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Swan Song


Cut from the contest ‘The American Idol”, Heejun sings his last.


Power Barges


The people who advised that Mindanao be supplied with electricity coming from power barges are comedians.

And if they are not bald, they are those comedians who bring out the less laughs.

Diesel generators may be installed aboard barges, alright, but the problems involved are tremendous, and which would require huge capital outlays

That would nullify the projected results to supply power to Mindanao.

First of all, transmission and transformer stations have to be erected, and this would take time.

More so if these would be connected to power grids.

 The cables to carry electricity from the barges to this station would be a hazard to the population  and may also break when buffeted by the waves.

 The barges carrying the diesel generators may  have to be beached for stability.

And thereafter, a steady stream of transport ships carrying diesel fuel would be scheduled.

But the more significant problem would be : the smaller capacity of the diesel generator on board the barges.

 Consequently only a small area could be serviced.

If these power barges will service only barangay-sized areas it would be best to forget the whole idea.

Therefore, while power barges for Mindanao may be feasible, it would be terribly expensive and may deserve only a laugh.


(ever consider huge helicopters airlifting huge diesel generators to be laid on concrete pads?)

Rhea Santos


Rhea Santos

Connie Sison


Connie Sison

Obama Warns North Koreans




Syria Agrees to Ceasefire




Tony’s Table




Tony Tantillo shows how to cook tantorini tortaloni tintorelli  pasta

Eulalio Diaz


The man who padded the assets of the Chief justice from 5 properties to 45 properties.


Being an appointee of  Noynoy to the Land Registration Administration, and having been close to Noynoy before, a connivance between Eulalio and the prosecution panel  is suspected. He first denied his close ties with the President, and the afterwards made conflicting statements when questioned by the Senator-Judges.

He appears to be unperturbed by the lambasting given to him by the Senator-Judges, as if the more chewing out he gets, the more pogi-points he would deserve from Malacanang.

(sinabon at sinampay ng walang banlaw!)

Melissa Mack




Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods wins big!



Turmoil in China


The Chinese regime is in crisis.

Microblogs in China report on what seems to be a failed coup in Beijing on March 19, 2012.

The Chinese regime timeline goes this way:


    Feb. 2:

Wang Lijun removed from his job as chief of the Public Security Bureau in Chongqing.

Feb. 6:

Wang Lijun attempts to defect at U.S. Consulate in Chengdu City, 200 miles from Chongqing.

Feb. 7

: Many photos appear on microblogs that show police cars surrounding the consulate while Wang Lijun is inside. It appears Bo Xilai caught wind of Wang’s whereabouts and tried to intercept.

Feb. 8

: Wang Lijun is sent to Beijing—according to a leaked flight ticket—and put under investigation by the Central Disciplinary Committee.

Feb. 8

: Chongqing City Hall says Wang Lijun is on “vacation-style medical treatment.”

Feb. 11

: Bo Xilai meets with Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, but without posing for a public photo.

Feb. 14-17

: Xi Jinping, the next Chinese regime leader, visits the United States.

Feb. 15

: Washington Free Beacon says Wang Lijun provided key information to the U.S. government about Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang and how they plan to thwart Xi Jinping’s rise to the top of the CCP.

?Feb. 15

: Guan Haixiang, a Hu Jintao loyalist, is made new public security bureau secretary in Chongqing, taking over from Wang Lijun.

Feb. 16

: U.S. House members order investigation into the administration’s handling of Wang Lijun’s attempted defection and any information he may have passed to consular officials.

Feb. 17

: Bo Xilai absent from important meeting in Chongqing.

Feb. 26-28

: First apparent opening of Chinese Internet firewall, as Obama’s Google+ page is inundated with comments from Chinese citizens. Whether it was a deliberate opening or a bug remains unclear.

Feb. 28

: Information about Wang Lijun being involved in live organ harvesting emerges.

March 9

: Bo Xilai makes a defensive speech at an important political meeting in Beijing.

March 14

: Wen Jiabao criticizes Bo Xilai during a news conference on the last day of the National People’s Congress in Beijing.

March 15

: Bo Xilai is fired.

March 16

: Former Bo Xilai ally, Chongqing Mayor Huang Qifan, turns against Bo and says publicly that he supports the central leadership’s decision to sack him.

March 19

: Rumors fly that there is a paramilitary presence in downtown Beijing and a coup is underway.

March 20

: Bo Xilai is rumored to be under house arrest.

March 20

: Second apparent unblocking of Chinese firewall; searches related to The Epoch Times, June 4, and Falun Gong possible for a period of time in China.

March 21-22

: Rumors say that Zhou Yongkang has been “controlled” internally. A source later tells The Financial Times the same thing.

March 22

: Global Times, a Chinese regime mouthpiece, publishes an editorial asking for clarification on what is going on amid the political upheaval.

March 22

: Zhou Yongkang missing from high-level meeting in Shanghai.

March 23

: Zhou Yongkang meets Marty M. Natalegawa, the Indonesia foreign minister, but not Zhou’s counterpart, in Beijing.

(this news is lifted from the Epoch Times)

Tsismosang blogger


Blogger Raissa Robles claims she collects information from the crowd and posts these.

Usisera na Tsismosa pa!

This is what we get from people who have lost it and tries again in another way.

She should have realized that crowd-sourcing is not evidence-gathering. It is plain and simple gossip.

She also claims that she is not the “small lady” with that notoriety.

I agree with her in this. She is not a small lady. She’s smaller. :lol:

Robin Stickley


Wesla Wong



KIRO Weather


Sarah Wroblewski


Private Prosecutors Big Paycheck?


The Impeachment Court is in for a very long vacation.

Are the private Prosecutors being paid or are they pro bonot! :lol:

If they are under a payroll, their paychecks would be that big, eh?

HOOOO-boy….!addition to the budget deficit.

The Price of Gas


There were suggestions to reduce the economic effects of the rising price of gas.

One was a government subsidy to effect a change to natural gas as fuel.

The other suggestion is a subsidized conversion to eelectric vehicles.

If most of the vehicles are converted to natural gas fuel, or even propane, there will be a bug demand on this fuel. As a result, natural gas prices will soar, and there again looms the high fuel prices.

If public utility vehicles are converted to electric, the lithium batteries would be that expensive, and the vehicles would obviously be useless when the flood waters come.

What should probably be known is that the public utility vehicles being used now have frames and bodies which are extremely heavy. This excessive weight make them gas-guzzlers.

It would be best to change the type of vehicles for transport.

Benedict Visits Mexico


Japan’s Missile Defense

Japan prepares a missile defense agauinst North Korea


Football Ban in Egypt


The banning of football in Egypt sparkes riots.


Rose garden



Lexi Morrison


Lexi Morrison

Sheena Sabino


Marilou Viardo