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Joseph “erap” Estrada


Running again for the Presidency that was pulled from under him, Joseph “erap” Estrada hopes to repeat his  feat when he won this same seat with an unbelievable margin of 11 million votes.

Will his obssessive love for the masses make him the rallying point again?

For erap’s reply as to why he should be chosen as President,  click here

Multiple-Registered Voters


I did say the COMELEC was on a power trip when it set down more tangential election rules.

Now it has become paranoid when they start to shake in their boots upon realizing that there are millions of multiple-registered voters.

I say they should allay their fears and scratch down the athlete’s foot in their feet first before the shake.

These multiple-registered voters can vote only once! Isn’t this what the indelible ink on the finger is supposed to ensure?

Besides, a simple computer program could polish the national voters’ List to come up with a filtered version. Why, even a student in programming who knows how to program in basic can make a program that can do this. It won’t take a week to screen out these multiple registrants when this program is used.

Por ejemplo, (whatever that means), the program sorts out one name, Aaron B. Abacer. It then looks to the next name in Alpha order and comes across another name, Abacer, Aaron B., sorts out the same identical name and compares the rest of the data like so :

The program asks, do these two names have similar middle names such as B. for Baraco?

If so, do they have similar Dates of Birth? Same Birthplace, Same mother? Same father? Same sex? Same occupation? Same wife?

If any three of these items (forget the wife item) are similar, then the computer transfers this name to another ‘quarantined’ file called ‘duplicated registrants’, and so forth and so on. Of course, only that name with the latest registration date will remain on the ‘active’ file.

The same program will also sort out the registrants according to dates of birth,  or fathers, or mothers ,or birthplaces, or wives, ay forget the wives na lang. Magkakagulo pa!

(Simple lang yan! Hindi dapat ipangamba! Para kasi kayong iniihan ng pusa habang lumalapit na ang eleksiyon!)

The COMELEC  people are starting to act as if they themselves do not believe in automation!


Hairdo for the Girl on the go.

Ah, but she took off the hair clip—-nice! But she must have something more to give. So we’ll keep watching her for some time till she does.


And she should make sure the viewers remember what she said, not relying on people having good hearing.

What did she say her name was? Labada?


Unang Balita


Unang Balita on Unang Hirit.

GMA Pinoy Tv’s broadcasts are not particular about the names of their hosts being printed on the screen. They rely on mentioning the names. I keep missing their names when these are mentioned.

Bob and Bobby Harrison

bobby254Bobby and his Dad sing a duet.  Bobby is a finalist in the Australia’s  Got Talent  Show.

To see video clip, click here.

Another Doc Severinsen in the making?

Maybe an Al Hirt?

Harry James?


Dis is it!


Cebu Inmates


Cebu Inmates in Formation.wmv

Call Center, Costa Rica?

I re-ordered GMA Pinoy Tv from Bell Expressvu and guess who handled the call,

a call center from Costa Rica.

And Paul, the agent, spoke in perfect Canadian English.

This is one for the books!

Geraldine Flores


Geraldine Flores, looking like Anna Maria Alberghetti

and wants to sing like Anna Maria Alberghetti

is presented at Pilipinas Got Talent.

Mayhaps, to ensure the success of this endeavor, she should start, or re-start, taking formal lessons before she reaches 23 years of age.

If there would be too much adversity against this career, mayhaps she should refrain from exploring the high c’s.

After all, a lot of successful singers did avoid swimming in the high c’s.

(pardon the pun)

face2 She has been better than most of the talents presented in this show so far.

To watch Geraldine’s performance, click here

Skiing Down Mt. Everest

This is Yuichiro Miura who skied down Mt. Everest.


Crazy! He should have realized that the rarefied air will not provide a decelerating force to his small parachute. And then again, a larger parachute would not have opened for him. Also, he kept skiing laterally on the side of the mountain instead of vertically. He was probably trying to avoid a cliff ahead of him. But he ran into frozen ice which made the skis useless in controlling his descent. Skis are used for snow, not ice.

(Click on the blue .wmv video clip to watch his effort)

Down, down the mountain side.wmv


The C-in-C

or Commander In Chief for short.

There will not be  much loyalty for a C-in-C who will step down in less than 2 months.

Allay your fears—the worst she can do is show  appreciation to those whom she is indebted to, politically or otherwise.

Final Fantasy XIII

Speaking of art work, the new video game, Final Fantasy XIII, features unbelievable art work and graphics. It’s brightness was also cranked up to brilliant levels.

Best to play this on a 46″ 1080p LED at 240 hz. You’ll get glued to the set just watching the resolution unfold.

Op Art by tfc

These are the kind of pictures that you would see while promenading in the art gallery. These ones, however, are not created on purpose but came about due to some mechanical or electronic faults. The culprit—–tfc, or ABS-CBN if you please. The frames come up on the tv screen whenever the streaming video signal is not in sync. These are lovely to look at. But who  would pay to watch these frames on tv for hours at an end? It is somewhat disappointing, if not frustrating!





















Beautiful, aren’t they. But they do away with the purpose of watching tv.

I also noticed that these pixelized pictures accompany the ABS-CBN shows that feature Pinky Webb on camera. Perhaps those video editors finally realized that Pinky is actually a work of art.




 (I think I made her day again!)

Virus Alert—Facebook

Facebook is hit by a password-stealing virus.

If you receive an email that says your password has been reset, delete the email and don’t reset your Facebook password.


Crossword Puzzle No. 15



(Suggest to print this out and work on it) 



This fight was not as exciting as we thought it would be. Clottey chose to hide behind exceptionally large gloves.

This style is reminiscent of the style used by Floyd Patterson to take away the heavyweight title from Ingemar Johansson, excepting Floyd’s  forehead was not as covered as Clottey’s.

The boxer who uses this style would be prone to losing on points because he would rely on a devastating jab to do the heavy damage to the opponent. Either that or he would have enticed his opponent to engage in toe-to-toe exchanges. Pacquiao knew better to stay away, and therefore Clottey’s jabs lost much of its sting.

It was clear that Pacquiao’s corner was at a lost as to how to counter this style. They never expected this from Clottey who would have been the more aggressive boxer since he was not the holder of the crown.  Clottey, as a matter of personal strategy, covered himself as an armadillo would. And he would  have succeeded in doing a lot of blistering damages to Pacquiao had he not ran out of rounds.

If I were Pacquiao, I would have approached Clottey at an angle towards my right. Clottey’s jabs coming from his peek-a-boo style would be effective only if he faces his opponent directly. Jabs would be ineffective if the opponent is facing him at an angle. (Militarily, this is termed as ‘echelon to the right’). And thence I would throw right crosses at Clottey to a point behind his left ear, and left uppercuts on his chin and punches at his belly. Clottey would be busy all the while spinning around in his effort to face me directly so he could throw his jabs at me. Simple, isn’t it.

Gosh, I could have been a good prizefighter, only thing is—-muscles do not seem to grow on me. :lol:

Alexis Morrison


Alexis  Morrison

(Who #6 is now eleven years old.  She is the daughter of Josie Quiza of Baliwag, Bulacan, and Michael Morrison)

In One Bundle….


This package is loaded—-


Pinky  Webb

Take my word for it. This one is a born leader.

Or a manager, if you please.

I am now sure that this network outfit does not know the talent that it has in its backyard. Mayhaps just plain recognition will not do, eh?


Concerts cancelled

By the way, the Canadian concerts of Nora Aunor were cancelled.

It appears Fil-Canadians still remember her last concerts here.

Send us Vilma Santos and we’ll see….

The Adidas Red-Blue Jacket

Finally I got one of these red-blue Adidas jacket with the ‘Philippines’ embroidered at the back and the country’s emblem at the front.

This is getting scarce around here and it set me back $115 for one jacket.

This is exactly the one worn by Manny Pacquiao!

G-2 Palpak!

Really now, an army that loses more than a dozen men in two ambushes is having difficulty in finding capable intelligence staff.

Notwithstanding this deficiency, an army never sends a patrol out in plain view of non-military people in and out of the camp. And then there are memory lapses with the staff that forgets there are cell phones in use by the civilians.

The enemy is forewarned via cell phones. The NPA will not be able to mass 70 armed men for an ambush if there were no notice of when and where an army patrol would be. Cell phones were also used in the Mindanao massacre, and in the ambush of 14 marines, and also in kidnappings.

Either the cell phones warned the enemy, or there are still moles in the camp.

And then again, this is the consequence of what I have been saying about the 5 o’clock army in Mindanao. The patrols have to get back home in time for supper.

What the Army needs is C-rations for three to six days of sniper sorties in the jungle. Now why did they not think of this before? Gosh, a squad of snipers bivouacked in the jungle for six days could do a lot of damage towards the enemy, no?


Weekend TV Patrol



Tired, Weary and Bushed….

whichever comes first….,






Too darn tired. I could sleep anywhere, everywhere.

(photos from Sushil Mohan, Houston)

(Sent in by Dony)

In the kitchen


Kitchen Lore.wmv

(check this bread out!) face2

Pink Bulb


Just to break the monotony, eh?