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Bernadette Sembrano



Bernadette Sembrano

Ginger Conejero


Ginger Conejero

(consider yourself  lucky should you catch a woman in a pensive mood. they don’t do this sort of thing much, not in front of men, anyhow!)

East of Eden


 East of Eden is thought of to be the land where Adam and Eve settled after the banishment. It could not have been the West of Eden, because there was no such thing as West during those times. In fact there was also no such thing as East during those times.

There was only this land. But since the beginning of times, this  is believed to be in the Middle East. East it is therefore, and not West. Anyway, this was not what I was meant to talk to you about. Let us just say, East is East and West is West and whatever is in between is none of our business.

 East of Eden, the movie, is what we would talk about about. In this adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel of the same title, one finds symbolism all throughout. While the theme is all about good and evil under the pseudo-setting of Abel and Cain, its twist and turns of the plot make the story as exciting as the actors that played the roles. Truly the conflict between good and evil takes a dramatic turn at the conclusion of the novel.

 Man by nature is good, and he starts out to be good, but even if he ends out bad, there is still something good in him. This is the dissertation of Steinbeck, but it is not easy to uncover nor reflect on in his novel.

 Billed in the box office as “the strangest revenge ever made”, the final resolution of the story begins with a decision under a tree (another symbolism if I might add). Cal’s brother, Aaron, has not seen his mother since birth—-






 (this is mighty fine acting and a mighty good movie, why can’t you make one like it?)

Condoms by Prescription?


Condoms can now be bought only by prescription.

I have heard of a lot of ridiculous policies thought out by women in power, but this policy takes the cake.

Condoms are not injurious. They are not harmful. They do not pose a hazard to health. So why will they prevent condoms from being bought over the counter? It is a device and not a drug.

Such a policy of course would mean more income for the doctors and the dealers of the condoms. It would also appease the bishops. Such end results do make this policy more absurd.

Other countries of the world do give away condoms, but no, not the Philippines. People do immoral things just for a buck, or the mea culpa thing.

We may be overdoing it when we require prescriptions to get condoms. This policy may even be termed as an abuse of authority. The country will surely  be the laughing stock of the world.

Hah! You go to jail for buying condoms?

Cher in Burlesque


You haven’t seen the last of me, says Cher.


The Last of Me.mpg

Jerwin and Teth Lagman Enriquez



Jerwin, Teth and Friends

Merceditas Gutierrez, Ombudsman


Not much opportunity does this lady get to say what she has to say.

In the talk show HEADSTART of Karen Davila, this chance came up.

And does she say much to explain her side of the Ombudscoin.






Alyssa Morrison



Alyssa Morrison

(still single, been in the Philippines lots of times, once with the Flores De Mayo, facebook account, this is not a plug)

Simeon Marcelo


Simeon Marcelo, former Ombudsman, believes that he left a case strong enough to convict former AFP Comptroller Maj. Gen. Garcia, a case which caused the present Ombudsman prosecutors to ask for a plea bargain with the former Comptroller.









(he gets easily worked up, doesn’t he?)

Facebook Account


You can view my facebook account even if I did not confirm you as a friend.

But I will not look in your facebook account if you did not confirm me as your friend.

The Reprieve


According to Vice-President Binay, the Chinese government granted the reprieve for the three Filipino drug  mules because the Philippines is going to celebrate the Edsa PEOPLE Power success on the same day as the execution.

Now, THAT is Chinese diplomacy in demo.

It satisfies both countries. Brilliant!

Taiwan’s ploy


Taiwan most probably wants official elevated diplomatic representations with the Philippines. This should confirm Taiwan’s international status as a country separate from Mainland China.

Either that, or an apology from the Philippines for something that the country did not fail to do, which is provide their citizens with official, honest-to-goodness, ordinary passports.

Their ace -in-the hole——the OFW jobs in Taiwan. A form of blackmail, isn’t it?

Well, Taiwan is Chang-Kai-Shek’s island bastion. It still is, with the General’s pride to boot.

This might be  a diplomatic ploy that the Taiwanese are banking on to elevate their international status.

A point to consider for the Filipinos is : even if they speak the Chinese language, even if they have popularity behind their backs, they should not put words in the mouths of the Taiwanese. Filipinos are Filipinos. Chinese are Chinese. Taiwanese are Taiwanese. Filipinos are not Taiwanese, even if they speak the Chinese language. Filipinos should not speak for the Taiwanese, even if they speak Chinese.

This is most particularly true in matters involving diplomatic issues. So Chinese Filipinos should shut their traps and let the  matter have its due course. face2

Unrest in the Middle East


There is now a total upheaval of the people in the Middle East.

There is a clamor for change in the Middle East.

The East of Eden.

The AFP Fraternity


Apparently there has been an unofficial AFP Fraternity in existence.

It may be called  The Alszheimer Fraternity of the Philippines.

They do not recall, they do not recollect, they do not remember anything concerning government money.

Of course they also do not remember who their members are, when they were initiated, and who their Grand Leader is.

Very secretive, very close to blanked out memories.

 They do get away with it, despite.

Marilou Viardo



Marilou Viardo

(getting the hang of the pose)

Arrogance or bravado


Senator Trillanes stands up to say he is not arrogant with his posture in the Senate inquiry of the AFP Alaberde Funds.

From what I saw on television. I am inclined to agree with him. I say that in such an investigation, the senators should assume the situation of a third degree inquiry, otherwise the Senate investigation will remain as futile as was before.

Knowing how brash and impulsive Senator Trillanes acts against any blockade, I would say that he was exercising his bravado. This is a trait that is inherent and is not taught in the Academy.

By the way, the cadets of that little military school situated on elevated grounds in Baguio produced a sorry sight when they passed in review for the President. They had no military bearing and most of them were out of step. It figures. When they become colonels and Generals, they will still be out of step. If this is the best that the country can produce, we might as well revert to the Reserve Officers Training Corps. At least this corps required extra practice time to do passing reviews till the cadets are seen to march in unison. And they do manual of arms every week.

If the PMA cadets learned something in their military history subject, they would have realized that the more prominent generals were those with bravado, and also arrogance. Noteworthy of these are Brevet general Custer, MacArthur, Patton, Montgomery, Rommel, Nelson, Rodrigo de Cid, Caesar, Leonidas, Farragut, and etc. (don’t count me in, I’m not a general!)

As for me, I will choose to fight the battles with Senator Trillanes, particularly in those times when we are ordered to charge a hill. I know for sure he will go first.

And yup, The Academy does not teach arrogance because this is inherent. The Academy teaches marching with the left foot and then the right foot. This is not inherent.

(must we have so many generals because we have a large army, or must we have a large army because we have so many generals?)

Prisoner Swap

Let us not pre-empt the decision of the Chinese High Court’s reprieve of the death sentence on the three Filipino drug mules.

They will suffer a grievious lost of face if they do a complete turnaround of this decision.

I still say a prisoner swap may be the solution.

This also eliminates the anxiety of what favor the Chinese government will ask in return for the reprieve.

Shanghai Architect Design Contest


The City of Shanghai scale model

1 : 500



Chinese Architect1.mpg

Chinese Architect2.mpg

Chinese Architect3.mpg

Chinese Architect4.mpg

Chinese Architect5.mpg

Chinese Architect6.mpg

Pinky Webb



Pinky Webb

Sentiments and the Mea Culpa


The Highest Court in China allowed a reprieve for the three Filipinos condemned to die by lethal injection. They were caught trying to smuggle in four to five kilograms of illegal drugs. The Philippines came out to express their sentiments for those slated to die.

My guess is that the Filipinos as a whole knew the facts, as effectively presented by the media, and knew the score. The Philippine government assumed the position of mea culpa, in that they realized the gravity of the crime committed, and that there was no defense presented. In fact, the Philippine Vice-President Binay went to China to appeal the sentence and not contest it. Sort of coming in on bended knees to reduce the sentence to life imprisonment.

For this reprieve, it is expected that the Philippine government will reciprocate with an equivalent favor. Perhaps the prosecution of those that facilitated drug smuggling into China may do for a starter.

From all this, the Filipinos have again demonstrated to the world that they do not approve of drug smuggling, and the great value that they give for life.

Zen Hernandez



Zen Hernandez

Zyann Ambrosio



Zyann Ambrosio


The AFP Budget

With all the skimmings being exposed, and with all the hands dipping into the AFP budget,

we might as well call this kitty the ALABERDE Fund

where everybody scoots away with something.


Maiki Oreta



Maiki Oreta

Pia Hontiveros



Pia Hontiveros