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Japanese Maiko

A Japanese Maiko (geisha) agrees to be interviewed.








Obama’s Budget


U.S. President Obama’s budget that was submitted to U.S. Congress appears to be a popular one. It spreads the wealth amongst the people.

President Obama talks about the duty of every American to pay taxes. Also, he aims to reduce the tax deductions for the wealthy.

This brought out the ire of the rich Americans, noteworthy of which is Donald Trunp, who made a snipe on President Obama’s birthright from behind the bushes.

Irritated, President Obama bares the complete documentation of his birth.

This unwarranted , cowardly swipe on a President can happen only in America,

where a nation started as the poor, the tired, and the hungry.

Personally, I never watched Trump’s shows. They are boringly uncommon, or rather, they are uncommonly boring.

I still believe that Obama is good for his country, good for the world.

The Siege falters


The attacks on this site is wavering. Those stubborn webmasters are finally quieting down, mainly because when I find that they act childish, I start denying access to them. Note that some of the webmasters mean well in pointing out the errors on this site, and for these actions I am truly grateful.

Oftentimes in the course of my ip denials, the whole domain is affected, the consequence of which is that their clients are also denied access to this website. The rod is not spared for this case.

It should be interesting to note that the cgi-based notice of suspension of this site was a very obvious curiosity to some of you, even garnering one of the top number of hits on this site for a single post on a single day.

What really was the cause of the suspension?

The former webhost of this site insisted that the terms of agreement has been broken by this site in having MEDIA FILES IN STORAGE, citing the steaming videos or .mpg’s that you watch. It is a wonder that after so many years of webhosting, this came up suddenly. Of course I never read something like this when I accepted the terms, but no matter, media requirements are changed without giving prior notice to subscribers anyway, like in TV receptions.

My contention is that the video clips are not in storage. They are an active part of every post. This site is unlike a commercial website that sells music or movies. A suggestion was made for me to put upload my video clips to You Tube, another American company, and then link my posts to that site, which streams videos very unlike the quality that you get from this site. And simultaneously, that webhost reduces the service charges to $3.95 a month very cheap. Of course this can be achieved if the clients were to share some particular amount of disk space.

This site must have cramped their service because the video clips occupy a considerable amount of space. Moreover, when these video clips are downloaded, it also crimps the speed of download from the server. I believe that the offer before I accepted the hosting was unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. If they cannot give me these, then the webhosting service is the one that violates the terms of agreement.

You may ask, are my video clips active all the time. Sure. The error logs tell me that you people search for some video clips that I uploaded in 2009. I have not uploaded all the files that were there before the suspension. But now you people are asking to have them there. OK then. You will have them.

BY THE WAY, the name of this host is Canadianwebhosting. The techs here have experienced the unusually labyrinthine way of transferring my files to their servers.

Canadianwebhosting charged me about three times more than the last webhost did. They also offer unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. But there never was a mention of streaming videos in the terms of agreement. This is good, because I offered to take down the video clips that are obsolete.

Bizarre Foods Bolivia


Andrew Zimmern goes to Bolivia to taste the bizarre foods in the region.

And no, this is not Andrew Zimmern!







Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson in Bucharest

michael j..mpg


Oldie Goldies


Holy Smokes! I never knew you all would be very much in to the songs of the 6o’s and 50’s.

From the good reception of these oldie goldies, mayhaps we would be putting up more playlists.

Surprising, too, was the romp of Engelbert Humperdinck’s Release Me and The Last Waltz.

These give me some idea of what you want to hear.

Auguries of Innocence


To see the world in a grain of sand……..

(you fill up the rest of the poem…..)

Maiki Oreta


Maiki Oreta

Pia Guanio


Pia Guanio



Her photo is on the post dated October 24, 2009.

You must really like her, eh?

But why a 2009 photo? She looks a lot better now!

Are you pregnant? Or just a wannabe-Donita?


(napaglilihihan si Donita!)



When I was a
child going to his first day of kindergarten, I remember being afraid of the
world out there. I tried to run back into the house before it was time to go.
My mom caught me, picked me up and spun me around. I remember her gently
placing her hand on my back and saying (in tagalog), “You’re strong. It’s
going to be alright.”

I keep my problems hidden from my family, however, somehow mom still knows when
her first-born son is having them. But she doesn’t interfere and still finds a
way to place her gentle hand on my back to push me forward.

To this day, mom still picks me up in her own way. When she finds me turning
back, she spins me right around to face the world. I can still hear her say to
me, “You’re strong. It’s going to be alright.”

Happy Birthday, mom.


Your son, Jay.

J.D. in Rome


J.D. in Rome

J.D. in Venice


J.D. in Venice

J.D. in Montego Bay


J.D. in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica


Under Siege

This site is still under attack by cunning and vengeful snipers.

What could it be that they do not like on this site?


This is a non-commercial site.


Verily, I am flattered! :wink:

(inggit lang yan!)

The Passion of The Christ


According to Mel Gibson……

Passion 1.mpg

Passion 2.mpg

Passion 3.mpg

Passion 4.mpg

Passion 5.mpg

(video clips from the movie : “The Passion of the Christ”. no subtitles, sorry, graphics is all we need.)


Recreate your shortcuts after opening up because this site is now being hosted by (cwh16) and not Just Host (web76) anymore.

To search for” 24-oras098.jpgamp_”

Type” 24-oras”


Again, .mpg is different from .mp3

And .jpg is different from .jpgamp_

Search for the main titles and not for the properties.

Like so—-

Search for the dog, not for the fire hydrant!

Attention USERS….


To all users and visitors to the Shrapnel Off The Wall site…

(including the would-be users and would-be visitors)

Please type the words correctly on your search,

Mp3’s are much different from mpg’s

Please do not type directly on the error log

And please make sure your ip address is registered on the

Latest Visitors List

Otherwise this error is in itself THE error

And will therefore be ignored

And  your ip address, fake or no fake will be published.


Hallelujah by IL DIVO



Celtic Thunder


Celtic Thunder

(click on Celtic Thunder to open mpg video clip)

Pinky Webb


In the Pink…..