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Erin Burnett



Sammy Yakim Shot Dead



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Police Psyche


Further to the lust to fire a gun, there also exist in policemen this penchant to be bullies. After all, this inclination may have made them decide to be cops.

This urge to be bullies come to the fore in occasions when they come together in a group where all of them have their guns out of the holsters and pointed to some suspect/s.

By the way, how many years in the force would it normally take to get a sergeant’s stripes?

The cop who shot Yatim, how many years has he served in the Toronto Police before this happened?

Derailing OF Trains


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Railway engineers may have known why trains can be derailed. If so, how come they do not apply their knowledge to prevent the derailing of trains.

let us therefore see if they know what they should know.

Trains have engines in front which pull the rest. Trains may also have engines at the rear to push the rest if the the trains have more cars for one front engine to pull. All of these run on rails, one on each side, made of iron or steel. there is no rubber for the type of traction provided by tires on cars. There is much slippage between the train wheels and the rails. Speed is always a factor in the safety of a train, the wheels not being in a more permanent contact with the rails, and the flimsy way the large tonnage is carried by two slim rails.

Railway curves have no special design for safety, unlike those of highway bends. There is something called banking in highways wherein that side where the road curves is raised a bit. This helps in keeping the vehicles from flying off the road while they negotiate the curve. Of course, speed limits are posted to concur with the design of the highway banking and the sharpness of the curve. Good rubber tires also help. In fact, rubber tire designs are the thing to observe for safety.

Trains do not have these special devices for safety. They are operated by drivers called engineers for reasons that escape me. The reason maybe is because they drive  engines, but don’t take me on this. They do not have to steer nor turn. They just have to watch the speed, back up, and switch tracks. They do not have to shovel coal nowadays, but they have to watch for temperatures, pressures, warning signs and such.

Getting a train to stop takes more effort from a train engineer than making the train go. It takes the best judgement of gauging speeds and distances to make the train stop slowly at exactly the point that it should stop.  And naturally, brakes are used to stop the train, but little dd we realize that brakes are not to stop only the front engine. Doing so would create a lash from the rear cars. In fact all the problems in trail derailments have something to do with the rear cars doing a lashing action that pushes those cars in front. This is why it is best to have all the cars fitted with separate brakes. Making it so prevents lashing and derailment.

The derailment of the train is Spain may be caused primarily by the excess speed of the engine, but the cause really is the sudden application of the brakes at that point on the curve. The rear cars started a lash and broke off from their hitches. The sudden absence of the weight forced the engine to move faster and be derailed.

The analysts of the derailment may have forgotten, but I do not think they did, that the front engine may have stayed on the rails had the brakes in the rear cars been actuated fractions of a second ahead of the brakes at front. This should cause the rear cars to make a pulling action on the front engine instead of a pushing action.

For this end I would suggest that the cars in the rear should have brakes that are actuated a split second ahead of the brakes in front, and they should be electronically and automatically activated.


Gays Banned


A law in Russia was passed which banned gays, after which American gays sought a boycott of the Sochi Olympics.

Now they’ve gone too far. The gays are biting off more than thay can chew. There should be a limit to one’s patience.

And while the Pope says he does not fault the gays if they seek God, it does not mean that he approves of the way the gays flaunt their abnormalities. They now believe that it is a weapon.

They should stop now while the stopping is still good.


Miyoung Lee



Deadly Force


It’s the lust to pull the trigger, that’s why.

The teenager was not beating any policeman that time.

Nine shots fired.


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Ah, but this sort of thing do not happen in Edmonton.

This is one city where you can travel 45  km by bus

in less than 2 hours.

This is one city which shops remain open after 5 p.m.

Edmonton is only a small city

that is rich.

No provincial tax, no carbon tax.





Brainstormed Idea


Instead of the Canadian Hudson Bay Company buying Saks Fifth Avenue for $2.9 billion, why don’t they just buy Detroit instead.

Afterwards the Keystone Pipeline can get through from there without the usual hassle. belat





Orange Pickers








The Supremes?








Jean Cazares

Uploading her photo was a little difficult for me to do.

  She has those piercing, riveting eyes which makes me feel

that a fish was staring at me with frontal eyes.

She gives the intimidation, nay, the compulsion,

to tell her only that which is true.

Ah do declare,

there is practically no two-timing this woman.



A Lunchbreak Romance


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Elliott Lake

Watch the lady in red on a knitting spree.

elliott lake890

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Carbon Tax Success?


Oh, really now? the Province of British Columbia has announced that there has been progress in the provincial economy plus reduction in carbon emissions by installing carbon tax.

The manufacturers would be up in arms at the imposition of a carbon tax, plus more emissions if they switched to coal instead of oil.

The people must have started to use bikes to go to work and wood to heat their houses. What is BC up to now? It has been trying to spite their neighboring province of Alberta for its refusal to pay exorbitant fees to allow a pipeline to go through BC.

They should realize by now that Alberta has oil and BC has trees. Alberta would then have a bigger command to progress than BC.

FYI, BC sells their gasoline at 11 cents more per liter than in Alberta.


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Sarah Galashan


Shooting through to the top of the search chart for this site

is Sarah Galashan.


Gore Website



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(in this law courts too were made my “ice-cream”  closing arguments)

By George!


The Prince of Cambridge is named

George Alexander Louis.

This will be his name throughout

if he chooses not to change it afterwards.

Norah O’Donnell


nora 750

Lyndsay Duncombe



Defense Closing Arguments


Defense Closing Arguments

With a low monotone that baits the listeners in the court to either move forward for more audibility, or settle back and be lulled to sleep; defense Counsel Mark O’Mara proceeded  to mow down the Prosecution Panel’s theories about the Zimmerman case. He proved that the Prosecution never had a complete and practical idea of what has happened, much less form a theory to prosecute George Zimmerman.

Gosh, I never coulda dun it better misself, not that I am a lawyer, no siree, never been one, and never was a wannabe. What I know about Law is just about enough to get me through without getting sued for non-payment of my bills.

But I did have the chance to make my closing arguments in court when I represented my son as his counsel. You see, the lawyers assigned to defend him wanted my son to plead guilty, whereupon I instructed my son to refuse legal representation and choose me to represent him instead.

In Zimmerman’s case, it is a clear matter of self-defense in any way one may look at it. And even if racial profiling, and undue exercise of suspicion, and disparity in ages of the protagonists are factored in, the case still is a matter of self-defense, with or without the Stand Your Ground Ruling. One cannot afford to be battered and pummeled continuously without making an effort to defend oneself.

Unfortunately, the not guilty verdict in favor of George Zimmerman is made the cause for what is again called as a civil rights movement. In my opinion, what is happening is not a civil rights movement. It is not even a movement in the strictest sense of the word. It is a lynching—–a hanging with no reasonable cause or judgement. This is not even worthy of a decision by Judge Roy Bean.


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(incidentally, I won that case! I still remember this, my last words to the court :”Ice Cream tastes better if it is not crammed down your throat!” The constable who laid the charge has since quit the force. And the sergeant who led the outfit had grown and worn a beard for several months after. He was  good friend!)


Railway Safety


Further to the suggested clamp brakes to be added to the safety procedures for trains carrying petroleum loads, I would suggest that the containers be constructed on a double-shell format, the middle spece being loaded with light ceramic meteriel.

This would minimize fuel combustion should the trains be derailed.

Presenting The Prince


The prince of Cambridge is presented to the world,

and he appears to be getting used to the applause.


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