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Dark Shadows


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C/NET full Review of Windows 8

This url opens to the full review of Windows 8 by Microsoft

and includes both pros and cons to buying the software.

Starship Troopers

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John Q. Sans Health Care Insurance


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Wag The Dog

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The Holy Mountain of Wudang







Wudang Mountain is China’s Holy Mountain.

Iran Today







Israel Today






Arabia, Centre of Islam











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Kara David


Marisol Abdurahman


Wesley On Romney


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Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

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I knew it. Romney fired all his ammunition on the first debate. So on this, the third debate, he was either firing blanks or dudsIn his effort not to be redundant, he was groping for words.

I must say, though, that the topic being limited to foreign policy, the debate was unfair for Romney, him not being privy to top level government meetings. His side was therefore relegated to criticisms of what were done and not about the actual formulation of foreign policy.

This situation gave the Obama the initiative to attack what Romney has said which was controversial.

As for the question why Romney did not bring up the intelligence reports of the Benghazi attack, I can only surmise, which I believe, would have been synonymous to guessing.

(Oh yeah?) :lol:

One Security Question for the Americans


There apparently is a blame game going on  for American security regarding the slaying of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi. That was an event that happened in a foreign soil.

The question the Americans should ask themselves is who is the one to blame for the 911 Twin Towers destruction. That happened inside America itself, with all its forces and military might and security available.

If terrorists were to attack, the time chosen would be that when they could avoid security.

Do they blame the American policemen for the murders commited in America?

Why start the blame game during election times?



The Biggest Scoop Of The Year


I would say that the biggest scoop of the year,

 and I have been waiting for it,

is the one on one interview with the Syrian President Assad.

I have a feeling that the time is ripe for it.

He may be in an agreeable mood now.

He may require to be air lifted to New York, though.

Imagine Assad speaking before the UN

and afterwards to the CNN microphones?

Apple of the Eye


( She’s come to plug an Apple product. I never got so much involved with Apple electronic products because some of its software come in serious conflict with what I use. Consequently I delete these software.  For her, however, I will keep open my doors, all doors, and whatever these doors are used for) :lol: The Apple for Today.

This cameraman is viewer-friendly, may his tribe increase.

Koffi Annan on Syria

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Fareed on China


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Poppy Harlow


The Chinese Internet Curtain

This month of October marks the first month that not a single hit to this blog is registered from  CHINA. There is undobtedly an internet curtain that has been dropped down on the country.  The Chinese habitually drink video gigabytes from Shrapnel.

The huge amount of bandwidth that the Chinese internet cafe users have gone down to zero when even the attraction of the Tom Cruise movie “Rock of Ages” would have been the contrary. Something is going on and it is not good for the people.

My first guess is that the curtain has been dropped because of China’s foreign relations such as the looming takeover of one Canadian oil company, or the outsourcing of jobs to China as underscored by the US Presidential Debates, the anti-Japanese protests that forced some Japanese companies in China to close, or the recent political power struggle in China, or the recent Microsoft incursions in China for purposes of establishing partnered companies in China.

One can’t be sure. But why must there be a denial of  contact going to this site?

I never done them nothin’ bad, have I?


The Anti-Japanese protest photo—try to read between the lines.

The Bear’s Prayer


The bear was about to eat him.

And when he saw that this is so

Michael raised his arms and prayed to God,

“Lord, I do not want to die.

Make this bear have compassion.

Make him understand religion.”


All at once there was a flash of light,

and thunder echoed all around the mountains,

and the bear’s face started to glow.

Without warning, the bear knelt down,

put its paws together, looked up and prayed,

“Lord, bless  this food which

 I am about to receive from thy bounty.

I’m sure he tastes good. Amen”


Rhea Santos


Pia Arcangel


The Dictator

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