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Still On Guard

 No matter what, she is still on guard!

Teresa Tang


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Johanna Wagstaffe



Brianna Keilar


Erin McPike


(Another Erin. looks more Dutch than Irish!)

Indra Petersons


Sarah Galashan


Extreme Extermist


This man killed a British soldier with a cleaver and a knife, for the reason that he was a British soldier.

This event will shatter the extreme patience of the British with the extremists.

Violent repercussions against the muslims may start after this.

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The Missed Cue


After the Sepotember 11 Attack on the World Trade center, the CIA was laid to blame for not preventing it.

The analysts had an impossible task, so therefore they should not be blamed for it.

Blame the whole intelligence system of the U.S. But then again at the configuration they were working in, it really was impossible to predict where the attack would come from, and when?

There was a missed signal, however, in that some intelligence warning was ignored. This warning came from a country in the Far East which Bin Laden happened to visit.

The warning was that the U.S. would be attacked using commercial planes.

This warning might not have been directed to the CIA, but to some other agency.

Now a terrorist attack using commercial planes would have been impossible at that time.

Accidental Ad



Bin Laden Interview


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Via Rollers


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U.S. Memorial Day


God Bless America

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Fareed’s Take


Precisely my sentiments.

And, if I might add,

if the muslims really want to help stop terrorism,

they must declare their opposition against it

in their own language, in their own media,

and in their own country.

The Imams’ resentment of their brother muslims’ terrorist acts

is by no means effective, if they declare this resentment

inside the protective umbrella of the U.S. Security

while sitting on their haunches.

They are getting into something short of being cowards.


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Music Composition 101


This is Music Composition 101

sans the Prof.


Powerball 559


Blast it! I selected numbers 2,6,11,15,16,18,24,44,33,37

The numbers drawn for Sep. 25 were ; 2,6,19,21,27 powerball 25

But my program is on the development stage. I was aiming to get the odds of winning 3 numbers out of five drawn, and I was not programming for the powerball number yet.

But you must admit that getting 2 numbers out of 59 is a good guess, eh? The good thing is I do not put money on it yet. I will wait till my guesses are consistent.

Brooke Baldwin


It’s amazing how a change in outfit renders a more awesome revisit of an original.

This time it’s a cap to the original which is Brooke.

The cap is becoming. It channels the light towards the eyes which focus with a glint.

This, in contrast with the blush, do present the opportunity to make a double-take.

We can now say we have seen the whites of her eyes.

Erin Burnett


Erins Take.mpg


It was not a good idea to rile her up. I did say before that she is a live wire.

Bridge Down


An Alberta driver grazed his truck on a beam and promptly after, the bridge collapsed.

STRONG BRIDGE! Faulty Truss computations.

This accident happens all the time in Edmonton.

Although the bridges don’t collapse.

The truck gets damaged instead.

It all depends on the posting of maxinum truck specifications required to pass through by the Transportation Department.

Syrian Conference


Syrian President Assad agrees to meet with Russia and the U.S. in a conference.

Assad might get the same deal as the Shah of Iran.

Remember the Shah of Iran?

Hadfield Comes Back





Donovan Gibbs


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Bone-Breaker, Stutterer


Shane Garcia.mpg

Stuttering, I believe, is a result of a trauma experienced when a person, such as Shane, found himself speaking the wrong and embarrassing things. The more he tries to say the words straight, the more he unconsciously try to drown out his voice. He is in reality afraid to hear his own voice. The remedy therefore, is to get him to teach other people the things that he knows pretty well, like bone breaking. In this manner, he will begin to have confidence in what he is saying and will again trust what his words are conveying.

Littlest Talent



Hampton Williams, Darlesha Goggans, and Plus


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