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Of course you start the morning right with UKG, Umagang Kay Ganda!

Anything else is under-priveleged.UKG005


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This happens when people use the name of God in vain!

God does not need politics to sing his praises.

Radar Frequency ID

Compromise solution….

RFID tags will be compulsory for all public transportation vehicles.

RFID tags will be optional for private vehicles.

This should work…face2

The Good Die……..

“Only the Good Die Young

Kaya ba nagiingat na ako sa aking pagtawid-tawid!


Paul’s Website

New Website for Mrs. Lina Gil


 Friends and Family:

We have a temporary memorial website for Mom that you are welcome to visit and post your condolences and prayers:  

The above website will only be online for two weeks.  

If you have digital photos of Mom to share, please do email them to me. 

 Hope to see you at this weekend’s viewings and funeral service!


Mrs. Lina Gil

correction: Sunday the viewing will be 2 to 7 pm

Funeral is still 10;30 AM Monday but the Mass will be concelebrated.

The obituary may be printed here, too, if I can get a copy.

Snacks for the 9-day prayers will be at the St. Andrews Parish Hall.

Mrs. Lina Gil

Dear Friends and Family:

 Tuesday Sep 15:  Lina Gil passed away comfortably in her sleep at the Royal Alex Hospital today.  Her family was by her side as her pulmonary fibrosis ran its course.  We are all deeply saddened by her departure from this world, but there is joy in knowing that she is with her God now, and reunited with her husband, Ignacio.  We are also very grateful that family members were with her as she passed into the next life.


There will be viewings this Saturday from 2pm to 5pm, and again this Sunday, 2pm to 5pm. The Sunday event will have prayer services at 3:30pm. Both viewings will be at Connelly-McKinley funeral home (10011-114 street in downtown Edmonton). 


Her funeral will be this Monday at 10:30am, St. Andrew church, 12810-111 avenue.


9 days of prayer have already started, and will continue daily at 5:30pm, St. Andrew church. 


If you wish to send condolences, you are welcome to visit the website at, or reach me via the contact information below.  


Thank you for all your warm support!


Paul Gil

43 Gainsborough Avenue

St. Albert, AB

T8N 0W3

phone 780 953 7285

Mrs. Lina Gil

Mrs. Lina Gil passed away in the grace of God today September 15, 2009

The schedule of services will be posted here, too.

Close family relatives will start the Prayers for the Poor Souls in Purgatory

and thereafter these prayer sessions will move to the St. Andrews Church and will start at 5:30 PM.

mrs. Lina Gil


Mrs. Lina Gil

Prayer for Priests


Keep them, I pray Thee, dearest Lord, keep them,

For they are Thine—Thy priests whose lives burn out

before Thy consecrated shrine


Keep them, for they are in the world, though from the world apart;

when earthly pleasures tempt, allure

—shelter them in Thy heart.


Keep them, and comfort them in hours of loneliness and pain,

when all their life of sacrifice for souls

seems but in vain.


Keep them, and O remember, Lord,

they have no one but Thee,

yet they have only human hearts,

with human frailty.


Keep them as spotless as the Host,

that daily they carress:

their every thought and word and deed,

Deign, dearest Lord, to bless.


(Imprimatur: + D. Cardinal Dougherty, Philadelphia)

Mrs. Lina Gil

I hate to see a grown man cry,

I can’t bear to see  grown priests cry.

More phone numbers : 780-907-3842


All visistors allowed; two by two

Mrs. Lina Gil

Attention visitors to the ICU : Mr. Paul Gil has now given instructions to lift the visiting restrictions to the ICU for Mrs. Lina Gil. Visitors will be allowed to see her as long as they observe proper hospital decorum for the sick.

A volunteer screener may be posted close to the intercom so that you do not have to ring the nurse station for permission. If she is  not there, ring the ICU 230 and say whom you intend to visit and how many, then wait for instructions.

  The permission is given from the ICU desk but she is actually in the CCU for larger space to accomodate the equipment.

Mr. Paul Gil and Mrs. Minnea Gil Jones apologizes for those intending to visit Mrs. Lina Gil but were turned away from ICU , and they hope  for some understanding regarding this matter. They also apologize to the priests and other laymen who tried to communicate with Mrs. Lina Gil and that they were not informed of her condition.

She may expire this week.

The prayer group/s of Mrs. Gil is asked to meet and/or communicate to initiate plans for the prayers. A place in St. Andrews Church may be applicable.

What were Mrs. Lina Gil’s  wishes? A consensus of opinion is being gathered.

Mr. Paul Gil’s cell no. is 780-953-7285

other phone numbers will be provided.


She has supercharged this song. Perhaps we should listen, and LISTEN well.


The Aegis will tour the Norse countries next.




(click on the blue caption “LISTEN” to hear the supercharged song)


Mr. Paul Gil




Mr.  Paul  Gil

Dragon  Boat  Organizer



And On His Bike

Bernadette Sembrano


Water Slide…..

Don’t try this at home!



(Sent in by Joanna)

click on blue “Waterslide”

Witness Program?

If a person placed under the Witness Protection Program can be slain in his sheltered home, who can protect him?

Come to think of it, who else but the protectors would know where he is.

Mancao should take note pretty well. This slaying of a witness under the program may be a warning from some baaaad elements for all the witnesses for this case.

Back to the Beast

Chavit Nasabit has been found using the PSG (Presidential Security Guard) for his own personal bodyguard, specifically on the day when he beat up his common-Law wife.

This should explain the reason why, of all the positions he could have picked for the asking, he chose the position of Deputy National Security Adviser. He could the use the infamous PSG to protect him.

We can now speculate on some particular ramifications should he recant his statements that cut short the term of President Estrada.

Mrs. Lina Gil

 email forwarded from Regina, Saskatchewan —– 





From: Dony
Sent: Friday, September 11, 2009 8:30 AM
Subject: Petition
Dear Tom,
   I forgot how to post a petition. Will you be so kind as to post this for me?  Thank you very much.
I would like to ask for prayers for my 74 year old sister who was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and has a 20% chance of survival.  Thank you very, very much.  Dony Koh






To: Dony
Sent: Friday, September 11, 2009 2:15 PM
Subject: Re: Petition
Hello Dony
No problem, I’ve included your prayer request on todays listing.  You certainly may send your prayer requests directly to me if you wish, but it’s simple to post a petition.  Just send to  and that’s it.
God Bless
(note : Dony Koh is the wife of Professor Eusebio L Koh, author of the book  LIKE A MIMOSA.
 She is enplaning for Medjugorje on her established regular pilgrimage.
No word from Mr. Paul Gil about the condition of Mrs. Lina Gil
No visitors allowed without permission from the immediate members of the family.)

Mrs. Lina Gil

Just received from Mrs. Minnea Gil-Jones thru email—-


Dear Friends & Family,

 We have some sad news.  Yesterday afternoon, my mom’s lung biopsy report came back and the results are not favorable and they confirmed our worst fears.  Paul and I both spoke with her current attending pulmonologist, Dr. Shustack, and he discussed that the findings show that mom has irreparable, scarred lung tissue throughout both lungs.  She has been diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, prognosis is very poor as the disease is irreversible.  The mortality rate is 80%.  Dr. Shustack has forwarded her biopsy to a pulmonary specialist in Vancouver and once he gets that report back, they will then discuss the findings with Paul and myself.  Their intent is to find out what, if anything, can be done for mom right now and if they can identify the cause of her fibrosis.  As mentioned earlier, Mom had some mild respiratory symptoms over the past months, not longer than 6 months ago, involving some coughing, mild asthma, and one episode of pneumonia.  The doctors indicate that with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, there is a precipitating factor that causes symptomatic lungs like mom’s to tip in the direction of being irreversibly diseased.  Unfortunately, many times the cause is unknown.  But they did mention that this is the 3rd case of IPF that they have seen in the hospital in the past month, which is statistically unusual.  His suspicions is that the cause may have been viral or even environmental.  It is still a mystery.  But as many of you know, she was acting normally and with a normal activity level just 2 weeks ago, and then rapidly deteriorated in a matter of 48hrs to the point where she is now.
In the meantime, the doctors are trying every option left to see if Mom responds to any treatment.  Dr. Shustack has prescribed treatments of extremely high steroids as of last Monday to see if that may get her lungs to respond.   If they do, then we should (see)some improvement over the next couple of weeks.  The odds are not in our favor, however, but we will try every option that we can to help mom recover from this illness.
Mom is still in the ICU at the Royal Alec Hospital, but we are reassured that she is comfortable.  She is heavily sedated as she fights her breathing tube and tries to remove it when she is lucid.  On many occasions, she will open her eyes for a moment and can sometimes nod or shake her head in response to “yes” or “no” questions.  She is accepting visitors and it is obvious that she enjoys seeing her family and friends.  She is not contagious, so feel free to visit at any time, although the nurses often limit visitors to only 2 at a time.  She enjoys being read to from the Bible, but goes in and out of her sedation frequently.
I am back in Denver now with my family as Chris and I had to return to work and save up our leave and the kids had to return to school while we await further instruction from Mom’s doctors.  Paul and Joanna visit her at the hospital daily and are attending to mom’s affairs in the meantime.
Thank you for your continued support, thoughts, and prayers.  Right now, we need all of the prayers we can get.
( Note: Mrs. Minnea Gil-Jones works as a nurse in the operating room. She also has a University degree in Genetic Engineering)

Mrs. Lina Gil

Mrs. Lina Gil is still in the Royal Alexandra Hospital ICU.

Her son, Mr. Paul Gil, and her daughter, Mrs. Minnea Gil-Jones, wish to extend their gratitude to all visitors and well-wishers  for her recovery.

They also ask the priests, friends, and prayer groups to just wait for further announcement in this website or their email addresses.

Close friends and relatives may also relay information about her well-being.

This should start a new category in this website : the community services category.

The Palaspas won…

and Noynoy Aquino will run for President of the Philippines in 2010.

Electing him would have meant electing the rest of his family

which shall bear the brunt of restoring a damaged democratic structure in Philippine politics.

It remains to be seen, however, whether these palm fronds will travel down south of the Philippines, and not wither in the process. The aura of the beloved Tita Cory may not sparkle that long. face2

Another ferry sank

We will never learn.

I did say before when the mv Princess sank that the problem is in the lashing of the cargo.

There must be latches on the cargo hold. If the cargo is not secured properly, babalandra iyan sa gilid ng ferry. It might create a gaping hole afterwards, or it might induce an imbalanced load on the ferry. The ballasts will thereafter be unable to correct sudden shifts in weight.

When the mv  Princess sank, I did say the priority was to patch the holes and refloat the ship, but the dingblasted authorities concentrated on securing the toxic cargo. I even said if the toxic cargo were in paint containers as it turned out to be correct, then it would not leak. So they should raise the ship instead.

Now, with this ferry, it would be easier to weld some patches on the holes, pump the water out simultaneously as air is forced in, and the ship will float.

The Captain of the Superferry acted in a steady and professional manner and is mostly responsible for decisions that saved a lot of lives!

The nerve of this guy….

chavit198telling Malacanang that he will not take a leave, and they have to fire him if they can.

Clearly he is thumbing his nose at Malacanang which have the choice of taking up  this dare and fire him as Deputy National Security Adviser, or just  take it with a whimper.

It appears that this man has challenged the Administration at its own game of intimidation by justice of the court implications.

Fire me if you will

What the Administration will do with this challenge  will determine whether it is truly scared of the dog it has created, and that this dog is the one that is actually holding the leash.face2

(click on “Fire me if you will”)