The Property Called frequency

I am not qualified to call it a property of matter,

not so for it to be another dimension,

nor a characteristic trait,

simply because words to define it escape me.

But I opine that if those  scientists  put this

under consideration

they might be able to explain things in a

much too logical a scientific form

For instance, an experiment was made

by breaking a laser beam into two pathways

and they come out with four different groups

of lasers.

Using frequency amplitudes and phases of cycles

the beam travels in four different courses

namely: First Group–beam cycles from minimum point to zero

Second Group–beam cycles from zero to maximum point

Third Group–beam cycles from maximum point to zero

Fourth Group–beam cycles from zero to minimum point

This should explain why the split laser beam

lands into four different targets.

The same results would they get for splitting

the ripples of a stream—

they would get four different streams.

The split is accomplished  in four different phases

of the cycle.

The Freeq Multiverse

The Freeq Multiverse

By Cool-Ambo

They call it Theoretical Physics.

I am not a physicist, neither am I a physician. The closest thing I got to this word is when they ran me thru some courses in phys Ed. Even in these I failed miserably. I did mention before that muscles do not seem to grow on me, except on some strategic portions of my legs, or those strategic portions with which I find much use for, particularly in those times that I am obliged to flee from participating in some physical pugilistic confrontations.

Albert Einstein, now He was the theoretical Physicist. He advanced the Theory of Relativity which mostly advanced that the limiting factor in the universe is the speed of light. Stephen Hawking, he is another one of them. He advanced a lot of theories about the universe, expounding on the Big Bang Theory and other things.

Comes now my question : if the universe began from a Big Bang at one Singular Point, and then proceeded to spread matter from this point, how come there are heavenly collisions happening? If matter comes from a single point to populate the universe, wouldn’t each body proceed outward on their own unique course in such a way that no collision will occur like ripples in the water caused by a single dropped stone?  or like pellets fired from a shotgun? If they say that magnetic attraction (the basis for the Unified Field Theory) causes the heavenly bodies to change direction and thus cause collision, then such magnetic attraction between bodies is stronger than the force that produced the Big Bang. If so, then there could not have been a Big Bang. Whatever matter there is to spread around would have been held back by this magnetic attraction. If the cause is not the attraction between bodies, then there must be something else to cause these heavenly bodies to change direction and cause collisions. Maybe there is—

Think about it this way—-


There are times when you had to catch the elevator by running fast before the door closes. This means your timing was just right. You also need the right timing to go through a revolving door at the mall. It needs good timing. But let me get you into something more complicated—–watch Manny Pacquiao skipping the rope. He has perfect timing with the rope. Even if he does double loops, double leaps or even double cross draw loops, he does not skip a beat. That’s just it—it is not his timing, it is his beat, or I should say his frequency!

What is frequency, anyway? It is a cycle, a repetition, a reciprocating motion, a vibration, oscillation, rotation, revolution, or just about any process of going back and forth. Matter, if I might add, has frequency. Anything that moves, or has elements in it that moves, has frequency. Electrons spin around a nucleus. They have frequency. Music has rhythm and beat. That is frequency. Light has frequency, the variations of which produce different colors in the spectrum. Sound has frequency, the variations of which determine its pitch. Radio waves use frequency to transmit messages on air. Even people, with all those electrons and molecules in them have frequency. Now don’t go around looking for people who vibrate visibly to ascertain that they have frequency. If you see people who vibrate visibly, they are just afflicted with Parkinson’s disease.

Frequency, when disrupted, produce changes in what was originally a delicately ordered system. Microwaves squiggle through the molecules of chicken, cause agitation, disrupt the frequency of the atoms, and cause the chicken to be cooked inside a microwave oven. In this example, it is not the cooked chicken we are after but the way the microwave got through the chicken molecules. Well it went through the same way one gets through a closing elevator door—by being faster, or in this case, by being of a higher frequency than that of the chicken molecules. The same goes for sunlight going through glass. Sunlight also gets inside the green chlorophyll of leaves to produce starch for the fruit and fibro-vascular bundles for the trunk or stem.

The chemical, Ethylene Oxide or ETO for short (don’t mess with this chemical) is used to sterilize equipment in the operation room by passing through the sealed plastic packets to get to the instruments. Its ability to pass through the plastic containers is interesting because ETO is in a gaseous state and the plastic packets are opaque. It may be that the ETO is vibrating at a frequency which is higher than, but in sync, with the plastic containers.

There are limits to this ability, however, when it comes to other materials. Water may come together easily with other volumes of water, but not with steel, even if the frequencies of both are in sync. It depends also on whether one material is allowed to pass through , or if the material passing through will cause a change in the configuration of the other. You may not be allowed to get inside the elevator if you are too big in size, or if the elevator is already full. Thus water molecules are not allowed to get inside the steel material. And steel molecules are not allowed to get inside steel material unless they are both in an agitated, molten form. Human DNA is not able to mix with another person’s DNA unless they are in the ovule and spermatozoa state. They are probably in sync within this state.

But frequency as we know it now is a property of matter. The frequency I am going to refer you to is something like an upgraded frequency, or that frequency which does not depend on time, because this frequency dimension may have existed before time began. It may be associated, or related to the dark matter that the scientists are trying to decipher. In fact, it may be the dark matter itself. Wuups! That was a mouthful, eh?

Think about it this way—-the dimensions we know of today are length, width, thickness, or what we use for measurements. We can probably add weight and volume and anything we use for measuring and comparing things. We have never used time as a dimension. Time may describe you this way—-YOU, occupying this space on earth, on July 1, 2022, at 9 hours, 44 minutes, 38 seconds. Now there cannot be another one with this description. Similarly, you can be described as a solid matter that spans the time July 1, 2022, 9 hours, 44 minutes, 38 seconds to July 1, 2022, 9 hours, 44 mites 41 seconds. Now that is 3 seconds difference. You will be pictured as a solid matter tracing 3 seconds, in a case where you may probably be getting up a seat and going towards the television set. Or simply because matter is always in motion so it consumes time.

Frequency or that dimension I am talking about is independent of time, is something in a void, occupying space without a presence, an emptiness that fills a vacancy. The best way I can describe it is– it is a form of HUNGER. It is hungry for something to latch on to become something. It is an unwed entity which is not there without another. And it was probably out there in the firmament when it was as dark as the dark matter, there was no light, and nothing stirred, no motion at all. It was an incessant, gnawing hunger. We may know that feeling if we had not eaten for a millennium or so.

But all kidding aside, there was this point, a pre-supposed singularity which, when nothing stirred, and if there was matter at all it was in a completely motionless state, atoms and electrons are frozen amidst this completely intangible vacuum of a hunger. Then suddenly there was a hiccup, and lo, the hunger saw that this was good, and thence proceeded to tear apart this point of singularity to attach itself hungrily to all the mass and matter that was gushing forth. Thus was started the wheels of motion and the grind of time. It was as if matter from another universe got through from a hole created by the hiccup to populate another separate universe. It was just like matter getting through a revolving door from a belch.


But while a portion of this frequency dimension was consummated with the proliferation of matter from this Big Hiccup, still much of this hunger is not satisfied . It confines itself within a structure of an indefinite size and shape, just like an elastic enclosure with boundaries that constantly shifts and changes according to the growth of the universe. This elastic bubble, which I shall call FREEQ1, is only one of the bubbles populating the universe. This in fact provides for a configuration of multiple universes, or multiverses, each one having FREEQs similar in nature to FREEQ1, but not visible. FREEQ1 is open only and will accept only any and all other FREEQs of the same frequency. Dark matter may be in our universe but it belongs to another FREEQ. There are multiverses of different FREEQs and all are in one universe—our universe.

Freeqs have a frequency higher than the frequency of light itself. We may not be sure about its speed, but if it can vibrate faster than light, then it must be faster. Freeqs latch on to matter by slowing down  its own frequency, while matter may not be able to increase its frequency to latch on to Freeqs. And as Freeqs latch on to matter such matter is provided with a mark to identify which Freeq is latched on to it, a sort of watermark, or a brand. It is not sure what this identifying mark is. Perhaps the motion of the electrons go counterclockwise instead of clockwise, or the motion is up and down like pistons, or perhaps the frequency is some sort of a jig or a hip-hop. Whatever it is, this matter which is visible to us is branded with the mark of Freeq1.

Now as the matter in Freeq1 travel out from the point of the Big Hiccup, Freeq1 expands correspondingly just like a balloon that expands to give leeway to the speeding matter. The dominion of Freeq1 expands according to the expansion of its universe, and the Freeqs (whether they be latched or unlatched) expands with it until that time when the outer limits of this dominion comes in contact with the outer limits of Freeq2. Upon sensing that a comet branded by Freeq1 is about to enter its dominion, Freeq2 rejects this comet and bats it back like a ping-pong ball, and presto, the comet has changed its course. It will now go towards the direction which would take it on a collision course with other heavenly bodies within Freeq1. And this is the explanation as to why there are collisions among matter coming from only one point of the Big Hiccup. These are the rejects being batted off from the other multiverses.

Our universe is still expanding and the Freeqs will expand with it like a balloon. Its size and shape will still be indefinite and therefore its limits would be as indefinite as the other universes are indefinite. The borders between multiverses will remain undefined because each one will keep batting disowned heavenly bodies from its dominions like ping-pong balls. It is therefore safe to say that our universe has no end, even if you keep missing that gosh-darn elevator door because you are so ding-blasted slow!

I guess I am not cut out to be a theoretical physicist and should not give up my day job. If you are planning to ignore this post, I understand your desire not to be a theoretical freeq, er, freak. If you are, however, planning to save this post, please do not save it together with the files that say “Theory for the World is Round”.

Such “World-is-Round theories” are hogwash and will never catch on. Believe you me.

The Nature of Suzuki

David Suzuki


with ominous foresight.


Nature of Things.mp4


double helix 122

This is a configuration of a double helix.


Cut at the right ends, it forms part of your DNA.

It contains all that is in you,

in fact, all that is you.

Such a part will be able to start another you.

If something goes wrong in the structure of this

you are liable to get cancer.

What is cancer?

Why can we not find a cure for it?

Perhaps the answer is in  simplifying the problem

plus thinking up of something

that has not been thought of before.

I may give this to you slowly,

little by little,

poco a poco,

whatever that means.

But first, let me compile what they think

is cancer and how it can be beat.


Birth Day

Birth Day


Scientists have built a bigger, faster collider, the object of which is to ram particles against each other in the hope of getting a clearer picture of matter and how it is formed. In simple words, scientists would like to know how the Big Bang banged, or rather what caused the Big Bang.


I have theories of my own. These theories, however, may be far from the truth, but still is coming close to the theories that scientists have advanced. I have written about mass, the Bang, frequency, the Dark Matter and another separate universe. But while these articles that I wrote, mostly in this blog, have been diverse in topics, they will someday come together in the manner which Einstein sought to unify all theories together in one Unified Field Theory. He probably did not ask himself the question “ Did magnetism cause smaller particles to orbit around larger particles, or did this movement of smaller particles around larger particles cause magnetism?”

Whatever conclusion he arrives at would have opened up another question for him in that “How does magnetism figure out in the transformation of energy to mass?” Now we know that nuclear fission actually transforms mass into energy. And the detruction of mass creates immense destructive energy. But how could energy be transformed into mass? By fusing mass via magnetism as in the Black Hole? Could be. But this line of thinking would be hardly explicable considering how much we know today.

Now let’s see, the Big Bang created mass. In fact to this occasion is attributed the creation of the universe. My question would be, was there energy before this mass was created? I would say yes. There must be something before mass was created. There was energy, a simple constant, unchanging energy. This energy just might be all over. It might be in another universe or universes. Or it just might be in one place, which is our universe. It does not matter where. There just is this energy.

Before I continue, let us review Einstein’s Relativity theory (E=mc2). It implies that matter starts to get smaller as it approaches the speed of light. And will ultimately transform itself into energy when it reaches the speed of light. Conversely, as matter reduces its speed to sub-light speed it turns to mass. Running by that statement again : mass appears when energy reduces its speed to sub-light speed.  Now this will be hard to swallow. I will not be able to prove because how does one handle energy that travels at light speed?

Would there be such a thing as energy travelling at and over the speed of light? Does energy travel, anyway?

Think about it this way : if there be energy that travels it could not have been visible, as it would have travelled at super light speed, it being the anti-thesis of mass, like the Dark Matter which is invisible because it travels at super light speed. It goes beyond the light spectrum as well. If energy does not move at all and thus cannot travel at super light speed, then it must have movement to become invisible to the naked eye. It must probably have frequency. This will allow dark matter to move at super light speed without travelling. In other words, it can sway and dance without moving from its spot. (check out my write up on frequency).

If light consists of photons, then these photons travel at light speed, or 186,000 miles a second. If, however, photons only move with rippling effect, then it does not travel at light speed. In other words, what reaches us is not the same photon that we observed moving 186,000 miles away. It must have been another different photon which was bumped by the first. The first photon was probably traveling at super light speed, but it slowed down when it was bumped. When light slows down to 186,000 miles per second, then it becomes visible to us as LIGHT.


AND SO, FROM AMIDST THE DARK VOID THAT IS SPACE comes a sudden decrease in speed, or a slowdown in frequency, of emptiness all over that is dark; and lo comes the visibility of light hitherto invisible from its super light speed. Slowly, one by one, as if by contagion, speed is slowed down and the heavens now appear, and the stars and the comets are lit up with colors and animation to populate the universe. And then there is life—creatures that breath..

This may have happened in six light-related days, but before the seventh day comes the culmination and the celebration, and the fanfare and the panoply, as all things stopped to observe—-

 My Birth Day

The Age of Drones

The United States Navy is taking to the skies with a drone featuring a longer wingspan than that of a Boeing 757 airliner.

Now that the new MQ-4C Triton has completed its ninth trial flight, the Northrop Grumman-manufactured drone is being hailed as an improvement over the unmanned aerial vehicle it’s set to replace, the Air Force’s Global Hawk. It’s currently unclear if the Triton will be equipped with weapons.


An undated U.S. Air Force handout photo of a RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aircraft.(Reuters / Bobbi Zapka)

Outfitted with an advanced sensor system that provides a 360-degree view at a radius of up to 2,000 nautical miles, the Triton is expected to significantly boost the Navy’s long-range, high-altitude surveillance capabilities. Featuring a wingspan of 130 feet, the drone is also home to de-icing and lightning protection, which allows the aircraft to move effectively through clouds and snap more detailed shots of its targets.

“During surveillance missions using Triton, Navy operators may spot a target of interest and order the aircraft to a lower altitude to make positive identification,” said Mike Mackey, Northrop Gumman’s Triton UAS program director, in a press statement. “The wing’s strength allows the aircraft to safely descend, sometimes through weather patterns, to complete this maneuver.”


Powered by one Rolls-Royce engine, the Triton is reportedly capable of remaining airborne for up to 24 hours, though so far test flights have lasted under 10 hours.

According to the Navy’s initial contract, 68 Triton drones will be manufactured for $1.16 billion. As Wired noted, the drones are expected to ship sometime in 2017, a delay from the original December 2015 estimate.

Although the Triton drone is notable for its size and ability, the Navy has also used the last few months to experiment with other capabilities. In early December, RT reported that the Navy successfully launched an aerial drone from a submarine that was completely submerged, the culmination of a nearly six-year project intended to improve its surveillance options.

Meanwhile, it has also continued moving forward with the Slocum Gliders, underwater drones powered by the ocean currents that continuously scan the surrounding area as they float by.

Of course, the Navy’s interest in drone technology hasn’t always led to positive results. In November, another Northrop Grumman drone, a BQM-74, malfunctioned during a routine radar test and crashed into a guided missile cruiser, injuring two sailors. It was just recently reported that the ship suffered $30 million in damages and will take six months to repair.


The Nature of Things


The Nature of things


I would call it poetic justice, but I would not make a poem just to justify it.

Winter has come upon those who have not experienced such frozen conditions

to tell them that this cold is the result of global warming.

Just think of it this way.

We do not see people going out in droves to protest the punishing cold that they have been having these past few months. Yet they can assemble at the drop of a hat to protest the global warming that the ‘dirty oil” can do to the world. People protest when the weather is warm, and not when it is cold.

Naturally, such is the nature of people. Such is the nature of things.

 Global warming may come because of the sun burning brighter, or the earth’s molten crust coming to the fore. A slight tip of the earth’s axis of rotation may make it hotter for some regions of the world. And probably the earth is now rotating closer to the sun. But why blame the carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels? But of course, because it is the only thing  available to blame—it’s the nature of things. Nothing else could be blamed for global warming, if there really is global warming.

 Come to think of it, Carbon Dioxide really is not bad.  While the carbon dioxide coming from fossil fuels blanketing the earth and reflecting back the heat to produce global warming, it also bounces back to earth what could have escaped as moisture. If the earth loses its moisture, it would naturally dry up and would consequently suffer a fate similar to Mars. It would be preferable to have the earth to be mostly under water than the earth with no water on it at all. It’s the nature of things.

 Global warming, if ever there is global warming now, has been produced as a result of factories using coal-fired power generators and vehicles manufactured from that country which protesters reside now. In other words, why blame Alberta’s “dirty” oil for the global warming when Texas oil has already created much of the carbon Dioxide anomaly?  This is natural, by the nature of people, to blame somebody or something else. Or is it because Texas oil is running out!

 The biggest question of all in this nature of things is why haven’t the scientists of the world devise a method to convert carbon dioxide to wood that can be used as fuel. After all, it is in the nature of trees to convert carbon dioxide into trunks and branches using simple post-photosynthesis. Is it not in the nature of people to imitate what is good from the nature of things?








A robot is obsessed to be to be humanized.




The speculation is that there could have been life on Mars.

Goodness. They’re coming close to discovering that I came from there!

The jig is up! :lol:

Life On Mars.mpg

Of Big Bangs and Black Holes


Most Powerful Known Quasar Discovered

By Belinda McCallum
Epoch Times StaffCreated: November 28, 2012Last Updated: December 3, 2012.


Artist’s impression of the huge outflow ejected from the quasar SDSS J1106+1939. (ESO/L. Calçada)

A quasar with the largest ever outflow has been found using the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) Very Large Telescope (VLT).

The object is at least five times more powerful than previously observed quasars, with energies expected from theoretical simulations but never observed before.
Quasars are highly energetic galactic nuclei associated with supermassive black holes. They often send out huge volumes of material and affect the evolution of galaxies.

The blast streaming from the quasar, called SDSS J1106+1939, is around 1,000 light-years away from the supermassive black hole at its center, and is traveling at about 8,000 kilometers (4,970 miles) per second.

“We have discovered the most energetic quasar outflow known to date,” said research team leader Nahum Arav at Virginia Tech in a press release. “The rate that energy is carried away by this huge mass of material ejected at high speed from SDSS J1106+1939 is at least equivalent to 2 million million times the power output of the sun.

“This is about 100 times higher than the total power output of the Milky Way galaxy—it’s a real monster of an outflow.”

The researchers have spotted another quasar with a powerful outflow, and are exploring other similar ones to understand whether these objects are found throughout the universe.


According to various theories, such immense outflows could explain various cosmological mysteries, such as why there are so few large galaxies.

“I’ve been looking for something like this for a decade, so it’s thrilling to finally find one of the monster outflows that have been predicted!” Arav concluded.


You may. however, think about it the same way I do….like this:

It is theorized that the bulk of the universe is occupied by gray matter,

or something that we cannot see nor measure. We know it is there.

They fill up the vacant spaces to balance the mass of the universe.

But then comes this most powerful quasar, so powerful

and yet it is still in the clutches of a Black Hole.

How much mort powerful would it be if it could escape from the Black Hole.

But then again, what if this means that

the Black Hole is now on the vestiges of exploding

 as a conclusion to its incessant hunger to

guzzle everything and anything within its reach.

It is about to explode to revese its implosion activities.

And as it explodes to something simulating the Big bang,

it lets out these powerful quasars to initiate the Bang.

It would mean that the universe goes through a series of Big Bang explosions

and Black Hole implosions in succession.

This should also explain why the universe has not been

filled up by the Big Bang with matter

like blowing up a baloon.

The explosions and implosions occur in cycles,

after a big bang, the black holes collect everything

to be re-exploded in another big bang,

 the same amount of matter being used all the time.

Right now the universe appears to be pock-marked with vacant spaces.,

spaces that may have been vacated due to the

black holes’ slurping up the matter from the Big bang.

You may believe in me on this or not.

But you are forewarned that the generality believes

that I do not know what I am talking about!


Playlist Number 6


These MP3 audio is now available on this site:

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That’s Amore

It’s Impossible

Chances Are

Blue Velvet

When a Man Loves a Woman.mp3

When A Man Loves A Woman

Save The Best For Last

By The Time I get To Phoenix

Paper Roses

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Delta Dawn

The Impossible Dream

And I Love You So

The Look of Love

Maske It With You

An Old Fashioned Love Song

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Endless Love

I’d Like To Reach The World To Sing

I Can See Clearly Now

When I need You

How Are Things In Glocca Morra

All Alone Am I

Have fun. Remember to go first to


The Hole We Call Black


The Hole Called Black

 We have round holes, square holes, deep holes, shallow holes, holes on the ground holes on the wall, and so forth.

We have them in all shapes and sizes and all locations and descriptions. But we have only one hole which we call Black.

Why do we call this hole black? This is because we cannot see it. Gazing up the sky, we cannot see the hole.

We see only black on where it is. If we cannot see it, how do we know that it is there. We know it is there because something

gives the hint that it is there.


Let me put it this way——In the game of Hide-and-Go-Seek, and if you are the “it” guy, you would know that there are people there

hiding. The faint rustle in the bush, the subdued cough, and the controlled snickers all give us hints that there are people there.

As for this Hole we call Black, the strange and hectic swirling of stars around a certain unseen point provide the clue that there is an Invisible energy there pulling the stars in an eddy, like a tornado, or water in a vortex.

 Could we not have used night vision filters to turn the area green, or infra-red filters to show blackened shapes and silhouettes, or

ultraviolet filters if there are such things to see the Black Hole?  No, it would not do much good to show the Black Hole. This is because a Black Hole possesses that much energy to prevent light from escaping so anything that uses light to see will not work to show the Hole. In fact, I think it may not even be a hole.


Holes in the ground are known to have a bottom. Either that, or as the old saying goes, if the hole is dug deep enough, one can come

Out somewhere in Australia. Goodness, imagine the problem of Customs trying to validate a multitude of kangaroos coming out

from the resulting hole. All kidding aside, if one looks through a hole, one should see something at the other side. This Hole we call

Black does not seem to have an end at the other side. There might not even be another side through it. If there is none, then it is not a Hole.

And everything that the Hole swallows stays inside it. If everything that it swallows go through it like a hole, then the hole

must connect through to another universe. This just throws into chaos the theory of the Big Bang, in that matter would not have come from the singular point but from a leak from another universe.


Now, for the sake of reference, let us call this The Black Hole. This has gravitational energy so strong it stops light from coming through.

It comes from the collapse of a star that has exhausted its supply of hydrogen for burning.

 How does the Black Hole able to capture a planet and shrink it to the size of a ball?

After the collapse of a star, the matter in it is so dense that gravity, or magnetism, becomes so strong that huge planets and even stars, millions of stars are engulfed. This is so because the denser the matter is, the more gravitational attraction it will exude.

But this may be explained by Chemistry. Trust me in this. I have had two teachers to teach me Chemistry 101. The first teacher had her fill of my inabilities and promptly gave me a failing grade. The second teacher said, “What the heck!”, and promptly gave me a passing grade because there was a big chance that I will be in his class that next semester and that he cannot tolerate.. When I recall these, I get the queasy feeling that they did not really appreciate the brilliancy in my noggin. Trust me, trust me! I have had twice the lectures in Chemistry :lol:

Anyway, the Hydrogen atom has one electron spinning around a nucleus, very much like the moon orbiting the earth, and the earth orbiting the sun. Between the moon and the earth, there is a very great distance, very much like a great distance between the earth and the sun, and between the electron and the proton. Traversing this distance is the binding energy of the proton, similar to the gravitational attraction of the earth and the sun. If this atttraction become so great, the moon will fall to the earth and they will stick together, the electron and the proton will stick together, and so forth.

When the vast energy of the Black Hole captures a star, the star is compacted so much as to fill in the distance between electrons and nucleus. In other words, imagine the star as a can of pop and the Black Hole is the hand that crunches the star. It is the filling up of the gaps inside the atoms that enables the Black Hole to compress matter.

It follows therefore that when matter is captured by a Black Hole, its nuclear components are compacted so much that there can be no movement. There can be no vibration by the elements, no frequency generated, and light is prevented from shining. The center of the compacted mass becomes the point of extreme attraction. If  a reverse attraction happens, or an explosion occurs like a Big Bang, this center of the compacted mass may be considered as the point of singularity.

In other words, the Big Bang did not come from nothing, and the point of origin or singularity is the center of the compacted mass.

That is, if the universe actually oscillates from explosion to implosion, or the Bang then the collapse.

(to be continued elsewhere)

The Black Hole



Morgan Freeman on Discovery World HD

In this segment he discusses the Riddle of the Black Hole.

Watch these five video clips that constitute the whole program.

I’ll get back to this after you did.

You can discuss this in the office during noon break.

Ask the question what could happen to you if you fall into one of these monsters.

Black Holes grab anything within reach of their magnetic attraction.

They are able to devour a million stars like our sun and compact them into a ball.

Black Hole 1.mpg

Black Hole 2.mpg

Black Hole 3.mpg

Black Hole 4.mpg

Black Hole 5.mpg


Time is master of all


You did say that you are still not convinced that time travel is not possible. OK, let us try this another way.

If you are driving and you spotted something on the road that deserves a closer look, you put the car on reverse and drive back. After finding out that the object of your curiosity is not a wallet, then you realize that you had to stop the car first before you can drive on reverse. This was my point, anyway, and not the wallet.

Everything that has to go on the reverse direction has to stop first, unless you turn the car around to go back.. But turning the car around is not reversing your direction—–you’re  just turning back.

The earth revolves around the sun. Even if it can put itself on the exact same position as it was the year before, this does not imply that the earth has reversed its direction. It just revolved around the sun. Now the pistons in your car reverses its direction as it goes up and down the cylinder. It must stop first before it can reverse its direction.

The same applies to time. If it is going forward as it is now and always, we have to stop the time before we can go back to the past. If time makes snapshots of every event in the universe, it is impossible for time to go back and make another snapshot over the ones that it has made. Time marches on. It cannot be stopped, much less march back. We humans may want to march back in time, but even if we did, time will be somewhere else as we try to  return to where we originated in time. How do we get back then? Time will surely not wait for us. Time will follow no one nor anything. It does its own bidding.

And why, for the life of me, do we want to get ahead of time and jump to the future. The present time where we are in now has both past and the future. The Present holds a piece of the Past by the events unfolding in it, events that will eventually turn into the Past. The Present also carries a piece of the Future, because the events unfolding in it moves forward in time. So why the heck do we want to go back in time or go forward into the future. Do we not belong to the species that cries out “its a long day” when we’re bored, and “time flies” when we’re busy?

Time travel involves the mastery of time. And that itself is what makes the enterprise impossible.

Now, I will not BEG to differ with Edgar Allan Poe. Instead, I will differ outright with Edgar Allan Poe when he says “Death holds dominion over all.” *

I say “TIME, not Death, holds dominion over all.” 

 Death dutifully and servilely marches to the cadence of Time.

And if he does not like it that way, he can come out and choose his own quaffs.

(*Masque of the Red Death)


The Winning Lottery Numbers


Comes now the serious question plaguing the minds of everybody. This question is more serious than the question “if you kill your grandfather in the past……”, etc. This is the question about looking into the future to learn the winning numbers in the next lottery.

But first, let us get to the unfinished business of the Bermuda Triangle, or specifically that experience related by this man——gernon266

pilot of the plane that went throught the vortex like so——-


I would liken this vortex to a flux produced by electricity passing through a coil of a doorbell, and that his plane acted as the plunger. His plane therefore would be shot through this vortex like it was shot by a slingshot. There will be no extra fuel consumed, and no further length of time used.

And then the space warp? If there was a space warp, then some other matter in the area will be affected. It appears that only Gernon’s plane was affected by the space warp. A time warp? Nah. Gernon might have spent a very short time to travel the distance, but still, time WAS SPENT. If he did jump into the future, then all other people would have aged a bit further, and that some particular events would have transpired as differently as was expected. We should remember that GERNON is an accomplished writer, having wrote the book “The Fog”.

Remember the book, “The Amityville Horror” and the “I was abducted by spacemen”? They turned out to be hypes.

Now, granted that Gernon’s story is not a hype. I would accept that he was slingshot thru space by such a simple thing as a doorbell, or a vortex as what is thought of. This is not time travel, simply because he did not go into the future and then got back to the present. After all that is what I would define time travel—getting into the future, or the past, and then returning to where it was in the present. If one considers events in the past, or the future, as snapshots then time travel would imply getting into any of these snapshots and then coming back to the snapshot one was in before the travel.

Also, fixing a definite position to travel in the future, or the past, is complicated enough. We may be travelling into the future when we would have been dead by drowning, or we may be going back to the past when they were pouring concrete over the spot that you are in now. Another thing, when you travel through time, do you move from the spot that you are in now, or you can choose to go through the earth to end up in China? It would certainly be disconcerting to have somebody materialize behind you when you are in the shower!

But I shall cut this thing short, unless you want more input from me regarding the matter, and I shall put it this way—–I think travel through time is overcoming time itself. And to do so, one should consider the limiting factor of the speed of light, and as such, the past or the future is concerned only by what light would make you do, what action you would take, and what effect you would have in that time you landed on. In other words, only the light functions of your body will function. This means your optics. You will be able to see things, observe things, but not touch or hear things. You will be able to watch the events in the future, or the past, but you will not be able to affect it. You can only watch just like watching tv. And your grandfather? Forget it! You can only watch. If you were there? You can only watch yourself.

And the winning lottery numbers? You may be able to watch the draw or read the papers for the winning numbers, but getting back to the present with the numbers is doubtful. Your brain will not be able to remember anything that is yet to transpire. It remembers only what has transpired with you being active in the event.

What about coming back to Canada from the Philippines? Crossing the international dateline means the draw has already been made before the time that you reached Canada. Nope, 4 am Canadian DST would be 7 pm Manila GST. What happens during these specific times has already happened.

In Canada, however, the time difference between the East and the West might have made a lot of people rich thru the lottery. The lottery terminals close later in the West than in the East. Criminal manipulations of the terminals could have printed a ticket with the winning numbers after these numbers have been drawn. But of course this cannot happen now because they have seen to it that this cannot happen now.

You must agree, though, that what I have here is an attempt to explain things with a lot better sense than the attempts to explain things by bringing the Dark Energy in. Because, up to now, they have not explained what the Dark Energy is. If I might say so myself, I did write something about the Dark Matter. Maybe even twice at that. 4_1_72

Or about as many times that I took Physics 101.

Bermuda Triangle



The pilot is unable to explain how his plane got there that fast and that far.

Watch this video clips. This may be part of our Time Travel topic.

Bermuda video No.1. mpg

Bermuda video No. 2.mpg




“TIME’S  UP!”  A welcome announcement for convicts who are awaiting the expiration of their jail sentences. Also for people awaiting the end of their night shifts.

But certainly not for people who are enjoying their holidays.  Not for lovebirds who would like to spend more time with each other. And certainly not for people who thought they would be pinning down the final exams but instead these same said exams have them now pinned to the wall. Grievous would be the results.

What is time, anyway. The dictionaries and encyclopedias will tell you a lot about time. But I will tell you probably what would be the simplest definition you can have about time.

 TIME is the transpiration between two events.

 This definition should apply for the theories that state time never was until it began and the theories that state time always was there.

 Note that even if matter, or energy, stood still, there will be some movements either within itself or outside itself. If there was only energy in existence, it would have pulsations, oscillations and weaving about.  It it were energy, it would have to be used by anything, anyhow. Energy must have a corresponding force, or power or whatsamacallit. Otherwise we would not call it energy at all. It must have the potential to affect something by force of attraction, repulsion or maybe even assimilation.

 Even if you stood still like a mannequin, or like a monument (like some people I know), there will be an event that will pass around you and hence time will still march on. If you are alone in this whole wide universe, there will be chemical and nuclear changes within you and hence the changes in events. These changes mark the time that goes past.

 I did mention about vibrations and oscillations and pulses and cycles in a topic I called the frequency factor. Time is a means to measure frequency. At least this is how we do it. And then again we can measure time using frequency, or to be specific, frequencies of light, that which we have determined thru experiments. Frequency is much correlated with time, although they do not depend on each other. Each does not affect the other.

 What has this got to do with TIME  TRAVEL? Very little! Perhaps none at all.

 Let me put it this way—-if you are familiar with electric doorbells, you would have noticed that there is a coil of wire wound around which a loose metallic solid cylinder rests. This is called a plunger, and it is made usually of iron or steel. When electric current is passed through the coil, flux is generated that pushes the plunger forward to strike a bell. Afterwards a spring forces the plunger back to strike another bell at the rear.

You then have the sound “ding-dong”. Some parents may have liked the sound of the chimes so much that they name their son dingdong after the sound.

Anyway, time has nothing to do with the movement of the plungers because time is not an energy. It never was. The reason we say “time machine” is because of the effort to devise something to conquer time and not the endeavor to utilize time as a means of energy. Frequency may have something to do with the generation of the flux and the sweetness of the dingdongs. Electricity and magnetism has something to do with the doorbell. It is the energy that we use. In fact electricity and magnetism are plentiful in the universe and may have a lot to do with its creation.

 Even now scientists have speculated in space warps and time warps. Magnetism, or its simplest form, gravity, may have something to do with space warps, but bend time? Perhaps not! Time marches on and it goes straight to where it is going, no bends no detours, no snack breaks. Curiously enough, and since we have a limit on everything we do and possess, time does not count up. It counts down for us.

 In the universe, time will count up for anything that is eternal. It seems to be counting down, though, according to the scientists.

And it appears that it is time’s up for me, for the moment. I will return to probe the Bermuda Triangle.. Might as well call it Bermuda onions—just kidding!



Time Travel


HAH! I knew that caption would start a nagging curiousity in you! I must admit the interest that would generate something like this is jump-started easily.

It is also a topic which is difficult to conjure up and most complicated to unravel and explain.

In which case I should hang a sign on my door to get me an undisturbed brain scouring.

So please hush please, genius at work! Clearing up the bats in my belfry, duh!

(ehem) yellowBat

The Bang-less Theory


Whatever the scientists are up to now, you can bet your life that they are after disproving the Big Bang Theory, or some portions of it. You may be hearing of the String Theory, Continuous Universe, Multiple Universe, Parallel Universe, “M” Theory, Brane Theory, more dimensions than four, etc. and so forth. 

It may be interesting to note that each theory either incorporates or does not deny frequency. Some terms are notable in these theories, like, amplitude, pulsations, wavelength, cycles, and vibrations which are consistent with frequency.

In this time of ours, frequency is measured in cycles, or vibrations, per unit time. In the Big Bang Theory, time began only after the Bang, in which case there can be no frequency. Nevertheless I would say that there was frequency even before time began. It is the mensuration of frequency that was absent. In other words, there were vibrations of some sort, perhaps of varying cycles. One does not have to measure it. It was there.

And now comes the Brane Theory. This blatantly seek to explain that there was time before time began, and there was matter even before the Big Bang. Our universe, and that before this, was just transferred from one membrane-like source. Yikes!


(there’s more, but let’s wait till the flak subsides)

Extra-terrestrial microbes


Wuuups! The aliens are in the form of microbes, and they live on arsenic.

If this is the hype that NASA intends to convince us that it needs more money to probe outer space, omigosh!

But there are other forms of fish, or whatever, that lives in very hot and very deep environment. These organsims are large, not bacterium, and they swim.

If ever they would like to interview an extra-terrestrial, I will volunteer my mother-in-law. She appears to levitate everytime she gives me the lecture on coming home early! And she grows horns in the process!


Lotto 655


There are 28,989,675  6-number combinations that can be derived from this lottery. The one who thought up of this lottery is greedy. Government lotteries are supposed to spread money to the people. This lotto 655 is beginning to look like a cash cow.

The least the government could do is break up the prize into three, each prize having its own draw. The three draws should be one after the other, the balls being complete 55 before each draw. Each ticket bought will be eligible for each of the three draws, and all of its minor prizes. Therefore, a ticket can win three jackpots.

I could give tips on reducing these odds, and/or betting on a system that would have better returns on each 655 draw, and perhaps print  exactly what numbers to wheel; but this would be unfair to those who would not have access to this website. Wouldn’t it?


The Complicated Big Bang



|The Matter Anti-matter War.mpg

The Search for Mass.mpg

This is a portion of the video clip about the Big bang, and is a complete and definitive scientific  explanation of the Big Bang. My Simplified Big Bang Attempt to Interpret differs in this video clip in that I chose to prolong the life of the Anti-Matter. I chose also to make one bold and unproven statement that  anti-matter latches on  to matter, and this event will give mass to matter.

 Up to now what gives matter its mass has not been ascertained by the physicists.

Ah well, all ends well that starts well!


 (Will they lend me that collider if I ask for it? Does it come with an illustrated manual? A refund option?)

The Simplified Big Bang


I have written about frequency, the fence, the dark matter, a balloon, a revolving door, skipping rope, matter, anti-matter and some other things I may not remember now, even though these items may be opened at your fingertips from my posts before this. All these represent my effort to simplify things that are as complicated as the physicists make them.

 I will have to introduce another item before I proceed in what I perceive is an honest attempt to simplify the Big Bang Theory.

 I am presently at the start of the winter season here so it pains me to be reminded of frigid and refrigerated things, much as cold weather does scare me at most times when it gets worse. I can tell you however, and without much fuss, about what makes it cold inside refrigerators. There is this thing called a needle valve before the coldest part of the fridge. A liquid aptly called refrigerant is made to pass through this valve to exhaust in larger compartment called evaporator. When this refrigerant “flashes” through this needle valve, the process of exhausting into a larger compartment causes the refrigerant to have a drop in temperature to about minus 200C. Any liquid that passes thru a constricted orifice and exhausts in a very much larger space will have a drastic drop in temperature.

 Now, in art, painters use a technique called perspective wherein imaginary lines are drawn towards a point in the canvas. The point does not have to be filled with paint. The painting itself do not have to  occupy the imaginary point.

 The Big Bang Theory relies heavily on the fact that all matter in the universe is careening away from a certain point which is deduced to be the source of the Big Bang. But the Big Bang does not have to occur at the point itself. It could have occurred at a place before the convergence, in which case the source of the Big Bang will not be a point but something larger than a point.

But that is not my point now. My point is the matter and anti-matter collisions. If the Bang will come from a hole similar to a puncture of the balloon I discussed before, what will force the matter and anti-matter thru this puncture would be a tremendous amount of energy coming from perhaps another universe or even from a huge black hole. The source of the energy would take another discussion. The point is that when this energy spilled thru the hole, its temperature dropped drastically because it has to exhaust into a larger space which has become our universe. Also, passing thru such a small orifice created matter from energy but matter consisting of matter and anti-matter. These are not two different things. They are actually halves of one whole thing which was split or rent apart by the passage. And since they are components of one thing, they have the affinity to come together again. Such affinity creates the force of attraction between the two.

 What happens when matter and anti-matter come together? Remember the revolving door I talked about? Also the skipping rope? You can get through the revolving door if you have the same frequency as the door. Likewise when you have to enter the skipping rope.

But, the big but, timing is all important. Even if you have the frequency similar to the door, or the rope, you still have to time it right. A wrong timing will make you smash yourself on the door, or get you tangled on the skipping rope. The same goes with matter and anti-matter. They would have similar frequencies, or vibrations, but it needs the right approach to merge. What am I talking about now? Well, these two halves may not exactly be shaped round or square or anything like that. Imagine two gears with the same number of teeth and the same diametral pitch, or simply exactly the same as the other. It may mesh correctly and it may not depending on how it is put together. A correct mesh would be a tooth of one getting inside the dwell of another. An incorrect mesh would be a tooth of one bumping the tooth of another. This won’t work but the gears will turn on the same tooth even if it is incorrectly meshed.

 By necessity, this creates actually four configurations from two entities. The first and second configurations are matter and anti-matter. The third configuration is matter correctly “meshed” with anti-matter. And the fourth configuration would be matter “incorrectly meshed” with anti-matter. When matter meets anti-matter in a correct mesh, it does not cancel each other out as was presumed. It reverts back to the original single unit before it was torn apart and instantly converts back to energy, presumably in another bang. When matter meets anti-matter in an incorrect tooth-for-tooth mesh, they do not cancel each other out and neither does the anti-matter decay. This is what I say about “latching on”. The affinity between matter and anti-matter, or this force of attraction, keeps them together in an incorrect mesh with anti-matter latching onto matter. They are then glued together in a magnetized state. Remember that in the theory that anti-matter decays faster? If it did, then there will be no anti-matter left in the universe, only matter.

 Now comes the big simplified part—-after a time, this force of attraction that glues them together will start attracting more incorrectly meshed particles to form the nucleus of atoms and electrons vibrating around them with binding energies. Such formation of neatly organized spinning systems will then give the atoms mass. Also, since incorrectly meshed particles can also come from matter and anti-matter that meshed sideways, inverted, upside down and all the unique configurations that may have made the atoms vary in mass; depending on how much force of attraction is left. This may give rise to a presumption that matter and anti-matter are not regularly-shaped but shaped as what the splits made them.

 A point may be pondered that splitting particles in colliders resulting in the production of matter and anti-matter does not necessarily mean that the conditions of the Big Bang has been recreated, rather the collisions just separated matter and anti-matter from its union.


(you may or may not believe this honest attempt of mine to simplify

but I’d rather you don’t. It is not gospel, and because, I forgot to tell  you,

I failed my Physics 101 the first time around) :lol:

Matter and Anti-Matter


With this awe-inspiring press release from the CERN, the physicists may now be able to explain what happens when matter and anti-matter collide. The theory is that they just cancel each other out. And still another is that anti-matter expires faster or earlier than matter.

My one question is this: if they ascertain that what the CERN produced is the anti-matter of hydrogen, then this anti-matter did not exist immediately after the Big Bang. The anti-matter from the Big Bang is not yet a configuration of hydrogen. It would take a minuscule of a second longer after the Big Bang for this anti-matter to develop into a HYDROGEN Anti-Matter. In other words, this particle would still not have the nuclear properties of hydrogen. It would have to undergo more transformation/s.

But, since hydrogen would have the simplest atomic structure, maybe they should just call this particle plain anti-matter, and not anti-matter of hydrogen. If it can be described as hydrogen in the strictest chemical sense, then it would have the properties to impart MASS to Matter, because hydrogen already has mass.

Remember that there is still the question of what gives matter its mass?

wizard1(Anyway, I am elated that they found some anti-matter leftovers. It should help my ideas)