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Catherine Jenkins


Andrea Bocelli sings with Catherine Jenkins



Hail Mary….Holy Mary


Andrea Bocelli sings Ave Maria



The Lord’s Prayer


Andrea Bocelli sings the Lord’s Prayer with the  the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.



Da Rock






U Haul of Edmonton

U Haul ofEdmonton


They must think I’m stupid, those people of truck rental U haul of Edmonton  (128 Ave. and 50 St.). I may look boyish, but not stupid.

 They provided my group with a rental truck which is the rot of the litter. The license plate was from Arizona, and it even looked older than Winchester 73.

 To top it all, the rear door does not close. And when I ran out of rope to tie the stuff down in the truck,
I had to unload and leave a lot of them. I had to transport the stuff in the truck with rear door open. It was so bare a haul that I thought a pickup truck would have done the work.

When I returned the rented truck to U Haul, I complained about the rear door. But instead of giving out apologies, I was even blamed for
not knowing how to close the door. Well, they could not close it either!

This  gave me that suspicious notion about the reason why  the staff do not wear any name or id tag on their uniforms.

I managed, however, to get the name of the person that rented me the truck—it was Jenny, Manager of the U Haul office at 128 Avenue
and 50 StreetEdmonton,Alberta.

 And when I did somehow get the name,  I guess I was not that dumb, after all. Maybe a bit baby-faced, but not dumb.




New Russian Fighter Jet


New Fifth Generation Russian Fighter Jet

From the “Military News” of the website “The Voice of Russia”

Marilou Viardo


in Lourdes…..

Marilou Viardo is the one in the center of photo


Hazel Viardo


Hazel Viardo

The Philippine Medical Doctors


I did not say that ther are no good doctors in the Pbilippines.

In truth I would say that they are better in diagnoses than their counterparts abroad.

And they are bolder and much more innovative in their approach.

The resources to back them up, however, is another thing to be considered.

I would rather get them to cut me up in a foreign setting.

The Philippine doctors are diligent, patient friendly, and they really use their brains more than anything else.

Trapeze Tango


The Artemiev Duo performs a trapeze tango in France.


sent in by Vincent Novenario

Occupy-ing New York City




Low Speed Chase in Arizona



Kate Beirness


Kate Beirness

Pauline Chan


Pauline Chan

Melissa Mack




Reunion in Class




Winter Tires


The first serious snowfall descended on Edmonton the day before, causing fender-benders galore, 30-minute drives that took 3 hours, and lines on the road that remain  like guess-work.

And again, so much so depend upon winter tires, and skill with the wheel and brake pedal.


Charlie was a Boxer


Charlie was a boxer as great as he can be

Till one day he started boxing on tv.

Charlie was a boxer he ran into a right.

Charlie was a boxer who’d rather act than fight!


Sunrise at Flanders Fields


“Twas that time in High School when my English and Composition teacher; she was prim, proper, and had a bearing that commanded your undivided attention; Mrs. Del Rosario (Remedios was mayhaps her first name), strove diligently to burn in the minds of her students the complete stanzas of a lot of poems in the textbook.

 She is wont to do this, not because she was the cruelest teacher in town, but because it was the rule of  the Education Department during those days to test the mettle of the teachers by imposing rigid testing  procedures on their students. One of these exams was to write from memory, and thence paraphrase, certain poems in the textbook. Little did I realize that this method provided more benefits to the students than to the teachers, memory-wise.

 After I migrated to Canada, I had a co-employee by the name of Hodson. He said he came from an English town where the famous cookies Of Peak Freans were manufactured. One day I surprised him by quoting from memory this poem:


In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.


Mrs. Del Rosario (I’m pretty sure Remedios was her first name) told us that this is a poem from World War I.

I never realized this until Mr. Hodson explained to me what this poem was all about.

Now I remember everything, including that part where the author was a Canadian,

even when the textbook was called “English and American Writers”


 Sunrise Ceremony.mpg

Remembrance Day.mpg

CTV News consistently delivers the sharpest news images at 1080p

Battle of the Bands


Whosarmy versus melanie Morgan Band in a different type of band contest at Cover Me.

Melanie Morgan


Rachel Crow




Simon Colwell’s protege, Rachel sings a difficult song

that fully tested her talents.

Lakoda Rayne




(individual glamorous singers they are, hardly a comparison on harmonizing with

the Andrews Sisters, Lennon Sisrters, McGuire Sisters, or mayhaps Nikki and the Lemons Three)

Melanie Amaro



The Arroyo Biopsy


Comes now the Philippine Medical Association to declare that the biopsy and the procedure to redo the neck operation of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo could be done in the country with Philippine doctors. And afterwards conceded that foreign doctors could be flown in to do what is necessary.

HAH! This capability of local doctors is bull! Anybody who would have the opportunity to acquire surgery abroad would do so at the first opportunity.

Let Gloria have her surgery abroad.  The first operation on Philippine soil was a goof-up. So why would she choose to have another similar operation within the country. Once is enough, twice is stupid!

Ramona Bautista


This witness to her own brother’s slaying appears to have flown to Turkey.

The public is supposed to believe that she boarded a plane wearing a flashing red shawl over her head and face.

Now who is she, or he, trying to kid.

The thing is this is the start of something new in coverups.

The people who may be hiding her may be the people who may be trying to find her.

But I say again, what has happened to Ram Revilla was the result of a caper turned sour.

The timing must have been screwed up; the communication, faulty.

Where is Ramona? I hear the mission bells above……… :lol: