Conscientious Objector

And so starts the basic of basics, the fundamentals of genderless gays and lesbians, the implications of being free in the land of the free. There has been no positive confrontation of the sexless demands on the legal institutions of the land. This has been so because the sexless portion of the population has been considered by the straights as abnormal and handicapped, and thus they are to be ignored as they do to sick people. Kim Davis, however, has voiced out loud her annoyance of the abusive demands of the sexless. And thusly is initiated the pent up protests of those who have been standing idly by without a whimper. The root of the controversy is the word ‘marriage”. Ancient practices, nay I would say, ancient laws do not prohibit same-sex marriage, simply because there was no such thing as same-sex marriage. This is not something new, it is some sort of a whim, not a practice. In so doing, having legalized same-sex marriage is merely a pursuit to legalize gays and lesbians. This is the supreme effort to making normal what is abnormal. And the straights are not sympathetic to the cause of these sick people anymore. No more will they ask for a privileged treatment of these genderless people.


Freedom, in this land of the free, is not absolute. One is free to do whatever he or she wants, as long as what he or she wants do not infringe on the rights of others. Surprising it is for the people in the land of the free not to consult their Constitution regarding this legalized same sex marriage. For every national crisis that the country encountered, the people turn to their Constitution for the answers. This problem of same sex marriage was not referred to the Constitution. Because if they did, they would have found out that there is nothing in the Constitution that would make this legal. The same sex law, therefore, is not legal. Those who say that it is legal are, after all, genderless themselves.


People say that the Kim Davis protest is about law against religion. It is far from it. It is actually law versus law, legal versus illegal, to do or to refuse to do. If Kim davis believes that the same sex law is illegal and refuses to do what she believes would be illegal, she should not be jailed for it. Doing so would be tyrannical. She just represents a conscientious objector, if you are still familiar with that term. You cannot be forced to be drafted to the Army if you believe that you are not supposed to do harm to other people. You cannot be jailed for refusing to do what your conscience objects to. You cannot kill other people if your conscience tells you it is bad.


Look, marriage is for sexual reproduction as the object. Same sex marriage is merely for sexual satisfaction. When the sexless people wanted to call their coupling as “marriage” instead of “union”, that did it. In the effort to normalize their sick minds, they chose to encroach upon a sacred ritual reserved for man and woman. They could have called “joining”, or ‘coupling”, or “union”, or “togetherness”, or ‘enhanced partnership’, and nobody would have noticed. They could have formed their own religion, started a national convention, or established a separate organization just like nudists do, or golfers, or tennis players, or senior citizens. But then they chose to force themselves to join the fraternity of the straights and consequently try to impose their will and rules on this fraternity.


Guess what, the straights will not give in to the sexless because of religious and social beliefs. The sexless would be better to form their own organization and practice what they want as long as they don’t bother the straights. In fact, those who would want to get a same sex marriage license and failed to do so from Kim Davis may just as soon go to another county and get their license there.


There will be more Kim Davises coming, most of them cold-shouldered, indifferent, courteous but ostracizing. And unless the government of the land of the free demolishes all the religion that shuns legalized same sex marriage, there will still be this strife. yellowBat    (Kim Davis Tag)