The Early Years

The Classic Hunchback


Lon Chaney,

the first to portray Quasimodo,

the Hunchback of Notre Dame,

in silent movies, of course,

but the role does not need him

to say anything, anyway.

So There.

The classic Hunchback,

Lon Chaney was—–




Hovered Out

Father Albert San Jose

of the Diocese of San Pablo, Laguna,

was relieved for using a hover board

at mass.


Hovered out.mp4

I opine that this act was ahead of the times

since hover boards are not in common use yet.

What he has done is actually sell the hover board

and not Christ.

But what I see is an exceptionally clean church,


John Roscoe


In those days, pistols are weapons that are concealed in general.

The bad guys call their guns “John Roscoe”.

The good guys call their guns “Equalizers”.

There are more John Roscoes than Equalizers.

“Chatterboxes” are those automatic weapons that have disks for magazines and are usually the model “Tommy Gun”.

They did not ban guns in those days. They banned booze, instead.

Cat Deeley


Cat Deeley

You Think You Can Dance.mpg

The End of NOW



This is the final issue of the NOW (news of the World) tabloid. Murdoch gets investigated for  some phone hackings.


Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood

Natalie  Wood 




(click on Sunrise_Sunset for Power Point on Perry Como)

(Good photos by Ha Quang Thuan who composed this)

Who #15


Who #14


Who #12


Who #9


WHO #2….

I was told that little girl’s name was May, not Sheena.

The boy was called Rafael.

Who #5?


For Whom The Bell Tolls?


For Whom…


Who #4?


Sentimental Journey..

I guess we can allow oourselves to sneak off the track a bit, ,maybe for several bits, to make our sentiments get hold of us for a while. This should be good for the psyche. The past holds memories, and memories give rise to our sentiments. Whether the past we remember happened a few years ago or a few moments ago, it is still the past from whence we draw our philosophies, our thoughts, and our sentiments.

Let us therefore go back to remember and be happy about it, or be sad about it.

The heart is dry if it cannot be happy. The heart is hollow if it cannot be hurt.

The heart is dead, if it cannot be sentimental.

Let us take a sentimental journey, a sentimental journey today.


Who #3?


If you happen to lknow these people from the early years, give us a shout and we will verify them for you.

Keep sending us the pichoors incognito if you want.

Who #2?

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