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The Red Suzuki Tracker

Orick 1a

Believe you me, it’s the red Suzuki Tracker that is doing the pushing on the highway! :lol:

Oscar (OZ) Blanchet

Another photo nut is Oscar (Oz) Blanchet of British Columbia.

He took this picture while on vacation in the Philippines.


He put the caption “After The Rain” on this photo.

Pinky Webb

pinky145Pinky  Webb on Umagang Kay Ganda

Bernadette Sembrano

berns066aBernadette Sembrano

Karen Davila

karen109Karen Davila, ABS-CBN

Maan Macapagal

maan077aMaan Macapagal first to report on the hijacking situation

TJ Manotoc

tj035TJ  Manotoc

Regina Lau Suk Yee



The people of Hongkong wants to know the truth around the botched hostage hijacking negotiations.

Hongkong asks for an apology from President Aquino.wmv



ORCHIDS are sometimes seen in the wild as hanging from branches and swaying with the wind. At such a sight, we begin to believe that they are parasitic plants with all their curiously different flower shapes. Little do we realize that these hanging plants do not share the nutrients of the tree they are stuck on. Rather, they feed on the water that is absorbed by the tree’s external bark. So it is not a parasite at all but an independent flowering plant just stuck on a branch.


ORCHIDS are plants that put out exquisite arrays of flowers. The more exquisite is the array, the more appreciation it does receive. Organizations for the horticulture of orchids have sprung up ever since, the more famous of which is the American Orchid Society, the collection of which we will try to view in the later posts. Meantime, here are some samples, feast your eyes  on these orchids as a teaser, OK?








The Hongkong Swat and Forensics

 The lacklustre performance of the Manila Keystone SWAT compels us to believe that they need help. Much as we know that they have been successful in all their SWAT operations, it is high time to swallow their pill and invite some other equivalent organization like the Hongkong SWAT and The Hongkong Forensics (by whatever names these bureaus are called), to come and visit the country. The object is not to invite reprimand, or chides, or sneers from them, but to exchange notes on how to do some things. After all, these equivalent bureaus have developed different tactics and different methods stemming from different case experience. Let us term this a friendly exchange of pleasantries between counterpart agencies.

There is no more opportune a time as this because such a visitation by the British-trained Hongkong operatives and technologists would be remedial not only to the strained relations between the two peoples, but it would tend to wash away the thoughts that the analyses, and investigations, and reports would be whitewashed, as is common practice to even the big countries like the USA. Both the Chinese and the Filipinos would then be assured that all things are done properly and that some profound intentions for cameraderie are being re-established.

Nobody would accept  a report which is WHITEwashed, because everybody has seen everything in COLOR.

TO all the Security and forensics personnel in the Philippines, I believe that a formal invitation to the Hongkong Security and Forensics would be better for all the government entities and the peoples of both countries. Please understand that such a visitation is not to humiliate but to propagate! Prove to the visitors that you are more trigger-happy with your smiles than with your sidearms!



Captain Mendoza in Uniform

Shown here is Captain Rolando Mendoza, looking spic in the uniform of the outfit that dismissed him.captmendoza

Unmistakable is that look of anxiety in purpose, and the search for visible support.

The uniform, he knows, will not shield him against the bullets of his comrades.


SPO2 Gregorio Mendoza apologizes

SPO2 Gregorio Mendoza, himself a policeman like his eldest brother the late Captain Mendoza, apologizes to the people whom his brother hurt.


And for you readers who may not understand the language from which he speaks, and for which I direct this post, I shall translate as accurately as I can

Gregorio asks fogiveness for his brother.flv

gregorio shockwave version.swf

(The shockwave [.swf] version opens faster)

(This takes longer to download but the better version)

HE SAYS: “It was raining and I was led through the backdoor. All at once two policemen grabbed me on both shoulders. At the first moment I could, I ran, and that’s when the tussling began. Mayor Lim ordered the (my) arrest. I am asking forgiveness from those that my brother hurt. He is not really that kind of man to hurt people. It is just that he saw me getting hurt. He does not want to see his brother get hurt. It is the way they led me through the back door. I was afraid that something bad will happen to me. They should not have led me through the back door.”



COMING FROM ME,  (COOLAMBO ): To those people from Hongkong that were hurt in this unfortunate incident, nobody really wanted this to happen; especially to the people of Hongkong whom we know are gentle people. It was just a matter of fate that the tourist bus was there, no real intention on anybody’s part to single it out, nor was it pre-meditated. All the ensuing events resulted from failure of communication. The event that happened was actually a surprise. This kind of hostage taking, or hijacking if you may, was totally unheard of from such a community comprised of Filipinos.

I am sure that our government is doing everything possible to atone for such an unfortunate incident, and is intending to appease and gratify those concerned.

This is an isolated incident. Please do not judge the whole country from and by this event.


Pres. Benigno Aquino, III


NO! I do not believe he should have got himself directly involved with the Bus Hostage negotiations.

There is a lot of people capable of handling this by themselves.

Besides, if he did this, then he would be expected to do this everytime somebody takes some people hostage.

And that smile of his has been misunderstood. It is a mannerism. All smiling jacks have this mannerism. That’s the reason why they are called smiling jacks.

In fact all Filipinos can be called smiling jacks. Observe the destitute people being interviewed on tv. They smile even when they recount their tragedies. They smile even when they ask for help! Smiling is congenital to Filipinos. This is why they do not need practice to master it!

If you do not smile in the face of disaster, disaster will not face you with a smile.


Tricia Zafra

tricia139This one isn’t tops, but she’s always there!

Rhea Santos


Suddenly her stats go up, and over Debra Romer. Must be a newly started fan club on the move!

Senator Gregorio Honasan

honasan223Gregorio Honasan, Senator, chairs the hearing on the Hostage Incident in Manila.

He is handling the investigation quite handily.

Before this,  I was mostly impressed by his handling of uzis.


Erwin Tulfo

tulfoERWIN  TULFO, talks about network competition in the media.

He was the last man in contact with Captain Mendoza immediately before the latter started his shooting rampage.

Exactly what was Tulfo’s role in this incident?

(check also CBC News writeup on the Chinese-Canadian in that tourist bus at this url:)

The Anatomy of A Hostage Taking


 In the coming days, for sure these days are coming, people will dissect the anatomy  of the Manila Bus taken over by bemedalled Captain Mendoza, PNP.

All those entities relevant to the hostage taking of the bus loaded with Hongkong tourists will be shaken and then put together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

There will be none, it is believed, whom amongst these entities from the Ombudsman, Malacanang, PNP, DILG, Manila Police , the Keystone SWAT, the media , and the bystanders would accept a piece of the blame for the incident.

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves, particularly those who would throw the blame towards the fall guys.

Let him who hast no blame cast his shame on the next goat. Let him who hast no shame cast his blame on the next goat.


People will lay blame on other people.

People will apologize.

People will criticize other people.

People will offer their regrets.

People will throw stinging words at other people.

People will sympathize and offer condolences.

People will sneer at other people.

People will promise to do better next time.

But for all these conflicts and wars between the characters we call people.

I, personally, find the greatest, alleviating satisfaction

That none of these people are putting the blame on

Captain Rolando Del Rosario Mendoza, PNP.



Captain Mendoza

captmendoza1This is Captain Mendoza, Philippine National Police, slumped dead in a most helpless predicament.

He asked to be reinstated to his former rank and position in the PNP so that he can be eligible to collect retirement pay.

In desperation about his cases pending in the courts too long, he took a bus of Chinese tourists and held them hostage.


He is shown here as giving aid to a diabetic hostage whom he set free as part of the negotiations. After this all those he came to know could testify that he was a good man.

 Today, the moon is full.

But suddenly, oh so suddenly, the drama shifted somewhere else towards his brother who came to sympathize.

Which brother wouldn’t at a time like this. And naturally, too, the Police didn’t like to be outstaged by anything, including his brother and/or the media.

So the police carted the brother off , together with his family, with much tussling and hauling.


What follows the next minute was an enraged Captain Mendoza venting  his wrath off on some of the hostages.

No less than the highest official of the land blamed the killings on the media. But didn’t Captain Mendoza asked specifically for the media to come and help? Could the situation have been resolved had the media came in to be the go-between? I mean he couldn’t trust the police who has all its guns trained at him to convey a message, could he!

I would rather have the media there, and with all the other police activities. The camera does not lie.

It would settle any doubts.


Was this necessary?

I see no point in this. The logic escapes me. Domination of the men-at-arms rule.

A point arrived when some particular group came to help resolve the problem.

But the Philippine National Police just couldn’t wait!




 The Cardinal Rule : Dead Men Don’t Talk


Kaspersky Labs

Microsoft plugs 34 security holes. SEE? I told you that Kaspersky Labs deserve a medal for their work on VULNERABILITIES!

This particular news  item on AFTER pops up a restriction to view for this NETVISTA desktop I am using now. Dunno why, but it must be the security holes as mentioned. But they did not have to worry none, no problemo here. This is a test pc, remember? besides, Kaspersky plugged those holes already on the other computer using XP Pro.

ALSO, INTEL buys the security software firm of McAfee for $7.7 billion. (heheheh, there is a stir in them thar sec companies)

Victor German Viardo

Victor German Viardo of Maryland, USA, has been recently promoted to Lt. Colonel, USAF.


Lt. Colonel Victor Viardo is the one on the left of the picture.

Congratulations to Victor German Viardo for his promotion,

and Happy Birthday to his Dad, Plaridel Viardo.


Jon Martin’s Gallery

This is Jon’s Bridge….


It is not as rustic as a covered bridge, but it is rustic just the same. There is much care and maintenance given the wooden slats and the railings of this bridge.

Across this bridge, however, is not a straightaway path as can be expected of a well-cared bridge. In fact, one can discern loose gravel on the road plus a bend on it on the immediate end of the bridge. One can therefore tell that there is some uncertainty to be expected even after one crosses a well-tended bridge.

Even when one has succeeded in getting across a bridge, it does not necessarily mean that one HAS ALREADY CROSSED OVER THE BRIDGE!

In case you have not seen the likes of Jon Martin, yet, here is his photo again. He is on Facebook!



Chris Viardo

chris4aI did give her notice that the flowers are nice and the umbrella color is electrifying.

Chris Viardo has oodles of photos on her facebook.

Firewall Restored…

YUP! The XP Pro is back. The ESET Antivirus could not proceed because some files were missing, (Ngek!). It was working before!

Anyway, I just used the System Restore from the System Restore point I created. It is always a good habit to create a system restore point everytime you believe that your computer is working good. You never can tell.

But let us see what else will come up, and out!

FYI, the antivirus softwares will come down drastically in price within the next week. Norton 360 is already on sale at half the price of $54.95. Other manufactureres may follow suit. Anyway, their 2011 softwares may already be out on the ,market, eh?


Of Tolls, Fees, and Taxes…

Webster defines TOLL as…a tax or fee paid for some liberty or privelege (as of passing over a highway or bridge); a compensation for services rendered; as a charge for a long-distance telephone call; or a charge for transportation.

If the toll for the SLEX is for a tax to collect money to replace costs, then it cannot be taxed further.

If, however, the toll is for services rendered as in collecting money or cleaning and maintaing the highway, then the toll can be taxed. The services and maintenance adds value to the highway, and therefore a tax can be collected over the toll.