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Women over 40

Studies show that women over 40 have reduced chances of having children, and even if they did have so, chances are the childrem may be less than normal.

NOW, we should not believe this. The statement is not true!

The moral of this is that statements that begin with “studies show that….” and then fails to mention the group that did the study, the number of people subjected to the study,  and the organization that commissioned the study are misleading. It could go without saying that the people who make statements as sweeping as this and do not offer proof afterwards are not telling the truth. They are only pulling your lovely legs.

Take a gander at this one—a statement that says there are bugs unaffected by antibiotics and these bugs are actually in our drinking water. The proof should be in this video clip:

Superbugs that you drink.wmv


Studies should have conclusions based on facts!


ROLANDO wows them

At long last the country has again another talent search. This time it is ABS-CBN’s Pilipino Got Talent.  The initial presentation of this show had Rolando and some others providing the big boost.


ROLANDO showed the superior calibre of Pilipino kids. Watch him in action in this video clip. He is six years old :

Rolando Does His Thing.wmv

I’ve always said that given the right environment, Pinoy kids will be tops when they grow up. I wonder if Rolando’s parents have him enrolled in a Montessori school?


The Tahitian

Finally, the highly capable Wowowee improvisation staff thought up of something different—the tahitian dance. And while a lot of the dancers can do this dance after some training, it appears that the regular dancers did not do this tahitian. I know for a fact that the dancing staff aren’t able to do a bellydance, nor a pasodoble, a foxtrot, or whatever. But a tahitian, they can do this.



This tahitian which was performed at Wowowee looks cluttered with bamboo poles and blinded by disco lights  which, unless one is in the live presence of the dancers, would only see flashes of movements by the dancers. Such a situation would diminish the appreciation for the dance itself.

If the dance instructors are still experimenting how to make the TFC subscribers happy, try teaching first the Hawaiian Wedding Dance, if they are bold enough to present this dance without the blinking strobe lights.

Dare you! 36_1_46

Celebrity Endorsements

There is no concrete evidence to prove that endorsements of political candidates by celebrities has been the main factor for the former to get elected.  Ask the Americans if you will.

Celebrities do attract the voters to come and listen to the candidates who make their pitch for the votes. These voters do listen, and listen only. The bottom line is—- it is still the candidates’ woo that would influence their votes, not the celebrities. Isn’t this good for the country?

There is still a way to get around this law, if there really is such a law. The celebrities may go with the candidates. They would have a presence felt with the candidates. But they would not say anything that would be in line of asking peoiple to vote for the candidate. The celebrity would be assumed to be there for the moral support only, get it.

And as long as the ABS-CBN people do not use the facilities of ABS-CBN, or any of its equipment, to endorse or help a candidate’s campaign, he or she (and ABS-CBN) may not be guilty of politicking.

The Comelec, basking under the near flawless trial runs of the polling equipment, is being carried away by promulgating this celebrity endorsement thing with the stupor of euphoria and in the name of fairness.

If you ask me, the Comelec has done away with its being a nuisance—-it is now on a power trip.

(Heaven help those who gets tripped) face2



Syrain’s Birthday

She is now eleven years old. Eleven?





Haydee, Syrain and Steve DeGray

(Happy Birthday to Syrain. She gets a computer today. Eleven, eh?)flower02

Emmett in a movie

Remember EMMETT? His photo appeared here a while back?

Well he is now in a movie—-

emmetts1 SEE?

Seniors’ discounts

Tremendous applause welcomes the Senior Citizens’ discounts. But it is still not enough for the Seniors’ Benefits. It is a great gesture, though, and a lasting legacy.

No state of emergency for all Mindanao. People get scared under this situation. It can be attained without declaring it, anyway. There are limits of the state of emergency which can be explored. The Army must be that knowledgeable, though.

The water lies underneath your feet. Dig wells. These should not require too much depth to reach water. It may even flow up by itself and pumps may not be required at all.

Why else would water flow from artesian wells naturally even if these wells are situated above the level of the rivers? As if there were underground aqueducts.

Either that or water would be trucked in from the lakes!


Re-use the water. Store your bath water for tomorrow’s bath!

Don’t flush the pee if it is somewhat clear! 36_1_13





Il Divo sings Mama at Barcelona

(Click on blue Mama.wmv to watch this video clip)

Cora Eugenio

From Mrs. Cora Eugenio comes these pictures—

cora3 Her daughter’s photo
















Her son’s picture

cora4And hers—-

Again, I do not know their names. The email did not say.


Sino na nga ba ang Gubernador diyan?painter

Water, water

There is water all around the Philippines,

but not around where it is needed.

The DA is again caught with their pants down.

They could have had the foresight of digging wells all over strategic places in the country with permanently built water pump stations. Why would the DA keep trying to achieve self-sufficiency in food for the country by just relying on importations. Why can’t they think of something positive for a change.


The Spectre of National Broadband

Now arises the growling need for a national broadband when the communications companies of Globe, Smart, PLDT threaten to throw a wrench on the automation project of Comelec in what is clearly a ploy for more money.

It should be realized that these companies would only TRANSMIT the data coming from the precints towards the Comelec Center. These companies will not even process the data. So whom are they kidding? They are just conduits.

The cell phone companies do only one thing to any data relayed to them : they log the user (or sender) and then counts down the time of cell phone usage. That’s it. They just count down your alloted time.

So what is their problem of security? Will they be attacked? Gosh, either they are giving themselves more credit than they deserve, or they are actually asking for combat pay!

These companies do realize NOW that Filipinos would rather spend money to communicate with phones than drink San Miguel beer.

Before, it was the other way around, remember?
Now these private companies have a strangle hold on the communications business.

(note that if there were no PLDT, nor Smart, nor Globe around, the records of the polls are still intact in several data capture methods and could just be transmitted by means other  than digital. So let them go to wherever!)


Royal Fart

Look at the photos from top to bottom and guess if Philip farted or not.


Family Website

Wupps! Now the pictures come in bunches. But we’ll be selective in putting them up, no?

This is one family that advertises the website on their shirts.


Viardo Family (Germany/Sta. Maria, Bulacan)

In this photo: Jess Angcaya , Annie Viardo-Angcaya , Roberta Lapig-Viardo , Rodan Viardo Angcaya , Hadith Viardo (photos) , Catherine Viardo Angcaya , Prescy Viardo , Dennis Viardo (photos) , Joseph Viardo Angcaya , Ruen Aniversario , Chris Viardo (photos) , Shakky Viardo Aniversario , Lourdes Viardo-Aniversario , Loren Viardo Aniversario , Buenaventura Viardo (photos) , Aida Chico-Viardo

(Do check Facebook for some more photos)

Cumulus clouds

Look at it this way—–rain can be induced to fall if the clouds are seeded.

But you gotta find cumulus clouds to drop their moisture.

What do I mean by cumulus clouds?

Aba e di yung ulap na kumukulo, diba? :lol:

Cool’s Site

I found out just now that I have a site at named Cool’s Site.

Now I know that I can multiply by remote control! :lol:


First Gold Medal

The first ever olympic gold medal by a Canadian won in Canada goes to

Alexandre  Bilodeau

in Freestle skiing, Mens Moguls.


Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood

Natalie  Wood 




(click on Sunrise_Sunset for Power Point on Perry Como)

(Good photos by Ha Quang Thuan who composed this)

The Weekend Patrol

ABS-CBN’s weekend watch, the TV Patrol Linggo, iterates that the program has always been on the air without fail. Not to my knowledge.  The TV Patrol Sabado was aired on Sunday, not Saturday as was always on the Video On Demand. This goes to show how ABS-CBN ignores TFCKo in Canada.

But I guess it was Valentine’s Day so they lumped both days off on a Sunday. Somewhere, somehow, somebody goofed. If not, the blasted studio had a holiday. It is a holiday here, by the way, on Monday. The US will have a different statutory holiday than Canada but holidays for both countries, anyway.

Hey, I give credit when it is due, but nothing when it is not due.

I do give credit when  people look great though, and for this reason, I give them flowers.

Well, perhaps only one flower——


You guys look Great!


(I got home on Sunday anyway so I had no time to watch saturday’s, but still, I expected to see Saturday’s VOD there!)



We see more and more of this scenario as we get to the trailing end of winter. The cops find it difficult to catch this guy because the policemen are also snowmen and as such are not able to run fast enough.

Chris Viardo

The setting for this photo is Boracay. The ladies in the picture are Chris, Ofelia, Malia and Rosalina. I can’t tell which because the email did not explain.


Chris may be the one on the right! :lol:

Who #21

Who #16


(To Be Or Not To Be) cool_smiley (Naghanap ng Tutubi)

Chocolates and Flowers


From Me,



Miracle In The Rain

The plot is simple. The screenplay is slow-moving. Yet this oldie-goldie of a movie gets the viewer glued to the set by sheer force of character portrayal.

They met in the rain. Love starts in the rain, will never die in the rain.

Not much have been written about St. Andrew and yet……..



Jane  Wyman

Miracle Video Clip No. 1

Miracle Video Clip No. 2

(This theme is prime for a script, or even a skit, with the hero perishing when a ferry goes down somewhere in the Southern Philippines. But a performance like that of Jane Wyman’s will be very, very difficult to duplicate.)