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The company


Oftentimes confidence in one’s self is what matters most.


The Company

Empire State of the Mind.wmv

Empire State of The Mind.mpg

If so, the soul should go with it, uninhibited!



(The promise is there, if they can put their soul in their singing, just about enough to be heard. They most probably have to learn to do it without mixers.))

165 Members Registered?


It is a real surprise that out of 165 registered members on this site, not even a dozen has contributed on posts!

Now, if you are having problems in getting your comments in, remember the post that you typed after you hit “comments” will still land on my review desk before it is allowed to get posted. Sorry about this, buit I did promise to be liberal in my checkings. No spams allowed, no swear words, not even s-words.

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Self – Confidence

It’s a matter of self-confidence,






………..and two to three pounds overweight…………………



Toronto Powwow




Torornto Powwow.wmv

Colorful, fascinating….

Pinky Webb



Sa Pula Sa Puti

I did recall my mentioning the need for a choreographer, but I never realized that a whole dance troupe would be thrown in instead.


I was thinking of something on the line of an all-girl dance group, but never mind, nobody’s complaining about this one.

paswit402  Brazilian Dancers.mpg




There’s a fish in the country called hito. This is one fish every Filipino love to eat. In fact, this fish shares the popularity of the endemic fish called bangus (milkfish).

After a few years abroad, I never wanted to eat this fish, never wanted to touch it, nor look at one. It seems that a lot of Filipinos acquire my kind of disgruntlement with it. We expatriates have seen a lot of the fish varieties abroad and also a lot of other alternative food to eat that we forget how good and tasty the hito is when fried to a toast.

HITO, will never make another hit with us around here.

In Memory of Mrs. Lina Gil

photo # 6544a



The budget for the Justice Department has been reduced for this year.

The Supreme Court issued a restraint order to the House of Representatives to stop the impeachment procedures on the Ombudsman. The Speaker says ok for now.

The President will have a meeting with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

It’s muscle-flexing, I tellya, twixt the branches of Government.


A Simplified IIRC Report?


Executive Secretary Ochoa received flak for his intention to simplfy the IIRC Report before this is handed over to President Noynoy.

Bad choice of word, “simplify”. He must mean condense, digest, scan,paraphrase, get the gist, or some other words used for amalgamating news items in the press rooms.

To simplify a report might mean to take out some parts or portions or even some data, like names for instance!


The IIRC Report

It is finished, was submitted, and is leaked out to the media. Did we expect something different?

Twelve people are recommended for filing of administrative charges, some of them with criminal charges. We now have twelve angry men, er, persons.

These men, er, persons, thought they did what they were supposed to do.

Did we expect something different from them?


Iron Man2


So that’s how it is done, pirating movies, I mean.

The movie, our example of which is the Iron man2 movie, is copied or duplicated first by capturing the images from a theater screen by a vidcam. This method, of course, is risky because a lot of times people stting in the front rows often get up to go to the washrooms and such motivations are caught on the vidcam. Nevertheless, the movie is copied.

Transfer of the movie to a dvd disk is done with the use of a computer with the software for the purpose. Large scale duplications of the movie is done with commercial-type replicators. These can copy the movie in large numbers at a time.

Moving the duplicate internationally is not done with hard disk copies. Instead the movie data is transferred thru the internet. The movie is first compressed to about a third its gigabyte size and sent through by email or by websites very much similar to that 1.78 Gigabyte Iron Man 2 I posted before this. Compressed movies, however, lose its resolution, color and chroma. The movie becomes darker on the screen, with extreme colors of yellow or red, and the reolution is not recovered.

Pirated movies can be recognized by these shortcomings, and also by the fact that the extras and other features are missing. A small portion of movie lovers would copy, or pirate, movies for their personal library. A bigger portion would pirate movies for commercial benefits. These are the real, honest-to-corrupt pirates.

Catching them would be more difficult than preventing the copyright from being compromised.

The sources of pirated movies are vidcams used on theaters, promotional dvd disks, and company thefts from employees. If these sources are cut off, would there be a need for catching pirates of movies?

But of course, there are still more people who  dubs movies by skirting the copyguards on dvd disks.  This is now a different story, eh?


Swiss Drum Show



 Swiss Drum Show.mpg



No downloadee pleese. Site under meentenance!

Wait for drummers to replace this one.


OK, it’s fixed. I transferred the local sites (a copy of this website) to a bigger Gigabyte hardrive because the size can only get bigger. I used a trial Dreamweaver CS5. Now this version, if ever there is anything better than the Dreamweaver CS3 which I own, has no been noticeable, and perhaps purchasing a new one is not advisable. However, Adobe does make it so that the version is not transferable from one pc to the other. If you buy the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection, it would set you back more than a couple of thousand dollars face2


AWSTATS is one company that provides these comprehensive statistics for free. The graphics is good and the tabulation is comprehensive. How do I interpret this stats?

One way is to look at the monthly number of hits from each country, especially the five leading countries. The European Country (eu) comes in as the fifth lowest among the high hitters with 7717 hits on 7303 pages turned and 183 Mb in bandwidth. It appears that each hit views about a page and concentrates on the picture or images. These confederation of countries called the EU started hitting only a month ago. They must have discovered this site from some Filipinos there.

Next comes China (separate stats from Hongkong) with 8343 hits looking at 8247 pages but with the highest bandwidth of 357 Gb. It appears that some viewers come back to look at the same page over. And with 357 Gb, viewers actually download the video clips. A marked increase of about 32 Gb was noticed ever since ironman2.mpg was posted. This video clip is 1.7 Gb long or about 18 downloads. And sure enough, the stats show ironman2.mpg had 17 hits from China.

The United States had 16,429 hits that looked at 4181 pages only and 4.71 Gb bandwidth. It appears that the same page was viewed 4 times over. They must be at the office, opening at the same page on their free time. Or a bunch of them looking at different screens using only one network. They don’t do much downloads, although the topic of America’s Got talent sort of increases the number of hits from them everytime one talent video clip is posted.

Very much the same with the Canadians—18,510 hits to view 4558 pages using 19.98 Gb bandwidth. It appears the Canadians download more video clips when they access their home computers. Canadians do have access to the Bell expressvu that provides GMA-Pinoy Tv on high-definition and also ABS-CBN TFCKo on high depreciation.

The Philippines come in with the highest (it was the lowest on the onset of this website) with 30,326 hits on 2438 pages and at 4.94 Gb. Yup, these viewers look only at the first page, most probably with cell phones that may not be able to turn the page. It appears also that their cell phones are unable to download some video clips because of the cost and the length of time required. Well, maybe if the video clips were converted to cell phone videos, they might be able to capture and enjoy the videos. The question is, which cell phone maker to convert it to? Nokia? Samsung? Sony? Ericsson? Blackberry? or what?

There are other ways to interpret the stats from AWSTATS, and it does give a clear picture of what is being viewed on the blog and from what particular region.


registry now open


You can now sign in again to make a comment on this website.

Click on Register/login to post.

Posts have to pass edit, though.

If spams become habitual, this site will be closed again, so be nice, eh!

Painting Huangshan



Painting Huangshan.mpg

CHARICE on Star King



Charice on Star King.flv

Charice on Star King.wmv

Charice on Star King.mpg

Canada Restricts Immigration

NO! I believe that this does not mean that Canada will restrict people. It is just making restrictions in QUALIFICATIONS. But the quota for countries, especially the Philippines, remain the same. The requirements, however, will be more stringent.

Canada is that country which economy remains sturdy and pliant. It has maintained its high level of consideration for its pension and health care system. Its social welfare system, as a whole, is the best in the world. This Canadian economy has grown so because of the controls applied to its growth. Canada started with a small population. It allows only as much people as it needs for positive growth. As a result it is now the best free-standing economy in the world. So therefore, understand why it has these restrictions. In fact, it has always had these restrictions.

The Province of Manitoba, the capital of which is Winnepeg, remains that portion of the country where the greatest number of Filipino immigrants reside due to the garment industry hiring lots of Filipinos in those days.. This province is still inviting more Filipinos to migrate there. Canada has learned that Filipinos have good work ethics, are trustworthy, loyal, and law-abiding.

Filipinos are the best workers in the world, and Canada is the best country in the world.

A university degree, a good work experience, and a need for the skills that you have make you a very good prospect for Canadian immigration.

Contact the Canadian government by all means possible to you. A third party paid-agent is not required to file applications.



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Swedish Full Monty



Swedish Full Monty.wmv


Climbing Mt. Huangshan


Bridge Below Mt. Huangshan

Climbing Mt. Huangshan.mpg

MEDIA : The Quest for Guidelines


Media says : “The public has the right to know”

 Government says : “National interest comes first”

 And so goes the age-old struggle to determine what would media do under specific circumstances and what would the government do to regulate the actions of the media.

 Media strives for the truth, the government strives for sobriety. Media has the truth for a shield. Government has  the courts for control.

 Forums and discussions and investigations could not, would not be able to resolve this issue. The quest for the guidelines for the actions of the media has been elusive, though, probably even illusive. This is true when events that come about forces the issue of truth and national interest to come to the fore. Such events are more pronounced in the cases of hostage taking and hijacking.

 In these events, the public is split as to which side they favor, the airing of the events or the restraints for national interest. The public is at a lost as to what really should the media do.


“Would she or wouldn’t she?

Should she or shouldn’t she?

The lacking doubt,

Probably the most powerful thing in the world!”**


 Media would say : “we never would have known the truth had we not aired the event as it happens”


Government would say : ‘oh yeah sure, and look what happened after you aired the



Why don’t we think about it this way—-News is the lifeblood of every media person. News is the spark that inebrietes his senses and he goes for the media as ducks go to water. News is not merely an affinity with newsmen, it is an obssession. Oftentimes he wouldn’t care much if he goes against his better judgement on national interest. It is the NEWS, that’s why, and the public has to know.

 Let me put it this way—-newsmen, commonly called mediamen, or mediapersons as the case may be, should do better if they leave well enough alone the events that are unfolding. Let them be as observers. Let them be mere watchers. Let them be bystanders.

Move farther away from the events unfolding. Use zoom lenses and telescopic mikes. If  they believe that they should have done something to prevent somebody from doing bad, then they have been watching too close. They should stay farther back. They should be mere eavesdroppers of the events.


Comes now the rule of the thumb for the media—–Don’t do anything to affect the outcome of the events. Do not influence the results. Let history run its course.

And there we would have not only the guidelines for the media to follow, but the guiding principles for the media to keep in mind. With this, media can’t go wrong.


      **(David Niven in The Apartment)

Capt. Mendoza, what if…..


Doing a flashback on Captain Mendoza, at exactly the moments when he was watching on tv his brother being roughed up by the police, we reverse trhe turn of events and do an alternative ending, our second alternative ending.

If I were captain Mendoza ,(frankly I wouldn’t get myself into such a situation), but if I were captain Mendoza, instead of going down the length of the aisle firing shots at the helpless Hongkong hostages; what if I just fired some shots in the air to make some noise. That would have caused a disruption that would break up the melee at the police patrol car and get everybody’s attention. Those shots may mean that I shot some or all of the Hongkong hostages. that would have diverted their attention to me (as captain Mendoza).

And at any time they proceed to manhandle Gregorio, I fire another shot as a warning, etc. Another space of time would have been provided to contine the negotiations, this time with the office of the Ombudsman.

How then will the police be convinced that I have not killed a hostage with the shots that I fired? I would release one or two of them to assure the police that I have not hurt anyone yet!

SIMPLE, isn’t it? Of course the working of my wits may not be the same as this under the situation that the real Captain mendoza was in.

Besides, I do believe that the manhandling of Gregorio mendoza did not preclude Captain Mendoza’s frame of mind. The tusslings just aggravated his desperation and instigated the compulsion to rake the seats with gunfire.


Tess Quiza

tess014aTESS   QUIZA

Of Contracts, Specifications, and Talent Obligations


Big arguments about contracts come out from big disagreements which in turn result from some  unreconcilable squabbles.

 But a contract is a contract, is a contract. It should be followed to the letter.

 Contract disagreements between Producer and Talent are often messy. It involves a lot of money and also a lot of time. Often enough, these disagreements start from minor things, like a word uttered out of context.

 Now there are, of course, some contracts that specify that the Talent must follow ambiguous terms of the Producer such as the number of shows that the talent may be obliged to participate in, the length of time for each show, and whatever show or movie that the talent is obliged to take a role. These contracts are unfair because it ties the Talent to the whims of the Producer.

 There are some contracts wherein the title of the show or movie is specified and up to what length of time each show must run and up to what obligations the Talent must be obliged to fulfill. In the case that the show is named and the obligations that the talent is to fulfill are specified, and the closing of the said show by the Producer makes the Producer liable for a breach of contract, unless he compensates the Talent for making himself available solely for the said show.

 In this case, also, if the Producer seeks to limit the Talent from undertaking different shows from different companies, then the Producer must compensate the Talent for making himself available SOLELY for the Producer, and refraining from taking outside obligations.

 The bottom line is the Producer cancelled the show, and by this act the Producer unilaterally cancelled the contract, since the Talent is specifically under contract only for the said show. The Talent may choose to accept any other show that the Producer may offer and sign another contract with that, or sue for compensation for the remaining term of the contract.