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Manny Villar



Manny  Villar, from tiangge to money,  seeks to run the government with expertise and efficiency.  But what got me sold on his platform is his planned method of eradicating corruption from his government. He plans to have the media, relative private organizations and government departments to look into and examine any proposed government project and expenditures before its budget is laid out. This is the solution that I kept yelling my head off in suggesting to the Administration. I call this method Pre-Auditing the expenditures.

Also, he made a suggestion whereby the pork barrel is doled out effectively. And that is: a tag should be placed on the money regarding where it is to be used. The pork barrel money is therefore limited to its intended use. My suggestion precisely, and I call this method the Procured Barrel method.

Manny Villar is, after all, the man after my own heart.

In the panel interview he gave the GMA Pinoy Tv “Kandidato”, he answered all the questions to allay the fears of the people regarding some pertinent issues about his candidacy. Watch these video clips—

Kandidato video clip no. 1

Kandidato video clip no. 2

Now that he explained why he “ducked” the issues against his candidacy, I get a pretty good idea of the reasons why he did.

At least he does not call these issues as “senseless and without logic”.

Ted Failon


Pinky Webb

pinky379Much Nicer….

Steve and Victor John Santos Viardo


Fever causing trip

34 degress celsius in Orlando.

36 degrees celsius in Minnesota.

6 degrees celsius in Edmonton.

One can raise himself a fever on any of these trips.

The Dark Matter

As a supplement to the post on “The Frequency Factor”, this topic on the dark matter as discussed on “Hubble’s Canvas” may shed some more light regarding the subject.


Hubbles Canvas video clip no. 1

Hubbles Canvas video clip no. 2

If the universe is actually expanding faster when it was thought of to be slowing down, then such forces as the dark matter’s force is stronger than the force of the Big Hiccup and, as I mentioned, it may even have caused the Big Bang. Also this dark matter may not be matter as I thought it wouldn’t be. If it were matter, it’s frequency would be slower than that in the light spectrum but because light is unable to display it, its frequency should be faster than any frequency in the light spectrum. if dark matter is energy, then it would have sped past the speed of light to be transformed from matter to energy. And these video clips prove that THEY do not know what it is, yet.

This is good for my frequency factor, eh? (cackle, cackle!)



Couple of Penguins


Jadey Viardo


Ah so, nikon-ne?



This is a dirty word. It is played by dirty, underhanded tricks.

 Every candidate for President invokes the fight against corruption to get elected. In fact, ALL the candidates for ALL the elections in the Philippines say they will fight corruption. This is easier said than done. None of these candidates can say HOW they will fight corruption. This would be analogous to saying one will cook Cordong Bleu without having a sense of how it is written or pronounced.

 Promises, promises, all the past Presidents made these. Corruption still rules in the country. Even Ferdinand Marcos started out as being corrupt-free, as he promised. Afterwards he got carried away by his mania for tearing down the oligarchic institutions and became an oligarch himself. It is because he stayed too long as President that he became too complacent for the country’s good. He had peace and order established for a while. Along this line he had the support of the Americans who were only too happy to apply in the Philippines what was the erstwhile successful solution to the communist threat in Latin America—the installation of a dictator.

 The next President of the Philippines will also be corrupt, or more specifically, will be corrupted. They would not be able to say no especially to those people that he could not, and would not say no. This practice is as inherent to Philippine politics as is the rule of no-party-no-money. This is, after all, a democratic country and as such, favors and relations take priority over rules; more so because the population have become dense enough to get people to hobnob closer together. One sees the same pockmarked faces and the same flat noses everywhere and in such close proximity that they become reminders of past favors and influences. The presidential candidate who says he will fight corruption may get elected as President but it is doubtful he would succeed.

 Think about it this way—–this man, the former movie star whom the majority of the moviegoers affectionately call ERAP, nearly succeeded in shutting the door on corruption. He did this by turning himself into an inaccessible junction for underhanded transactions by hitherto contracting businessmen. This is most probably the hidden reason for his getting booted out of Malacanang. Erap hindi kurap!


But what am I saying? I am saying that corruption stems from contracts and agreements involving the siphoning of money and/or securing favorable influences from the government the result of which is the unwarranted loss of benefits to the country and the people. Now, these contracts and transactions the President must undertake if he has to run the government. But his function would therefore be to engage in such transactions in a delicate manner, agreeing only if there would not be any exorbitant and unreasonable loss to the coffers of the treasury. These contracts must therefore have a real and direct benefit to the people. Presidents don’t initiate these contracts. His cohorts do.

 Alas, some presidentiables do not have some grasp of this problem. Some of them even choose which problem to tackle, or which war to confront. Ay, buhay! sayang



See what I mean about the image size?  Too wide, too.



A rather large image,

but this is exactly how the camera puts it out—180 pixels/in

And you should check out the larger lens in the digital camera that HE uses. face2

sheena Sabino


Sheena has a facebook account!

Richard Gordon

The ABS-CBN  Harapan  provided an excellent insight to the sensitivity of Senator Richard Gordon, The Man. He talks about his hero—his American father who was slain for showing an impassioned love for the Philippines and its people.


Richard Gordon video clip No. 1

Richard Gordon video clip No. 2

Richard Gordon video clip No. 3

The MAN seeks to transform the country for the better,

uplifting the plight of the people

and making the country progressive

using logical, positive  solutions.


(The people should give him a big hurrah, to say the least!)


Rhea Santos


Who #22


Mike Enriquez


A rare occasion

half-a smile!


At The Airport


Oprah Winfrey


On her Earth Day Special. Oprah Winfrey presented a very disturbing dvd about the merciless and cruel slaughter of dolphins in Japan. This dvd is entitled “The  Cove”.

The Cove1

Actual footage of the slaughter of the dolphins is shown on this dvd. This documentary won an Academy Award.

The Slaughter of the Dolphins.wmv

(To see the slaughter, click on the blue caption The Slaughter of the Dolphins)

The six-number game

The PCSO runs a wide variety of six-number lotteries.

The Lotto 642 has the player choose numbers between 1 to 42. the number of combinations to choose from is 5,104,008. A 3-number hit awards the player P20 FOR EVERY P10 bet.

The Megalotto 645 has 45 numbers to choose from to make six-number combinations, for a P10 bet a 3-number hit awards P40 per. The total number of six-number combinations from 45 lotto numbers is 8,145,060.

The most popular state lottery in the world is the 649, offering 49 numbers to choose from. The total combination involved here is 13,983,816. For a 3-number hit, the PCSO gives P100 for a P20 bet. Usually a bonus number is drawn last in other state lotteries and corresponding prizes are offered with the bonus number included.

When the numbers to choose from were increased from 49 to 55, the number of combinations shot up to 28,989,975, or more than doubled. The odds of winning the jackpot would therefore be 1 to 28,989,975. Whew! It would take ages to win this pot, not unless somebody knows what the winning numbers would be. A 3-number hit pays P150 for a P20 bet.

Highway robbery! Unless they add more prizes of, let’s say a free play quick pick ticket for a two-number hit?

A good game to play is the lotto 642.

Play the lotto to be ahead of the game and not to win much.

And find out what measures were applied to ensure that the draws are fair and random.



Knock, knock——

“Who’s there?”


“Dishes who?”

“Dishes de peh-en-peh polessh

we heb you surroundeed

sumuko na kamo” :lol:

Rhea Santos


Unang Balita, RHEA  SANTOS

GMA Pinoy Tv, Channel 723, Bell Expressvu

Belly Dancer


She might be there again this week for another picture!

(video capture is not allowed)

Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel

Senatorial Candidate, will refile the Reproductive Health Bill which she sponsored, answers questions about this Bill on Harapan.


This bill failed to pass in the House of Representatives probably because the bill’s provisions were not completely elaborated. This is a good bill. It seeks to satisfy all beliefs and do away with all taboos.

Although I believe in the bill, she might not come across to me completely in explaining its provisions in person, simply because the Reproductive Health Bill would be farthest from my mind when that happens.


One way to explain the Reproductive Health Bill is :

‘Kahit makipot na ang kumot crytears

ay bawal pa ring maglikot’   nosiree

Reserved for the Courts

Think of it this way—-

Sec Agra of the DOJ has made this decision which is ordinarily reserved for the courts after hearing a formal confrontation between prosecution and defense—he pronounced the case of the Ampatuans as having no probable cause. And this was after a short, sneaky deliberation on his part.

A furor, of course, has been started after this act of Agra, a furor that threatens to embroil the whole justice system aside from  the DoJ.

PERHAPS, since Agra considers the case as having no probable cause after deliberating on the evidence submitted, it would cause no harm to allow the trial to continue, because he should expect the result to be the same after all. But at least there was a trial, or that very same trial that the people expect and hope for.

If Agra would reverse his decision and proceed with a trial, all this noise will subside. Agra’s boss would have recognized his display of appreciation for the Sec- position appointment, and at the same time that Gloria would be appreciated for exercising the right decision by asserting her authority over her appointees.

E  di walang gulo! Diba?

QC House Arrest Incommunicado na lang, like Ang See!



Nakawala sa kural

And suddenly, without warning, the Sec of Justice let the Ampatuans go. He said he looked at the evidence presented and decided that there was no probable cause. HAH!

If there is none, why the big hush-hush to delay the announcement that the Justice Sec is opening the gates of the corral? And why are the public prosecutors up in arms? The Media people, the Human Rights Commission, and the teary-eyed relatives of the murdered people making a loud outcry to get him to quit his post?

They say now that Gloria had something to do with this pinakawalan sa kural. Also, the Justice Sec was formerly the suspects’ election counsel.

It sures smells rotten, this decision to let them go. The Justice Sec for sure smells rotten, too.

As for Gloria, she does not have to tell the Justice Sec,  Agra by name, what he had to do—–this is all but understood what he had to do, ne po?