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Gretchen Fullido


Gretchen Fullido

Difficult it was not to notice that white flower.

Grace Yee


Grace Yee




Six—– the ideal number for dances like this. Seven may be luckier but it may also cramp a smaller stage. More than seven creates an optical mess on the eyes. Besides, it is easiest to train and practice with six in a group.

This group manages to make its moves generally smooth and clean and synchronized. There are some points of jerkiness, though.

What makes the Jabbawockeez a better and more exciting group than Filogram? The former makes its moves slower and more distinct for the eyes to follow, And the Jabbawockeez dance tell a story. Filogram vaguely has one to tell.

Vicky Morales


Vicky Morales in SAKSI


Blinding white paper!



Tamiko, presently in Kuwait.



After the ooohs and the ahhhs we exclaim looking at a baby picture, we then settle down to ponder why we did so, and look at the baby’s expression  with much scrutiny.What we see is ourselves going through similar throes of growth. We look at the baby as if we are looking at a mirror. We see ourselves at the point of forming a consciousness of the world. In simpler terms, we were at that point when we are becoming conscious of the world around us.


It was amazing, and quite amusing, that big folks can make a big fuss about us when we were babies, so much so that their world appears to be centered on us.

And then at a later stage, much later after consciousness of the world around us, comes cognizance. That was the time we begin to learn about ourselves, and we see it in baby pictures.  We begin to see our shortcomings, limitations, ineptitude.


We test ourselves against the world, and we discover what we cannot do….

And what we can do….


Baby pictures put a smile on us mainly because we can now watch what we could not have watched  before—-our growing up.

Rhea Santos


Senator Ping Lacson


The Senator surfaces after the air is cleared of any pending cases against him that would get him to sleep in jail.

I  am not saying that he is not guilty of the Dacer-Corbito murder case. But there has been no evidence to prove otherwise.

What they have against him is sourced from one witness whose statements were refuted by another witness..

All those who may file cases against him may be merely seeking the pecuniary benefits that such endeavors may produce.


Lt. Gen. Eduardo Oban, Chief of Staff


The Problem.mpg

The Solution.mpg

The new Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Eduardo Oban, impresses me to be of the scholarly type; and as such, would tend to be an armchair general. No matter, George C. Marshall was an armchair general, and so was Eisenhower. This is for the better, perhaps, because, and I repeat, the country is not at war with the Milf, nor with the NPA. These conflicts I daresay require mere police action which the army has always done.

A full scale management of the Army assets and the efficient utilization thereof should be the order of the day. This plan of action would not require something like McNamara’s whiz kids to undertake. All it needs is one determined, unerring, unforgiving hand to accomplish. General Oban might have this hand.

He advocates letting the local governments to shoulder most of the work with the army backing them up with its weaponry and support. This, I believe, would require more than his command and authority to initiate. He is going to step on a lot of toes to do this.

The rest of the public watching this show, Talk With Tina Palma, suggested some good points for the General to ponder over. These, however, fail to put up one very, very good thing to do.

I would suggest forming something like a USO Troupe which goes about cheering the troops during wartime with Bob Hope. There is but one twist in this troupe though,—there would be no Bob Hope.

Think about it—–a modern moro-moro outfit complete with good-looking army soldiers and exceptionally lovely women soldiers doing a skit on stage, fiesta or no fiesta. Surely there would be some soldiers in this vast army who would have terpsichorean abilities. And then some with singing or dancing talents. Entertainment is needed, a song and dance approach. But what am I actually hinting at? A policy of attraction, that’s what, a policy of attraction. Take it from me, barrio people are not liable to approach soldiers who come armed to the hilt. They will most probably approach guitar-strumming soldiers who may have brought with them a karaoke set. When people come down from the mountains, communicating with them will be as easy as suman sa ibos. And communicating with them is the main thing, yes?

Music— Filipinos have yet to acquire the will to resist its charms.

JD Viardo’s Gallery


The Sistine Chapel Art

Victor Gerry Viardo


Victor Gerry Viardo is presently  in Brussels, Belgium looking at this fountain.

Victor John Viardo


Victo John Viardo is presently in Rome looking at this fountain. Him and Victor Gerry Viardo are cousins.



Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra


Butterfly Garden


Butterfly Garden.mpg

JD Viardo in Rome


JD Viardo has been in Rome since Tuesday, March 22.

For more pictures, check his facebook account. Or my facebook account, emmy viardo.

Ginger Conejero


Ginger Conejero

(now this is more like it….)

Mariz Umali


Mariz Umali

Lyn Ching


Lyn Ching

Bernadette Sembrano


Bernadette Sembrano

(baby pictures is what we’re after, right?)

Pinky Webb


Pinky Webb

And no, this picture is not what was intended to follow the “baby pictures”

although this would very well do for the meantime. EH?



What is it in a baby’s picture that makes us smile?

Would it be the timidless eyes? The warm cheeks? The very ticklish feet?

Looking at Diana’s expression, she must have been thinking of what other

things these big people have in mind to put on her before they settle down

and take the picture, or wait for her to cry

so they can pick her up again.

But this is WE who surmise what Diana is thinking.

It may not be exactly what Diana is thinking.

So what makes us smile when we look at baby pictures?

The answer may lie on the next baby picture.

For today, please stop trying to pinch Diana’s left cheek. She exists only on your screen!

(if I remember correctly, this is from Alyssa Morrison’s facbook account,

and from a Katelyn & Co. album)

Teth and Jerwin Enriquez


Kindergarten Guitars


Probably more challenging than bandurias….


Notice that they keep time with their heads instead of their feet. This is probably because, at their age, their heads are still larger than their feet. :lol:

(video by ANStanyuk, seen on

sent in by Andy Castro/Dony

Bird Lovers’ Rescue


Birdlovers dance.mpg

(bird lovers rescue must be an outfit that rescues birds, like this dancing cockatoo)

Internet Explorer 9


On a test run on this desktop is Internet Explorer 9.

What I found so far is that there is a marked change in the way the monitor  screen is presented.

It looks more curt and clean and more artfully mensurated. But that’s getting too flowery in describing the graphics of ie9.

I meant that the dimensions are more artistically rudimented.

I meant that the screen just looks like there is some art in it.

The images are well-proportioned. That’s it, the images and shapes and lines and frames are more artfully proportioned. (Whew!)

And while there has been significant improvements to the graphics, the multimedia software has now become more discriminating with regards to the file extensions. Mpeg’s are now treated differently from mpg’s, although a file extension of .mpg can play seamlessly similar even if it were changed to an extension of .mpeg before the ie9.

This was the reason why the bolton.mpg file does not work on ie9, it is actually a .mpeg2 (movie clip) file. All it needed to correct this was to go to the Windows 7 default programs and change the default program to Windows Media Player, or Power DVD, or Quick Time or whatever you have there in your computer or mobile. Mpg’s are mpg’s now, mpeg’s are mpeg’s; apples are apples; macopas are macopas; duhats are duhats.

The ie9, I declare, is one browser that complements the Microsoft Windows 7 series.