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Lennon Sisters


Typhoons, floods, tsunamis, disasters, destruction,

I hate to see them on the tv screen.

And I hate to put images of these on my site.

Perhaps an image to soothe my sight—

And a song to please my ear—

Among My Souvenirs


My Cup Runneth Over

My Favorite Things

Scarlet Ribbons




Slightly longer, this video clip. It is best viewed on a large flat-screen monitor, Windows Media Player 11, Windows 7, Aero, 2 Gb. ram, stereo sound (surround sound is scary)

If you do not have these in your pc, what-the-hey, watch the clip, anyway.



This wmv clip is half as short but is the same clip as the mpg.

movies such as this one will usually come out a bit dark on the background

because the settings are not easy to visualize and fabricate.

The dark  settings are of  the fabled Asgard.

The bright settings are of earth.

These clips are however modified to enhance the brightness.

Get the Blue Ray disc for a more wholesome entertainment!

FaitHh Viardo


FaitHh Viardo

now this is more like it—a non-profile photo!

X-Men First Class



(this file is too heavy it has been exxed by yours truly)


Let’s try to open this mpg, it is a shorter clip.—-XmenClip.mpg

If it still does not open up, update your drivers. It might be a compatibility problem.

$114.5 Trillion


If $114.5 trillion is stacked using $100 bills, it would look like this.

The smaller stack totals &15 trillion.

The stack which is taller than the tallest buildings is $114.5 trillion,

the national debt!

submitted by Vincent Novenario, California


Conquistador Argentina


La Paloma.mp3

A change of musical instruments and the application of a more adaptable tempo

makes the rendition of “La Paloma” unique and tops in my book.

Syrain De Gray


Syrain De Gray




Saida Diola


Saida Diola


Lys Agnes


Lys Agnes.mpg

Miami All Stars


Miami All Stars






West Springfield Dance Team


West Springfield Dance Team


Congress, according to GLEN

The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns
for the various groups of animals.
We are all familiar with a Herd of cows,
a Flock of chickens,
a School of fish and a Gaggle of geese.
However, less widely known
is a Pride of lions,
a Murder of crows
(as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens),
an Exaltation of doves and,
presumably because they look so wise,
a Parliament of owls.

Now consider a group of Baboons.
They are the loudest, most dangerous,
most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive
and least intelligent of all primates.
And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?
Believe it or not ……. a Congress!
I guess that pretty much explains
the things that come out of
Best Regards,

Libyan laisser faire policy


Whatever it means to you, it should imply a let-alone policy.

The Obama administration has imposed this policy towards the conflict in Libya and it is proving to be the correct one.

By not sending troops to fight in Libya, there has been no American life lost in the conflict. Very little amount of aid in money has been dumped to the rebels, and whatever the U.S. have to spend has been in the form of weapons and munitions, or merchandise that the U.S. arsenal can afford to give away. The problem of logistics and support is nil. And the best part of it is that the U.S. do not have to play nursemaid to the people who will succeed Ghadaffi. This nursemaid thing has proven to be more expensive to the Americans in the past than the actual money spent in winning a war.

In the future, this let-alone policy should be considered as an alternative to the posture of being the conscience of the world.

Diana Perez


Diana Perez



i do notice that a lot of those in the WBZ network have names that end in “A”!  :lol:

Alana Gomez


Rebels enter Tripoli


Nato planes bomb Ghadaffi installations as rebels enter Tripoli.




Tamiko Conocono


Tamiko Conocono

Tamiko’s Friends

Chris and Minneas Jones


Chris and Minnea Jones

Jack Layton, Another Great Canadian


Jack Layton, leader of the opposition, NDP, succumbs to cancer at 61.

He  started the fights that the world continues today.

It may not be always

that the good die young.

But it is always

that the best go first.

Jack Layton

Another great canadian



Dr. Jose Rizal


Dr. Jose Rizal

Prologue by Cool_ambo


 When I last talked to Jose Rizal…….

No that is not true. He lived circa 1890 to I dunno.

But my grandfather did talk to him….or was it my great-grandfather? I don’t know. It’s got to be one of them, I suppose. This is what was told me by the father of my mother…or was it the mother of my father?

 Heck, my grandfather was the official bodyguard of one of the Rayadillo* Generals. Now I am downright sure that he was not, and did not really want to be a bodyguard of a Rayadillo General, nor of anybody for that matter, even though the General was his good friend. I know this for a fact. He is blood of my blood, and my blood tells me not to entertain heroic ideas such as taking a bullet for a Rayadillo general even though he is a good friend. Moreover, my grandfather was scared of guns. In this trait, he is no doubt blood of my blood, and after my own heart.

 At any rate and with not much fuss, he was pronounced official bodyguard by this Rayadillo General, most probably against his natural wishes, and he was pronounced so merely because the General happened to like my grandfather’s horse. You see, my grandfather had to go with the horse at wherever and whenever the General borrows the horse for special occasions. With this arrangement, he might as well be the bodyguard of the general, so there.

 My grandfather, whichever he was, pampered this horse of his, a “kabayong mola”.  She was a mare nicknamed Pira. She was the fastest horse in town and maybe a couple more towns over. I can imagine her being the fastest because most of the horses there were made to pull calesas or caretelas. Pira had to be the fastest horse in town by virtue of being the only horse around that is not made to pull a cart.

 Grandfather brushed her coat with mustard oil to accentuate the sheen after which he tied her tail in a knot before she comes out of the stable. This knot, according to my grandfather, displayed her most seductive anatomical property to the other horses, and as a result made herself strut more seductively. This was wistful thinking on his part but the General just about wished that he could die riding Grandfather’s horse, Pira, after seeing all of her gloss and prance.

 One fateful day, or that day which Pira was supposed to be borrowed by the General, Grandfather failed to find Isko, the Calesa driver, who was supposed to bring the special grass feed for Pira called “sakate”. This grass feed, for some reason, gave her strength in her gallop and stateliness in her strut. So Grandfather led Pira down to the “tumana” to feed on the family turnip patch instead.

 After a while, they went back to find Isko with his calesa but without a horse. The General borrowed the horse of Isko instead and went without a bodyguard. In that instant, Grandfather got on the horse and sped towards the General’s appointed place. He was too late. The General was shot dead in front of the church. My grandfather, whichever of my grandfathers he was, was completely filled with remorse. He blamed himself and Pira for the death of the General. So biting were the pangs of guilt that he changed the name of the horse. She was not to be called Coolaspira no more. Thereafter, she was to be called Coolasisi, a symbol of regret.

*rayadillo is the uniform of the Philippine Revolutionary Army which is white with thin gray lines

next….the General tells a portion of Dr. Jose Rizal’s life, that is, when the general was still alive.

The Xmas Race


Every year there is a race going on between radio announcers. This is all about who would be the first one to play a christmas song over the air. The winner usually is the first one that played  xmas music on September.

It is still August, but I guess I will win this race if I play one now, And here they are, choose one to listen to.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Do You Hear What I Hear

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

A Cradle In Bethlehem

O Holy Night

Under Maintenance


I’m having a bad day with this sudden annoying BACK pain.

What better time it is for me to make a BACKup of this website than now!

Sorry, see you tomorrow first thing..

If he doesn’t see you first!

Heavy Metal


So you’re in to Anime. Here are video clips from Heavy Metal.

Parental Guidance—please ensure that your parents are properly guided.

Heavy Metal1.mpg

Heavy Metal2.mpg

if you are offended by this anime, just holler and I’ll take them down. comments are open only for this post, so lay it on as thick as you can. just click on “comments” and type something