June Is Busting Out

This blog has 7,055 posts

excluding this one.

I started it after a bomb exploded

behind the wall of a political rally stage.

I added all sorts of topic

with all sorts of style

from all sorts of time.

It is probably the time to give it a rest

Maybe a pause. it was a jaunty run–fruitful, too.

What with all the effect and influence it has made.

Hints, suggestions, predictions—all were exciting.

This blog will probably re-appear in some other srtle

and in some other scenario.

From June 17 2009

to June 1, 2023—-June has busted out.

Splendor In The Grass

Splendor In The Grass.mpg

Splendor In The Grass.mp4

From Here To Eternity


From Here to Eternity.mp4

The Mexican

Brad Pitt is a blonde Mexican?

The Mexican.mp4


Cristy Vs. MMDA

Cristy Vs. MMDA.mp4

Apeng Vs. MMDA

Apeng Vs. MMDA.mp4

Undong Vs. MMDA

Undong Vs. MMDA.mp4

Specks-tacular Canada Revenue Agency

With all the money and finances at its disposal

there are still some things that can be improved upon.

The next “revenuwer” that I talked with over the phone

was ALEXIS 05368wro.

After this conversation, my account is still locked

as was before.

Good results from this communication were—

I learned that the Canadian Government doled out

some amount to take care of the climate change.

At least that is what I thought

since it was not labelled properly in my bank deposits.

Another thing is that I was assured that the

Notice of assessment for my tax returns is coming.

Which is what I wanted to know and for which I suffered

all this time.

Now if CRA is listening I will say this — Seniors like I who am

about to kick the bucket need communication with CRA thru

online CRA, and email or post mail.

Alexis has just told me with something short of vehemency

that he can allow only two of these medium of communication.

Either I get my notices thru online and postal, or inline and email.

I insisted, with less vehemency on my part, that I should receive

communication thru online, email AND postal notices or shuck it.

I deserve it, not the shuck!

Another less than stupid CRA procedure is the passcode transmission.

Passcodes are required to unlock the CRA account.

It is sent thru “Text”, or  “Call Me”.

The passcode has never been sent me thru both ways

after innumerable attempts on my part.

The employees should ask for another raise to do this, eh?

Either that or the CRA, with all the resources available,

should hire another programmer to fix this.

(I will try again tomorrow with another revenuwer)

Canada Revenue Agency Spectacle

This Service Feedback I filed with Canada Revenue Agency

 has yet to be acknowledged.

Note that I only want to know if a Notice of Assessment

for me is ready to be sent.

I do not ask for any amount or any refund.

Have they prepared the assessment already  to be sent?

A simple yes or no would suffice, eh?

The last person I talked to minutes ago was

Mohammed, 142425 wro.

last of the many questions he asked

was something about spouse or spouses.

What has women got to do with my assessment?

BTW, I gave him a wrong amount on my GST credit and he verified it!


Summary of Service Feedback ( submitted Tuesday May 16, 2023)
Complaint details
EditEdit complaint details

My problem is only to assure that the Notice of Assessment for my 2022 Income Tax Return is ready to be received by me.
Yesterday, May 15, 2023, my phone conversation with Marcus resulted in him acknowledging the email sent to me about my submitted tax returns. He said that the Notice of assessment will be sent already. However, I was told that this may take 15 days. My son needs this assessment to figure out his own tax return. So today, May 16, 2023, I went online with CRA just to check if the Notice of Assessment is ready to be sent out as Marcus said.
The first message from the CRA site I got was that my account was locked, forcing me to register again. Then comes Err.179. So back and forth I went with CRA, dealing with Jerome,Applix, Samantha, and lastly—Lovish (7496 ont). All the time, same results–account locked, err.179 and a passcode that was not received at any time, most probably because it was never sent. Verification questions have now become ridiculously stupid, such as do I have online computer, or the last gst amount received, and also access to bank sign-in partner computer password. The last reply from Lovish just about made me conclude that these CRA employees are unable to verify the amounts that I tell them simply because they are unable to open my account on their screens. Lovish cannot even tell me if there is a Notice of Assessment. Now I see the reason why the callers are warned not to talk with adversarial or temperamental language– these are irritable procedures The CRA employees do not know what they are talking about. The info that they know is what I actually told them. I hope they get another raise in their pay. I may publish this, of course.

Confirmation (required)
I certify that the information given on this form is correct and complete.

Philippine Stakes Claim to South China Sea

Philippines marks claim to disputed territory

Manila has placed navigational buoys around the Spratly Islands, in defiance of China’s territorial assertions
The Philippines has staked its claim to a disputed area of the South China Sea by placing navigational buoys around the Spratly Islands, challenging Beijing’s alleged sovereignty over the area.

Five buoys bearing the country’s national flag were placed around the islands between May 10 and May 12, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said on Sunday. They were all installed within Manila’s 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and marked the “critical areas” of Patag Island, Kota Island, Panata Island and the Balagtas and Juan Felipe reefs.

“This move highlights the Philippines’ unwavering resolve to protect its maritime borders and resources and contribute to the safety of maritime trade,” PCG Commodore Jay Tarriela said in a Twitter post.

China warns neighbor against ‘bringing wolves into the house’

Chinese officials haven’t yet responded to the statement but the move comes amid rising geopolitical tensions in the region. Beijing has claimed sovereignty over the Spratly Islands and surrounding waters as falling within its “nine-dash line,” which encompasses about 90% of the South China Sea and overlaps the territorial claims of Taiwan and five Southeast Asian nations.

China has dredged the seafloor to create artificial islands in the region, featuring airstrips and missile launchers, and has deployed hundreds of vessels in the disputed areas. In 2016 an international tribunal ruled in favor of the Philippines, saying the nine-dash line has no basis in international law – a finding that Beijing dismissed as “null and void.”

The Philippines has forged closer ties with the US since President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. took office last year. Marcos, who visited the White House earlier this month, agreed in February to allow the US military to station forces on four additional bases in the Philippines. Chinese officials have warned that strengthening defense ties with Washington will “drag the Philippines into the abyss of geopolitical strife.”

Crypto Currency

Now why would I change my hard-earned cash

for imaginary money that sleeps in my hard drive?

I do not think I can buy a Big Mac with this crypto money.

Try buying a maruya with it, or a balut egg using this.


Crypto Crash

13 May, 2023 11:59
HomeBusiness News
Biggest crypto exchange forced out of Canada
Binance is exiting the country, citing new rules governing stablecoins and investor limits
Biggest crypto exchange forced out of Canada
© Getty Images / Grant Faint

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, announced in a tweet on Friday its intention to cease operations in Canada. The exchange cited a new set of regulations governing the crypto industry in Canada, which complicates its operations in the country.

“Today we are announcing that Binance will be joining other prominent crypto businesses in proactively withdrawing from the Canadian marketplace… We had high hopes for the rest of the Canadian blockchain industry. Unfortunately, new guidance related to stablecoins and investor limits provided to crypto exchanges makes the Canada market no longer tenable for Binance at this time,” Binance tweeted.

The exchange noted that it had been putting off the decision to quit Canada for some time, due to its “sentimental value” as the home country of Binance founder, Changpeng Zhao. However, it stated that the new guidance has left Binance without “reasonable avenues to protect our Canadian users.”

“Our remaining Canadian users are receiving an email with comprehensive information on how this will impact their accounts going forward. We hope to continue to engage with Canadian regulators aimed at a thoughtful, comprehensive regulatory framework,” the exchange stated, adding that it may someday return to the Canadian market “when Canadian users once again have the freedom to access a broader suite of digital assets.”

In February, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) unveiled new guidance demanding “enhanced investor protection commitments” from crypto asset trading platforms amid “insolvencies involving several crypto asset trading platforms.” Among other things, it set investor limits and mandatory registrations for crypto exchanges, and prohibited them from allowing customers to buy or deposit stablecoins within the country without the CSA’s permission.

Alfonso Tan

It appears that the name of Alfonso Tan

is a mistaken identity.

But there is more to this than meets the eye.

This is what I think so.

You do not have to think it like so,

but I will say it anyway.

Alfonso Tan is one person who wants to disappear pronto.

He is the person that everybody would be interested in.

Even a high fallooting, expensive law firm

decided to bail him out of prison

just by his name’s sake alone.

They found out, of course,

that Alfonso Tan is the name given to Noel Alabata,

whose time spent in the hospital,

provided the time given for Alfonso Tan to effect his escape.

A search for Alfonso Tan would be abandoned if  he,

(actually Noel alabata) is known to be in the hospital;

and then afterwards to appear in the Senate hearing.

He must possess some bulky baggage to prevent him

from moving out surreptitiously.

If so, my guess is that he is a video game programmer

and a web developer who would use a desktop server, monitor,

antenna, and bet collecting paraphernalia.

Where is he now?

About time you do your own guessing, eh?


Negros Oriental

It is hard to imagine

that a Mafia-style family war

could involve the police as hitmen.

Well, in this Philippine province,

this is not a rarity.

In fact, policemen and former policemen

got through the tight armed security and

shot Governor Degamo dead.

The suspected mastermind is Arnulfo Teves,

himself out of his country

and refuses to be present for questioning

But what would be more interesting

is the plight of Staff Sergeant Noel Alabata

who was hit to unconsciousness on the head,

and then finding himself in an unfamiliar place

being charged with frustrated murder.

Unfamiliar to him also is the person or company that

put up his bail.

The odd thing is that the name referred to Noel

is the name Alfonso Tan,

not John Doe,

as is the name usually given to such a case as his.

Now if I might guess what is going on,

Noel Alabata has become the fall guy,

or something.

He was carried bodily to

that place wherever,

Alfonso Tan is now his new name,

It is probable that after Noel’s death

his body will be interred as Alfonso Tan.

unfortunately for  some of us,

Noel Alabata survived and related his story.

And that the name Alfonso Tan,

and who he is,

has to be explained,

And the name of the  Philippine National Police,

will not now be called the

Palpak na Pulis,



Five Fingers

To cut off one after another…..



Name of The Rose

Name of The Rose.mp4

Carlos The Jackal

Carlos the Jackal.mp4

Carlos the Jackal.mpg

The 13th Warrior

Antonio Banderas is an Arab

at that time when the 13th warrior

has to be an Arab,


The 13th Warrior.mp4



Kim Novak’s first mama-mia role

and thereafter all lives intertwine

in picnics.

Kim Novak



Love Story Final Chapter

This Love Story has no final chapter.

It is actually God’s Love Story.

And HE has no end.

Jesus is The Love.

God sent Jesus to show us the way back to HIM.

God, with all HIS Omnipotence,

is asking us,

and not with a subtle hint,

to come back to HIM.

And that is LOVE,

which does not require a story

to See.

(this one for Fr. Chris “alright” Alar)

Love Story Chapter Seven Last Words

The Seven last Words

The sign above his head reads INRI, or King of the Jews.
This is to signify the Roman mastery over the Jews
and at the same time to mock their beliefs.
These word are related by eyewitnesses of the Crucifixion
by both HIS closest friends and relatives.
In these hours, Jesus performs HIS function as both
Son of Man and Son of God.
What follows is my insight on the occasion,
not God’s, because HE would have other things to think of
while HE is nailed on the Cross.
This is for your perusal and is free for you to download
and use later as a reference.
Just in case.

First of Seven:

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

These words mark the main reason for the Coming of Christ–
They actually form the theme of the Story of Jesus
and what His work was all about—
that of forgiveness, redemption, and love for the enemies.
These words give meat to HIS other spoken words of :
“Turn the Other Cheek”,
even if by doing so one stands to lose the rest of his head
by decapitation.

Second of Seven:

“Today, you will be with ME in Paradise”

HE said this when one nailed to another cross
asked jesus to remember him in Paradise.
Imagine how elated was Jesus to know that HIS work had
been fruitful, that people will now bow down to HIM
in supplication and adoration.
These words also prove HIS authority over the Heavens
and that HE make sinners enter Paradise with HIS will.
HE IS GOD, and HE has made it easier for man to enter Paradise.
Man needs not to blow himself up
nor to behead others
nor to kiss a charcoal-black rock
to enter Paradise.
A simple, sincere plea for forgiveness will do
at anytime, any place, in front of an altar or not.

Third of Seven:

“Woman, behold, your son….Behold, your Mother”

These words ring all over and for those who meditate on them
will sink that these words are actually God’s decree that Mothers
should be placed on pedestals and nothing should be refused
of what they ask for.
Women give birth, and nurture, and care, and love,
the kind of love that made God create Adam and Eve.
To feel the love of a Mother was God’s intention for creating Man.
And HE felt this love from Mary.
HE will realize later on when HE would have felt
the extreme fervor and love from HIS Saints.
This would require another chapter but for the meantime,
Jesus has placed HIS Mother under the care of John
which further decreed the importance of women.

To recap what I have said so far :
God came down to Earth to show the way.
People have been complaining thet
HIS Commandments are difficult to follow
as a whole and to be able to do this
one has to be a god himself.
Therefore to show how man can obey
HIS Commandments completely
HE HIMSELF must show the way.
And HE has to do this by assuming the form of man
with Man’s frailties including the feeling of pain.
So while his form, that of Jesus now pinned to the Cross,
HE speaks partly as God wills and partly as man in pain.
After the First Three of Seven Words, HE speaks as God.
The next four of the Seven Last Words
HE will be speaking as Man specifically as Man in agony.
HE had his agony first in the Garden when Jesus asked
the Father to lat this destiny on the Cross pass
because of the pain HE has to endure.
HIS experience as a carpenter got him to know about
beams and the size of the nails to attach these to a post.
The pain of using these nails to pin HIS arms to a beam
should have a painful thought.
More so with a bigger-sized nail to pin two feet to a post.

Fourth of Seven

“My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”

At about this time, the pain must start to hurt.
This is the Man speaking, it would not hurt if HE were
speaking as God.
He realizes that this is HIS destiny and it has to continue
if HE has to save the world from sin.
Such words could not have been said
if HE were to use the Function of God.
More memorable it is to show the Way were HE
to experience excruciating pain and show it.

Fifth of Seven

“I Thirst.”

A symbolic meaning to these words is HIS thirst
for the love and adoration of the people HE Loves.
At any rate, HE was given acidic vinegar
on a sponge to sip on.

Sixth of Seven

“It is finished.”

After several hours (maybe three) pain diminishes
and Jesus feels death creeping in.
HIS Function, and God’s Divine Plan is in completion.
And HE says this, if only to remind HIMSELF.

Seven of Seventh

“Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”

The Son of God returns to God the Father.
Jesus dies and the Earth trembles and the Heavens roar
as if both were the ones which gave up the ghost.

“Truly,” the Romans say, “this is the Son of God!”

These last words dramatize the fact which remains both
a mystery and controversy to some other people—-
that there exists JESUS, HIS SPIRIT, and THE FATHER
all rolled into one TRINITY.



Marcelito On AGT

The Newest Filipino star

on the international stage

is Marcelito Pomoy,

catching attention with his singing

both Soprano and Tenor voices.

What is unique is that he switches from one

to the other with abrupt ease

as if he has two voice boxes in operation.

Which  inspires me to guess that

he probably has a uniquely-developed Adams Apple.

He may even have an underdeveloped one.

Some Filipinos can do what he does,

but Marcelito’s rendition is done with finesse

and a quality that makes him incomparable.

Ah, heck, whatever what is, I do not get tired

of listening to him singing the same songs

at all hours of the day.

Marcelito Pomoy.mp4

More of my tribute, however,

should to the woman

behind the man,



This would be Jo-Ann,

Marcelito’s wife.


Danielle Smith

For the past 50 years, I have seen Alberta Premiers come and go.
This one, Danielle Smith, has balls.
Pardon the expression but this is the most expressive way
I can describe this new Premier.
She has endeavored to pass a most prominent
and pertinent legislation called the
Sovereignty Act.

This is an act to imply “keep-your-hands-off-my cookie-jar”
For half a century, Alberta Premiers have complained
about the government milking Alberta of its oil revenues.
This is presumably in accordance of the Resource Sharing
which was actually passed for this particular milking purpose.
The lost revenues proved to be unfair for the people.
What is worse, the complaints were ignored and
the Premiers were left whimpering and whining.
Even when the Western provinces banded together
to threaten a separation from Canada,
still the complaints were ignored.
And so the milking went on.
Now, with Danielle Smith as Premier,
the Albertans stiffened against the government’s  plea
to keep the union going.
To add pain to injury,
the government imposed severe taxes on Alberta oil revenues,
deftly mentioning cleaner environment as the basis.
With Danielle’s Sovereignty Act,
Albertans hardened their hearts.
They will survive against all odds.
After all Alberta is the most bountiful of the provinces.
The Eastern provinces, however, hopes to convey
that the Sovereignty Act is mutinous against the Federation.
Heck, if this be mutiny
then it is mutiny for the bounty.

Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle

I must have vented a holy smoke

when I said that the next Pope

will be a Filipino.

Soon after,

the social media is flooded

with prospects for the new Pope,

Cardinal Tagle (pronounced Tah-gleh),

being the top of the pick.

While eating and praying

are ingrown habits for Filipinos

the preferred pastimes are

singing, dancing, and telling jokes.

If and when

Cardinal Tagle becomes the next Pope,

that venerated place called the Vatican

will be jumping.