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QE2 Is Dead

The Queen is dead.

Long Live the King!

The Pomp and Circumstance comes next.

Before this is a 96-gun salute

with 12 cannons

firing 8-shots each.

Recapping Driveway Block

Yesterday the trailers returned.

An old man was driving it and he proceeded

to cut my neighbor’s grass by himself.

I remember this guy as the one who promptly

admitted before,

and apart from the others,

that blocking my driveway

was against the law.

He parked the trailer well clear of all driveways.

And even if he blocked my driveway

I will allow it because I do not have 

an emergency situation yesterday.

For this end I am wont to recommend to Yardworx

that he be given a million dollars raise.

Now if that is too much

maybe half-a-million would do..

Have a heart, people.

This senior-aged guy is trying to earn a living.

Incidentally and after the trailer left,

I noticed some lady talking to my neighbor.

She must be from the City of Edmonton,

because nobody around these parts

could sport such hair as she’s got

which is a stunning blonde.

If everything that happened yesterday was

under the auspices of the City of Edmonton,

this should prove that the ladies of the

local government do

have hearts.

From Councillor Aaron Paquette

I am much priveleged

to receive a response

from the respected Councillor of Ward Dene——

Blocking Driveway

Aaron Paquette

1:14 PM (6 hours ago)

to me
Hello Emmanuel,
I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with a company truck blocking your driveway. Have you spoken with the company, and the driver, to ensure it doesn’t happen again? I also recommend calling the non-emergency police line if you want to make a complaint if they do block your driveway again.


City Crest w banner bronze.jpg

Hannah Hamilton (She/Her)



780-496-8138  OFFICE

2nd Floor, City Hall

1 Sir Winston Churchill Square

Edmonton AB T5J 2R7

The contents of this message and any attachment(s) are confidential, proprietary to the City of Edmonton, and are intended only for the addressed recipient. If you have received this in error, please disregard the contents, inform the sender of the misdirection, and remove it from your system. The copying, dissemination, or distribution of this message, if misdirected, is strictly prohibited.

From Lowly Me


Here is my reply—-

Emmanuel Viardo

6:47 PM (42 minutes ago)
to Aaron

I was disappointed when the company driver just scoffed at me and made fun of my suggestion to unblock..

The lady owner of the house even shouted at me as if she owned me!
Her and the company driver even let me hear that they are revelling at my suggestion.
(Watch Yardworx7.mp4)
However, your suggestion to report this to the police non-emergency line is one good way to solve
this problem. It is my intention also to have this company to acquire as many complaints from me as they deserve so that other Edmontonians would be alerted.
Now if you will pardon me, I will report these infractions to the police non-emergency line
and also the 311. Call me naughty, but it is about time the City gave me a helping hand.
Or two hands to boot.
Your reply is very much appreciated, thank you very much
(This document will not be publicized as long as I am certain this came from you, Mr, Paquette, and not your staff)

The Closing Argument

And so the not so fruitful saga

of the Yard Worx blockade continues.

This time the City of Edmonton is not adversarial

nor argumentative.

It actually is on a dismissal mode

of some nuisance

which is me (pat-on-the back, pat-on-the-back!)

For Reference No. 8024183103 comes

the promised call from ‘private number, private Name’.

The caller assures that this call is from an office in City Hall

and that her designation is CPO487.

She did not give permission for me to print this.

She sounds more like a teacher in a chastening mood,

and proceeded to give suggestions as to how to file 

complaints to the city.

She said that since the truck is not there anymore,

she is not going to do anything about the complaint.

She did say that the Reference Number

8024183103 will only be closed

and not removed.

This is good because because i will refer to this number

every time Yard Worx blocks my driveway.

Now it is my turn to recommend to the City Government

of Edmonton how to deal with “nuisance” complaints

about blocking driveways.

The City Council should consider issuing permits

to companies that service residential areas to allow

them to park anywhere for a specified and limited

length of time with the condition to move out

under emergency situations.

You know, just like ambulances, firetrucks, and police cars?

These permits will also provide more income for the city.

And now, the surprise—





Now we see the benefits of having video cameras

installed all over the place.

This had been very useful in solving

the vandalism that was done on that Hyundai.

The camera caught the guy opening the

glove compartment to pocket my cell phone.

I called the police which recovered the cell phone

from a store in West Edmonton.

It is also a good thing to list down the serial

number of your cell phone.

The police tracked it down  before the day was over.

Remember—-video cameras.

US Support For Taiwan

US Support For Taiwan—-

For the analysts of the upcoming conflict

between China and Taiwan—

the US pledges its support for Taiwan—

but it does not mention DEFENSE for Taiwan.

All the US can do is send material help in the form of

weapons, and provisions.

How the US will do this is one big problem

because it has to break through the siege

put up by China.

The US should stop using international conflicts

to divert its people from

 its upcoming financial woes.

It should also realize that it is draining up

its stockpile of munitions.

(Mama Pelosi has turned Taiwan

into a virtual island

all by herself!)



Pelosi’s Diplomatic Blunder

Mama Pelosis’s purported trip to Taiwan

is one diplomatic blunder of erroneous proportions.

I do not have to explain it

but if this does come to pass,

the US is actually trading off Hawaii

for Taiwan.

And the US has nothing to do with Taiwan.

Nobody has thought about it this way.

Not even China.

But it will eventually come to pass.

It will be Pearl Harbor again.

And again, the US aircraft carriers are away

on the prowl.

BTW, the POTUS is bucking for an aircraft carrier

to be named after him.

As all the US Presidents do.

And each breaks the international agreements

of the last President.

What would I have done were I Mama Pelosi?

Knowing oriental psychology

I would have gone to

visit China first 

and then Taiwan.

Everything can be ironed out at tea time.

Even bunions can be relieved at tea time.

With chestnuts instead of crumpets.

And since I would have been Speaker of the House

and not POTUS

I would not intend to break any agreement that is made

at tea time with chestnuts, not crumpets.

But of course, I would have then insisted afterwards

that I be nominated for the next Presidential Elections.

Cucurucucu  Cantaba!

Ayayayayay Paloma!

Broken Agreement

Another agreement broken by the West.

Who would believe them now?


The Minsk ceasefire deal, point by point

(Lifted from RT.Com)

Published time: February 12, 2015 12:01


Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) shakes hands with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (R) during a meeting on February 11, 2015 in Minsk.(AFP Photo / Andrey Stasevich)



A glimpse of hope has appeared for peace in Ukraine after a 13-point memorandum was signed Thursday in Minsk.

The deal was brokered by the leaders of France, Germany and Russia, who joined their Ukrainian counterpart on Wednesday for marathon overnight negotiations.

The deal was signed by the so-called “contact group,” which includes the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, a representative of the OSCE, Ukraine’s former President Viktor Kuchma and the Russian ambassador to Ukraine.

Here is the breakdown of the deal:


  1. A comprehensive ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. Comes into force at 00.00 (Kiev time) on February 15.


  1. A pullout of heavy weapons. The parties agreed to a compromise disengagement line. Kiev is to pull artillery and other hardware from the current frontline while the rebels would do it from the frontline as it was in September, before they gained ground in a January counter-offensive. The OSCE-monitored safety zone would be 50 km to 150 km wide for weapons, depending on their range. The pullout is to be completed by March 1.


  1. The OSCE will use its drone fleet and monitors on the ground, as well as satellite images and radar data to ensure that both parties stick to the deal.


  1. Kiev and the rebels will negotiate the terms for future local elections in the rebel-held areas, which would bring them back into Ukraine’s legal framework. Kiev would adopt legislation on self-governance that would be acceptable for the self-proclaimed republics.


  1. Kiev will declare a general amnesty for the rebels.


  1. An exchange of all prisoners must be completed by the fifth day after full disengagement. That’s in 19 days, if the weapons pullback takes the full time provided for by the deal.


  1. Humanitarian aid convoys will be allowed full access to the needy in the war-affected areas. An international monitoring mechanism will be provided.


  1. Kiev will restore economic ties, social payments and banking services in the dissenting areas, which it cut earlier in response to the elections held by the self-proclaimed republics. Their respective governments will resume taxation and payment for utilities. This provision is subject for further negotiation.


  1. After the local elections are held in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, Kiev is to restore control over their borders with Russia. The transition may take time, which would be needed for a comprehensive constitutional reform in Ukraine.


Line of vehicles at the Uspenka checkpoint in the Donetsk Region on the border between Ukraine and Russia.(RIA Novosti / John Trast)

  1. All foreign troops, heavy weapons and mercenaries are to be withdrawn from Ukraine. Illegal armed groups would be disarmed, but local authorities in Donetsk and Lugansk would be allowed to have legal militia units.


Victor Lenfa, commander of a French volunteer team fighting for the rebels in Eastern Ukraine.(Screenshot from RT video)

  1. Keiv will implement comprehensive constitutional reform by the end of the year, which would decentralize the Ukrainian political system and give privileges to Donetsk and Lugansk. The privileges include language self-determination, the freedom to appoint prosecutors and judges, and to establish economic ties with Russia.


Verkhovna Rada meeting.(RIA Novosti / Alexandr Maksimenko)

  1. The OSCE’s election monitors are to see that local elections in the self-proclaimed republics are up to international standards. The exact procedure for the elections is subject to further negotiations.


RIA Novosti / John Trast

  1. Talks between the “contact group” will be intensified in various ways.


The Minsk Club

Minsk Club


(and thusly did the Ukrainian War start)

Comedy of Sanctions

the Western Sanctions against Russia

has now turned ibto a Comedy of Errors.

And it is getting funnier at every levy.

It should have been realized that sanctions using

banks and financial institutions are no match

against sanctions using oil and food.

Man craves more of food than money.

The last sanction is a joke—“cap the price of oil or we no buy”

To which comes the reply–“buy at my price or I no sell, kemo sabay?”

Comes the threat—“we will arm a million soldiers.’

The reply—-“how you feed a million stomachs?”

(ayayayay, cantaba paloma)

The Japanese Gambit

Seen here sporting a smile from ear to ear is

Japanese Prime Minister Abe (Ah-be)

who is off to see the Wizard of Moscow.

He would have initiated by then,

closer ties with Russia,

notwithstanding the disputed territories close to Russia

and situated in Northern Japan.

My crystal ball must have foreseen this event,


What can Japan offer Russia?
A Partnership on the Energy Street,
A full industrial know how,
electronic innovations as adapted to armaments,
and training of personnel.
Mass production and management of industries
is the forte of the Japanese after the war.
The Russian T90, T95, T99 are humungous
with thick armor, powerful engines, and large caliber guns.
With new innovations on navigation, targeting and tracking
these behemoths will be more than a match for the American M1A1 Abrams.
The same innovations when included in the fighter jets and bombers,
the Russian Air Force would have superiority over all.
The Japanese work on the assembly lines as if
their lives depended on the work.
This attitude should rub off on the Russian workplace.
What can Russia offer?
A steady supply of oil and gas,
a treaty on the disputed islands which is based on joint ventures
on explorations, fishing, and settlements.
The undisputed sovereignty of Japan on the Northern islands
but with a 100-year contract for Russia to lease an air base
a contract similar to the Hongkong lease with UK.
The offer to sell arms, warships, and planes to Japan
so that Japan will convert from a mere self-defense force
to a veritable army and air force.
After this, and from what I can see
the Last Samurai of Japan
will be succeeded by its next SHOGUN.
Of course, the Wizard of Moscow may have other plans,
which do not mention a thing about geishas.


(originally dated May 2014)

Japan Stirs

If you search back this website,

you will come across my singling out 

the country of Japan becoming prominent

in the coming events.

The industrialization of this country,

after it opened its ports to the West,

develop a hunger for oil to fuel its industries.

This oil import was intentionally sanctioned

because Japan had developed a military force

superior to that in any country in the Pacific.

Its navy is beginning to rival that

which is based at Pearl harbor.

So this country went to war to secure

another oil source which is in

from New Guinea.

After the war was culminated by two nuclear bombs, 

the Japanese Army has been restricted

and limited to the size of a self-defense force,

with Us military bases enforcing this rule.

The subdued Bushido spirit now comes to the fore.

And there are Japanese nationalists who take

this code seriously,

and may act in a deranged manner,

particularly when they have a gun in the pocket,

and millenium in their minds.

The code still summons samurais.

One Smart Turk

Another way to use sanctions

is to vote against Sweden’s and Finland”s

applications for NATO membership,

unless both countries extradite particular

Kurd terrorists to Turkey.

In effect, Erdogan has started a proxy war 

against the Kurds using Sweden and Finland.

And he does not need to arm these countries

in the same manner as cry-baby Ukraine.

Now this Erdogan— he is one smart Turk.

Which is more than I can say

for this G7 groping group

which in unison cried for the price cap  for Russian oil.

Don’t these excessively smart Caucasians realize

that the seller of the oil,

which is Russia,

would have the last say in the price of Russian oil?

Either they buy the oil at Putin’s price

or no Kemo-Sabay!!!

(translation : take it or leave it!)

To Unblock The Lithuanian Blockade

Lithuania believes it is following the sanctions

on Russian goods being imported to Lithuania

by blocking the railways between Russia and Kaliningrad.

But the EU has come around when it realized

that there are no sanctions on Russian goods

which are just passing through Lithuania

on the way to Kaliningrad.

Lithuania is not actually importing Russian goods.

Furthermore, if EU approves of Lithuania’s blockade,

Russia will then start blocking all passages that it can, 

starting from Ukrainian roads and seaports.


Germany Arms Ukraine


Using the same rhetoric as Hitler

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

arms Ukraine.

Heil Scholz!

Now wait for a liner to be sunk

by a torpedo,


Fifty Generals

Something is afoot here!

If these Ukrainian Generals have been wiped off

in one instant

there is more to this story than meets the eye.

And it does not bode well for both Ukraine and Russia.

It appears that Zelenskiye does not know about this.

And Putin starts a-purging his own generals.

 I hate to say what I think about this.

But if you are thinking of what I am thinking,

you’re bad!


To End The War

The Sec-Gen of the irrelevant Nato

voices out his suggestion to Ukraine

to cede some Eastern territories to Russia

to end the war.

I seriously suggest to Jen Stoltenberg that since 

he has nothing to do with neither Ukraine nor Russia,

he should mind his own business.

Besides, Putin knows what he wants 

and he is not going to tell

before somebody says uncle

and lifts the sanctions.

Otherwise, he will get to capture the whole of Ukraine.

And he will do this slowly so it hurts more.

For sure he will want Kharkiv

so as to provide a buffer zone

for Belarus.

And he will insist on controlling Odessa.

He would like to be the one to give the license to operate

for the shipping companies using the port of Odessa.

Meantime, the conflict has turned into a waiting process

to see who will decide to quit the struggle.

Snake Island

This area is too small to install

missiles that could bring down

high-flying reconnaissance planes

especially if these missiles will be in silos.

This island should first be expanded

by reclamation

and the Chinese are experts in this work.

They can even build an airfield which,

if completed, may turn this island into a fort.

Such a fort will complete the Black Sea

into being a harbor.

Russian aircraft carriers could then be

sailing outside the harbor for other assignments.

The Heat Is On

As Prices soar

the economy sinks

and the West,

still clinging to a presupposed

successful financial sanctions of Russia

turns the heat on

with anger borne of desperation.

Russia is subjected to intensely abusive

verbal attacks within the halls of

irrelevant United Nations which is now united

solely for these vociferous accusations.

It is a wonder why the Russian delegation to the UN

has not quit attending these malevolent sessions

to finally rescind its membership thereof.

I surmise that before this event,

the Russians will stage a trial of the Ukrainian Nazis

ala Nuremberg

just to elicit a mass dropping of Western jaws

and shamed admittance that they knew all along 

what they were doing was altogether wrong.

As of now, if the Western nations still deny

their error and continue to egg the Ukrainians to

risk their lives fighting this unwinnable war,

Putin will start  a creeping missile barrage towards

the city of Kiev which to him is now de-sanctified

and deserves to be destroyed.

Heaven help the Ukrainians 

and damn the West.



Ukrainian tanks are similar to Russian tanks.

In truth they were made in Russia.

But that’s not important now.

What I was going to focus on is the armor.

or that which tanks are protected with.

It seems that stinger missiles have got the number

on tanks, any tank.

One of the things that could be used

to envelop the tank is chicken wire.

These may not be able to protect against

the explosive power 

but it slows down the missile

before it reaches armor,

Another thing, listen well now,

these stingers have not been tested against


for the reason that concrete

just blows apart when hit

by these missiles.

Not so if the concrete was fashioned

as hollow-blocks

Repeat—hollow blocks.

If, instead of the extra metal plates

that are added to the Russian armor

Hollow blocks are used to line up the tank walls, 

the first wall may be splintered by the missile

but by then the velocity has been slowed down

to be stopped by the second hollow-block wall.

Concrete is not malleable as metal,

so it will not be melted

by heat from the missile.

But still,

the best support for armor are

aircraft and troops.

The Black Sea

It is only now that theb West realized

that the Black Sea is more significant

than sanctions would do against Russia.

I did mention Russian Harbor against the term

Russian Port.

You know, just like Pearl Harbor,

only this Black Sea Harbor is not open to attack

like Pearl Harbor is.

Besides all the US aircraft carriers were out

searching for the Japanese Fleet.

This Russian Harbor defense must be strengthened.

First and foremost,

the missile defense against reconnaissance planes.

The Black Sea is the key to Russia’s back door.

And who holds this key now?

Why Turkey, of course.

Check the maps.

Perhaps this is the reason why

Turkey holds the key—

it is better known as Tur-KEY.


Recline And Fall

And so does start

the Recline and Fall of Vox Americana

as the Russophobia starts its most potent

manifestation by using a proxy war.

Russia has now started to opt out of Western-sponsored

leagues and unions that impose obligations and rules

that are not adhered to by the West.

Pretty soon Russia will finally get out of the 

United Nations

which follows what America dictates.

Now my readers understand what I was saying before,

that the UN and Nato are irrelevant.

The Latin Americans are also starting to wake up.

And the Americans may soon be Couch Potatoes.

To prevent this situation

America is now under damage control

by lining up countries that can be under their 

sanction-umbrella with nary a whimper.

Quads are now up.

Next would be Quints and Squints.


They should be informed

that around here

when we speak of QUADS

we are referring to people

who are limp on four sides

as in Quadruplegics!

It does show 

in this Quad.



Battle For Mariupol

I guessed right about the bulk of the Nazis

being concentrated in Mariupol.

And then Russia relaxed its operation against  Kiev

to concentrate the attack on the South.

The Azov soldiers who surrendered in Azovstal

may actually be very useful in validating

Putin’s cause for the Special OP.

Battle For Mariupol.mp4

Bong Bong

Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.

or Bong Bong as he is popularly called

will become the next President

of the Republic of the Philippines.

He will be a boon to this country

knowing that he will most likely

work to redeem his family name.

New Kid On The Block

The new kid in the block

is the country of Seychelles,

garnering third place  in hits to this site,

between Israel and France. 

To Seychelles live the people

who has bought the the bustling

market of Divisoria in the Philippines. 

This market will be replaced by a huge building.

Its vendors now will be moved to nearby Pritil.

But why the sudden interest on this site,

Shrapnel Off  The Wall?