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Time And Motion


WUUUPS! It appears that I am headed into one of those extra-theoretical physicallendrum opines of mine. And it is too late in the evening to start one of these.

i guess I will have to take this up tomorrow with you.

What I meant was it is time to stop moving and go to sleep.

But this topic you will definitely read tomorrow in an expanded form.

First Snow in Boston



Liberty 125 years



Kabul Attack




Plastic House


This is a house made from plastic bottles.


Kara David


Kara David

Vicky Morales


Vicky Morales

Mariz Umali


Mariz Umali

Stacy Francis




Josh Krajcik




Leroy Bell








Rachel Crow



Melanie Amaro



The Natives are Restless…



in Southern Mindanao. Word is that the General staff is in a huff over their hands being tied by the cease fire  agreement while the peace negotiations are ongoing with the milf. No retaliatory measures are allowed because this would incur a suspension of the cease fire.(and the peace talks even!)

If you ask me, these unwarranted ambush slayings of the AFP patrols by the milf (sometimes 200 in number), are intended to disrupt the existing ceasefire. This would in turn halt the peace negotiations going on.

There are lawless elements in the milf that do not want a peace agreement between the Philippine government and the milf. Hence the attacks on the soldiers.

But the government may be able to retaliate if it uses non-government and independent armed people to  pursue the bandits. The government could hire mercenaries to do the job. Or perhaps bounty bunters.

I really must say that the Armed Forces of the Philippines should cease their mania to return to the barracks for dinner. A lot of things could be accomplished if there are patrols that spend a night or two in the jungle sneaking up on these bandits.

And then again, these night commandos or special forces should be chosen from those who are not afraid of the dark!

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan will bare all in the Playboy magazine.

I guess this will formalize the iniquities that she’s been doing,

and the rest of the world will finally know what she’s been up to,

or down with.

Kung Fu Panda2


The original width of this desktop background is 20 inches. You can use your photoshop to blow it up for your wallpaper.

It would have been easier for you had you been using Windows 7. By then you would only have to go to control panel\desktop background for a very wide selection of wallpapers. These are free. They are not mine to give.

Gadaffi Falls, Libya Rises….


The climax of a revolution against the dictator is reached….

But let BBC NEWS tell you a better story in video.









Michelle Dube

TV Patrol Weekend


Bernadette Sembrano

Commando Training


Royal marines.mpg

One for a Thousand




In exchange for a thousand Palestinian prisoners of war,

Shalit is freed by his Palestinian captors.

This is Benjamin Netanyahu’s gesture to display

his sincere intentions for peace in the region.

Also, this shows his appreciation

of the value of a single Israeli life.

Rebel Atrocities


There has been reports of vengeful rebel atrocities made on the loyalist supporters of Ghadaffi.

It was a wonder why the loyalists resistance have stiffened at Sirte. Now we know why.


Libyan Gratitude


U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Libyan Gratitude.mpg

(see? No money, and no nursemaiding either!)

Tax Exemptions for the Manufacturers?


I wonder, would the Obama administration agree to giving the wealthy and the rich their tax exemptions if they would build their factories inside the United States to utilize American labor?