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Canadian Jihadist

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(a common factor to be derived from jihadists of all sorts

is that they do not have a gainful means of livelihood,

are unemployed, and may not want to be employed nor work at all)

American Jihadist


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Dead Bomber’s Motive


The dead Boston Maraton bomber, Tamerla Tsarnaev, was discovered to be a boxer and his aspirations for being into the Olympic competition was frustrated because he was not an American citizen. He believed that the denial of his citizenship was rigged so that the boxer whom he  beat would be the one to be chosen for the Olympics.

I do not know about them, but I frankly believe that this denial of citizenship was enough of a motivation to do what he did. It may not be enough to motivate him to kill, but it certainly would be enough to motivate him to radicalize his beliefs and fall back to Islam.

Tamerlan believed that he was cheated, and this changed his overall attitude inside the country.

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Car Wash


Tulip Song


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Bianca DeLaGarza


(somebody left me with a clear shot this time, HAH!)

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Terror Plot


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Niqab Ruling


To wear or not to wear,



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From the debate that went on regarding this question,

I believe that the exalted barristers are missing the point.

Wearing a niqab in legal battles should be ruled out

for reasons related to identity.

The court would like to ascertain whether

the one wearing the niqab is  a woman

or in fact, Dennis Rodman.


Toronto Bank Robbery


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No, she’s not the suspect, silly!


(never on sunday,eh!)

Drug Rage


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Fireworks, eh?


Really now, you don’t load muskets with fireworks powder, do you?

Zubeidat Tsarnaev


The mother of the Boston Marathon “bombers”,

 Zubeidat Tsarnaev,

is interviewed.


From the words of Alexander the Great —

“Kings fall and kingdoms crumble

with just one tear of a mother.”




Now don’t get me wrong here—-

the law enforcement agencies are to be praised

for the brilliant planning,

seamless containment,

and flawless house-to-house combing

in the operation that netted

the “bombers”.

More so, the citizens of Boston have to be lauded

 for their unselfish cooperation

in allowing their social and economic lives

to be placed on hold in the effort to help.

There are still doubts, however, as to the identity/ies

of the ‘bombers”. The video/s of the two in the act of

planting the bombs still has to be shown.

What the police have as evidence now

may be considered as proof of the existence

of a fictional six-o’clock cult.

Squish through this one if you can.

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