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Syrain De Gray


Syrain DeGray

Sophia Jones Plays “Gavotte”


Sophia Plays Gavotte.mpg

Lovi Poe


Lovi Poe and the Bulaga Dancers.

Eat Bulaga Dancers.mpg

24 Oras


Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiangco

Peter Mansbridge


Peter Mansbridge

(where does he get those ties?)

Reynaldo Nicolas Santos


This is in memory of Reynaldo (Reny) Nicolas Santos of Baliuag, Bulacan.


Reny Santos,

Beloved son

To a Beloved mother,

He saw to it that all was done,

for the care of his mother,

finally going to the grave,

before his mother.


Reny Santos—-

a  good, good man.



JD on Crossbow shoot

Taiwanese Food






JD Viardo in Florida


JD Viardo

JD Viardo and Haydee Viardo-DeGray


Dancing With The Stars


Dance Stars1.mpg

Dance Stars2.mpg

Dance Stars3.mpg

Chris Viardo


Chris Viardo

Il Divo at the Coliseum


Il Divo sings at The Colisum





Julia Clarete

Slow Down Sign


A Traffic sign near the New Bilibid Prison reads :




Hazel Viardo

Melissa Mack


Melissa Mack


If there is something new in this station of WBZ, it has to be color. There has been a rash of pastel colors among the hosts and reporters. And since there seems to be a particular tint being favored, there is a new-found batch  of viewers tuning in.

The Avro Arrow


Canadian pride flew highest on the Avro Arrow, the most advanced superiority fighter of its time.





Suddenly, and at the pinnacle of its success as the best fighter interceptor design, the Canadian government cancelled the program, all five working protortypes were cut up and dismantled, all engineers and workers were laid off, and the future of Canadian aeronautical industry was frozen. There was no reason provided for the stoppage of the project. People who worked in the Arrow program were left with their own speculations.

I may provide you with a couple of novel reasons why the program was cancelled, but you should not take these as gospel.

Let me say that with all the record breaking performance of the Avro Arrow, it may have incurred the belief that if war finally comes, Canada will have to bear the brunt of the attack on North America and will provide the first line of defense for the U.S. Consequently, the first target will be the sites that are involved in the manufacture of the Arrow interceptors. Canada would have lost its cherished status of a neutral country.

The second reason will have to be related to the canadian agricultural products, most particularly wheat.

Alyssa Morrison


Alyssa’s photo in her Facebook account needed little editing to be uploaded here. The details of the mountain pines are exceptionally fine, and the snow-caps on the mountains, and the crags on the hill, and etc. Very little editing. :lol:

bing Desktop Themes


If you are on Windows 7 operating system on your computer, you can download desktop background themes from “bing” like this one.

The images from “bing” are exceptional and breathtaking. They can be shuffled, too, like a slide show.

They are best portrayed on a 24-inch monitor screen  with a 1-Gb graphics card.

If you do not have these, the photos will still come out professionally-finished, anyhow

 (go to the Appearance and Personalization in your Control Panel button)

Jing Castaneda


Jing Castaneda

This upload is for the dimples!



Kingsbrae Gardens


Kingsbrae Gardens






Pinky Webb


Pinky Webb, in black.

The RH Bill Debate heats up…..


 …….so much so that whether the Bill is passed or quashed, there will be lingering dissent from amongst the losers.

This dissenting opinion will keep the arguments heated up and divisive, even after the Supreme Court makes a rule on the Bill.

There also will be those who are poor losers or they just don’t want to lose! (ayaw patalo!)

The people forget that there is one venue that would result in a conclusive adjudication, and that is, a referendum!

A referendum just about puts the RH question upon the shoulders of the people who really should be the one to decide on this.

A referendum on the RH Bill eliminates the onerous steps of the Congress and the Supreme Court grinds.

So let the people vote on the RH Bill. 

Dick Tracy


RJ MacQuarrie

Rhea Santos


Rhea Santos