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U.S. Government to Close


Held by a ransom demand by the House of representatives, the U.S. government is to be shut down if the amndments to Obamacare are not met. The House has still not passed an increase in the deficit ceiling for the government to borrow more money to fund its services. Pretty nasty move by the Republican majority, I tell you, but America is the champion of democracy and this is the way it is done. No shooting or bombing here, just some mischievous strategy to get what is wanted.

Ironically, both sides for and against Obamacare claim that they are doing this for the sake of the American people. They did not, however, point out which portion or group of people they are referring to.

I must say, that this crisis boils down to a classy way to go into a head between classes of people, the middle and the upper classes of people. This is not easy to see, but you will.


(Incidentally, the U.S. can always print more money. This will, however, depreciate the value of the American dollar much to the chagrin of China.)

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Percussive Maintenance


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Bad Breaks


It appears he had the bad breaks this time.

He failed to get the emmy award for best actor.

But the series Breaking Bad was the best.

The whole series was mesmerizing,

what with each episode affording unexpected twists and turns.

Even Heisenberg was given a dual personality by the writers.

The script was made so that Heisenberg was always

at conflict with himself.

The script and the screenplay makes this series tops.


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Towards A Benign Islam


The world is heading towards peace and calm, what with peoples starting to be in accord with each other. U.S. President Obama slips in a phone call with Iranian President Rouhani with no sabre rattlings this time, just a nice friendly conversation. The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously 15-0 a resolution for Syria to destroy its chemical weapons. Russia comes short of guaranteeing that the Syrian President Assad will comply with the resolution and will agree to join the nuclear convention. Alls well and that bodes well, but it may not be so.

Such a peaceful and agreeing world is one situation that terrorists are not accustomed to. Terrorists, as their name suggests, must embed themselves in an environment of fear. More so if they initiate this fear from helpless innocent people. So therefore there is this sudden strife to increase their trouble-making activities.

One of these groups is Al-Shabaab, a name that sounds like Turkish barbecue on a stick. They appear to take over the slack from a decimated Al-Qaeda the job of fomenting terrorism. They struck in a mall in Kenya. What happens afterwards is typical of a terrorism attack, the perpetrators ending with the lost of their own lives as well as other innocent people.

What would be interesting is, as in all the terrorist organizations, how they are funded and provided for. My guess is that they are using the funds collected by Somalian pirates. But considering that they rented a stall in the kenyan Mall for a year, these funds may have all been used up. Now, who or which enterprise, or consortium is funding them?

Now think of it this way, and don’t crack your heads thinking about it this way, because this is not the gospel truth, although the possibilities of it being so are there.

If such a thing as muslims being quiet, family-oriented, and living in a gainful employment, then this world will be a dull world. There would be more of unexciting news on the media such as weddings, birthdays, parties and balls and children’s shows. The most exciting thing to watch on tv are sports, talk shows, stand yp comedians, skin-flicks, and chick flicks, yech! Which enterprises would suffer from such a doldrum life?

So therefore, to avert the loss in viewers and audience, these enterprises might as well fund something to make viewings more exciting.

Crazy ain’t I? Remember, the possibilities!



The Rayadillo General


And so I throw another curve at you as I write this story. It will probably consist of 4 parts, this one being the first. I start the tale with the story of a horse, and may finally end the story with another different horse. But that’s going too far ahead of the story. This part tells about the death of the Rayadillo (pin-striped uniform) General, another twist in the plot because the rest of the tale will have this general telling the rest of the story at that time before he got assassinated. And the setting of the story is that vacant number of years after the Spanish-American War.


The Rayadillo General

by Cool_Ambo


When I last talked to Dr. Jose Rizal, nah, that isn’t true. I never talked to Dr. Jose Rizal. My grandfather did, my grandfather twice removed. And yes, he was put away twice in his days. At least what I am going to tell you is what I heard from this grandfather of mine, twice put away in his lifetime.

But hey, this grandfather of mine was the official bodyguard of the Rayadillo General. Now I am downright sure that he never was, did not really want to be the bodyguard of the Rayadillo General even if the general was a very close friend of his. I should know this for a fact because he was blood of my blood, and my own blood dictates that I should do away with such ideas as taking a bullet for somebody else, even if this somebody else is a boon companion of mine. Moreover, my grandfather was scared of guns, and in this particular aspect he was blood of my blood after all.

At any rate, he was pronounced as the official bodyguard of the Rayadillo General by the general himself, against my grandfather’s wishes, of course. He was made so because the general happened to like my grandfather’s horse, and therefore my grandfather had to go with the horse if and whenever the Rayadillo General borrows it for special occasions. And since the general goes to more special occasions than one,it was deemed it proper for my grandfather to act as the official bodyguard. This arrangement was much to the other soldiers’ liking because by then they would be free of the task of guarding the general.

My grandfather pampered this horse, a kabayong mola (reddish black horse). She was a mare, named PIRA, or short for Coolaspira. She was the fastest horse in town, and maybe for two more towns over.  I can imagine her being so because the only other horses in town were made to pull calesas (passenger carts). Pira had to be the fastest horse in town because she was the only one who was not made to pull carts.

Grandfather brushed her skin with mustard oil to put out the sheen on her coat, and afterwards put her tail on a knot before she goes out of the stable. This knot, according to those who watched Pira, displayed her most seductive anatomical property to the other horses,, so much so that it made her strut more seductively. This was wistful thinking for the general but he just about wished that he could die riding grandfather’s horse, Pira, upon seeing her prancing on the gloss.

One fateful day, or that day that Pira was scheduled to be borrowed by the Rayadillo General, Grandfather could not find Isko, the Calesa driver. He was supposed to bring the special grass feed for Pira called sakate. This grass feed, for some reason, gave her strength in her gallop and stateliness in her strut. So Grandfather led Pira towards the turnip patch to feed. After a while, they went back to find Isko without the horse pulling his cart. The horse was the one borrowed by the General and he went without a bodyguard.

In that instant, Grandfather got on the horse and galloped to the appointed place for the general. He was too late. The Rayadillo General was shot dead. My grandfather was filled with remorse. He blamed himself for the death of the general.

So biting were the pangs of guilt that he changed the name of his horse.

He did not call her Coolaspira anymore. Thereafter she was called Coolasisi as a symbol of his remorse.



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(puede na pasar again)

Dinky Soliman


If there would be only one who deserves a medal for the Battle of Zamboanga City, it would be Dinky—not for military prowess, nor for gallantry in action, but for a very big heart. Her concern for the people outshines any soldier’s performance on the battlefield.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. You are the one giving the award, so you think of the words you will have to say.


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To Start A War



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Gretchen Fulido





Americans turn to the Bill of Rights to create a land full of Rights. No more is the cry for freedom. Such dreams of attaining freedom has now been supplanted by dreams of attaining rights, rights against whom and against what, so much so that even Americans like Awlaki, obviously a traitor to his country by fomenting and advocating the attack on his fellow Americans, fall back on the Bill of Rights.

Arguments have now been put forward by the advocates of the Bill of Rights that Awlaki should be tried first in court before punishment is administered.

Was he not a traitor to the Americans when he preached against the country? A traitor in arms are supposed to be summarily executed, no?

So why the qualms about targeting him with a drone attack?

If one preaches the killing of his fellowmen, then he forfeits his own life!