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Claire Martin

Finally she talks of weather like the way she used to around these parts.


Incidentally, I would like to ask  Peter Mansbridge, the Grand Old  Man of Canadian television and who happens to be the prime collector of those delectable neckties, this question—-

What do you now think of Latin-based domain names such as


The Beyonce Admission



Gun Debates


These are getting monotonous, and sometimes annoying, what with the assumptions and estimates and guesses put up as arguments.

Surprisingly, everybody blames something or somebody else. No mea culpa here. Also, none of the speakers has suggested putting gun control up for a vote. One side is afraid to see the results of  statewide plebiscites.

I say put it up to a vote!


Windfall Recipients


Lined up against Senator Cayetano are these prominent political stalwarts——-It looks hopeless for the Senate Minority floor leader, but he has something up hi sleeve——was the windfall against the law?

Endemically Democratic


A democratic government is one run for the people by the people and by these people who run the government, will go down, usually by graft and corruption, or more specifically by skimming from the coffers. This bad practice which is made legal by Congress is inherent in a democratic government. The temptation to steal from the coffers of the treasury is great, particularly when this is with the blessing of those who make the laws.

When the party that controls legislature is different from the party that runs the government, it is very difficult to have anything done. In fact, nothing may be done at all. If, however, the Legislature is of the same party as the Executive, everything and anything can be done, including the raid of the Treasury.

This man, a Senator in the Congress of the Republic of the Philippines, is airing out some particular practices in Congress that stinks to the high heavens. And even when it does stink, it is deemed by the lawmakers as legal. We will follow this man as he does air out this stink.


Manti T’eo Hoax


Two weeks ago and at the onset of this hoax, I wrote that this is a” prank from an overly well-meaning mutual friend.”

I wuz right! But it took you guys that long to figure it out, eh?

Amanda Lang




Meticulously-brushed hair…..

Melissa mack

Placing the black background at the back. 

Melissa Mack.mpg

3D printing


Printers that print human parts and gun parts.

3D Printing.mpg

Printing Guns.mpg

Sarah Galoshes


Any news about that nice-looking Sarah Galoshes girl?

Was that her real name?

Holy smokes! That name could drive the owner to smoke!

Anyway, back to crunching numbers…….


Stupid Republican party?


That was not a nice thing to say!

I would say that they are just stubborn, stick-to-what worked-before paranoids.

Within these hard times for the American economy, they have a right to be paranoid and to refrain from doing what may not work.

It’s a learning process. The better it is to learn the practical, and not the theoretical way.

Again, the Republicans are not stupid. They just have to crank it up a bit.

A tip For the Ladies


Sorry for the slack folks. I’ve been crunching numbers. And this Windows 8  does not cooperate. I found out that this version does not support computer programs in basic.  So back to the Windows 7 version I went. This time I have a lot of basic lottery programs tucked in my drive. It took me that long a time because I have to learn basic programming by myself. Again some trial numbers I came up with were 11,4,37,48,32,17,23,25,5,44,33,34 which are not for the Canadian 649 so do not go for it.

Nevertheless I did say I have a tip for the ladies. ( oh I never stopped watching them!)—-

If your boyfriend has stopped drinking into your eyes,

the next item that will catch his gaze will be your hair.

And, depending how meticulously you have brushed it,

he will then decide whether to exercise extreme caution,

or serious motion.

(go get ’em ladies)


Aha! Here comes another of those professional website analysts making reports of my domain,

And since this website is treated as a professional and commercial website, the analysts look for something else.

They should know by now, since they have scanned this site several times already, that this is a non-commercial, continuous blog.

This site displays on a public-html, and uploads are regularly put in storage time and again. As a result, and as puts it, this site has so many missing links. Naturally! Outworn posts are kept out of sight to prevent bloating up the blog.

They chose a couple of pages out of 3,140 and treat these two pages as references.

This site, pointed out, has so many links. Naturally again, because video clips are linked to an ftp account for security purposes.

The analysts rank this domain NO. 4 and I wonder if this is high or low. Whatever it is, I really couldn’t care much. I am not interested in getting companies to analyze what I am doing. I have my international audience. They should get their own.

Whatever it is, they will not get into my site again without permission.

So there!


Hugh Jackman


Da Wolverine emotes in Les Miserables

and sings, too.

Hugh Jackman Cl.mpg

Hugh Jackman Cl2.wmv

Bin Laden Operation


Zero Dark Raid.mpg

Zero Dark Raid2.mpg



Osama Raid1.mpg

Osama Raid2.mpg

( download VLC Player, GOM player, KM player, all are free)

Margaret Hoover


Almost always I am not in accord of what she says

but when she looks like this

I will always agree with what I see. 


A Better Use For Guns


Guns that are turned in are converted to jewelry.


Mali Executions


Mali Executions.mpg

he Republican Witch Hunt


The Republicans want to get to the bottom of the Benghazi attack on the American Embassy, citing misleading statements and lies on the results provided by intelligence. This is no big deal. They are just blowing things up out of proportion.


How easy do the Republicans forget the debacle of the 911 attack when they even had the warnings about the method of attack.

But the biggest lie that was made was in the conclusion that Saddam Hussein had something to do with it, even drying up the Treasury to send attack groups to Iraq twice. Hussein had nothing to do with the 911 attack and had Iraq clear of Al Qaeda.

If the Republicans have to really get to the bottom of things, they should realize that Hussein was executed for something he did not do.

They should also get to the bottom of the whereabouts of the Al Qaeda when the 911 attack happened.

And now the Republicans gang up on the Secretary of State for misleading the people.

Sore losers, stretching their muscles before they get annihilated.

The more they do this, the more they get notorious.

Pride is what they have left. And prejudice is what they will reap.

Da Rock


Da Rock.mpg

Da Goat


Da Goat.mpg

Annihilating The Republican Party


The Republican-chosen speaker, Boehner, declared that the Obama administration is out to annihilate the GOP.

Goodness! The GOP does not need any help to wipe themselves out!

They must be crying uncle.

Serves them right to underestimate the electorate.

WBZ Boston


WBZ Boston.mpg

Lottery Results


Just in : 2-5-16-25-30-40  B19

DRAT! These were in my raw numbers at first glance.

I knew that number 40 was going to be a spoiler

But I was not that far.

Watch—3 for 2; 6 for 5; 15 for 16; 26 for 25; 29 for 30; 39 for 40

Literally, I was only a number off :lol:

But who am I kidding? My basic programs are duds.

Well, back to the drawing board.

Also, maybe it is not good to forecast my numbers.

There may be scrupulous people watching——–

Women In The Frontlines


I would have no qualms for women and/or lesbians joining the armed forces.

However, I would not really go out on a patrol with them.

And if I were to defend a position, I would not want to be with a woman, or a lesbian soldier, who may have the sole function of praising the Lord and passing the ammunition

I am sure that these women/lesbians would be capable and are agreeable about being assigned to the frontlines, but perhaps the decision to have them there should be called by the commander and the soldiers who are at the front.

 (must we have separate showers again?)