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Maalaala Mo Kaya


Message from Charo-Santos Concio 




You went away and my heart went with you*

I speak your name in my every prayer

And if there’s some other way

to prove that I love you I swear

I don’t know how.

You’ll never know if you don’t know now!

*Lament for OFW’s



High Hopes


Yup! They’ve been trying to sing ever since.

Palyado na yung una despalinghado pa yung pangalawa!

Hindi na nga bale, dadaanin na lang nila sa ganda! smiley_013


Jose Velez

Velez Clip No. 1

Velez Clip No.2

Velez Clip No. 3


(Click on Velez blue video clips to watch him in action)

Bernadette Sembrano


Lawyer’s Mistake

The Mancao testimony in the court was barred from the press.

His lawyer, however, made false remarks to the press regarding the masterminds of a murder, which were subsequently printed all over the papers. It appears that Mancao never said that Senator Lacson and then President Estrada ordered the killing of Dacer and his driver, Corbito.

This was a mistake because Mancao never made such a statement. The lawyer, Topacio, can be disbarred for this. Senator Lacson will now file charges against him.

Zen Hernandez

She is also on ANC Mornings.



Teachers’ Paranoia

Whoa! Wettaminit! Teka muna, teka muna….I was not referring to 80,000 IT personnel deputized as COMELEC surrogates. This would place 1 IT personnel for every voting precint. This would not only be extravagant, but it will create confusion. The COMELEC will be handling the logistics  not only for the teachers but for this 80,000-man army as well. This is a no-no! And  what would this IT personnel be assigned to do?  Why,  just  to hold the hands of teachers who happened to be terrified of high tech.

No offense meant to the teachers, but while they are known to handle the computer keyboards well, they are also known to panic when they make mistakes. But this automated system will be as simple as pie. In truth, operating these machines are lots, lots simpler than operating the checkout registers in a grocery store.

OBSERVE: The cashier in a grocery store must operate a scale to determine the weight of an item, plus a scanner to scan the bar code, plus a visa or debit card reader, plus discount coupon readers, plus the cash register, and deal out change.

The teachers’ time in this automated elections would be concentrated mostly on the validation of the voters, and this procedure is easily done by scanning the voters’ cards and thumb print. The machines will do the verification. Afterwards the teachers will give the voter a ballot wherein they enter their choices. All the teachers will have to do is accept the completed ballot and run this through a scanner in front of the voter. That’s it! Next voter, please.

It is really very simple, just like peeling boiled peanuts on the shell!

The teachers are just paranoid, as if they are expected to fly a plane the first time around. COMELEC should start orienting some of them now for the hands on experience. Teach them how to use keys like escape, backspace, delete, and restart. This is similar to letting them touch the horse before they ride it. And we do not need special tutors to teach them this.


Clair Cooper


GAELIC  is the word for Miss Great Britain.

If you don’t know what gaelic means,

open Webster’s and search for the word,  ERSE.


(This word will come out again around these parts!)

The Source Code

The COMELEC  Members are not that engots to allow the source code for the automated election machines to be published on the web as other people want them to do.

Publishing this source code will be tantamount to doing away with the controls, screens, filters, and regulatory procedures by which the country is banking on for a clean election.

If people with dubious motives would learn of this source code, they could simply manufacture their own data for the results of the elections.

If confidence on the technical expertise of the COMELEC Members is the issue, then let the COMELEC Members select technical people who would act as their surrogates on automated election equipment.

Don’t you worry, Bayan, those who intend to cheat in the next elections would not even know how to cheat the equipment, as they themselves would not know which equipment to use for cheating.


Zyann Ambrosio


How to Vote More Than Once

Voting More Than Once

(Point on this blue caption and click once to run the video clip)

Wipe thumb with rubbing alcohol first before applying the indelible ink!


Canadian Drug Dealer on TV Patrol World

Augusto Lucio, deceased

Canadian Drug Dealer Slain


Augusto Lucio Kcomt, a Canadian, was slain in a shootout with PDEA agents


Shown is an id he carried as a consultant of the National Bureau of Investigation. It was alleged that he fired first in the shootout where he was in his car, a BMW. This car is notably the preference of Canadians amongst all the vehicles available, including the Mercedes.

You wouldn’t catch me standing still driving one of these cars, unless you corn-veniently set me up, in which case I can only be deader’n a corn on the cob.


Shown is his license to carry the sidearm of a 9mm H&K pistol. Note that the license expired on June 17, 2009. What weapon was he shooting with?

The name Augusto Lucio Kcomt is a little odd for Canadians. Also for Slavs, Balkans, Asians, and Orientals. But the name T Mock is indubitably Canadian. All the id’s displayed which were owned by the dead Canadian did not, however, have one item to prove that he was Canadian.


This plastic pharmaceutical container(shown here in inverted photo) can be found commonly in Canadian stores.  The label even bears Apple Cider, which is common in Canadian stores also. It is shown here as having been reused to hold the ecstasy capsules.

It is again demonstrated the power of the media.


A subsequent drug bust netted this man allegedly from China.

If you ask me, it is coincidental that the first and second names of the two drug dealers both start with A and L. If they are really drug dealers, then this A and L must be a code wherein they identify themselves to the others of the same trade.

That is, if you ask me. And I know you wouldn’t!


A Fine Day…..

……It really is for the Philippines this Ninoy Aquino day the August 21.

The country is splashe with the color yellow all day and all throughout.

The country is unselfishly united again.

And for the very few times that the Filipinos were united, the Aquino family has figured in these for at least twice. May the Aquino tribe increase!

Also making the day are the law enforcement agencies foiling some big time smuggling.

OR  SO  IT  SEEMS! qmark2


Bianca Manalo


Bahamas Miss Universe

Sofia Rudyeva


Bahamas Miss Universe

Jessica Umana


Costa  Rica


Bahamas Miss Universe

Afghan Elections


Afghan President Hamid Karzai and his Western allies have pronounced the country’s election a success, after voting passed off largely peacefully.

Mr Karzai hailed Afghans for braving Taliban “bombs and intimidations”. His praise was echoed by the US and Nato.

There were some attacks by insurgents, but the UN says the vast majority of polling stations were able to function.

President Karzai is facing challenges from about 30 rivals. Official results are not expected for two weeks.

“The Afghan people dared rockets, bombs and intimidations,” he told reporters as polls closed following a one-hour extension.

Mr Karzai praised the citizens who turned out to vote

“We’ll see what the turnout was. But they came out to vote. That’s great.”

In Washington, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said: “Lots of people have defied threats of violence and terror to express their thoughts about the next government for the people of Afghanistan.”

Mr Karzai said that based on reports by the interior ministry, 73 attacks had taken place in 15 provinces.

Among the violent incidents reported:

Taliban militants stormed a town in Baghlan, northern Afghanistan, preventing polling stations from opening, police tell AFP news agency. At least eight died in ensuing clashes with police

Taliban militants set fire to a bus on the Kandahar-Kabul highway in Ghazni, after offloading passengers and the driver, reportedly as punishment for violating a Taliban ban on using the road

Rockets hitting houses in Khost and Kandahar provinces killed two women and several children

More than 20 rockets landed in the capital of Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province, a Taliban stronghold

In northern Baghlan province, a district police chief was killed when Taliban militants attacked a police post

Some 300,000 Afghan and Nato troops were on patrol to prevent attacks during the presidential and local polls.


COSIM on salamat dok


Exploding LPG tanks

Again we publicize our stupidity to the rest of the world.

Low Pressure gas tanks, including propane tanks, have a life cycle of only ten years according to the way it is manufactured.

It could have been a simple matter of engraving on the gas tank the date on which it was manufactured. The tank is discarded after ten years has elapsed. This is done in all countries of the world. And we are supposed to be smart people. This thing only takes some common sense!

Now comes the problem—-who is to blame for this oversight?

Two Feast Dinners

Or was it two dinner feasts?

This topic is dragging on. Para tayong mga bata (na naman).

Malacanang puts the press staff on rotation to explain the unexplainable and defend the indefensible. The two dinners in the US that cost a total of $35,000 is truly a bit expensive and the Filipino people did not like the splurge. This is normal, referring to the resentment, although what was dined on is not exactly a bit to the liking as regards the price. The wine and the ambience, the la dolce vita, is wots done it to jack up the price.

When the people expressed their disapproval of the eating spree, Malacanang attempted to do damage control. This was the mistake. The damage control did more damage than the original damage. Malacanang could have ignored the swipes by the people, after which the whole thing would have died down and go away, leaving the media with merely the effort to raise their periscopes on the two dinner hosts to watch out for the favors in cash and kind that these two will receive from the Administration in return. But no they did not do this. Instead some lawyer, Romulo Macalintal, even dinged the media for raising the furor about the feasts, or dinners, or whatever.

That was the biggest mistake—-the media is a legitimate usiseros and tsismosos of the country and, their sole function of which is to inform the people of just about anything. The power of the media, however, lies in the fact that it can choose which particular bit of information will be given the bigger spread. And now, the topic of the overstated Bacchanalian feast has been given some emphasis by the media because of the unwarranted ding by Macalintal.

Furthermore, the Speaker of the house, Nograles, now admits that he signed the order for the other House members to go with the entourage, adding that the members of the entourage now will have to pay for their own expenses if the people disapproves. This is an insult to the people. This is analogous to telling the people kung-ayaw-nyo-huwag-nyo! He forgets that when he signed the order for the Representatives to go, this makes official their going, and therefore Congress should foot the bill.

How stupid. The more they open their traps, the deeper they get trapped.

But it is true, and I say that it is true, that this is their last dolce vita, if not their last gasp, as politicians!



Dinner host, scanning restaurant bill, to entourage : “I think we over-extended ourselves this time. That dinner was too expensive. And this AMBIENCE costs too much. Sino ba ang unorder nito?”

*another erapjoke

Facebook fraud

Scams on Facebook, sad it is to say, but—

Facebook Fraud

Twitter Problem

Twitter makes bad parents—-

Twitter Problem

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Maalaala Mo Kaya

Replays——I watch them, alright.


May isang punong granada

Na hitik na hitik ang bunga

Paano Neneng ang pagkuha

Naliligiran ng sinta.

Ihuli mo ako lamang ng isang ibong kilyawan

Barilin mo’t patamaan, nguni’t huwag lang masasaktan.