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Noynoy Aquino, 15th President


President  Noynoy  Aquino

By Gum! He turned out to be a more eloquent speaker than his Dad!

And in Tagalog, too.

But of course, his dad never made President.




Jennifer Ward

jennifer015Jennifer Ward of CTV News switches gears to talk about, among other things, gel manicures. Gel manicures?

Gel Manicures.mpg

Toronto Anarchists with G-20 Protesters



G-20 anarchists cause damage in Toronto

4-year Old Synthesizer Whiz-Bang


Tico-Tico by 4 -year Old

(Originated from

to listen to her play, click on blue caption ‘tico-Tico by 4-year Old’

Jon Martin



Rodelio Viardo

rodelioRodelio  Viardo

Barangay Kagawad

Incoming President

The incoming President, Noynoy Aquino, has had no chance to perform his duties yet.

Why do we insist in rolling out a pad of criticisms before he does?

What we are doing now is criticizing his personal affairs and not his work.

Let us wait for what actions he is going to do after June 30.

How to increase the resolution of your computer

You may not be able to watch high-def images if the resolution in your computer monitor is low. Here is how you may raise the resolution.

Click on start/control panel/appearances and themes/change screen resolution. Move the slider to the right to get 1152 x 864. The screen will go blank and restart.

Go back to change screen resolution  and click on Advanced. Adjust the dpi setting to custom—114 to 116 dpi.

Restart.  The dpi has to be adjusted because the font becomes smaller as the resolution is increased. You can adjust the dpi setting repeatedly until you find the setting satisfactory.

This procedure is applicable to Windows XP.

Chinese Garden

The fact that the video clip “Rose Garden” garnered the most hits from you folks, and still is getting hits, makes me believe that there is artistry in a lot of the people that visit this site. More so when the impassioned violinist, Janine Jansen,  also gets some good hits.

So I give you this garden, a chinese garden this time. And this time the images are made so that it approaches high definition for your flat screen monitors. This is the largest megs I uploaded and it should take you a while to download and copy on your pc. But you will find the images satisfying afterward the long download.

This is also a trial of the Cyberlink Powerdirector, a software that edits videos, and a watermark can be seen at the beginning of the video clip.


Shrapnel Downloads

My apologies to those who wanted to download photos and video clips  from the dates earlier than April 18, 2010.  These are still unavailable for download direct from the website of

These can be downloaded, however,  here from the pages of Shrapnel Off The Wall. Just right-click on the image or video clip and then click “save picture”.

Or send me a request by email. I still have oodles of Sol Aragones’ images on file, and a lot of the others, too.


(Just right-click on the picture and then “save as”……)

Note also that the directory  which is titled coolambo is still empty for security purposes.

Rated Next Generation

The group called Rated Next Generation, or RNG, passes the audition on America’s Got Talent.




Rhea Santos

rhea062Rhea  Santos


suzi076If  SUZI  is  KEY

then what does she unlock?

Christine and Ali

alyKristina011The Singing Sisters, Christine and Ali, audition on the show,  America’s Got Talent.

Both are afflicted with Cystic Fibrosis. So is their mother and father.’sgottalentmpeg2any720.mpg

Nina Francisco Quiza


Nina’s kaleidoscope includes her with her daughter Chanelle, and son Logan.

(She also has a facebook account)

Sex Education

Let me put it this way—

There is no conclusive proof that sex education taught in schools promote promiscuity amongst the students.

Neither is there conclusive proof that sex education in schools reduce promiscuity amongst the students.

Sex education does not actually teach how sex is done. It is virtually an education of the human anatomy, and not an activation of sex.

People who are against sex education in schools are most probably afraid that such an education would lead the students to experiment on the actual act. They would rather let the students find out for themselves what sex is all about. In this matter. however, experience will not be the best teacher, because almost always, the experiment turns out to be a mistake.

A suggestion might be in order as to ask the Pope for advice,  instead of the CBCP,  or let the teachers impart the education to the students which would then be under the discipline of the parents, or just let the priests teach this subject.

If you ask me, whether there be sex education or not, there will still be unwanted pregnancies. So why not allow sex education to be taught in schools to at least instill in the students that they are responsible for their actions.

Grade-Fiver Bird and Bee

In the recent lecture sponsored by the PTA and which was held in the school gym, a boy at the back asked the lecturers at what age it is possible for the girl to be pregnant, to which the Principal answered, “fourteen, less possibly twelve years old!”

The boy very excitedly yelled towards an embarrassed grade-fiver in the front row, “See Mary, I told you we have nothing to worry about!”

Sex Education in schools

The Department of Education wants to start teaching sex education in schools.

The Catholic Bishops and other laymen disagrees.

They don’t see eye to eye, if you ask me. But there must be a point where they will agree, and most probably, compromise. They should start to see this from the other side of the bakod.

When I was in school, I listened very attentively to the teacher who taught me sex education, after which we were in good accord

all the way.

Zen Hernandez


Zen  Hernandez

My web Stats show that the name, Zen Hernandez, grossed the most internet searches done by private home computer owners. Business related computers should show more hits for Zen Hernandez.


Bagdad Battles


Iraq\’s Most Wanted Battles continue.mpg

Tres Amigos Ltd

bikini009Zaldy Jimenez, Cer Quiza, and Ferdie Velbis on stage—-

Zaldy and Cer \”bikining itim\”.mpg

Assembling the Pinoys

Time was when the Reycard duet came in for a show. Upon realizing that the Hall was packed, they came out to say that the Pinoys are easy to assemble. This is so and they were right—-the Pinoys are “madaling pulongin.” This is true for any thing that is free, or charged with low fares.

But there are not that many to assemble, anyway. Whatever Pinoys who are ready to assemble are actually dead tired from working the extra shift, or the extra job. They have to earn that much to pay for the apratment and the car and the gitty but necessary expenses on the side, like the money to send back home. They are easy to assemble, alright, but only for things that they find necessary to “pulong” for.

We have staged here celebrities the likes of which are Pops Fernandez, martin Nievera,Kuh Ledesnma, Nora Aunor, Sharon Cuneta, and etc. The pickings may be meager, but the Pinoys here are rich in adulation for them, and the events that satisfy their thirst for nostalgia.

Which is why Pinoys are more susceptible to the lure of Homemade productions using homegrown talents for home-styled audience . These are cheaper, more exciting, and nonetheless profitable for the producers. It’s for the fun of it! So nobody blames anybody!


Davy Damo

This strapling teenager sent in an audition tape with him singing all four voices of the Righteous Brothers SIMULTANEOUSLY. It must have taken him a lot of tape dubbings to accomplish this.

He sang in the show with overflowing confidence and an oversized jacket.


Davy  Damo

Davy sings Unchained Melody.mpg

face2 OLE!

For those with Windows Media Players click on this

(For those who still cannot play mpeg’s after that, download the FREE VLC player from this site:)

(And run your antivirus afterwards)

Shauna Caldeira

Now I recall the name of Who #21…. or the owner of that picture down there.

This is the picture she sent together with the audition tapes for the next show. The photo of herself was taken in Nashville where she sang some heavy stuff, or those songs with rapid, unintelligible words, if you know what I mean.

We managed to tone her voice down a bit and sing with more nasal and easy-like, close to falsetto singing voice, and lo…..she sang in a more melodious, mellow notes.. And then came her practice sessions with Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey high notes but subdued volume.


Shauna Caldeira 0n Mano a Mano.wmv

That video clip is High Def and requires a 10-minute download.  The next one requires only a minute of download.

Shauna Video clip faster download.wmv

Her name is or was Shauna Caldeira of Portuguese descent.