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Erin Burnett



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(who’s to stop a trane?)

Colors of Evil



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Earthquake in the Philippines


HAH! Now do you believe me when I say that the seas are trying to reclaim the land?

How much more oil do we have to take out of the ground before the world turns into a ball of water?

Reduce Taxes for the Middle-Class?


Romney promised to reduce the taxes for the middle-class. Goodness, NO! This would be another busines mistake. It reduces the present revenue take!

Increase taxes for the wealthy? This mistake would be worse.

While the middle-class provides the braun to turn the wheels of industry, the wealthy provide those wheels. Without the cooperation of the elite, there would be none of these engines that anchor the economy.

I say keep the level of taxes for the middle-class, but remove some of the tax exemptions enjoyed by the rich.

And let the corporations shoulder more of health care insurance and seniors’ benefits. This should necessarily mean that the government regulate and control the BASIC health care and seniors’ benefits. There would be options to secure EXCLUSIVE and extra personal health car e(like breast implants) at the individual’s expense.

How can the middle-class help? Work harder for the same rate of pay. Be more qualified, and try not to lose the job.

(there is no such thing as a free ride for the middle class here. one has to be emloyed for a set length of hours first  to qualify for unemployment checks)

Mark Owen’s Book


His book, No Easy Day, described the Navy Seal operation that killed Osama Bin Laden. He has leaked classified information which is verifiable because this info is a first-hand account of the Bin Laden assault.

I would suggest an embassy other than El Salvador’s.

That is, if the royalties for this book are not garnished. Otherwise……..

Clint Eastwood


The appearance of Clint Eastwood in the Republican National Convention was not a surprise as was “publicized”.

It was supposed to be a surprise.. The “leak” on his appearance generated much curiosity.

For the benefit of those who did not catch the symbolization of the conversation with a chair——the chair signifies Obama’s vacated presidential chair.

I did detect a note of Clint debasing the lower class, or whatever group he referred to. I could be wrong in this.

(And they drove somebody to political asylum for wiki leaks.

Hmmmm….Robert Redford for the Dems?))

The Mitt Romney Speech


From this fluid speech, the man impressed me as a man who wants to do something good for America and believes he can suceed in this endeavor if he were the President. He projects himself as a man of good character, morally sound, and profoundly concerned for the people of the US.

He speaks in general, though, and does not  explain how his plans wii affect the Americans personally and individually.

What is good for the rest of the country may not be good for the individual American.

Missing The Forecast


Wuups! Isaac does not seem to cooperate with me when I said that it will be the worst storm yet to hit the area. Well, I should admit that the weather is one thing I am not able to predict with accuracy. I would rather leave that effort for Melissa to undertake.

Anyway, when a storm causes the main floor of a house to be submerged in water, that may be considered a very heavy storm.

Now, when a dolphin is seen swimming  in the main floor, that is the worst storm ever.

Paul Ryan


First day speaker, Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, holds the Conventioneers attentively in his tirade against Barack Obama. This is by sheer force of his eloquence, though,  since the content of his speech is presumptuous and loaded with assumptions. This may be natural for candidates of a party which is not in power and are devoid of facts available to the present administration.

This ploy is misleading. It will hit a group of voters and miss another. But then again one cannot please everybody. The speech could have had a more convincing effect, though, if there were facts to go with it.

One thing which the American voters remember, and the Republicans should explain, is why they blame the present administration for the failure of the projects that the Republicans blocked in Congress.

Whether the play to the middle class voters is successful or not will depend on the main speaker, Mitt Romney. One thing his party may be sure of depending on,  for whatever reasons there are, are the voters from the wealthy class.

Jennifer Ward




Mariz Umali




Harmonics in oscillations is the key to this gigantic cello.

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Todd Oliver



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Bikinis—-they do give the imagination a rest.





This storm named “Isaac” will really be a punishing storm, the worst.

God help the people!

WBZ Weather



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Geico Traffic



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Colin Powell


Colin Powell, the man himself, talks about Iran, Syria, China, North Korea Russia,

the Presidential Campaigns, and so forth.

Very enlightening, for me, that is.






Fareed Zakaria



Fareed expounds on one of his favorite discourses:

Human Rights Violations.


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Jennifer Ward




(dapper, to the nth degree!)

Vicky Morales




(a standout in all her standing poses!)

Storm Threatens Tampa


The GOP convention in Tampa, Florida may be hit by a storm.

I don’t mean this figuratively, in that somebody will speak stentorophonically to bring the convention goers to a fever-pitch.

I mean a storm with howling winds and such will hit Tampa.

I do hope it does not for the peoples’ sake.

(contrary to what some perticular personages may believe, I really do not have anything to do with this storm!)

Jerry Springer


In these video clips taken from an interview with Piers Morgan,

Jerry Springer has caused to change my impression of him for the better,

Nay, I would say, for the lots, lots better.

He strikes me to be of the intelligent and broad-minded type.


Jerry Springer1.mpg

Jerry Springer2.mpg

The MMDA Ukulele


Overwhemlmed by the recurring problem of floods in Metropolitan Manila, the MMDA Chairman suggested in a very serious vein that Manila should actually be moved to another location.

Something like moving the capital from Edo to Tokyo

But Manila has to be moved, according to the Chairman, —lock, stock, and barrel.

or more practically,—— houses, outhouses and squatters.

How in heaven’s name should this be done?

Perhaps by burning the city and then play the ukulele while it burns.

Or alternatively, play the ukulele then burn the city down.

(there are other more practical ways to solve the flood problem,

and it would cost about a fraction of moving a whole metropolitan area,

if only some people would work together…)

Obama Health Care



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