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Acting Like Children


Iran sends in more rockets to Hamas in the effort to discredit Morsy’s success in negotiating peace.

A trio of Republicans has been dogging the heels of the US Ambassador to UN

 to downplay we don’t know what.

“They’re acting more like children than children”

(sez Barbra S.)

Marilou Viardo

She’s a prop—–prevents the wall from collapsing.

Test Your Graphics



Going To War


Going To War

Time was when the times were uncertain

 and were thought of to be final,

that events never will happen again,

 and the phrase “once upon a time”

describes scenarios that exist in fairy tales

 and in the imagination only.

Time was when once upon a time  happens only once upon a time.

Once upon a time there were people, though divided in clans which were all clad in armor and subsist in swords and slashes, who came under the influence of western prosperity that was characterized by industrialization and the convenience of daily living.

The effect of westernization brought forth the  intoxicating lust for la dolce vita and the need to further industrialize. Such a need resulted in the thirst for fuel to fire the factories. Such fuel was found to be in abundance only in the western world.    

This nation, ethnically called Nippongo, set out to secure the raw materials  and the fuel that is  oil to keep the industries in operation, and thusly was initiated the diffusion of its control over the Far East in what was termed as its “Sphere of Influence”

And thus came about the construction of the battleships and aircraft carriers and submarines to enforce the control over its domain—-all to satisfy the cravings for oil and raw materials.

Such was the start of the Japanese entry into World War II. Its purpose ironically was not to dominate other countries but to ensure its own economic progress.

CANADA has unlimited natural resources. Much more, it has oil. This country stands as the only one that can genuinely and profoundly say that it is neutral. It does not have to take sides politically nor economically. It most certainly has proved to the world that it can be the best trading partner any country would hope for.

Any defect in Canada’s economic stability, however, would be the manner by which Canadians maintain its progress in business. Whenever a corporation reaches its peak in profitability, the owners sell it, lock, stock and all barrels. Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of them, next is Tim Horton’s, some electronic firms come next, and so forth and so on.

Which now brings us to the Nexen Oil company which The Chinese National Offshore Oil Company  has put  out a takeover bid for Nexen to the tune of $5.1 billion. Such a buyout is now under review by the government. By Canadian government, we mean those people in the Eastern part of Canada. The resources that they are selling is located in the Western part of Canada. This will be the second oil company to be sold to foreign investors.

This time, however, the buyer would be China which is noted for its human rights violations, including the harvesting of organs from live people. If they can do this to their own people, it would not be a surprise if they are already conducting Mengele experiments on the people’s brains.

Sell Nexen for what, a measly $5.1 billion? That company is worth trillions!!!!

Now who would be afraid of one surplus Russian aircraft carrier?



OK,OK, let’s go over it again———–

once upon a time, there were people……..


Dancing Jewels


Dancing Jewels.mpg

Nexxen And The Chinese Aircraft Carrier


What’s the tie-up between the Chinese Aircraft carrier and the Canadian oil company called the Nexxen?

I’ll tell you in a little while, after I figure out what it is.

Chinese Carrier.mpg

Fiscal Cliff, Dismal Cliff


America the beautiful heads slowly towards the cliff, and just like our trapped huntsman, will be eaten with gusto by the religious bear.

The Republicans are die-hard and, even with logic amiss, clings to what was pledged like frat men.

They haven’t thought about it yet, but have they ever considered both the entitlement and tax increases in the graduated format?

You know, little by little, poco a poco (whatever that means)?

Morsy Grabs Power


In order to keep the guarantee that he gave the world on the Gaza City negotiations, the President of Egypt puts down an edict that reserves for him the power to maintain the peace.

Highly provoking and unusual for his government, but very necessary.

If he suceeds in this endeavor and remains with something less than absolute power, Egypt would then rival Iran as leader of the Islamic world.

Now, wouldn’t that be a better proposition?

Something less than  parting the waters of the ocean?



As for the ever-present Chinese human rights violations,

their leaders should savor the manifestations of freedom of speech,

 among other things.

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Browser hits from China trickled in today, giving us

the assumption that Chinese cyber inspectors are tuning in sneakily.

I am one who will give China the credit

whenever credit is due.

And by analogy, China gets discredited here

when credit is not due.

They can try to assault this site again and again of course.

But the more they do, the deeper my cuts shall be for China.

This is a wonderful, scenic country.

But it has yet to produce an Abraham Lincoln.

China Leaders

China Leaders.mpg

China Reform


China Reform.mpg



‘Twas a rough day testerday.

This site was overloaded.

I could’t get through with some mp3’s and Shimion Pres’ interview with Wolf Blitzer.

I did ask for you guys to download the video clips and not to stream them to allow the other viewers to get through.

The web hosts (Canadianwebhosting) actually did work on this site midnigjht till dawn.

Some minor problems are still experienced so the work is still ongoing.

By the way, no hits were registered from China because of the cyber attacks coming from that part of the world. The path is open again to allow them to get through. Another sign of an attack from them will mean the site will be closed from them  firmly again.

Shimon Peres



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I Will Play A Rhapsody.mp3

If You Could Read My Mind.mp3


Hazel Viardo


A very fine scenic photo is seen here. 

That blue color is difficult to capture

anf this camera did not even use filters.

The blue water and the clear blue sky and the

sharp grey rocks makes for an excellent panorama.

Of course the lady in the foreground helps  in

brightening up the picture.

Carol Viardo


She should stand out more riding a horse.

Gaza Ceasefire Holds


It seems that one has to walk like an Egyptian to bring peace to the region.

Like the President of Egypt did.

Ceasefire Holds.mpg





The American Dream



The American Dream.mpg

Maroon Rose


Lexi Morrison