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Alana Gomez


Alana Gomez

Melissa Mack and David Wade


Melissa Mack and David Wade

The Eleventh Hour


Don’t look now, but the United States of America is at its eleventh hour to increase its debt limit. The Senate did not pass the bill favoring an increase of the debt to $2.7 trillion while decreasing the spending by $2.2 trillion.

U.S. President Barack Obama

If the U.S. government defaults on its deficit payments , chances are the

USD currency will be devalued grossly.

 Personally I think this process of maneuvering

around the debt limit by the two parties has something to do

with the next elections.

President Obama, and his party, are visibly and determinedly

fighting for the middle income citizens.

For both parties, this sort of divisiveness is holy.

Dance !!!



Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga.mpg

Banner Month….


We are headed for a record number of hits for this month at 172,000 and counting. This does not include the number of hits from robots which were not viewed at 63,500.

Also noticeable is the number of requests for Bernadette Sembrano which has doubled for this month. Sorry, folks, I do not have anything on her yet.

If I finally get one of Berns, I will upload it asap.

Again, sorry.

Testing One, Two, Three…..


Ebb Tide

this is one test for mp3 links

Uno, Dos, Tres….


Solamente Una Vez

this is aanother  test for mp3 links

AZKALS Lost Again


I must admit that the AZKALZS outfit and its performance is the greatest thing that ever happened to Philippine soccer.

I must also say that the management was amiss in the choice of players, particular that of the goalie.

He should have been replaced the second time around, no offense meant, because he was also responsible for carrying the team this far.

The better for a soccer team if the goalie has a longer reach.

Ah well, the drive for superlative performances has been initiated. Next comes the laurels, right?




The Unforgiven



The Unforgiven is Audrey Hepburn


The Unforgiven.wmv

Fighting Gravity


Gravity gets to the semi-finals of America’s Got talent by doing another sensational act.

Fighting Gravity




Poplyfe also gets to the semi-finals by singing just the right song for the group.



Eugene Landau Murphy, Jr.


And then of course, Eugene landau gets to go to the semi-finals.

Eugene Landau murphy, Jr.



Mariz Umali


Mariz Umali

The Bike


Biking Under Water

Lei Alviz


Lei Alviz



Congressional inquiries on these two government agencies may prove that there were skimming from the top and juggling of funds by the top.

PAGCOR controls gaming and Amusements, while PCSO controls the distribution of lottery incomes.

These agencies are big revenue makers for the past administration.

Funds were either pilfered or disbursed somewhere else.

Huzzah! Dairy farms!

Tears From Heaven, Bolts of Anger….


Tears From Heaven, Bolts of Anger

The heavens shed tears to fill the waterways, flood villages, and destroy bridges.

The heavens are sad. The world has been ignored.

Rampant devastation of the world is underway without disruption.

And the heavens reply with warnings of floods and molten earth and vortices and quakes,

And with bolts of lightning with such ferocity and speed that could freeze the soul.


Seen here is such a fearsome display ablazed in the sky.

It missed the house, perhaps intentionally, because there are people in it.

After all, this is just a warning for people.

People should stop the wanton destruction of the world.


Beautiful as they are when seen crackling in the sky, still they can destroy.

Lightning bolts, beautiful as they are when angry, have yet to target people, intentionally.

What if they started to target people intentionally?

Social Insurance Contributions….


 The SSS is a social security insurance agency.

So is the GSIS.

These are supposed to accept cash contributions from people who are employed by witholding a portion of their wages. These contributions are channeled thru the employers who then remit these amounts the the secial security insurance outfits. There comes the problem when the employer fails to remit these contributions to the insurance outfit. The contributors will not be able to avail of the benefits from the insurance company.

It should be remembered that these social security insurance agencies are, by definition, insurance companies and as such will therefore invest the contributors’ money and thereafter return them in full at a predetermined time with interest. So the employer should pay interest for the time money is witheld.

If the employer fails to remit these contributions on time then they are breaking the law and are therefore liable for court action. If the employer happens to be a municipality or a city, then actions aginst this employer should be done thru the local government, specifically thru the Department of Local Government.

As of now, GSIS have no teeth to penalize erring local government entities but the DILG has. Offhand I would say, garnish some wages or wage portions of the employers/employees.***

I would blame also the GSIS for sitting on their haunches and waiting for things to happen by holding back its services to the public.

The GSIS should be able to communicate with the local government Treasurers, no? After all, it is the local government Treasurers that affect any transfer of money.

***pag hindi mabilis pa sa alas ocho after the garnishment

Again I Say….


Again I say….

The investigation of then Dimple Star bus accident on the Skyway, similar to some other accident investigations, must be generating  more questions than answers,….. again.

 I say again that the bulk of the accidents in the country are not caused by loss of brakes as is the general conclusion of both investigators and drivers. They are caused by the worn out tires being used.

 The pavement was wet with rain and the bus’ tires were worn out pretty well, notwithstanding the fact that no bus company in the country ever equip their busses with special rainy season tires, so the bus was not equipped with anti-hydroplane tires.

 And then again busses are not aerodynamically designed so the result is that there is a lift on the front of the bus and the front wheel steering mechanism is not effective. This is particularly true when the bus  exceeds the speed limits.

 Therefore what happened was that the worn out tires caused hydroplaning and the square front of the bus caused further lift on the bus. As a result, the driver lost steering control of the bus and it would have swayed right or left. It so happened that it went left, so there.

 Blame also maintenance people for this. New tires come with specifications for depth of tread wear. These are measured with a tire wear gauge. Furthermore, there are nodes on the tires to signify emergency replacements already. When these nodes become visible thru wea,r the responsibility for any accident shifts from the manufacturer to the user.

There ought to be a law to cover depth of tread wear on tires.


Marian Rivera


Marian Rivera

They’ve got her mad enough to start slasing with her bolo

and to look great at the same time.

Marian Rivera appears as AMAYA, in a costume-ized version of the moro-moro folk tales.

Rhea Santos


Rhea santos

Connie Sison


Connie Sison



Sorry for the slack but I did some maintenace work on this site.

It was raining again  so I did this next best thing of moving files around. :lol:

AWSTATS and WEBALIZER displayed some statistics for this website.

Between the months of January 2011 and July 2011, there were a total of 1,170,923 hits on 1,080,606 files.

There are 16,654 items on this site comprising 75.4 Gb. I guess I have to cull the old mpg’s.

One important item is that the Americans suddenly caught on and started to watch this site. They are now running neck and neck with the Canadians in the number of hits.

The Philippines is still tops on the number of hits with  46,201 hits at the time of writing. saudi Arabia ranks sixth on the list.

The mpg files are first on the hits, although if taken separately, the mp3’s are catching up. This is because the mp3’s are easier to open up than the mpg’s.

This site beats who ranks second at 170,511 hits against 432,552  for in the country.

With 150,243 hits at the time of writing, the site is assured of getting the record number of hits per month for 2011. The record daily hits was more than 8,000 in one day in May.