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My crystal ball certifies that this is true :

All those born between August 1, to August 7 this year

will celebrate their birthdays

between August 1 to August 7 this year.

No kidding! This will happen!

Dolphy at 81


 Dolphy is an anomaly.

He is one of the very few good men

Who did not die young.

His rendition of this song “Ikaw na Nga”

Has compelled me now to listen to it in its entirety.

It is truly the singer, not the song!

Ikaw Na Nga

(Perhaps this song would be less boring if sung with the key an octave higher!)


Marking a Line on the Dirt

So now it becomes a matter of who can and who cannot step on American soil!

Just like a couple of barefooted kids marking a line on the dirt and asking others to erase this line.


Awarding By Innocence

I did decide , some innumerable whiles back, that the way the winners for the arts and entertainment awards were selected haphazardly, presumably by drawing straws. Up to today, I never believe that any of the awards for anything involving the arts were justifiable and ably judged. No offense meant to the judges, but their people are there, the expertise is there, but the scope that they are using has a lot to be desired in order to obtain a non-controversial decision.


Put it this way, art is subjective, and grading a piece of art work requires the same evaluation as is required for marking a student’s essay in English. The evaluation would not be as exact as a grade in math. Each teacher, reading the same essay, would have a different opinion and evaluation for the essay. And even if they have similar opinion about the essay, the teachers’ proficiencies in English would then be the subject of scrutiny. Would they be well-versed in American English, British English, Australian English, Carnival English, Runyonesque English, or what? What would they be using as a measuring stick, the Juilliard School’s, the Stratford-on-Avon’s,  the Academy Award’s, the Cannes Festival’s, the Tchaikovsky Contest’s, the Florentine Renaissance School’s, or the Payatas Academy of Arts’ method.


Perhaps they have their own method of evaluation—and it could never be worse than this. The judges see the arts and entertainment in the Philippines with a scope as narrow as what would be experienced within the confines of the country only. These people may have never been immersed in the different aspects of arts and entertainment abroad. In other words, they see the arts and entertainment in the Philippines only in a Philippine perspective, as if all the aspects considered are in a box, and they would be innocent of that which is outside this box. It is of no surprise that the decisions of these people become controversial. Worse, the decision for the awards have never been penned to document the reasons why the choices were made. Perhaps everything is decided from just a show of hands. This is decision based on innocence.


To see a world in a grain of sand,

And a heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

And eternity in an hour.


The poison of the honey bee

is the artist’s jealousy.


The winner’s shout, the loser’s curse,

Dance before dead England’s hearse.


Auguries of Innocence

By William Blake


Homogenized milk

Infants can die early of too much cholesterol in milk?

NAH! you’re just pulling my leg.!

1% milk is called skimmed milk

3% milk is called homogenized milk, the common one.

10%milk is called cream milk for coffee and such.

I use the 10%, and I don’t drink it, I sip it.

I use the 3% for cereals, which I don’t take much.

I use gatas ng kalabaw for my steamed rice!

Kids may die early of too much cholesterol if they happened to grow old backwards.

I don’t grow old backwards. I don’t grow old at all! And you’re still pretty nevertheless!

So there! OK?


Matitinik Talaga ang mga Manuel!

Presidential candidate Senator Manny Villar stunned the worldwide Philippine electorate with a free house and lot for each of the six OFW contestants in the Wowowee program.

(click on blue “Sikap at Tiyaga” caption)

Sikap at Tiyaga

This should provide him with a go-ahead status in the polls for presidentiables.

Revealed in this Wowowee program is Villar’s ace up his sleeve—his lovely daughter. She should most assuredly propel him towards the presidency.

Tribute to the OFW\’s

She should make a handsome First Daughter!



He should……ah never mind!

Voting rules

COMELEC rules dictate that I am not eligible to vote for Manny Villar.

But I will vote for her for just about anything she runs for.

rules or no rules.

(What was her name again?)


Hot Spot

Yesterday the hottest spot in Canada was in British Columbia,

where temperatures recorded were at 45 degree celsius. Corn matured faster here, and maybe pigs come home roasted.

The pavement is at 57 degrees, and the car exterior is at 78 degrees, and that can roast pertatoes.

This was measured by Robin Stickley, Global news.

Tribute to Migratory Filipinos


A whole lot of the Arroyo Administration achievement  was done with the aid of the dollar remittances of the Migratory Filipinos, commonly called the OFW’s.


Not much commensurate praise was laid on them by this SONA, however. Pity the lovers that get separated because one had to work for a living abroad.


As one notestaffharlequin OFW sings to another harlequin OFW—-



You’ll never know just how much I miss you

You’ll never know just how much I care

And if I try I still couldn’t fight my love for you

You ought to know for haven’t I told you so

A million or more times.


You went away and my heart went with you

I speak your name in my every prayer

And if there’s some other way

To prove that I love you I swear

I don’t know how.

You’ll never know if you don’t know now. notestaff

(When I was younger, circa 1910, I used to sing this to my girl friend

during those times when she forget to send me Baby Ruth bars!)


The Sound off


Them’s fighting words!

After making one heedless public apology,

She is not about to say sorry again,

Hence this ken-leon-ken-tigre,


Kung ayaw niyo, huwag niyo stance.


She rattled off all the achievements of her administration,

Skipping the bad things that happened during her watch,

Bad things that would compel her to apologize again,

Which is what the public would like her to do,

So they can ignore her again.


Tarry a while,

This stance do create more negative impressions from the public.

But it also creates the impression of strength from amongst the

Heads of State of the rest of the world.


Strength implies permanence. This would serve her well in her

Negotiated agreements with international  leaders.


But while

This affords her a leverage over her international palavers,

Back home remains the nagging question of whether she can deliver.


If she declares simply she will not pursue any public office come 2010,

The well-knit organization that now does her bidding

Will simply disintegrate

Before 2010.



Wowowee sometimes do not recognized the talents that it has, most possibly because there are many in the fold. Like this one—–congrad061

With that height, she could be an imposing bellydancer. It would be a first for the Philippines, too! And that’s a dare!

Check this one out, a traditional belly dance.

From \”Bellydance Divas\”

Gamma green

bernie125 This type of green is photo enhanced using gamma. Whatever that is!

Otherwise the color will not stand out, no?

Bernadette Sembrano

Military action halted

The military action against the rebels in Mindanao is halted. This situation is believed to be conducive to resumption of talks betweenm the milf and the Philippine government.

The suspension of hostilities is only applicable to the milf rebels, not the Abu Sayyaf terrorists.

How does one distinguish between them, anyway?

Well, if we must, we must!


Come to think of it, if that area were developed economically, there would have been no need to negotiate with the milf, nor with anybody, for that matter.

Nefertiri Earrings

Ginger Conejero


The earrings double as wind chimes!

Kaunting Tiis, Bayan

Hinay lamang,

Kaunting tiyaga, at kaunting hinahon,

Upang maiwasan ang taga ng panahon.


Let us not let this charge happen again, bayan,

Nakapaghintay tayo ng siyam na taon

Kaunti na lang ang natitirang siyam na buwan.

Relak lang!

Mayroon din naman siyang mabuting nagawa

Kahit na kaunti!


The Charge of the Pandesal Brigade


Dregs of society

Scum of the earth

Themselves they know this

Let no outsider say this!


Out to prove something

That they can also ask for something

People is what they are

Let people say so.


Pandesal for c-rations

With coco jam, or margarine-sugar,

or the sardine luxury

or tasteless boiled egg.


Sticks for swords

Rocks for missiles

Against tear gas and truncheons

Rubber bullets and real bullets.


Leaderless overall

But leaders born

Whoever dares to go forward

Leads the mass onward.


Shorn of El Shaddai

Betrayed by INC

Denied by leftist champions

Beset by hunger

Buffeted by taunts

Cries of anger

Pleas for recognition

And then back to the barricades.


The charge goes once

And then twice

Thrice, four times

Each time the barricades go down

And with them goes

The science of crowd control

And the image of the

Philippine Crowd Dispersal Units.




There will be no honors


No medals, not even praises

Only whispered tributes

From newly discovered bonds

With the silent glow of pride

That theirs was a magnificent charge

So magnificent that nobody else

                                                                                       Dares own it, nor disown them

                                                                                                         No more.


“When can their glory fade?

O the wild charge they made!

All the world wondered.

Honor the charge they made,

Honor the Pandesal Brigade,

Noble Pandesal Brigade.”






Newton Apple


What can I say?

Well, er,ah, newton apple of my eye?

Celine Dion and David Foster


Celine Dion with David Foster’s arrangement of

The First Time Ever I saw Your Face

(Set your sub-woofer on and click on the caption at next line)

The First Time ever I Saw Your face

Ridiculous protest

It is ridiculous, stupid even, to protest against a SONA that has to be delivered yet!

The SONA, or the State of the Nation Address, is scheduled to be given by the President on July 27, but protests against it are now ongoing.

The aim of the protests is not to stop the delivery of the SONA but to inform people that it will tell lies.

This is ridiculous. The SONA is a report, and whether it contains lies or not, it is still only a report, will not do anything, will not affect anything, but will still be only a report.

So why turn everything upside down to protest against it. If the SONA tells lies, then contradict the lies, write against it, shout over the media and argue against it, don’t believe in it, but at least wait until you hear it.

BAYAN, let us come to our senses. We are acting stupidly. Listen to the SONA first. Then kalampag all you can if you do not like it!

BAYAN, para kayong mga batang umiiyak na agad kahit na hindi pa napapalo!



Vancouver is the nicest place in Canada weather-wise.

It is actually the warmest place in Canada.

It is also the port of entry for immigrants coming in from the Pacific, and thence it becomes the melting pot of the orient.

The wages in Vancouver are the highest in Canada. it follows that the price of commodities is also the highest.

But still, it is the warmest, most scenic spot in Canada.

Hamming it up



Finally they get on the right breakfast cereal track.

The choreog can be zanier, though! 1ST

(Just click on  the blue “Hams”)

Plumb Right

Hokay, this is the right color.

Humor me, people. I just like to to do this, ibigay ang hilig!


glo016 She speaks before the NAM (Non-   Aligned Movement meeting          

 in Egypt.  The Philippines has a 

unique situation with the muslims

of Southern Mindanao.



 (click on blue caption to watch the speech)

The Speech in Egypt

Not Plumb Right

glo202a Wuups! Not the right color.

This, I believe is what they call


Not Newton Apple color.

Newton Apple is light green,

lile Manzanitas Green.

Diplomatic War

After it was discovered that some Mexicans entered Canada by making false refugee declarations, the Canadian Immigration imposed some requirements on visas to Mexicans.

A refugee status  provides the Mexicans with some money coming from the Canadian taxpayers.

As a reaction, Mexico imposed its own visa requirements towards Canadians. Diplomats from Canada now will have to apply for Mexican visas before they can enter Mexico.


It’s Raining Gree-een

Now there’s green in profusion.

I am finding it difficult which one to put up first.

There are even comediennes and speechmakers wearing green.

It is truly raining green!

Yahoo!  face2