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New Uniform


It’s in fashion today., including the large eyes.

September Word


A parting word for September—-

the days got colder and gone shorter.

The seas are uneasy

as if they are trying to reclaim the lands

thay had lost before.

And a plea rings out for respect for those rich and wealthy

and are the employers of the world,

and who have that penchant for outsourcing labor.

Hooray for the wealthy and the rich.

They should rest in peace.



This yell went around Rio de Janeiro as a “SI”

More MP3’s To Go

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Without You

Beauty And The Beast


Mockingbird Hill

Why Dont You Believe Me

Wind Beneath My Wings

Changing Partners

There Goes My Heart

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Biggest crocodile

Caught in the Philippines is the biggest crocodile ever! 600 kg!

Palestinian Statehood


President Abbas’ application to the UN to grant statehood for Palestine starts a new kind of violent disagreement between the peoples of Palestine and that of Israel. This time, this confusion requires immediate response from both countries, as well as the from other countries of the world.

I say this effort of Abbas will compound the situation and will result to more violent skirmishes between Israel and Palestine.

The problem between Israel and palestine has been protracted for about 20 years now. Both sides appear to have disarming logic on their side, although there seem to be no meeting of the minds.

Israel, reminiscent of the situation of South Africa which used to act with self-defense in mind, still attains the posture of preventing its territory from being gobbled up. This is accomplished by adding buffer areas, resulting in expanded zones.  Palestine seeks to re-occupy the lands which were taken from them and given to the Jews when the state of Israel was formed. The issue now is which people should occupy which land. Or, exactly where does the territory of both states end.

Now, I say, the prerequistes of statehood are a nation; plus a territory that it occupies that has clearly defined borders. The crux of the problem, therefore, is the absence of clearly defined borders.

For the states of Israel and Palestine to exist side by side, there must be established some mutually defined borders between the two. Without these, there will be confusion and more violence.

I should blame the nations of the world who agreed and consummated the founding of an Israeli country on the lands formerly occupied by Palestine without establishing the borders. Now these borders are the cause of all this mess. And Palestine has given this problem for the UN to solve.

 Man is truly a territorial animal.

Palestinian State.mpg

Lisbon Graffiti




Hold That Post!


She can’t move away from that post now.

She’s the only thing that’s holding it up!

Hazel’s Kid


Her hubby may have taken the picture of her kid,

shown here with the sharp glint on the eyes, and smooth, nascent skin on the cheeks.

Chris Viardo


Chris Viardo in Singapore

Gail Novenario


Gail Novenario,

daughter of Vince Novenario from Long Island, N.Y.

Gail is now Chef at the

“W” restaurant in Washington, D.C.

(thanks fior the correction, Vince)

General Cary Chun


Chris and Minnea Jones shown posing with

Brig. General Cary Chun,

top-ranking Filipino in the U.S. Military.

Color of The Day


Sera Congi

(its a connivance, ‘ats wot it is, a connivance!) :lol:

Melissa Mack


Melissa Mack

Coleen Christie


Coleen Christie

Shamcey Supsup


Shamcey Supsup

This is Shamcey as seen from the cameras of

of Russia

The Battle of Kursk


In the middle of an empty field is a monument built in tribute to those who fell in this battle.

It started as a small skirmish between tanks, but it attracted more and more tanks from both sides,

 until it turned out to be the biggest tank battle of all time.

T-34’s versus Tiger tanks,

This is now known as the Battle of Kursk.





Tony Tantillo


The Que Pasa grocer, Tony Tantillo, gives Gala Apples the good word.

Gala Apples

Michael Bolton


Island of Tortuga.mpg

In Memoriam


For those who died.

In Memoriam.mpg

F-16 Scrambled


Anxiously awaiting a repetition of the September 11 attacks “” States of perestrahovalis?. Twice for several hours they raised to the sky F-16 fighter jets to escort the planes with passengers on board. And in the first and second time security services seemed suspicious people zaperšiesâ in the toilets. The rest of the passengers had to endure inconvenience.

Two incidents in the skies over the United States occurred last day (night Moscow time).

“Passengers, which had taken such extraordinary security measures, at the time of the landing were still in the dressing room”

For the first time fighter jets raised to accompany the flight from Los Angeles to New York after three passenger airliner in the toilet closed, said RIA “Novosti”.

As explained the Associated Press, two F-16 was accompanied by flight number 34 until his landing at the international airport. John f. Kennedy in New York. The passengers, which had taken such extraordinary security measures, at the time of the landing were still in the dressing room. Commanders of aerospace defense of North America (NORAD) confirmed information on the issues raised on alarm fighters, adding that they accompanied the plane over 160 kilometres.

After landing liner representative law enforcement agencies interact with journalists on condition of anonymity, said however that the threat of a terrorist act. In the United States Transportation Security Administration announced that all passengers were and are in complete safety.

“From our point of view, it’s full of crap,” he said, in turn, the representative of American Airlines, which owns the plane, Tim Smith. According to him, the captain not announced on the threat to the safety of passengers and had not requested assistance to law enforcement agencies. Smith reported that the crew resorted to “usual” and the plane landed without any complications, transfers ITAR-TASS.

After landing the plane towed in the safe zone of the airport, where he had already waited for law enforcement officials. According to the Office of transport security, passengers could travel on their flight cases after interviews with guardians of order.


However, history has repeated itself exactly after a couple of hours. F-16 again climbed into the sky over the United States because of the zaperšihsâ in the toilet of two passengers. Inadequate behavior this time showed passengers flight number 623, en route from Denver to Detroit. Despite pleading with members of the crew, they flatly refused to quit latrine. After the situation was reported to the terrestrial services, it was decided to again raise in the air, two F-16 fighter who boarded and escorted to the destination.

The landing was successful, the perpetrators scare on Earth were detained. After quite a long time luggage all passengers of the vessel obsledovalsâ specially trained dogs.

Neither the first nor the second time zaperšihsâ in latrines motifs passengers have not been announced.

Another associated with airports incident occurred in one of three terminals at Kansas City International Airport (Missouri). It was partially evacuated because of a suspicious object found in the baggage of the passenger. For calibration the anxiety has also proved to be false.

Note that such a nervous reaction of the United States authorities have shown no coincidence. For some time before the tenth anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11 they have received information from “credible” sources on the pipeline in the territory of the United States engaging in. It was pointed out that Al-Qaida fighters in the United States three travels, at least two of whom were American citizens. However, it was an attempt to blow up a civilian car bomb in Washington or New York. Police also it has been suggested that terrorists might use stolen vans.

As said on Friday the Pentagon spokesman David Lèjpan, “we will closely monitor the situation and increase vigilance (as we approach the anniversary of the attacks). We can take some additional steps to secure, depending on the information received “.


Recall that in 2001, the bombers from the Al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger aircraft and two of them were sent to the twin towers of the World Trade Center, another two were thrown on the Pentagon and the White House, but one of the aircraft has not reached the objectives fell in a field in Pennsylvania, near the town of Šanksvill, after his passengers managed to deprive terrorists of the Office of the airliner. The plane crashed in an uninhabited place, all on board killed.

A total of victims of the attacks of 11 September were 2 thousand human 974 24 still missing.

All day the tenth anniversary of the United States and virtually every country in the world were mourning activities. The largest ceremony was held in Manhattan, was visited by President Barack Obama and former leaders of the country – George w. Bush and Bill Clinton, as well as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Here in honor of the tenth anniversary of the tragedy on the so-called Ground Zero opens National Memorial “11 September”, representing the two granite basin. Stone slabs engraved with the names of all the dead, passes Interfax. Ceremony interrupted four minutes of silence – in accordance with the time of the collapse of all four aircraft.

American President Barack Obama, speaking in a formal speech, stressed that “the anniversary of the attacks is not only an occasion to mourn the dead.” He assured that over the past 10 years, the level of security in the United States has grown considerably. “We have a much stronger position than then,” he said in an interview shown Sunday on NBC-News channel. Obama also praised efforts to improve the security of the country’s intelligence services and military. “Yes, we made mistakes,” said Obama. But the United States, according to the President, “gave the fight to Al-Qaeda, while retaining their values and face”.


Lady Gaga 2


Lady Gaga2.mpg

Lady Gaga shown in a song and dance number for Saturday Night Live.

This show gave her the chance to exhibit her talents as a comedienne.

Bernadette Sembrano


Bernadette Sembrano

(funny but up to now they have not yet figured out a nickname for her, awfully long name to spell for first-graders)

Rida Reyes


Marisol Abdurahman