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City Of Angels

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Captain Corelli’s Mandolin


QE2 Is Dead

The Queen is dead.

Long Live the King!

The Pomp and Circumstance comes next.

Before this is a 96-gun salute

with 12 cannons

firing 8-shots each.

3 Godfathers

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Taras Bulba


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Lottomax discards—-38, 16, 33

wait for more numbers—


(While I wait for Maritess to come out,

might as well dabble on lottomax numbers)


From Councillor Aaron Paquette

I am much priveleged

to receive a response

from the respected Councillor of Ward Dene——

Blocking Driveway

Aaron Paquette

1:14 PM (6 hours ago)

to me
Hello Emmanuel,
I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with a company truck blocking your driveway. Have you spoken with the company, and the driver, to ensure it doesn’t happen again? I also recommend calling the non-emergency police line if you want to make a complaint if they do block your driveway again.


City Crest w banner bronze.jpg

Hannah Hamilton (She/Her)



780-496-8138  OFFICE

2nd Floor, City Hall

1 Sir Winston Churchill Square

Edmonton AB T5J 2R7

The contents of this message and any attachment(s) are confidential, proprietary to the City of Edmonton, and are intended only for the addressed recipient. If you have received this in error, please disregard the contents, inform the sender of the misdirection, and remove it from your system. The copying, dissemination, or distribution of this message, if misdirected, is strictly prohibited.

From Lowly Me


Here is my reply—-

Emmanuel Viardo

6:47 PM (42 minutes ago)
to Aaron

I was disappointed when the company driver just scoffed at me and made fun of my suggestion to unblock..

The lady owner of the house even shouted at me as if she owned me!
Her and the company driver even let me hear that they are revelling at my suggestion.
(Watch Yardworx7.mp4)
However, your suggestion to report this to the police non-emergency line is one good way to solve
this problem. It is my intention also to have this company to acquire as many complaints from me as they deserve so that other Edmontonians would be alerted.
Now if you will pardon me, I will report these infractions to the police non-emergency line
and also the 311. Call me naughty, but it is about time the City gave me a helping hand.
Or two hands to boot.
Your reply is very much appreciated, thank you very much
(This document will not be publicized as long as I am certain this came from you, Mr, Paquette, and not your staff)

The City Government

I have lived in this city for 48 years.

all of this time I have kept for myself

the odd misfeasance that the city government tolerates.

This one is about parking,

how the culprit gets away with it,

and how the city ignores it.

This is about a complaint I filed against


Reference No. 445308909

dated yesterday August 26, 2022

A lady named Sukh responded that

somebody will call me.

Somebody called me at 11:15 pm last night.

He had a private name and number on my land phone.

He refused to give his name to me.

His final word was that the complaint 

had a wrong label on it and that he

dismissed it outright.

So today I called 311 again

on its parking violation line

and talked to Stu (short for Stuart).

I did warn him that I will print the 

conversation on my blog.

I quoted him the Reference number of the complaint

against the driver of Yard parking his truck

and his long trailer blocking my driveway.

he does this regularly as he cuts the grass of 

my next door neighbor.

This driver does this regularly,

not everyday but regularly.

This I do not mind but on this particular day

I have to drive out for an emergency.

His reply was I can still drive out

if I use some expert driving.

I remember doing this on the same situation

when I dented my neighbor’s car (same neighbor)

and I had to pay for the damages.

So I had to suffer the consequences of 

being late for the emergency call.

I live in a crescent and parking such a big truck

towing two long trailers would block

four adjacent driveways at once.

And what does the city Government opt to do?


Bylaw Complaint 445308909-001


311 Edmonton

1:08 PM (1 hour ago)

to me
Advice is to put in complaint as early in the day as possible, in order to ensure our parking enforcement officer can see the violation in person and act accordingly

The contents of this message and any attachment(s) are confidential, proprietary to the City of Edmonton, and are intended only for the addressed recipient. If you have received this in error, please disregard the contents, inform the sender of the misdirection, and remove it from your system. The copying, dissemination, or distribution of this message, if misdirected, is strictly prohibited.

That is the email I received purportedly from Stu(short for Stuart)
And he did not add about how to prove that
there was a violation even when the bylaw officer is not
there to witness the violation.
The Citizens are actually made to ignore parking violations
if there is no bylaw officer to witness the violation.
Sort of ignoring a robbery being committed on your place
if there were no officer to witness the robbery.
This is law enforcement by sight
and not by the book as the City should do.
(to be continued)

The Missing Data

I have no intention of fighting City Hall.

which is that of the City of Edmonton.

But during the course of this parking complaint

I do feel that City Hall is fighting me.

When I tried to call Stu(short for Stuart)

The lady who answered 311 told me that she

will trace Stu and that she insisted that I do not hang up

after which she hang up on me.

So I dialed again after a while and lo–

a commanding voice greeted me.

She also impressed me as one who has a good command

of parking by-laws and violations as she started to give

a lengthy rundown of these.

I myself have some broad perspective of what she

intends to lecture me with so I cautiously interrupted her

at some specific points so that we could go back to

my complaint. She objected to my interruptions.

And when our talk started to get off track, 

I reminded her that we should not be adversarial,

and that I am the complainant and am only trying

to find out what is happening.

Her name is Brunella.

She is Italian, not German.

But whatever, she is impressive.

And then it came out.

When I asked her about Yard, she informed me

that this name is not in the Reference No. that I gave her.

Yard has been dropped from my complaint!

Holy Smokes! caramba, carao, funye….whatever that means.

Something is rotten in Denmark, or Edmonton.

And as Dolly Parton would say……

Something is going on with Jolene!

But I like Hamlet better.

All kidding aside, the complaint actually targets

the company of Yard,

Dropping this from the complaint implies 

that City Hall is protecting the company name

and that I have become a nuisance

and should better be discarded

faster than those who block driveways.

I can now see why Reference no. 445308909

is now quoted as Reference no. 445308909-001.

It has been changed to a different complaint.


afterwards gave me a new Reference Nunber–


This is where a Bylaw Officer will talk to me.

AHA—-the climax for all this—-

but I will give him a surprise—-

and one that you also will know on this blog.

(Just you wait ‘enry ‘iggins, just you wait!)

Random Numbers Generator

Copy and paste this link on your browser

This link may explain it simply.

It gives you an idea of what RANDOM

actually means,

or so it seems.

I will elaborate on this further.

For the meantime, take your time.

Where Eagles Dare


Where Eagles Dare.mpg

War And Peace

War And Peace.mpg

War And Peace.wmv

War And Peace.mp4

Edmonton Winners

From Edmonton comes the winner of the Extra.

And also the winner of the Bonus Lotto Max.

It appears that the Wild Rose is finally blooming

in Edmonton.

It is now being seen


The Missing Car

A funny thing happened last night.

I had this dream that my car was missing.

I went all over town to all the places I’ve been.

Still I could not find it.

I woke up feeling broken about the dream.

Until I asked myself the question—

what car was I driving while I search for the

missing car?

Random Number Generators

This topic comes next.

Lotto Max 2

The numbers that I put out

for you to ignore won with three hits–

1–43–and 36.

These are numbers next to impossible to hit.

I should not publish my numbers, eh.

But knowing what I know,

I did not bet on lotto max that time.

Remember also that I did say that it is odd

I keep hitting the bonus number.

Stay tuned because I am leading up

to my point of how these lotteries can be rigged.

For this end, remember this term—–FILTERS.

Or that which is commonly understood to screen out

coffee grounds.

Lotto Max

This is more complicated a system

than the 649.

More so because it depends on the 

site terminals to give the lottery the needed plug.

But before I get in to this system,

and the Random generators,

let me give you a sample of what I see in  numbers.

Now don’t bet on these numbers—-

36; 40; 15; 30; 1

31; 49; 5; 37; 47;

10;43;46; 35

I have yet to figure out the rest

but there is no more time to do that.

The draw is today. 

These numbers are just to check

on the veracity of my intuition.


The Number 13

I was going to add the number 13 to my bet last time;

But you know how the number affects the bettors.

besides the date of the draw was August 13.

But if you want to add a number(33)

in ALL of your combinations

use a 5-number wheel like this:

To wheel numbers 43,42,47,24,4,23,32,48,45,18,10,12

Use 33 +













These numbers are overloaded with 40’s

You may choose other numbers.



WCLC stands for Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

This outfit that accepts and gives away

more CAD than you can imagine.

Much help for Canadians.

Incidentally, this outfit has stopped publishing

the locations of the sites that sold the winning ticket.

No more are named locations like Windsor, Quebec, Brantford.

What are published now are the provinces.

No reply has been sent to my question

about why are draws not done in public.

If draws have been made in public,

such doubts

about the veracity of the numbers

would be eliminated.

Such doubt as whether draws have been made

more than once and thereafter

people decide which numbers to publish,

there being nobody else to see the draws.

The draws may have been done by a computer,

but then who decides which combination wins.

BTW, it has been described the amount of security

provided to this particular computer.

Video-monitored, secure access, isolated, and such–

this computer appears to be a highly-prized concubine.

Which prompts us to rename this computer


And the further gloat is that this compubine

uses a software called

Random Number Generator Proprietary.

Gloat is an over-reaction

because a software that draws a whole slew

of combinations that have 6 numbers identical

with the last draws can hardly be called RANDOM.

The whole WCLC lottery games are based on a

faulty computer.

(imagine a number hitting 4 times in 4 consecutive draws!)

649 Results

Jackpot numbers came out as

5, 8, 13, 35, 37, 40  bonus 3

I have numbers 8 and 37 hit

for a 2-number free Play.

Not bad for a shot in the dark.

But I gotta sharpen my intuitions more.

Next time I will provide 649 numbers

that you should not play for the draw,

leaving you numbers that you can select from.

Lotteries 2

No reply from WCLC yet.

I guess my questions would require

higher more accredited experts.

We will let them choose what and how to reply.

Meantime I put out my 649 numbers today.

A not-so-sure shot are these numbers.



Wheeling these numbers

will produce 6 combinations

for an $18- 649 bet.

How to wheel it—

Form four groups of three numbers each

like so—





Then combine to make 6-number combinations.

7,8,19,+ 20,24,28

7,8,19,+ 31,36,37

7,8,19,+ 38,47,48

20,24,28+ 31,36,37

20,24,28+ 38,47,48

31,36,37+ 38,47,48

If you hit 6-numbers from these

it is guaranteed that you will win

a minimum of a 4-number hit.

That is, if you don’t actually hit the jackpot.


Canadian Lotteries

Today we start with lotteries

which might be a more interesting topic

than the Ukrainian Conflict

because this lottery subject would deal with money—

your money.

At least there may be tips in choosing the winning

numbers along the way.

I deal, and bet, on the Canadian lotteries.

Some days there are criticisms I have encountered

about how the WCLC is run,

Worse, there are hints that the Canadian lotteries

are rigged.

Meaning to say that there exists a human choice 

on the winning numbers.

Which makes me ponder as to how can this be done.

So I communicated with the WCLC in my effort to

clear things up with the (mostly foreign) doubters

about the integrity of the Canadian Lottery Draws.

So I now publish here the first meaningful and highly

appreciated reply from WCLC—-


“Draws for national games such as LOTTO 6/49, LOTTO MAX and DAILY GRAND are conducted by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation (ILC) in Toronto, using random number generator software on stand-alone computerized draw machines.

The Interprovincial Lottery Corporation (ILC) conducts draws for LOTTO MAX and LOTTO 6/49 in Toronto and effective May 2019, ILC began conducting these draws using Random Number Generator (RNG) software. Draws for DAILY GRAND, LOTTO MAX MAXMILLIONS prizes, and LOTTO 6/49 Guaranteed Prize Draws are also conducted using RNG.

Third-party experts have tested and certified the RNG software for randomness. When the software starts, an integrity check is performed on the system to ensure that no changes have been made that could affect the random outcome of the draw. A number of other checks and balances are performed to ensure draw security and are witnessed by third-party experts – including two draw auditors located in two separate geographical locations.

We hope that you can appreciate the integrity of the draws is of the utmost importance and it is not possible to manipulate the draws.

For more information about draws and draw security please visit and”


This reply did not actually satisfy my questions.

So I now will respond with direct questions

for which I will also publish here the replies.


My first question would be :

Why are there no public viewings of the draws?

My second question would be :

What makes your software

Random Number Generator Proprietary

different from the common Random Number Generator

which can be used in any available computer today?


From these questions can be noted

that I simply do not question the integrity of the people

involved in these lotteries.

I merely question the system, and/or procedures.