Splendor In The Grass

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Shine of Rainbow

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From Here To Eternity


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The Mexican

Brad Pitt is a blonde Mexican?

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Apeng Vs. MMDA

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Carlos The Jackal

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The 13th Warrior

Antonio Banderas is an Arab

at that time when the 13th warrior

has to be an Arab,


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Kim Novak’s first mama-mia role

and thereafter all lives intertwine

in picnics.

Kim Novak



Marcelito On AGT

The Newest Filipino star

on the international stage

is Marcelito Pomoy,

catching attention with his singing

both Soprano and Tenor voices.

What is unique is that he switches from one

to the other with abrupt ease

as if he has two voice boxes in operation.

Which  inspires me to guess that

he probably has a uniquely-developed Adams Apple.

He may even have an underdeveloped one.

Some Filipinos can do what he does,

but Marcelito’s rendition is done with finesse

and a quality that makes him incomparable.

Ah, heck, whatever what is, I do not get tired

of listening to him singing the same songs

at all hours of the day.

Marcelito Pomoy.mp4

More of my tribute, however,

should to the woman

behind the man,



This would be Jo-Ann,

Marcelito’s wife.


Red Baron

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Prince Valiant


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Sex, Lies, and Videotape

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Wowowee June 2009

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The Man Who Would Be King

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Enchanting Christmas

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Nagasaki Choir





Fantasia 2000



Pan Y Vino



played the role of Marcelino

in the screen adaptation of

“The Miracle of Marcelino”

by Jose Ma, Sanchez Silva.

This is the story of a baby

who was found at the gates of the monastery.

The monks reared him up after nobody

in town would like to accept him as an orphan.

When he was six years old, his curiosity led him to the attic.

and to see the crucified Christ.

Later on Marcelino brought this man on the cross

some bread and wine,

pilfered of course from the monastery kitchen

To make the story short, the man on the cross

granted Marcelino’s wish to see his mother.

And right from the very eyes of the eavesdropping m onks,

the man on the cross sent Marcelino to heaven.

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Bull’s End

The bull does not have any idea

that it actually is fighting for its life.

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Silence of the Lambs

Why do lambs keep silent

when they know that they are sacrificial?


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City Of Angels

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3 Godfathers

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The Closing Argument

And so the not so fruitful saga

of the Yard Worx blockade continues.

This time the City of Edmonton is not adversarial

nor argumentative.

It actually is on a dismissal mode

of some nuisance

which is me (pat-on-the back, pat-on-the-back!)

For Reference No. 8024183103 comes

the promised call from ‘private number, private Name’.

The caller assures that this call is from an office in City Hall

and that her designation is CPO487.

She did not give permission for me to print this.

She sounds more like a teacher in a chastening mood,

and proceeded to give suggestions as to how to file 

complaints to the city.

She said that since the truck is not there anymore,

she is not going to do anything about the complaint.

She did say that the Reference Number

8024183103 will only be closed

and not removed.

This is good because because i will refer to this number

every time Yard Worx blocks my driveway.

Now it is my turn to recommend to the City Government

of Edmonton how to deal with “nuisance” complaints

about blocking driveways.

The City Council should consider issuing permits

to companies that service residential areas to allow

them to park anywhere for a specified and limited

length of time with the condition to move out

under emergency situations.

You know, just like ambulances, firetrucks, and police cars?

These permits will also provide more income for the city.

And now, the surprise—





Now we see the benefits of having video cameras

installed all over the place.

This had been very useful in solving

the vandalism that was done on that Hyundai.

The camera caught the guy opening the

glove compartment to pocket my cell phone.

I called the police which recovered the cell phone

from a store in West Edmonton.

It is also a good thing to list down the serial

number of your cell phone.

The police tracked it down  before the day was over.

Remember—-video cameras.

Where Eagles Dare


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