Representation, one of the four Pillars of Democracy,

as expounded on the program on the CPAC Channel

had articulated and educated people talking on how

to encourage more voters to vote.

In that long a time provided them, the people talked

with wisdom and experience, but IMHO, they are off the mark.

Not so much, though, because one of them suggested something

that is worthwhile considering.

I would have suggested that the ballot system be changed.

Presently, the ballots ask the voters to mark only one item—the Mp.

A vote for one MP signifies a vote for his party

which then signifies a vote for the leader of the party

which then signifies a vote for the PM.

To encourage more representation, the ballots should ask

for two marks, one for the MP and another for the PM..

As a matter of choice, this encourages the candidates to

be more involved with the community and the voters.

I do not have to elaborate on all of the benefits that

can be derived from having two choices in the ballot.

We all are smart enough to figure it out.

You see, people may want to vote for the MP

but they do not want to vote for the party

nor its leader.

People may also want to vote for the Party

and its leader but do not want to vote for the MP.

If these happen, people may decide not to vote at all.


(cpac show on tv is both informative and mind unbogling)