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Diana Swain


Not So Good Rodeo


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J.C. Monahan


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Playlist No.1


Its Not For Me To Say

In The Chapel In The Moonlight

Friendly Persuasion

Let Me Go Lover

Spanish Eyes

It Must Be Him

Return To Me

Try To Remember

Vaya Con Dios

Wichita Lineman

End of The World

Sealed With A Kiss

Youre Nobody Till Somebody Loves You

Strangers In The Night

Its Not Unusual

Hey There

Harbor Lights

There Ive Said It Again

Cry Me A River

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

My Way

Mack The Knife


Secret Love

How Important Can It Be

Bianca Delagarza




Bathe by the light of the moon

youngsters are wont to play games

and to promenade.

Mostly to promenade.

Them were the days, eh?

Susan Hendricks


Tummy Talk


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Michelle Obama


Lisa Sylvester


Kyung Lah


Amanda Lang

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Hacking By China


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Police Beating


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Saturday Night


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Erin Burnett


Ai WeiWei, Gangnam


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Ai WeiWei2.mpg

$4 Billion Deficit!


And we thought there none!

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Life of Pi


Good gosh! This book is a book report novel for the Canadian Senior High School curriculum.

Most canadians know the story.

Great work for everybody concerned!



Wuups! I missed the numbers completely. Don’t talk to me, OK?



Break, break, break

On the cold grey stones! O Sea!

And I would that my tongue could utter

the thoughts that arise in me! 

But oh for the touch of a vanished hand

and the sound of a voice that is still

Will never come back to me.

Vague Gun Control Debate


Arguments are thrown back and forth, pros and cons about gun control.

Never has it been started to define first the terms that they are using.

Consequently, their arguments do not meet.

For instance, law-abiding citizens are the good guys,

and mentally-ill guys are the bad guys.

They still cannot comprehend that mentally-ill guys may be law-abiding,

and law-abiding guys may be mentally-ill.

Conclusively, mentally-ill guys may only be called bad after they shoot people.

People must shoot first before they can be called bad.

And almost always, the bad guys shoot first.

After that instant, the good guys will be dead already.

So how can the good, law-abiding guys prevent the shooting.

Remember that the law-abiding, good guys, will not shoot first.

Confusing, isn’t it.

If Reeva had a gun, would she be able to stop Pistorius?

Who will shoot first?

Married Priests


A British cardinal made this suggestion.

Spoken like a true Englishman.

The heat must really be unbearable.

The minute the Pope says OK,

there will be a stampede in the next second!