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Executive Privelege

I repeat,

the President cannot invoke Executive Privilege

if he has already admitted that he has done something wrong

in his administration.

He has no immunity against any charge related to his

wrongdoing and therefore he should cooperate with

the House who represents the people of the United States.

Justifying The Misdemeanor

AS I said, the end does not justify the means.

As expected, Burisma comes into the picture

as if revealing somebody else’s crime justifies one’s own crime.

The Trump defense did not specify Hunter Biden or Joe Biden.

Just Burisma.

It appears that Humter Biden is being paid by Burisma

some excessive amount even with him not having an

idea of what the work is supposed to be.

I say—isn’t this a common practice in the corporations in America?

Directors are paid humongous salaries for doing nothing.

They should have heard of Iacocca by now, haven’t they?

And then comes the preparatory build-up of Bagman Ghouliani.

Isn’t he the one suspected of bribing Siokin for the “material” about

Hunter Biden with the money coming from part of the military aid?

If so, the charge now changes to BRIBERY.

Anyway, what is the fuss all about now?

Joe Biden might not even win the primary( heheheh).




in capital letters

runs the world.

It may appear in different forms,

each form has one thing in common—

a favor for a favor, one thing for another,

money for whatever,

something back for a donation,

a coupon, a rebate, allowance,

passes, entrance, exits,

even contributions for a political campaign,

the last one being the most common in

politics for gaining influence.

I heard this word as a passing remark,

and softly at this,

from Grandma Pelosi,

referring to the reason for

the impeachment inquiry.

After more thinking I realized what is inferred.

Two Plus Two equals—-

 now gives me that sickly feeling

that what is being held back from the public

is the bribery committed by Trump

and completed by Bagman Ghouliani.

Proof of this evil deed may be in the documents

being held back by Trump.

Bribery may then turn into,

or be combined,  

to its concomitant

cousin : BLACKMAIL.

Also in capital letters.

This being so,

even witnesses who may know of this evil act

may be reluctant to speak due to fear and security.

Whom of these may be vulnerable?

Those who may have received Trump’s favors or

contributions to help them get elected or employed.

(quid pro quo to Siokin)

Cementing The Case

House Managers seals their case

so tight that the Counsel for Trump may find it

extremely difficult to find a defense.

It is expected that their defense will

again be ridiculously off the mark,

exhibiting both their ineptitude

and their desperation.





(Up the House Managers!

I will vote for them

and I ain’t even American)



Democrats Continue Arguments

Detailed narrative on Ukraine

is discussed.




Impeachment Trial of Trump

Outvoted but not outmaneuvered

the House Managers manage to present to the public

the gist of their main points on the impeachment.

(Excellent preparation!)











MH17, Ayayayayay!

Now before I go to MH370

we’ll talk about MH17

which has more damning evidence

simply because  MH370 is still missing

so there.

Also, note that I am now posting on a different computer

for obvious reasons.

I know what I will go through again were I to post on

the same computer at any one time.

They still do not believe that I do not have any source/s

for my material.

Everything is guesswork, er analyses I mean.

You may, however, listen to the spins of the tv hosts

whom I know are just out to make a living.

They may be more plausible

To summarize the events involving Malaysian Airlines MH17,

this Boeing 777 was thought to have been brought down by a Buk missile

launched by the Russian “rebels’ in Ukraine.

the Unkrainians also have Buk missiles, them being once a part

of the Russian Army, and being a province of Russia under Khrushchev.

The western part of Ukraine is Ukrainian.

The Eastern part is Russian.


for some good personal and patriotic intentions,

applied for membership to the European Union which was accepted

and was provided with billions of IMF loans and another billions

of CIA provisions.

Putin sought to protect the Russians and sent in soldiers

in “neutral” uniforms and “neutral” weapons.

The skirmishes that ensued resulted on a stalemate (as expected)

because NATO did not profess to enter the fray.

And so comes Brennan’s mercenaries to help protect the Ukrainians

and the 5 billion dollars.

The MH17 was subsequently brought down

 seemingly by a Russian Buk msssile.

Dutch investigators of the MH17 crash declared

that the plane was actually

strafed on that side that killed the pilot.

Reports were that there were two ‘planes” following MH17.

The people on the ground say that they did not see the planes.

The “planes” were maybe too small and too insignificant to see.

Why did they bring down the MH17?

The Secretary General of NATO is a Swede.

MH17 was full of Swedish passengers.

Good logic prevailed.

He did not get NATO to enter the fray!

And the planes?

They were drones in their early stages of development

and did not carry missiles then, only MG’s.

Soldiers of Fortune


Private Contractors?

Presently their existence, and subsistence, is in question.

They are desperately trying to prove their worth.

A billion dollars in contract is at stake.

It has been aired in public that the 752 might have been downed

by mistake.

Mistake by whom?

Remember that there was no word yet after 2 hours

of the Iranian missile strikes that there were no casualties

to prove that there was no need to retaliate

against Iran anymore as was planned.

But they did anyway.


Trump never ordered a retaliation like this…

In fact, Trump may never have ordered the assassination of Soleimani.

He only said so to get credit for it!

The downing of the 752 was done as a retaliation for the

presumed damages to the American air bases.

The Iranians could never have fired

on the unarmed airliner  carrying friendly passengers,

knowing that they are under peaceful de-escalation.

I believe that some people know for certain

who done the downing

but don’t yap about it.

Dong worri, we’ll do the yapping—

(If you do not agree with my trend of thought, just consider yourselves entertained..)


Flight 752

Interesting it should be

to determine what caused this plane to crash in flames.

I will attempt to opine something on this on the next post

after I finish running some software

(which has nothing to do with the flight)).

What I can say at this time is that there are things

similar to the crash of MH17 and the demise of MH370.

Both are Boeing 777″s  , but this plane manufacturer

is not to be blamed for this.

For the 737max, maybe, but the software developed for the 737max

was meant to prevent the unfortunate incidents of the 777’s.

Boeing  just did not have the right idea what caused the 777 incidents.

My first guess for the 752 is that everything went awry

immediately after the autopilot was switched on at 8000 ft.

The black box may confirm this.

Incidentally, and for the Iranian authorities,

they should allow us Canadians to help in determining what

caused the crash.

Forget about foreign diplomatic rules and regulations.

We Canadians are not against Iranians.

In fact we Canadians are not against anybody.

The only asset that we Canadians have

which seem to annoy every other nationality

is that we are exceptionally good looking.

You can keep the black boxes,

can we just have a peek at it?


US Senate Experiments

You may have noticed that the US Senate

has started making laws that attempt to influence

the governments of other countries.

This may be that the Republicans are doing experiments

in dastardly fashion with their attempts to condition the world

that such an act that Trump did to Ukraine is excusable.

Nay, maybe as normal as any US diplomatic action.

Does it have to involve other countries like China

to acquit Trump after his abuse of power?

Nobody could have noticed this abuse

had nobody squealed.

And that whistleblower?

I surmise that this person is closer to Trump

than a lot of other meaningless people.

My crystal ball told me so.

Da Ghoat

Singled out as the prominent American

in the “irregular channel” in Ukraine

is Rudy Ghouliani,

the fall guy.

Da Ghoat,

who pushed for the investigation

of Biden, father and son.

Marie Yovanovitch

This woman,

former Ambassador to Ukraine,

has made me alter my views

of the Foreign Service.

Diplomats are not adversarial

not antagonistic


and don’t smile much.

But they do come across.

And this is all that counts

This is the first time I am going to say this

after all 6,415 of my posts,


 Marie Y.mp4


Impeachment Whistleblower

The Republicans in the Impeachment Inquiry

is hell-bent on finding the identity of the one

who squealed on Trump withholding the military aid

to Ukraine if Biden’s son was not investigated for corruption.

From what I can guess—

they should stop trying to find out the identity of the person

because if the Democrats decide to reveal the name

of the Whistleblower, this would initiate

the Fall of The House of Usher!

Be my guest.

Guess who?

Thicker Smokescreen

It is getting funnier

as the Western Foreign Policies

keep getting setback after setbacks.

The Brexit problem,

the WMD Mea Culpa of Tony Blair,

the Novichok affair,

the impending elimination of American influence

in the Middle East,

the uncontrolled exodus of immigrants

to Europe,

the North Korean stalemate,

the backfiring of the tariffs,

Ukraine not joining Europe,

the effort to debunk the US currency,

the neutralization of the effects of American sanctions,

and the cold shoulder treatment of the

American approach to negotiations,

all but make the smokescreen darker.

The Western coalition is in a panic mode

as the West try to divert attention

from their problems.

The West is still convinced

that the world thinks Russia is the enemy.

But what else can they blame Russia for now?

The snowfall?

Come to think of it……

I do suspect that Putin has given instructions

to the GRU to lace the snow

falling on the West

with  mind-numbing chemicals

like VODKA.

(hooray, hic)

Ukraine Reacts

Recent events must be getting into Ukraine’s nerve

as the government reacts wildly.

Is it the IMF breathing down their necks?

Was it Putin’s driving through the 19 km bridge which he built?

Was it the failed entry into the EU conglomerate?

Was it the reduced USD it is now getting?

Was it something I said about the MH17?

Was it another leak from somewhere?

Whatever it is

Ukraine still is a quagmire of expenses.

Watch this video.

Not Madina Kochenova,

the video.

Unfree Speech.mp4

(this one does not seem to show age in her looks)

MH17 Fireworks

OK, OK, you asked for it.

But I frankly believe that this will not make

 that much fireworks today.

Anyway, this is what I think.

At about that time,

the Russo-Ukrainians are winning the conflict,

even gaining that much ground to provide

a more defensible line.

The rebels, as this force is called,

do have similar armament as the Ukrainian Army.

It is to be recalled that Ukraine provided the workhorse

fighters for Russia’s surge to Berlin.

In fact, Ukraine should have missiles

supplied by Russia, noteworthy of which

is the Buk missile.

During this time Brennan’s mercenaries enter the fray

with much expertise and knowhow.

While Poroshenko wanted to join EU for his

business opportunities, NATO has not joined the fray

even when the Director hails from Netherlands.*

So the plan was to bring down a passenger plane

loaded with passengers from Netherlands and

to make it so that the rebels did it.

Now the Buk missile is not able to reach the altitude

of a passenger plane

according to missile specifications.

But it could, if the payload were removed

and replaced it with lighter fuel

(probably solid powdered fuel).

And so the Buk missile gained the altitude of the MH17

but it exploded merely as fireworks would,

leaving the MH17 undamaged.

Then according to plan

a Ukrainian jet sped in to fire

at the MH17

to bring it down. 

There are witnesses to this event.

Clever plot, wasn’t it?

But the Dutch Director of NATO

had doubts about the plot.

No NATO involvement resulted afterwards.

*(correction please, Jens Stoltenberg, is from Oslo, Norway)

Buckling Down


That was the worst attack yet!

It targeted my webhosting servers.

It also took me 36 hours with little sleep

and more hours for the CanadianWebhosting techs

to fix what appears to be a scrambling of the files.

The CIA must have hired some Chinese hackers to do this.

It is not unusual for the CIA to hire private

mercenaries to do the job.

But I know that there will be more attacks coming.

I shall be prepared for them.

Bring them on!

But first I am buckling down for safety.

The Foreign Legion Lands

The Russian Foreign Ministry has voiced concerns over the buildup of Ukrainian forces and US mercenaries in the southeastern part of the country, calling on Kiev to immediately cease military preparations which could lead to a civil war.
As parts of Ukraine push for greater autonomy – with Donetsk and Kharkov declaring independence on Monday – the self-imposed government in Kiev is  reportedly dispatching additional forces in turbulent regions to  avoid potential disobedience by local law enforcements.
“We are particularly concerned that the operation involves  some 150 American mercenaries from a private company Greystone  Ltd., dressed in the uniform of the [Ukrainian] special task  police unit Sokol,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a  statement. “Organizers and participants of such incitement  are assuming a huge responsibility for threatening upon the  rights, freedoms and lives of Ukrainian citizens as well as the  stability of Ukraine.”

Foreign Legion.mpg

Ukraine’s acting interior minister, Arsen Avakov, confirmed that  additional police special forces units have arrived in southern  and eastern parts of Ukraine from other regions.
“These special forces are ready to solve operational problems  without the regard to local peculiarities,” Ukraine’s  Interior Ministry quoted Avakov as saying. “I urge all the  hotheads now to defer from criticism and panic, and help the  police keep the situation under control.”
According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, special forces backed  by militants from the Right Sector are being tasked with  suppressing protests in the southeastern regions of Ukraine,  which for weeks have been calling for a referendums on the  regions’ statuses within Ukraine. Moscow called on the government  in Kiev to refrain from actions that could spark a civil war in  Ukraine.
“We urge [Kiev] to immediately stop all military preparations  which could lead to a civil war,” the statement reads.
On Monday, a source in the Interior Ministry of Ukraine told Ria  Novosti that three special forces units have been redeployed to  the Donetsk and Lugansk regions to suppress anti-government  protests. The source claims that they consist of Interior Forces  units, the newly-formed National Guard, Right Sector radicals,  and Blackwater (Greystone) mercenaries and Falcon units. LifeNews  also reported seeing armed Titan special forces units in Donetsk.


(originally posted April 8, 2014)

John Brennan, Top Mercenary

Fox News has been tops in my book

and I keep my tv tuned to this site all day long

for as long as it reports news inside America.

When it does get some people to comment on foreign news

I quit watching Fox news.

The people that they put up to make these comments

are merely guessing and they sound absurd most of the time.

What I do is mostly guess, too,

but I do not sound ridiculous,

simply because I make my guesses plausible enough

for your consideration.

What follows is my effort to strip down

the aura of “holiness” and untouchability

that is John Brennan,

heretofore I shall call as

the top American Mercenary.

John Brennan caught my imagination in Afghanistan,

when the effective 10th Mountain Division was pulled out

to be replaced by American “private security forces”

purposely to  guard oil trucks hauling their cargo.

Soon comes Porosshenko, the chocolatier,

who openly telegraphed his wishes

to join the European Union.

And thereafter Poroshenko gained power over Ukraine by a coup.

Very soon afterwards, the IMF comes in to lend money to Ukraine.

And very, very soon comes the United States with $5 Billion

to spend over the quagmire of expenses that is Ukraine.

Curiously enough, the one who is going to administer this $5 Billion

is none other than CIA Director John Brennan,

originator of the American Foreign Legion,

the Soldiers of Fortune, 

Mercenaries of Afghanistan, Ukraine and Syria.

They have done a lot of collateral damages,

all of which the United States, and John Brennan,

will not have to account for!



And sure enough as I told you….

my video capture program has been brought down

using the same malicous intrusion as the last ones

and, as the last ones, I bring up the back up computers.

Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk.

And so we proceed doggedly on

with the subject……………….




This probably cost a lot from the CIA budget of

$5 Billion for Ukraine in 2014.

And a lot of Ukrainian lives.

Brennan Disturbed

Former CIA Director John Brennan twits—-

visibly disturbed by the firing of Andrew McCabe.

What is he afraid of?

I wonder.

But just in case,

I am making a back up of this site first.



Mercenaries At Maidan

There is no doubt there were mercenaries at Maidan, the former head of Ukraine’s security service, Aleksandr Yakimenko, says.

The violence on Maidan which caused almost 100 deaths was organized by some opposition leaders who poured Western money and resources into the coup, Yakimenko told the Russia-1 TV channel. Now Major General Alexander Yakimenko is in the top five of Maidan’s hit list. He made it to that list while he was still in his office in Kiev.

Q: How did you manage to escape?

Aleksandr Yakimenko: I am a Security Service officer.

Q: Where did those snipers come from?

AY: First shots were fired from the Philharmonic building. Maidan Commandant Parubiy was in charge of the building. On February 20, this building was used as a base by the snipers and people with automatic weapons. They basically covered those who were attacking the demoralized policemen running in panic, hunted down like animals. They were followed by armed people with different kinds of weapons. At that point, somebody opened fire at those who attacked the police, and some of them were killed. All this fire was coming from the Philharmonic building. After this first round of fire, about 20 people came out of this building – this was witnessed by many. These people wore special combat clothes and carried sniper rifle cases, as well as AKMs with scopes. There were witnesses, and not just our operatives, but also Maidan activists from Svoboda, Right Sector, Batkivshchyna, and UDAR.

The snipers split into two groups – 10 men each. The Security Service lost track of one of the groups. The other group took a position at the Ukraine hotel. Killings continued. In the beginning, when the shots were scattered, I was asked by Right Sector and Svoboda to mobilize a Special Forces unit and remove the snipers from the buildings.


AFP Photo / Sergei Supinsky

Q: They asked you?

AY: Yes, Right Sector and Svoboda. I was ready to do that, but I needed Parubiy’s [he is now now the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine in the Turchinov-Yatsenyuk government] permission to enter Maidan. Otherwise our officers would’ve been attacked by the self-defense forces in the back. Parubiy didn’t give such permission. No weapons could be brought to Maidan without Parubiy’s permission. Hand guns, rifles, scopes – he had to agree to all of that. We had some intel about discharged Ukrainian army special forces participating in those activities. Some reports claimed that these were fighters from former Yugoslavia, as well as mercenaries from other countries.

Q: So you think they were mercenaries?

AY: No doubt. Parubiy removed himself from the picture. This affected the events of the last week. He joined Poroshenko. Gvozd, Malamuzh, and Gritsenko. These forces did what they were told by their bosses – the US. They basically lived in the embassy. They were there every day.

Q: Is it true that Nalivaichenko allowed the CIA agents to work in the Security Service building?

AY: Yes, that’s true. He also handed personal files of his own employees over to the CIA agents to study. But their mission was interrupted by an armed coup. The Maidan do not appoint these people; rather, it’s the US that does it. It’s enough to look at the newly appointed officials: Parubiy, Gvozd, Nalyvaichenko are all people who followed somebody else’s orders, the orders of the US, not even Europe. They are directly linked to the American intelligence. They sought to delay the negotiations and prevent the incumbent president from striking a deal with Russia and Russia from helping to prop up the social and economic order in Ukraine. After that they were planning to depose the president and integrate Ukraine into Europe, using Russian money. Who was troubled by the victory of the EU and the pro-integration forces? Only the US. It was the only country concerned over a possible alliance of Europe, Russia and Ukraine. The Customs Union and the connection between Russia and Ukraine did not sit well with their plans, either.

AFP Photo / Sergei Supinsky

They’d been doing it ever since Yushchenko was president, and we couldn’t get rid of them. Once we started to put pressure, they relocated to Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. The most interesting part is that many regional governments spent budget money to pay for the so-called vyshkoli, i.e. training camps for militants to fight with various types of weapons.

All the orders were given either by the US embassy or by Jan Tombinski, a Polish representative who worked in the EU mission in Kiev. Poland played an invaluable role in the coup. It has always dreamt of restoring its former power and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Ever since the Maidan kicked off, our security service registered a dramatic increase in diplomatic correspondence coming in to various Western embassies in Kiev. There is one more mystery. Straight after this influx of correspondence we saw some foreign money at the Maidan and in Kiev exchange bureaus: the new, re-designed US dollar bank notes.

Q: So they were bringing in cash?

AY: Yes. Poroshenko, Firtash, Pinchuk – they all poured money into the Maidan. With all their assets in foreign banks, they found themselves trapped. So they had to follow orders from the West. All they were supposed to do was back the Maidan; otherwise they would have lost all their assets. They were thinking about their money rather than their own country. Unfortunately we couldn’t prevent the casualties, the people, mainly those who had come from the Western regions, were sent into the line of fire. The Maidan militants had left the barricades after the sniper fire started. But time will set the record straight.

The whole story has affected the Berkut guys, the Internal Troops, the Security Service, too. But ordinary Ukrainians have suffered as well. And I don’t think they should have sacrificed their lives for Yatsenyuk, Klitschko, Poroshenko and others to take their posts. Ukrainians have lots of patience. But one day they will run out of it and remove them from power. I hope that happens soon enough.


Sniper Identities

Ukraine: Leaked phone tape contradicts “New Government” in sniper attacks

05.03.2014 20:21

According to what has appeared as a leaked telephone conversation between the Estonian Foreign Minister and Catherine Ashton, EU external affairs head, the European Union knew that the snipers firing on crowds in Kiev were not sent by Yanukovich, but rather from the faces behind the coup, which the west supports.

So, Mr. John Kerry and Mr. Barack Hussein Obama… so you are unaware of the comments passing among the Ukrainian anti-Yanukovich opposition leaders about carrying out destabilizing activities before the recent coup d’état? So in being aware of these activities, you both acknowledge that you give the nod to terrorist attacks to bring down governments, is that right? And in being unaware of such activities, then what right do you have to occupy your positions and much least to make insolent and intrusive comments?

And now I draw your attention to the following video tape passing on the Net, apparently copied by Ukrainian Secret Service operationals loyal to President Yanukovich and placed on the Net. In this telephone conversation between Urmas Paet, the Estonian Foreign Affairs Minister and Catherine Ashton, head of EU external policy, it becomes clear that the west knew that the sniper attacks in EuroMaidan were in fact launched against the police and against the civilians, and were fired from the same guns.

A doctor treating the wounded in Kiev told the Estonian Foreign Affairs Minister:

“All the evidence shows that the people who were killed by snipers from both sides, among policemen and then people from the streets, that they were the same snipers killing people from both sides.”

Further, the Estonian Foreign Affairs Minister states:

“So that she then also showed me some photos she said that as a medical doctor she can say that it is the same handwriting, the same type of bullets, and it’s really disturbing that now the new coalition, that they don’t want to investigate what exactly happened.”

Let us now investigate the wonderful and colourful pasts of those now in the new Ukrainian “Government”, which is as illegal as it is unconstitutional because the processes in place under Ukrainian law to select a new President or to deselect the old one were not followed.

So what was that Messrs. Obama and Kerry were saying? What were those handshakes with the new Putsch “government” in Kiev? What was that about the snipers firing on their “own people” to incriminate the police? What was all that nonsense spoken about President Yanukovich?

Under the law, the imposters would be arrested and tried for usurpation of powers, slander and libel, criminal association and possibly ties to mass murder, President Viktor Yanukovich would return as lawful President of Ukraine, and Obama and Kerry would have the decency and manliness to apologise for jumping the gun and making stupid and false allegations, quite apart from a huge question mark being raised as to their capacity to fulfil their obligations in their positions.

Who in the United States of America wants a Secretary of State/President who either lies through his teeth or else is so gullible that he just accepts and repeats what he is told?

Timofei Belov


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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(snipers shoot from one side then run to the other side to shoot again)


Putin Interview Part 3


The Ukrainian Coup is discussed.

Putin Interview Part 3.mp4