Lottomax discards—-38, 16, 33

wait for more numbers—

Edmonton Winners

From Edmonton comes the winner of the Extra.

And also the winner of the Bonus Lotto Max.

It appears that the Wild Rose is finally blooming

in Edmonton.

It is now being seen


Lotto Max 2

The numbers that I put out

for you to ignore won with three hits–

1–43–and 36.

These are numbers next to impossible to hit.

I should not publish my numbers, eh.

But knowing what I know,

I did not bet on lotto max that time.

Remember also that I did say that it is odd

I keep hitting the bonus number.

Stay tuned because I am leading up

to my point of how these lotteries can be rigged.

For this end, remember this term—–FILTERS.

Or that which is commonly understood to screen out

coffee grounds.

Lotto Max

This is more complicated a system

than the 649.

More so because it depends on the 

site terminals to give the lottery the needed plug.

But before I get in to this system,

and the Random generators,

let me give you a sample of what I see in  numbers.

Now don’t bet on these numbers—-

36; 40; 15; 30; 1

31; 49; 5; 37; 47;

10;43;46; 35

I have yet to figure out the rest

but there is no more time to do that.

The draw is today. 

These numbers are just to check

on the veracity of my intuition.


The Number 13

I was going to add the number 13 to my bet last time;

But you know how the number affects the bettors.

besides the date of the draw was August 13.

But if you want to add a number(33)

in ALL of your combinations

use a 5-number wheel like this:

To wheel numbers 43,42,47,24,4,23,32,48,45,18,10,12

Use 33 +













These numbers are overloaded with 40’s

You may choose other numbers.



WCLC stands for Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

This outfit that accepts and gives away

more CAD than you can imagine.

Much help for Canadians.

Incidentally, this outfit has stopped publishing

the locations of the sites that sold the winning ticket.

No more are named locations like Windsor, Quebec, Brantford.

What are published now are the provinces.

No reply has been sent to my question

about why are draws not done in public.

If draws have been made in public,

such doubts

about the veracity of the numbers

would be eliminated.

Such doubt as whether draws have been made

more than once and thereafter

people decide which numbers to publish,

there being nobody else to see the draws.

The draws may have been done by a computer,

but then who decides which combination wins.

BTW, it has been described the amount of security

provided to this particular computer.

Video-monitored, secure access, isolated, and such–

this computer appears to be a highly-prized concubine.

Which prompts us to rename this computer


And the further gloat is that this compubine

uses a software called

Random Number Generator Proprietary.

Gloat is an over-reaction

because a software that draws a whole slew

of combinations that have 6 numbers identical

with the last draws can hardly be called RANDOM.

The whole WCLC lottery games are based on a

faulty computer.

(imagine a number hitting 4 times in 4 consecutive draws!)

649 Results

Jackpot numbers came out as

5, 8, 13, 35, 37, 40  bonus 3

I have numbers 8 and 37 hit

for a 2-number free Play.

Not bad for a shot in the dark.

But I gotta sharpen my intuitions more.

Next time I will provide 649 numbers

that you should not play for the draw,

leaving you numbers that you can select from.

Lotteries 2

No reply from WCLC yet.

I guess my questions would require

higher more accredited experts.

We will let them choose what and how to reply.

Meantime I put out my 649 numbers today.

A not-so-sure shot are these numbers.



Wheeling these numbers

will produce 6 combinations

for an $18- 649 bet.

How to wheel it—

Form four groups of three numbers each

like so—





Then combine to make 6-number combinations.

7,8,19,+ 20,24,28

7,8,19,+ 31,36,37

7,8,19,+ 38,47,48

20,24,28+ 31,36,37

20,24,28+ 38,47,48

31,36,37+ 38,47,48

If you hit 6-numbers from these

it is guaranteed that you will win

a minimum of a 4-number hit.

That is, if you don’t actually hit the jackpot.


Canadian Lotteries

Today we start with lotteries

which might be a more interesting topic

than the Ukrainian Conflict

because this lottery subject would deal with money—

your money.

At least there may be tips in choosing the winning

numbers along the way.

I deal, and bet, on the Canadian lotteries.

Some days there are criticisms I have encountered

about how the WCLC is run,

Worse, there are hints that the Canadian lotteries

are rigged.

Meaning to say that there exists a human choice 

on the winning numbers.

Which makes me ponder as to how can this be done.

So I communicated with the WCLC in my effort to

clear things up with the (mostly foreign) doubters

about the integrity of the Canadian Lottery Draws.

So I now publish here the first meaningful and highly

appreciated reply from WCLC—-


“Draws for national games such as LOTTO 6/49, LOTTO MAX and DAILY GRAND are conducted by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation (ILC) in Toronto, using random number generator software on stand-alone computerized draw machines.

The Interprovincial Lottery Corporation (ILC) conducts draws for LOTTO MAX and LOTTO 6/49 in Toronto and effective May 2019, ILC began conducting these draws using Random Number Generator (RNG) software. Draws for DAILY GRAND, LOTTO MAX MAXMILLIONS prizes, and LOTTO 6/49 Guaranteed Prize Draws are also conducted using RNG.

Third-party experts have tested and certified the RNG software for randomness. When the software starts, an integrity check is performed on the system to ensure that no changes have been made that could affect the random outcome of the draw. A number of other checks and balances are performed to ensure draw security and are witnessed by third-party experts – including two draw auditors located in two separate geographical locations.

We hope that you can appreciate the integrity of the draws is of the utmost importance and it is not possible to manipulate the draws.

For more information about draws and draw security please visit and”


This reply did not actually satisfy my questions.

So I now will respond with direct questions

for which I will also publish here the replies.


My first question would be :

Why are there no public viewings of the draws?

My second question would be :

What makes your software

Random Number Generator Proprietary

different from the common Random Number Generator

which can be used in any available computer today?


From these questions can be noted

that I simply do not question the integrity of the people

involved in these lotteries.

I merely question the system, and/or procedures.

Missed Numbers

The lottomax July  7 draw hit

10 14 25 26 38 41 50 49B


From my last post, it can be seen

that the number 14 may come out

so I made this my power number

and as a result all my combinations had number 14.

I dismissed numbers

3,5,7,37,16,9,17,43,6,46,45, 11  and 10, 50,40

So I hit 14,25,26,38,41,and 49

But only 5 of these came together.

Even if I had a 5-number plus bonus win

lottomax does not award a prize for this anyway.

(Correction: lottomax has an award for the 5 plus B hit

and this is about 10 times more money than the 5-number hit.

but the lotto 649 awards 10 times more money

than the lottomax 5+B award.)

All the more reason to switch to 649

which awards the second biggest prize

for the 5 plus B win.

Which now comes a bigger question—

what prize will one get

if he hits 6 plus B numbers

in a 7-number combination?

So we’ll go for that next and we’ll find out after.

I always hit the bonus number, anyway.


(note that it is much easier to win a prize

in the Philippine lotteries)

Choosing Lotto Numbers

Listen closely now, fellas,

or read if you can’t hear me.

remember this ;

It is easier to choose a losing number

than a winner.

So the secret of the game,

if it is a secret at all,

is select the numbers you want

and go for other numbers,

Sounds crazy, no?

If you think a number is popular

and is coming out often gives you a reason to bet on it,

think twice,

the odds are now 50% against its being drawn again.

Also, do not ask me why

the lottomax numbers have a tendency to repeat.

But a number that has hit more than 4 times in a row

means something is definitely wrong.

And this is not your wits that is awry.

But all kidding aside,

as if I were kidding,

Now, imagine that you are in charge of 8-buildings.

Each one houses 50 people who are individually

wearing marks of 1 to 50 on their foreheads.

the barracks are numbered left to right with the

letters A to H when you face them.

Now each position, or bed, is permanently tagged

as numbers 1 to 50, number 1 being always at the

front of the building.

these bed numbers change, but not the occupants,

who may be chosen to come up in front in the manner

by which their rankings are determined.

If number 37 of barrack H is chosen to occupy bed No. 1,

then he is the highest ranking occupant of barrack H.

He is also the one who had accumulated the most number

of hits as related to the lottomax configuration.

Changes in rankings are made after every lottomax draw

and therefore there are movements of the occupants.

Imagine therefore that the barracks configuration

as of July 6 is ;

7  33  27  14  9  31 36  18

representing highest ranks of

barracks  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H.


and 6  14  35  37 40  43  46  19

as per COMPANION  Numbers

corn-fusing isn’t it.

More corn to come



Switching Programs

I hit 5 numbers for the Lottomax.

Actually 6-numbers including the bonus number.

This bonus number did not come in to make a six-number hit

I wheeled 21 numbers with the number 14 as the power number.

I had two 4-number wins before this plus the last 3-numbers of the Extra.

it looks like I have to choose a better wheeling program

so the bonus number may be included.

Probably a switch to 649 would do.

But first I have to retrace my steps and find out exactly

how I came up with a 5-number hit plus the bonus number

from an array of 21 potential lottomax numbers.

Betting money will of course be another factor in this enterprise.

Even if the $143-win is added to the bet.

But never mind, I am extremely glad that some big prizes are now

being won by Edmontonians.

Hey keep it up guys.

Remember though, don’t put up the bread money for this.

(see what I mean if I do not publish my numbers?)

Random Numbers

Guess what.

I finished my combi selections for the Lotto max.

but I wuill not publish them for today.

This is why I opened up this post with a

guess what.

But donya worry. I will publish them here AFTER the draw.

In case some particular people are watching.

I am finishing up my post on Random number Generators

and maybe follow it up with some lotto strategies

which are unbeknownst 

and not yet thought of

by the generality

because of its novelty.

(how’s that go for slinging the English language?)

Immigration Solution


Biden and Harris is visiting the sites

Chances are they might have the solution afterwards.

If so, they get the credit,


The main thing is :

that the migration is from the country of Mexico

towards the country of the US.

It is not the other way around.

BTW, when Biden chose Harris for veep running mate,

I promptly thought that Biden read my mind

before making the choice.

because, hey, that Harris lady looks pretty attractive to me.

Nothing intended.

Ignore The Bonus Number?


IF I do get the bonus number every draw

why then should I not ignore the last bonus

number drawn in my tabulations?

Doing so now I come up with with a tussle

between numbers 20 and 42.

Now, if only one of them loses,

will it cry “stolen draw” and ask for

an audit afterwards?

Call for the Cyber Samurais?

One pleasant thought for you guys is that

my naughty noggin is rearing to start

a write up on the topic

“There Is No Such Thing as Random Generator”.

So Stand Down and Stand By. Yikes!

But honest, this may take longer than you expect!


7-number Hit on Lottomax

Those 17 numbers that I posted last time

hit 7-numbers on lottomax.


and it needed number 36 to have an  8-number hit.

But I did say these numbers were doubtful to win.

The mistake I did must have been to publicize these

numbers may not hit and WCLC may have taken the cue

that I am not going to for for it.

Frankly I did not go for all these numbers

simply because wheeling 17-numbers is too much

an expense for me.

maybe if I whittle down the numbers to something

which is affordable

and not publicize these numbers.

Well, maybe only one number—

45 is definitely not going to come out today!



New-Fangled Data

I daresay this is the first time you have seen this table.

This represents the Afternumbers of No. 44 Lottomax

which appeared on draw No. 704,

coming out with numbers 1,13, 19,27,42,49 50,32b for 

draw no. 705.

the Afternumbers fior No. 44 can be tabulated for 

each of the seven consecutive hits before draw No. 721,

or the next draw for June 15, 2021.

Tabulations are therefore made for draw nos,

682, 686,696,702,704,715, and 717.

The 19 beside no. 1 is the ranking for no.1

No. 13, is therefore ranked 36th on this table.

If you still do not get it, just think

that seven of these tabulations will tell you

what numbers may come out on draw No. 721

of the June 15 lottomax,

My first analysis of these tables which I created

gives me some numbers which I declare no-no numbers.

In other words don’t go for them


17 numbers to be discarded—-Holy Smokes!

I must be making some mistake!


Way Off

My lottomax numbers are way off.

I wonder why—

Again I hit the bonus number 22

simply because this number is top-ranked

in both my Afternumbers and Companion numbers.

I also hit 38, but that is all.

I should not have whittled down the choice

and left it at 32 numbers

which hit all the numbers except 45.

My next post will describe to you

the progress of each number drawn 

on successive draws that they occur.

You will see this table the first time.

Another 70 Million

WCLC chooses to put up another 70 million

lottomax jackpot.

This is good for Western Canada Lottery.

But not for the bnettors.

perhaps if they spread it better than another more

Million-dollar prizes, Candians would find lottomax

more enticing.

And for the Americans, too, who just gets though the border

just to bet on Canadian lotteries.

I would suggest increasing the awards

for the minor prizes, instead.

Like one freeplay for 2 main numbers hit plus the bonus number.

(Yehey for me, I’lll be rich!)

And $5-dollars for each three main numbers hit!

(equivalent to three freeplays)

$20 for 3-numbers + bonus number

$50 for 4-numbers hit.

(This $50 award is already given by Western 649

which sells for 1$ per 6-n0. combination)

But going back to the lottomax numbers,

The line of 4’s strikes me good,

maybe 14 and 24, with much leaning on 24.

Further whittling of the numbers is necessary.

9’s and 2’s

I was right in choosing 9’s and 2’s for Lottomax.

But 9 and 29 came out instead of 19 and 39.

Also 42, instead of 2 and 12.

No large win for me again.

Got the bonus number again.

And the power number 37.

Incidentally, my working numbers group is 35 in all,

that is, at first glance.

I can put all 8 winning numbers in 35 picks.

Paring 35 numbers to 16 picks is a challenge.

But if you can put all 8 winners in 16 picks,

then wheel it 6 out of 7, it is guaranteed

you will win at least the bonus prize.

But you have to put up money to pay for a

365-combination bet!!!!!

BTW you can bet on foreign-based lotteries

but you have to do it thru a middle man.

There is risk in this.

This middle man should at least be based

in your country, if not in your city.

The lotto max  jackpot is again 70 million.

Well, back to the paring-board.

Hey, I am getting the hang of it,

although I do not get the money to bet on it.



No Bonus Number

YEY! I did not hit another bonus number (12).

it went with the numbers that I rejected.

All two numbers of the 21 rejected.

But I hit one power number, 28,

out of two which included 38.

I have to get the right wheeling formula.

5 out of 5 guarantee is too expensive with

583 total combis, Yikes!

New numbers for lottomax

are 2, and 12; 19 and 39;

although one software I use sneers upon Number 19.

HAH! All nines and two’s, eh?

Another Number On Bonus


Lotto number 40 comes out as bonus No.

And that was my power number.

All my combinations had 40 as the seventh number.

But if Advantage Gold had its trailing numbers

the way I do, it could have hit all the numbers except 47.

But the bet would have to be to cover all 27-lotto numbers

within 9-levels of rankings .

Trimming them down is necessary.

The Companion Numbers had 47, but missed 21 and 28.

So what was left for me was 6,20,38,43, and 40.

(still needed more betting money for a $50-win)


Numbers 18

So we get more numbers.

Eighteen this time

in the hope that we can pick

five correct numbers,


Notice that there are eight numbers in the 4o’s.

Numbers Two


Lottomax numbers drawn says

only two of my numbers came out.

I did say that I always have the bonus number

in my selections.

Odd, isn’t it?

Check my posts on “Lottery”

Well, back to the rigging board….

The Joker

This is not a joke!

For Remembrsnce Day

You will have several hours’ opportunity

to download and watch this;

After which this will be torn down.


The Joker.mpg

The Joker.mp4