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Celtic Woman



CELTIC  WOMAN, great concert, good dvd

The Call.mpg

Non C\’e Piu.mpg

Nil Sen La.mpg

Sherwin and Cherry Sabino



Sherwin and Cherry Sabino

Alyssa Morrison


Born November 1 is Alyssa Morrison— 



Alyssa Morrison, shown with her little sister Alexis Morrison.

She works for CGI, a more progressive Canadian firm.

She graduated from the University of Alberta, has a facebook account.

Flo’s Last Visit


flo2bCarlito, my Carlito, why has he no blanket again.

Why don’t they give him his blanket. He may catch cold. He easily catches cold.

I’ve told them time and again not to forget his blanket when he sleeps.

They can re-arrange my furniture as they did. And I have tripped over them several times when I visit.

They can sell my furniture and my things as I hear they plan to.

They can do anything on this house of mine but they should not forget my son’s blanket. He easily catches cold, My Carlito.

It is getting more difficult to visit. This is probably my last time.

I may not be able to trip the light switches again. I may not be able to slam the doors again. And I may not be able to look down on people’s heads while they sleep to remind them of Carlito’s blanket.

This is probably the last time I gaze at my son again, My Carlito.

GOODBYE  ALL, don’t forget his blanket.”


Fighting Pirates



Fighting Pirates on the Gulf of Aden.mpg

Maria Ressa


The Little Giant is Maria Ressa. She handles ABS-CBN News. THAT job requires a giant.

Probably the one thing that she has yet to realize is that she can trumpet stentorian even from the little reedy voice she has. Everybody listens when she does this.

And that she has already left a leading mark on Philippine journalistic trends.



Maria Ressa on Storyline.mpg

It must have been a pleasant surprise for the staff  to find out that a story of such interest can be found in their own backyard.


Eat Bulaga



Amiga who?

If she can do an ASTRUD  GILBERTO, she’s got it made!


Pinoy Henyo



Miss Henya

Dancing With The Stars


No. 3 All-Seasons High —Apollo Ohno and Juliane Hough



No. 3 All Season.mpg

24 Oras



(ah, ano nga ba ang pangalan niya?)

CTV News


Once in a browsing while, one comes across images the stop you dead on your buttons…………

 naomi248aNaomi  Parness    

galit266    Galit  Solomon

………..keeps you glued to the screen…………

and momentarily disables the remote……..        


Taiwan Aborigines


Taiwan also has aborigines and this is the first time that they will be seen via a website.


The Taiwan Aborigines.mpg

Mel Tiangco


24 oras098

Charity by the Imam



Imam preaches on charity.mpg

Karen Davila




Karen Davila

The Lilac color, now why did they not think of that before?

Lilac is also the name for a flowering tree. Its branches and twigs, and roots are so full and sturdy that it could  slowly uproot a concrete foundation. I know because a lilac tree split and cracked my patio concrete. I had to cut down the Lilac tree and extricate it entirely from the soil before it reached my concrete basement wall. It took me a year and a half to do this. It didn’t want to go away. (Hay buhay!)

Jing Castaneda



Jing Castaneda

Mini-Mike Enriquez


Mini-Mike Enriquez

Mini-Mike and Mike Enriquez.mpg

Mike Enriquez and his biggest fan meet in Wish Ko Lang.

Raising Carps!


REALLY  NOW! In this country, it’s too dry when it’s dry, and it’s flooded when it’s wet!

Raising carps would be a crazy thing to do, even in aquaria.

Nope, in the Philippines, raising carps is only for the birds!





OK, no kicking on the butt, no snipping on the tummy, no biting below the beak, get to your corner and come out charging when  I say qwok!

Mig 29 Vs. F-15



Mig 29 (Fulcrum)


Video Clip No. 2.mpg



Missile missing an F-15 (Eagle)


Observe the Iraqi pilot’s maneuver of his Mig 29. The plane skids and pivots on its center, allowing it to fly forward even with its axis on the vertical. This is probably the reason why the Americans nicknamed the Mig 29 as the Fulcrum—-it pivots.

The Iraqi pilot could have pulled it off had he not ran out of height.


Tombstones, and such….


meter expired

EXPIRED. Forgot to put more coins in the meter



Putting his best part forward before the rest


(from Minnea Jones)


And Captain Mendoza’s Pension?

You asked about Captain Mendoza’s retirement pay?  This I’ll tell you—–

If a government requires a citizen to contribute to a pension, or a retirement fund,

it is required to give back this contribution to the citizen at the maturity date,

with interest, as if the contribution is banked to the government as life savings.


 GOD does not turn HIS back  on HIS COVENANT

even to people who did not do HIS bidding.

Captain Mendoza’s life savings is his.

Crime or no reviling crime,

nobody can take this away from him.

Not even GOD can take this away from him.


This is why I decry the contents of the IIRC Report.

Captain Mendoza’s beef was not directed to Mayor Lim, not to Gen. Magtibay, not to Noynoy, not to anybody else.

Certainly it was not against the Hongkong tourists(bless their innocent souls!)

His complaint (call this a prime beef) was primarily directed to the OMBUDSMAN who summarily took away his pension and his life savings.

By the blooming way, have we noticed that the Office of the Ombudsman has been acting lately as if it were the Fourth Branch of this blinking government?


Watch closely now the French people whose government is historically the most democratic in the world. It has been known to topple governments only days after it was installed. The French are now up in arms against the raising of the retirement age to one or two more years. This implies that before the people can get their pensions, they have to wait some more time, and contribute some more to the retirement fund.

While the government is still able to manipulate the benefits of the Employment Insurannce, or even the Health Insurance benefits, it should think thrice before manipulating the Retirement Fund.

Tampering with the people’s savings spells trouble for the government. It implies plunder by legal means!


Mig 25 Vs. F-15

( OK, the frame is half-sized and resolution is not optimum, but that’ll do. The dogfight with the Fulcrum will be on another post.)


Mig-25 (Foxbat)

Video Clip No. 1.mpg



F-15 (Eagle)

Reflex Test


reflex test

Reflex Test of the Higher Form

(from Dony Koh)

Magic Mirror


magic mirror

Magic Mirror on sale at Wal-Mart.

(from Ruben Ramos)