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Dolphy Sings




Obama’s Health Care Law is Approved




Rescue for Eurobanks









Rich and Poor in Hongkong








Lil Starr



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Distinguished Men of Brass




Garibaldi and His CMYK’s



Spencer Horsman




Bernadette Sembrano




(not bad for an amachoor weatherperson, at least walang tignan)

Cirque Reinvente




Cirque Du Soleil



Midnight Sun2.mpg 

Midnight Sun



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Dolphy, as an Anomaly



(Please check my post on July 30,2009)

I do not see him being undone at about this time.

It is not written.

My question would be : why was the dialysis started late?

The answer should not be : the procedure is expensive!

If only to provide a compliment,

Dolphy is the only comedian after Bob Hope

that I yearn to watch and laugh with.

I used to walk three miles to the theater

to watch his zany movies.

Mursi : For All Egyptians



For All Egyptians.mpg

For All Egyptians2.mpg

Gadaffi’s PM In Prison



Gadaffi\’s PM.mpg

Syria Shoots Down Turkish Plane




3rd Anniversary


Today is the 3rd Anniversary of this blog.

I must say that I’m on a roll.

This month of June is a record-breaking month, and the month is not over yet.

The blog readers from the Philippines outstripped the Americans for the first time in the number of hits to this site. I’m glad to notice that even the posts of the last years are being searched for. This also gives me an idea of what attracts the visitors to my blog.


The day is about done,

Looking back to those hours that were gone

Finding those things better not to have been done,

And those things better to have been done.

But when this day is already gone,

Feeling relieved that I myself have not been undone.

Suzi Abrera


Suzi Abrera

Pia Guanio



Pia Guanio

Pinky Webb


Pinky Webb

Summer Sizzler



You can say that again…

Jing Castaneda


Jing Castaneda

Sera Congi