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Alyssa Morrison


Alyssa Morrison in France

Sheena Sabino



Sheena Sabino

Hamlet’s Famous Soliloguy



Laurence Olivier in “Hamlet”

To Be Or Not To Be.mpg

Arizona Shooting Range



Arizona Shooting Range.mpg

Arizona Mutton




Buenos Aires Beef



Argentinian Beef

Buenos Aires Beef.mpg

The Vizconde Massacre Case


Double Jeopardy to try Hubert Webb and company again?

Probably not, if there will be new evidence presented that would warrant a new trial.

Think about it this way—-considering the length of time Hubert and company languished in prison, there could have been someone from among them who would present himself as a state witness. Another question to ask would be if the suspects’ dispositions were enough to make them them psychologically compelled to use knives to kill three people gorily instead of guns for quick dispatch.

If the DNA evidence was destroyed intentionally, this act can only be for the purpose of shielding the real criminals from prosecution.

The Price of Gas


101.9 cents a liter of regular unleaded gas here. That’s about P43+  in the Philippines.

123.9 cents a liter  is reported in Montreal. Also, the Canadian Dollar is now at par with the US Dollar.

Yessir, the price of gas has become as unpredictable as the length of Pia Guanio’s skirt!


Hazel Viardo



Hazel Viardo

She’s starting to get the hang of the good pose.

Sherwin Sabino



Sherwin Sabino and Family

That’s a good-looking boy they’ve got. He takes after his Mom! :lol:

Jamie Santos



Jamie Santos

There probably are more Santoses than Cruzes in the Philippines if their smiles were used to count them.

Eat Bulaga Xmas



Bulaga Xmas.mpg

Cirque Du Soleil




Cirque Du Soleil




Cirque Du Soleil




Hits That Hint

By December 14th (15th in the Philippines),the number of hits on this site increased by 6067 at specifically the time some of these images came out, giving the hint that the male viewers outnumber the females.


Julia Clarete


Pauleen Luna

The Philippines jumped to 29,740 hits on December at the time of writing.

The total hits for this year amount to 1,134,682 at the time of writing.

These are the verifiable hits from authenticated ip addresses.

Joanna and Paul Gil


Joanna and Paul 1


agnes and Monika1

Morong 43



From a stance of pleading to have their freedom from jail, they now come out demanding an apology with upraised clenched fists.

They probably never realized what they were in. The so-called Morong-43 had the makings of a training cadre for the NPA. Some of them confessed ties with the NPA. Most probably the instructors.

The rest probably never knew that they were part of the training cadre. Prosecutions on a case-to-case basis are in order. But malacanang chose to set them free unconditionally.

This sort of thing happens in the country where there has been no counter-propaganda groups formed to conduct seminars all over the countryside. If the NPA can do this type of seminars, the government could and should.

The AFP Information, the Dept of Interior, and the JAGO may all get together and form this.

The public need only to be educated the right way to prevent insurgency.

From Mario Orosa


From: Mario Orosa <>
Subject: Family transportation
Date: Sunday, December 19, 2010, 11:15 PM

tired of your old jalopy? take heart, look at what some Filipino families resort to. The vehicle is called a kuliglig, the name of a cricket, because of the sound it makes. To make this vehicle, imagine if I take my 17 Hp. riding lawnmover, remove the blades and deck then jury rig some metal frames and seats. Voila, you have transportation. They are very popular out in the barrios, where people convert old tractors for transportation. The mayors around Metro Manila are trying to ban the vehicle as unsafe. They are not to be confused with the tricyle or the Thai tuk tuk which use more powerball motorcycles. Moral of the story – you can’t beat Filipinos at improvisation! Mabuhay ang Pinoy.
Have a great week.

Mario E. Orosa
Fairfield, OH

(check out this website of Mario :

The Boogie Woogie


Yes, folks, this is the dance called boogie woogie.

Some superlative moves are shown here. Watch the guy.

This dance requires good good footwork, better than Pacquiao’s!

Now you know why this dance gets center stage in every dance floor.




(click on the blue .wmv first, it opens up faster)

Time is master of all


You did say that you are still not convinced that time travel is not possible. OK, let us try this another way.

If you are driving and you spotted something on the road that deserves a closer look, you put the car on reverse and drive back. After finding out that the object of your curiosity is not a wallet, then you realize that you had to stop the car first before you can drive on reverse. This was my point, anyway, and not the wallet.

Everything that has to go on the reverse direction has to stop first, unless you turn the car around to go back.. But turning the car around is not reversing your direction—–you’re  just turning back.

The earth revolves around the sun. Even if it can put itself on the exact same position as it was the year before, this does not imply that the earth has reversed its direction. It just revolved around the sun. Now the pistons in your car reverses its direction as it goes up and down the cylinder. It must stop first before it can reverse its direction.

The same applies to time. If it is going forward as it is now and always, we have to stop the time before we can go back to the past. If time makes snapshots of every event in the universe, it is impossible for time to go back and make another snapshot over the ones that it has made. Time marches on. It cannot be stopped, much less march back. We humans may want to march back in time, but even if we did, time will be somewhere else as we try to  return to where we originated in time. How do we get back then? Time will surely not wait for us. Time will follow no one nor anything. It does its own bidding.

And why, for the life of me, do we want to get ahead of time and jump to the future. The present time where we are in now has both past and the future. The Present holds a piece of the Past by the events unfolding in it, events that will eventually turn into the Past. The Present also carries a piece of the Future, because the events unfolding in it moves forward in time. So why the heck do we want to go back in time or go forward into the future. Do we not belong to the species that cries out “its a long day” when we’re bored, and “time flies” when we’re busy?

Time travel involves the mastery of time. And that itself is what makes the enterprise impossible.

Now, I will not BEG to differ with Edgar Allan Poe. Instead, I will differ outright with Edgar Allan Poe when he says “Death holds dominion over all.” *

I say “TIME, not Death, holds dominion over all.” 

 Death dutifully and servilely marches to the cadence of Time.

And if he does not like it that way, he can come out and choose his own quaffs.

(*Masque of the Red Death)


Caught-in-the act


fridge magnet

One of those caught-in-the-act fridge magnets.

Look to the left…




The Winning Lottery Numbers


Comes now the serious question plaguing the minds of everybody. This question is more serious than the question “if you kill your grandfather in the past……”, etc. This is the question about looking into the future to learn the winning numbers in the next lottery.

But first, let us get to the unfinished business of the Bermuda Triangle, or specifically that experience related by this man——gernon266

pilot of the plane that went throught the vortex like so——-


I would liken this vortex to a flux produced by electricity passing through a coil of a doorbell, and that his plane acted as the plunger. His plane therefore would be shot through this vortex like it was shot by a slingshot. There will be no extra fuel consumed, and no further length of time used.

And then the space warp? If there was a space warp, then some other matter in the area will be affected. It appears that only Gernon’s plane was affected by the space warp. A time warp? Nah. Gernon might have spent a very short time to travel the distance, but still, time WAS SPENT. If he did jump into the future, then all other people would have aged a bit further, and that some particular events would have transpired as differently as was expected. We should remember that GERNON is an accomplished writer, having wrote the book “The Fog”.

Remember the book, “The Amityville Horror” and the “I was abducted by spacemen”? They turned out to be hypes.

Now, granted that Gernon’s story is not a hype. I would accept that he was slingshot thru space by such a simple thing as a doorbell, or a vortex as what is thought of. This is not time travel, simply because he did not go into the future and then got back to the present. After all that is what I would define time travel—getting into the future, or the past, and then returning to where it was in the present. If one considers events in the past, or the future, as snapshots then time travel would imply getting into any of these snapshots and then coming back to the snapshot one was in before the travel.

Also, fixing a definite position to travel in the future, or the past, is complicated enough. We may be travelling into the future when we would have been dead by drowning, or we may be going back to the past when they were pouring concrete over the spot that you are in now. Another thing, when you travel through time, do you move from the spot that you are in now, or you can choose to go through the earth to end up in China? It would certainly be disconcerting to have somebody materialize behind you when you are in the shower!

But I shall cut this thing short, unless you want more input from me regarding the matter, and I shall put it this way—–I think travel through time is overcoming time itself. And to do so, one should consider the limiting factor of the speed of light, and as such, the past or the future is concerned only by what light would make you do, what action you would take, and what effect you would have in that time you landed on. In other words, only the light functions of your body will function. This means your optics. You will be able to see things, observe things, but not touch or hear things. You will be able to watch the events in the future, or the past, but you will not be able to affect it. You can only watch just like watching tv. And your grandfather? Forget it! You can only watch. If you were there? You can only watch yourself.

And the winning lottery numbers? You may be able to watch the draw or read the papers for the winning numbers, but getting back to the present with the numbers is doubtful. Your brain will not be able to remember anything that is yet to transpire. It remembers only what has transpired with you being active in the event.

What about coming back to Canada from the Philippines? Crossing the international dateline means the draw has already been made before the time that you reached Canada. Nope, 4 am Canadian DST would be 7 pm Manila GST. What happens during these specific times has already happened.

In Canada, however, the time difference between the East and the West might have made a lot of people rich thru the lottery. The lottery terminals close later in the West than in the East. Criminal manipulations of the terminals could have printed a ticket with the winning numbers after these numbers have been drawn. But of course this cannot happen now because they have seen to it that this cannot happen now.

You must agree, though, that what I have here is an attempt to explain things with a lot better sense than the attempts to explain things by bringing the Dark Energy in. Because, up to now, they have not explained what the Dark Energy is. If I might say so myself, I did write something about the Dark Matter. Maybe even twice at that. 4_1_72

Or about as many times that I took Physics 101.

Brick Driveway?




(that should be most difficult to clean during snow time)