Iranian Blow-up

The Western media, including trhe much huffed-up,

Canadian TV, continues to blow up the Iranian 752 affair.

As if these media does not have anything more interesting

to sell than this Iranian fiasco.

The Iranian Leader has already admitted its responsibility

for the 752 plane crash, even promising to convict the perpetrators

and compensate the victims of the crash.

This is already publicized, so what’s more do the TV hosts want?

Rouhani’s head?

A stupid question keeps being asked as to why the air transportation

remained open during that time.

The stupid reply would be : that there is no existing conflict on that zone,

Iran not being at war with anybody.

So it is business as usual.

The airport has always been open.

So what’s the beef?

Another thing is that the Iranians are out in protest

against the futile effort of the presumed “hard” revenge on the Us,

there being nobody killed.

Much more, Rouhani lied about the strike being “terrible’

when in fact it proved to be harmless.

The Iranians protest is a manifestation of their lust for revenge

and not for a change in government

as what the Westerners are salivating to hear again.

Incidentally, I do realize that Rouhani is as good a diplomat

as is a Muslim leader.

I can see that what he is doing now is actually working well

towards his objectives for the Iranian people.

His hidden agenda is well in hand.

I find it funny that the TV hosts, just like I,

would insist on publicizing our hunches

as regards the Souleimani’s assassination.

But funnier it is

that some hunches are childishly concluded

and way, way off.

For instance, the main effort of the investigation should be

the answer to the question as to who really downed the 752,

and not the damnation of Iran.

Remember what I keep saying—

that not everybody lives the same way as the Americans do.



Mea Culpa

Just IN…..





Compassionate Revenge

Iran promised “hard revenge” for the assassination

of top general Soleimani and sent more than a dozen

ballistic missiles towards two air bases in Iraq.

This turned out to be a compassionate revenge

because the missiles purposely missed their targets

by a long shot, some of theme even unarmed.

But it did placate the Iranians’ lust for revenge

and gave Trump the cue he needed to yap it up

on public television.

What may have probably upstaged his lego

is the incident which brought a Boeing 737 down

under dubious causes from the Tehran airport.

I am going to make another guess in that this was caused

by a drone controlled by the same team of private contractors

that was in trouble with the Iranians before.


That remote drone airwave can reach that far

and explode something inside the plane!

Drone warfare—new fangled but deadly video game warfare

(Check out your records on MH17 or Boeing 777, circa 2014)

Waiting For The Strike

Iran is not de-escalating.

Neither is it escalating.

IT IS consolidating.

Preparations are being made for the attack

which is in response to the assassination

of its top general.

The Iranian military promised a strike

but my hunch is it will not be from the military arm.

It would be from a specialized mercenary force.

This method relieves Iran from the international

rules regarding intentions to declare war.

In other words, this method does not fall within

the articles of war.

It should be remembered that it was the Americans

that used these mercenaries effectively in the Middle East,

even renaming the armed force as private contractors.

Guess what. The Iranians will use these private contractors

quid pro quid or whatever.

More confusion will thereafter arise because these

Iranian private contractors

are actually within the US already.

It should be recalled that the Persians have been using mercenaries

already during the reign of Darius.

Remember Xenophon’s 10,000 Greeks?

An attack using private contractors will not represent a violation

of the Rules of War and therefore will not imply a declaration of war.

Incidentally, the private contractors in service for the US

have provided a whole load of false intelligence info

to their  handlers causing confusion in the militry

and the diplomatic corps in such a way that there

is a growing rift between these branches of government.

Their last report is that Soleimani is planning a big attack.

My guess is that the plan was actually to synchronize

with the religious organzations to ask the Iraqi government

to kick out the American troops.

Which they did, anyway.

But no killing was intended.

In fact, the Iranian military does not kill Americans.

extremists do that,

But for the Americans,

the whole blasted Muslim people are extremists.

FYI, extremists are not soldiers.Big mistek!


Iranian Diversionary

Now everybody talks about the Iranian vengeful attack

on the US of A.

The type of assault is anybody’s guess.

But Trump has succeeded in diverting the people’s attention

from  his impeachment problem.

And again there is the pre-conditioning of the people

on the subject that the US of A is greater than any other country.

hence the favorable Senate decision on his impeachment case

will not incur much of an amazement from his base.

His diversion of assassinating the top commander

of the Persian military, however, will have consequences

on both Trump and his people,

notwithstanding the humongous budget deficit

that would flare up as a result.

His decision to kill the Persian generals

did not have prior sanction

from the United Nations,

nor by the NATO Heads of state,

nor by the American Congress.

Trump pulled out the sanction from his own ego.

Which makes his electoral base wonder—

when will he lego his ego?

Or that which is detrimental

to world peace.


Damage Control With Lies

The killing of the Iranian top commander

was a mistake.

The Americans never knew who they were targeting.

Trump did not give the order.

He just learned of the raid from the reports.

Now the American military starts the damage control

as if they had the guy bracketed ever since.

The result will destabilize the region.

It will now be restricted to Americans.

They should now tread softly around people

with the likes of Arabs and such.

What the Americans call the enemy of the world

will now be united against the enemy that is the Americans.

Boy, what a boyish mistake that was.

The Saudis should now start shaking

under their turbans,

or headdress, whatever they call it.

(I would not worry about the Persians going against Canadians. We had nothing to do with it!)

UK Tanker on Hit-And-Run

(You will please ignore this post if you must. Frankly I di not have the way to verify the past events. Just treat the story as a fairy tale.)

A few days ago, the UK sent another warshipto the Strait to watch over the British tankers hauling oil. Then comes a drone supposedly Iranian and downed by the Americans.

Now comes a British tanker speeding off after allegedly hitting a fishing boat. One Iranian patrol boat hails it and requests the British captain do an about face and turn back for security inspection. The British captain refused to do so claiming his ship is on international waters and may not be stopped for anything. Now what would the Iranians hope to discover after they boarded the ship?

I will guess—No receipt for the oil purchase can be shown; or the captain has no license to qualify him and the ship to ferry oil from Iran; the cargo is not oil; or the ship must be hauling the downed drone which is a British property.

Whatever the Iranians will find, the British captain must stop even if his ship is in international waters if he commits a misdemeanor such as hit-and-run or non-payment of cargo, or if he and his ship presents a security risk to just about anybody.

The Iranians say the stopping is not a challenge to the British tanker’s rights. This is emphasized by the Iranian patrol boat by not firing a warning shot across the bow.





When will the British realize that the Galleon Trade is over eons ago and that profit by sea is not acceptable anymore.

But why was the British tanker in a hurry to get away?

Iranian Drone Downed

If my intuition still serves me right

the drone is not Iranian,

It was most probably an American drone

controlled by an American

and downed by an American  cruiser,

Another guess is that it was

a UK drone.

The  provocations to initiate conflict 

and prove that it rules the world

are bordering on the ridiculous,

turning the United States from a sanction bully

to the fake news  pest,

so much so that the rest of the world

have  started the search for both

Trump vaccines and Trump pesticides.

Let us therefore have a look-see

at what the downed drone looks like.

(it must be a drone.

they wouldn’t use a Gatling gun to down a kite!

or would they?)