Recapping Driveway Block

Yesterday the trailers returned.

An old man was driving it and he proceeded

to cut my neighbor’s grass by himself.

I remember this guy as the one who promptly

admitted before,

and apart from the others,

that blocking my driveway

was against the law.

He parked the trailer well clear of all driveways.

And even if he blocked my driveway

I will allow it because I do not have 

an emergency situation yesterday.

For this end I am wont to recommend to Yardworx

that he be given a million dollars raise.

Now if that is too much

maybe half-a-million would do..

Have a heart, people.

This senior-aged guy is trying to earn a living.

Incidentally and after the trailer left,

I noticed some lady talking to my neighbor.

She must be from the City of Edmonton,

because nobody around these parts

could sport such hair as she’s got

which is a stunning blonde.

If everything that happened yesterday was

under the auspices of the City of Edmonton,

this should prove that the ladies of the

local government do

have hearts.

From Councillor Aaron Paquette

I am much priveleged

to receive a response

from the respected Councillor of Ward Dene——

Blocking Driveway

Aaron Paquette

1:14 PM (6 hours ago)

to me
Hello Emmanuel,
I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with a company truck blocking your driveway. Have you spoken with the company, and the driver, to ensure it doesn’t happen again? I also recommend calling the non-emergency police line if you want to make a complaint if they do block your driveway again.


City Crest w banner bronze.jpg

Hannah Hamilton (She/Her)



780-496-8138  OFFICE

2nd Floor, City Hall

1 Sir Winston Churchill Square

Edmonton AB T5J 2R7

The contents of this message and any attachment(s) are confidential, proprietary to the City of Edmonton, and are intended only for the addressed recipient. If you have received this in error, please disregard the contents, inform the sender of the misdirection, and remove it from your system. The copying, dissemination, or distribution of this message, if misdirected, is strictly prohibited.

From Lowly Me


Here is my reply—-

Emmanuel Viardo

6:47 PM (42 minutes ago)
to Aaron

I was disappointed when the company driver just scoffed at me and made fun of my suggestion to unblock..

The lady owner of the house even shouted at me as if she owned me!
Her and the company driver even let me hear that they are revelling at my suggestion.
(Watch Yardworx7.mp4)
However, your suggestion to report this to the police non-emergency line is one good way to solve
this problem. It is my intention also to have this company to acquire as many complaints from me as they deserve so that other Edmontonians would be alerted.
Now if you will pardon me, I will report these infractions to the police non-emergency line
and also the 311. Call me naughty, but it is about time the City gave me a helping hand.
Or two hands to boot.
Your reply is very much appreciated, thank you very much
(This document will not be publicized as long as I am certain this came from you, Mr, Paquette, and not your staff)

The Closing Argument

And so the not so fruitful saga

of the Yard Worx blockade continues.

This time the City of Edmonton is not adversarial

nor argumentative.

It actually is on a dismissal mode

of some nuisance

which is me (pat-on-the back, pat-on-the-back!)

For Reference No. 8024183103 comes

the promised call from ‘private number, private Name’.

The caller assures that this call is from an office in City Hall

and that her designation is CPO487.

She did not give permission for me to print this.

She sounds more like a teacher in a chastening mood,

and proceeded to give suggestions as to how to file 

complaints to the city.

She said that since the truck is not there anymore,

she is not going to do anything about the complaint.

She did say that the Reference Number

8024183103 will only be closed

and not removed.

This is good because because i will refer to this number

every time Yard Worx blocks my driveway.

Now it is my turn to recommend to the City Government

of Edmonton how to deal with “nuisance” complaints

about blocking driveways.

The City Council should consider issuing permits

to companies that service residential areas to allow

them to park anywhere for a specified and limited

length of time with the condition to move out

under emergency situations.

You know, just like ambulances, firetrucks, and police cars?

These permits will also provide more income for the city.

And now, the surprise—





Now we see the benefits of having video cameras

installed all over the place.

This had been very useful in solving

the vandalism that was done on that Hyundai.

The camera caught the guy opening the

glove compartment to pocket my cell phone.

I called the police which recovered the cell phone

from a store in West Edmonton.

It is also a good thing to list down the serial

number of your cell phone.

The police tracked it down  before the day was over.

Remember—-video cameras.

De-scaling Activity In Kiev

Putin promised to de-scale activity in Kiev

but he he did not promise to STOP activity in Kiev.

So Russia can still send four missiles only

instead of eight.


Ukraine has not done anything positive to prove that

it will do something as per negotiations.

For one thing,

Ukraine keeps admitting in weapons from Nato.

if Ukraine stops, Russia will stop.

It is a give and take,

As per negotiations.

At any rate, the Western World has proven again

that it cannot sling correctly their own language.

Moreover, it is Russia who has Ukraine on the ropes.

Now why would Russia stop hitting Ukraine

if Ukraine still does not cry Uncle.

Go, boy, go!


Probability of WW III continuaremos

(whatever that means)

Going back to the Korean War….

MacArthur had the North Koreans up against the wall,

which happened to be the border

between North Korea and China.

Suddenly, the North Koreans piloting Migs 

attacked the Army from right across the Yalu River.

They had bases in China across the Yalu River.

So MacArthur ordered the bases to be bombed.

This brought out a huge bugle-blaring Chinese Army

charging across the border.

This caused the Americans to retreat South up to the

38th Parallel where the new border between North and

South Korea now stands.

This also caused MacArthur to lose his command

because his decision to bomb the bases in China

could cause another World War.

Now, imagine that some overly patriotic Ukrainians

came across flying Nato jets from Poland

or even tanks for that matter,

would it not cause the Russians to react

as if the air is not within their control anymore?

The first wave of jets coming through from Poland

caused the Russians to be on the alert and prepare

for countermeasures.

The second wave of Nato jets coming through

would have started a reaction that would escalate to


Needless to say that Nato may not have

anything to do with this.

But that would not matter by that time.

The conflagration has started.

Poland air bases is now under attack.

Your question should be…..

why and how did the Ukrainians did it?

(This post is for you guys to consider

how to prevent the event from happening)

This PM Has Balls

Against all adversities and spurious objections,

this Canadian Prime Minister

enacted the Vaccine Mandate

and invoked the Emergencies Act

to enforce it.

Among all the international Heads of State,

the US of A included,

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has the bravado

to use methods to solve the country’s problems.

This guy has balls.

BTW, when I refer to all the

International Heads of State,

these should include also

the FEMALE Heads of State.

Thee I Love

The Truckers are now disobedient.

This should make it worse for them.

The protest can be branded

as a rebellious assault on the government,

the public places, and ultimately the public.

And while the public approves of their

right to protest, the public has been antagonized

by the harm done against their fundamental freedom.

Now they could not care less

for the anti-vaccine,

afraid-of-the-needle protesters.

It is a stupid excuse to cry freedom

and then harm other people’s freedom.

What they call freedom is not absolute.

The consequences of this protest is being compounded.

And for what,

to get the people affected by the blockage

to ask Trudeau to come down to their level

and talk to them.


What a good photo project that would make, eh?

The mistake of the truckers

is to use the trucks to paralyze the city.

What they could have done is shout

“I love the country, I love the PM.

Mr. Trudeau, Thee I Love,

please let us talk to you

in a place and time of your choosing.

Thee I love”

Friendly Persuasion.mp3

And then see what happens after the conference.

You may even get compensation for

the time you lost in the protest. 

(cross-border truckers only)

This I tell you as Cool-Ambo.

And they do not call me oracle for nothing.

Friendly Persuasion.mp4

Sergeant York

Sergeant Alvin York was at war

with war itself.

Until he was enlightened.

He actually went to war

against his conscientious belief.

But he finally came around,

when he realized it was a matter

of life and death.

Unvaccinated Americans are at war

with the vaccine itself.

And like sergeant York

they too will come around.

Seargeant York.mp4

Sergeant York.mpg

The Canadian Example

Protests all over set Canada as the model.

This is good.

This kind of protest that initiates the controversy

over individual rights and freedom.

From Canada’s example, the world will understand

what Democracy really entails

The world will learn how to do the protest,

and also what consequences it curtail.

Hail Canada

From thee we copy

From thee we dopey.

(Good, eh?)



Trudeau Has To Go?

There is one way to find out!

Hold a referendum.

And we will see if Trudeau’s mandate

receives 80% of the votes.


Not really.

More than 80% of Canadians

asked to be vaccinated.

And they will feel safer if the other

people, mostly those afraid of the needle,

would be vaccinated also.

And I will say right now,

whatever you hear,

and whatever you see,

Trudeau and his Party,

will win an election  held now,

and long afterwards.

(Remember that the mandate

targets those crossing the Us-Canada border!

And there are more unvaccinated Americans

than unvaccinated Canadians!

The Plague  will mostly surely

be carried  by the Americans)

freedom is not absolute




Canadian Goverment Reacts.

After two weeks of the Truckers’ illegal blockades,

the Canadian Government finally reacts  and incorporates

police action with pleas to cease and desist.

The reaction involves fines, prison sentences, and

suspension of Driver’s licenses.

It appears that the Canadian Government means it

when they say the law is the law.

An injunction is also placed on the blockage

of the Ambassador Bridge,

the economic highway between Canada and the US.

Now we will see who really are the heroes of the vaccine.

Ottawa Reacts

The residents of the capital City of Ottawa

have lost their patience.

And all the public offices concerned

with city governance responded by using the law

to break up the trouble created by the truckers.

The truckers knew that what they are doing is illegal.

If they still pretend that they do not,

then they should be warned

that the officers of the law may;

firstly, cancel their professional driver’s licence.

If they do not have a class 5 licences,

they will not be able to drive any vehicle.

Secondly, the police may impound their trucks.

They have to go to court hearings  which will

be time consuming.

All of these for what?

Fear of the needle,

and money from protest sponsors from Florida.

The truckers should be reminded

that they are Canadians

and they have no business

siding with the Americans.

Thirdly, the neighbors will afterwards be cool 

to the over-the-fence amenities

and the backyard parties

that they formerly enjoyed together.


Masque of the Red Death

Neither God 

nor the Devil

has Dominion Over All.

Masque of the Red Death.mpg

Masque of the Red Death.mp4

Religion has nothing to do with this Pandemic.

If this was started by God

He could have sent first

Noah with his Ark.

If this Pandemic was started by Satan

no amount of prayers and protests

will prevent

the deaths of the Fat, the Old,

and the Disobedient.

(time is not with us)

Beware : Best Buy Marketplace

Beware Best Buy Marketplace

You may say that this is a new kid on the block.
I expressly say that this is a new screw on the block.
it is an Amazon wanna-be
but uses Amazon shipping.
And because it is Amazon shipping the parcel got to me fast.
No problem there.

But the problem is with the return/refund/exchange.
The package is not what I ordered.
What arrived is another one makeshift duplicate.
of what I ordered.
This one is flimsy, easily-breakable plastic clamps
for what is supposed to be a strap around the head.
Even when adjusted to its max, the clamps may not fit
around the head of a child.
It is manufactured from somewhere in the far East,
proving that even Best Buy’s products are wanna-be’s
But the annoying problem is the return/exchange/refund feature
that the marketplace seem to have avoided intentionally.

Instructions to return, when followed, leads to a dead end.
And I do refer to all the instructions that were written
and printed which were sent to me.
This product is bought on line from Best Buy.
The seller is Omnimall in Florida
(which explains the exchange rate and taxes).
Omnimall insisted on my sending photos of the product
that was received 4 times within email communications.
But after the photos were sent to prove that the product
was not what was ordered, Omnimall suddenly kept quiet
and Winnipeg took over the argumentation.
The instructions were to send the item to
Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
(No mention about who pays for the postage.)

Contrary to what I expected,
that Best Buy will send me
a postage paid return tag to stick on the box.
It also does not mention a refund or an exchange.
Naturally, I refuse to get scammed again.

But I bring to focus the plight of Best Buy that resulted
in the formation of Best Buy Marketplace.
Best Buy must have oodles and oodles of unwanted desktops
and other computer accessories in its warehouses that it
is starting a newer type of merchandising.
I don’t think Best Buy is starting it correctly.
I might suggest Best Buy to Refund/exchange/or return
to their old marketing system.

On the left is what I received. On the right is what I ordered.


Site Conversion

Web developer needed

to convert this site to a business site.

7-number Hit on Lottomax

Those 17 numbers that I posted last time

hit 7-numbers on lottomax.


and it needed number 36 to have an  8-number hit.

But I did say these numbers were doubtful to win.

The mistake I did must have been to publicize these

numbers may not hit and WCLC may have taken the cue

that I am not going to for for it.

Frankly I did not go for all these numbers

simply because wheeling 17-numbers is too much

an expense for me.

maybe if I whittle down the numbers to something

which is affordable

and not publicize these numbers.

Well, maybe only one number—

45 is definitely not going to come out today!



Cyber Attackers, Russians or Americans?

The FBI does not make a peep as regards who they are.

But they don’t have to.

It is clearer than mud–

that Russians do not dabble with bitcoins,

or that currency which the attackers specified as ransom.

Also, there are no private cyber hackers in Russia.

They are all in the military,

which has no reason

to cyber hack for money.

Besides, bitcoin ownership is mostly private

and is easier to track on the internet.

Another thing is that the timing of the cyber attacks

is such that the attackers seem to have an emergency need

for money to fund projects which are obviously political

in nature, such as trial lawyers.

Now if there is anything that the ugly Americans will  blame,

it is the Russians

because these people actually do not have any idea

of what they are being blamed for.

I do not like the Russians for the way they ran rough shod over the

Far Eastern countries.

But the Americans should come off it.

The Americans are actually the people who have the expertise

to form an enterprise to hack for money.

And unless the media has the evidence that the cyber attackers

are not Americans, they should shut their butts up

traps, I mean.

Fishing for viewers!


Another 70 Million

WCLC chooses to put up another 70 million

lottomax jackpot.

This is good for Western Canada Lottery.

But not for the bnettors.

perhaps if they spread it better than another more

Million-dollar prizes, Candians would find lottomax

more enticing.

And for the Americans, too, who just gets though the border

just to bet on Canadian lotteries.

I would suggest increasing the awards

for the minor prizes, instead.

Like one freeplay for 2 main numbers hit plus the bonus number.

(Yehey for me, I’lll be rich!)

And $5-dollars for each three main numbers hit!

(equivalent to three freeplays)

$20 for 3-numbers + bonus number

$50 for 4-numbers hit.

(This $50 award is already given by Western 649

which sells for 1$ per 6-n0. combination)

But going back to the lottomax numbers,

The line of 4’s strikes me good,

maybe 14 and 24, with much leaning on 24.

Further whittling of the numbers is necessary.

21 Numbers

So I put up a total of 21 numbers

out of 50 lottomax.

I wheeled them of course. 

I will put them up here

just after I move to another computer.

and moments before the draw.

This one is getting popular as regards

the programs that I use.

This one will be disconnected from the internet.

It will only be used as a workhorse.

The website will still be on

and will have the same jokes.


Lotto Max

Winning Numbers are;

7,18,22,40,44,46,50, 5B

Out of 30 numbers that I didn’t recommend

I missed 7, 44,46 and 5B

They hit.

The happy part for me is I did not choose

the bonus number this time. (heheheheh)

That is progress.

Or is it.

Now let me review this Lottery ware of Smart Luck

called Advantage Gold. 

Check this site next time.

Russian Cyber Hackers

Blaming the Russians again?

Come on now,

these cyber hackings were done

by those who need money fast.

And I will not be surprised

if these Cyber Hackers

are actually hacking themselves.

Just check on where the

marked hundred-dollar bills float up.

Winning Numbers

For Western 649


I missed 37,40,45

And again I hit the bonus number, 23

Trying this program for the Lotto Max,

I have the eff numbers as :






And the other group is ;




But don’t move yet.

I may be overdoing it.

There are still 20 numbers left.

Also, it is probably not wise

to telegraph my numbers

until the last moment

before the draw, eh?

Don’t Go For These Numbers





More on this within the hour—-

Actually there are 4 groups of numbers made.

That group is the one one that effs.

The next one is the one that sucks.

The third one is the one you have to duck.

The fourth one is the one with luck.

There were 13 numbers left.

I added another to make it 14

This group includes Numbers 2 and 27

which I hope will come out.

But since this program is new

I decline to put out these numbers.