numbers?

Well, back to the drawing board, I mean, keyboard!



This is one trait I hardly configure an American Congressman to have. No Mea Culpa here.

I noticed also that those rRpublicans who ‘rebelled” are actually the original Republican Conservatives.

How the party came to have rogues who tend to undermine the integrity of the party is beyond me.



I have hit a snag on the lottomax numbers that I should further eliminate.. This is because of the numbers 22 and 24. They seem to be extra active, as if they were two beetles trying to get out of a can full of other beetles.

These two numbers may disturb the trend of the next twenty seven numbers, may be even the numbers that I have eliminated already.

The numbers left to be considered are : 1,4,5,7,12,15,18,19,21,22,23,24,25,27,28,33,34,35,38,36,40,42,45,46,43,47,49.

It may be up to you to form your combinations from these 27 numbers.

You may make 4-7 no. combinationms out of these. Or you may divide them into two separate groups and wheel them separately. Remember that each combination will cost you $5.00.

Or form your combinations using these numbers which may be compared to the numbers from the last 6-9 draws of lottomax.

Kekuli Cafe



Kekuli Cafe.mpg

Keystone Clash



Keystone Clash.mpg

Gags And Laughs







Obama Calls The Republican Bluff…….


…….and gets the Congress to approve the deal

that ends the government shutdown and increase the debt ceiling.

The Obamacare Law also remains untouched.

Should there be another crisis like this one next year,

it is expected that the Congress will vote the same way.

Some Republicans voted against party lines as expected.