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Maria and Derek

Dancing With the Stars, Maria and Derek gets a perfect 30 out of 30


Spain in Recession




Tallest Building




No Bills to Pay in Litiki


Forty-two St. Bernards, and no electricity bills to pay.



Germany Along The Rhine2




Adele–Someone Like You




Move Your Body




Drink by LMFAO




Rescuing Dogs


Chinese concerned citizens save the dogs from being the main course.



Russian Netflix?

Minnea Gil-Jones


The new Director of Nursing, Skyridge Surgery Center—-

Minnea Gil-Jones

Bottoms Up



Minnea’s dog is just plumb tuckered out.

Either that or it is just plain drunk. :lol:

Jessica Sanchez


Jessica adds caress in this song.



Alberta Elections


The Progressive Conservative Prty romped away with the number of seats in the parliament for them to have a clear majority.

Alison Redford takes over the Provincial Government as Premier.

The members of the Wild Rose Party was surprised that they took only 19 of the 87 seats. But they do get the title of official opposition party.

Now that the election is over, I may be able to say what I feel.

With all the promises that the PC party has made, they fail to realize that the funds to accomplish these promises are nowhere to be found. This party seems to try to satisfy everybody—-everybody that belongs to the business elite that is, particularly the oil people.

Yes, the oil people is pampered in Alberta, so much so that some particular bills that were passed in the last sessions were just set aside, and never to be promulgated.

Which brings us to the question, where is the Heritage Fund?

The Albertans were made to believe that if the deficit is eliminated, the people will each receive a share of the Heritage Fund.

Right now I still believe that the best government that Alberta was under was when Ralph Klein was Premier.  He listened and he acted.

Amongst the four political parties in Alberta, it is believed that the NDP is the most sensible in their platform.

And this is coming from former MLA’s that belong to the Progressive Conservative Party.

It is just too bad that the NDP people are not in too much communication with the public. Either that or they really do not know how to communicate their ideas.

Germany Along The Rhine


Castles and Cliffs, Churches and Chalets, the character which is Germany along the Rhine.

And it’s so goshdarn clean!



Melissa mack


Melissa Mack

The Enigma That Is North Korea


The North Koreans belong to a nation that has elected to imprison themselves in North Korea, a country so-called due to the consequences of the Korean War, the country being north of the 38th Parallel.

Their leaders have ever dreamt of  being united with South Korea under the semblance of a reunited Vietnam. The country south of them, South Korea, has indeed shown much progress both politically and economically that this dream is getting farther out of reach. The only re course is to show to South Korea and the rest of the world that they are worthy of reunification with South Korea, hence the sabre-rattling ever since way back when.

As they rattle their sabres, however, even firing IRBM’s doomed to fail and refining atom bomb fuel to plutonium from U235 which has been out of supply, the rest of the world adds more sanctions  to its starved economy. These sanctions have gone so far as to force the North Korean leaders to be at the end of the rope. But why do they do this, I mean, threaten to start a pre-warned conflict with South Korea?




If you must know then I will tell you…….from what I believe, that is. Falling back to what they say as oriental psychology (as I am not in possession of anything else readily available for me) what North Korea is trying to publicize through intimidations is a one heckuva SOS. To recognize this, all one has to do is read between the lines….


(this post to be continued)

Paula Ebben

Pinky Webb


Unang Hirit


Tahrir Square, Egypt


The protesters against military rule fills up Tahrir square.


Tahrir Square.mpg

Monks Burn Themselves


This is called immolation and is mostly done by Buddhist Monks in protest of something.

This is the extreme protest which is a far greater sacrifice than hunger strikes.



Cold-blooded Breivik




Billionaires Do Cry




(I can’t bear to see a man cry, more so if he were a billionaire!)

US Closes Afghanistan base





As can be seen, the base is situated at a low ground, giving the enemy the advantage of the high ground wherein rockets, howitzers and mortars can be used against the base effectively.

This is of course another tactical mistake which the French made in Indochina, and the Americans did at Khe Sanh.

It would be a wonder what the Afghans would do if they take over this base.