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Fareed Zakarias


The CNN saturates the media airlanes with the very informative program “Putting America to Eork” wherein the GPS host, Fareed Zakarias put out a formula for employment. This is supported by facts, figures, and interviews.

Both candidates for the presidency of the United States should watch and take notes on the conclusions advanced by Fareed. They make sense. 

Hereinunder is presented 6 large-sized video clips to show the whole program:







This is one excellent piece of work by Fareed Zakariias, and it may manifest into a primer for combatting unemployment.

However, the thesis concentrates onluy on the functions of the government and privete enterprise. Little is said of the requirements and the attitude of the laborers in general. The desire for the workers to be qualified is there, but the paper misses one point, or that point which has become a private consensus of the international world (most particularly the Asian world).

It is said that Americans want more pay for less work.

And that they work to save money for a holiday.  

Green Paradise : Philippines







The Saladin Syndrome


The Saladin Syndrome


There is presently a disagreement within the Obama Cabinet about which group was responsible for the death of the US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens. Since this is election time, the Republicans are quick to pounce upon this disagreement . The Administration, they say,  is keeping a secret of this disagreement, adding that the government is bewildered about the events in the Arab region.   The Republicans  are right at this juncture because no
further  U.S. investigation could have been  made. To confound the situation, there exist a number of groups that could easily have been responsible for the deed. There is the Al-Qaeda, the  foreign  fighters, the  foreign mercenaries, the  soldiers of fortune, and also the plain ragtag leftover Libyan rebels carrying leftover weapons.

The Al Qaeda, its capable leaders pruned by drones, has been weakened  in both strategy and weaponry, to a point that such a sustained attack on the American Embassy would have been
inhibited. While the possibility of the Al Qaeda members slipping through the Libyan security exists  the attack would have required some  support to succeed. Such support could have been provided spontaneously by the mob that was sparked by the notorious video clip of Muhammad. Or some other military-trained group, posing as Al Qaeda, may have led the assault.

It should be noted that the Libyan citizens attacked some safe houses of Al Qaeda. This could only mean that the Al Qaeda’s operations are not entirely secret in Libya. But there are the other groups, the foreign mercenaries to name one, which operate in Libya. Some particular NATO countries may have interests in the results of this Arab upheaval. These countries may
have sent their special forces, or soldiers of fortune, to operate in the region. Each of these countries may have varied concerns regarding the events now happening. As a result, they don’t work in unison. Their attacks are not synchronized.

It was published by the media that the diary of Chris Stevens was found in a conspicuous location inside the embassy ruins.  It reads that Stevens may be in the Al Qaeda hit list. The circumstances leading to this Al Qaeda info in the diary is suspect. This diary obviously have been read and returned to be found by the media. If the Al Qaeda returned the diary, it would be for the intention of publicizing their dastardly deed. If some other group other than the Al Qaeda read and  returned this diary, it could have been intended  to lay blame on Al Qaeda. This diary throws more confusion to the situation. Who dunnit? The answer or answers could only be opinionated.

And then there is the group of Libyan rebels that ousted Ghadaffi, who are presently languishing about the lack of recognition by the new Libyan government  and; with surplus
arms and ammunition, they have  become trigger-happy trouble makers under  the lust to fire their weapons. Such an excuse as a protest against a video clip, or a looming
attack on the American Embassy, is enough to galvanize them to do some damage with rifle and bombs.

These varied groups collectively make up what the Obama Administration (and Assad) calls as “terrorists”, for lack of a term to define them. They are splintered, but they wreak havoc just the same. There is not one person nor one group amongst  them that they can call leader. They are not in agreement with each other. One group may say something, yet another group may do another thing which is different. It is therefore not a wonder that any effort to mediate peace in the region will not fall through. There is nobody to negotiate with.

Which just about brings us to what I am trying to say —that this lack of leadership amongst the Middle East Arab countries is what makes the region what it is today.  The region does not have an Islamic leader to call the shots, and to call for the shooting to start, and stop. They need another Saladin.

Such a position for a supreme leader is what Ghadaffi  tried to fill. So did Hussein ,Bin Laden,  Khomenei,  and the other Heads of Arab States. None of them proved strong enough to lead. Moreover, the West almost always interfered with the rise of any strongman. It  would be astronomically costly and destructive for the West to start another crusade.  From thence come the Arab hatred for the West. The West has prevented the rise of any prospective Saladin, and consequently, prevented the formation of a unified Arab States.

Curiously enough, if there were a Saladin, he would have kept order in the region, and there would only be one person to negotiate with. Sad it is to say that the West have a penchant for bringing down people who  would have kept order in the Arab states.

The Arabs have oil, but they don’t have food. Soil that is good for pumping out oil is not good for planting grain. Oil can be traded for weapons and food, but the source of food may be drying up.   The prices are going up as the scarcity of the food supply deepens. While the Arabs have guns, they need food, reminiscent of North Korea’s demise, isn’t it?

Clinton asks, ”Where do they get their guns?” I would ask, “Where do they get their food?” The army fights on its stomach, so says Napoleon. These “terrorists” may therefore drop their guns for a loaf of bread. Presently, they still have loaves of bread. Where do they get the bread?

This should  give us the splendid idea that if Europe were able to sell food  to the Arabs, they would have solved their ensuing economic problem.  Europe should stop sending weapons and mercenaries to the Arabs.  Better to trade food for oil.

This is what I think about the Arab situation, even if I ain’t there to witness things.

I must admit I do miss the mark at times.

Then again I must also say that when I miss, I don’t miss by  much.


The Early Rush to Vote

There is now a rush for the early voting in America.

BRAVO, America!

Zatoichi Dances




Dante The Ham


Dante has learned how to flip the ball over his head.


But I think I will have a lot of problems teachimg him to put the ball in the basket!

I think I created a monster, though, because Dante hams up the minute he sees a camera pointed at him.

Sandra Endo


Replacement Refs


Really now! This is one bad side of American sports. Wait till the muslim critics hear about this.

They shoulda gotten women replacement referees.

Now there is no guarantee that they would do better,

but at least we expect them to make mistakes, so therefore our outcry  will not be that serious when they do.

The Flame


Has anybody ever heard of the computer virus called “Flame”?

or the worm called “stuxnet”?

Why not?

Are they “good” or “bad”?

Rubbing It In


With the so many analyses regarding the reason/s why Romney’s grip on the voters is slipping, none of these analysis has hit the mark.

Modesty aside, (and still I have this modesty trait supposedly),all that I posted before this and also before that are coming true. This is because the trend of events lead to it.

For instance, the “victims”-speech plus the income tax revelations only made matters speed up Romney’s demise.

These confirmed that he is wealthy and as such, he has never watched his children eat their hearts out for not getting what they wanted on Christmas day. This may be a little too graphic, but it helps paint the picture.

The people comprising the Obama campaign were wise in limiting media coverage to avoid slip-ups concerning disastrous spoken words.

VOTE, dammit!

(ooops, sorry, the devil made me do it!)

The Real Pinocchio


The President of Iran, appears to be a figurehead;

the main reason why his hands are tied

and his inability to make promises.

He also has beady eyes.

And his name rhymes with jihad.

Vicky Morales


Jobs for the U.S.


Obama and Romney promises to put America to work by creating jobs.

Somebody should tell them that creating jobs will still not put America to work,

unless they make the Americans qualified first to fill these jobs!

This Fareed Zakarias, he puts out a formula to put Americans to work

Norah O’Donnell



Melissa Mack


Hillary Clinton


Erin Burnett


Brooke Baldwin

She’s no Brooke Shields, but really

I don’t see the difference.

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Lisa Sylvester



(genetic? Nah, i think she’s just plain photogenic!)

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Libyan Developments