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Erin Ade


Jet Battle

 Canada is sending F-18’s


against SU-27’s


and SU24’s


Michelle With The Mini-14


The Mini-14 Tactical, made by asturm, Ruger & Co. has the sdame gas-operating system as the M-1 Garand rifle and weighs practically the same but shorter. It is basically a newer M-1.


Bernadette Sembrano




(Alaws pep, Tunying, kulang sa sahod

kapag walang umento, kulang sa kuwento.)





Western 649 Canada


The appeal of this lottery is that it costs only one dollar per bet on one combination plus another which is provided as a quick pick. In other words, a dollar gives you two combinations on the ticket, maximum of 12 combinations in one card. The prize win is not that much, of course, but it gives back a ten-dollar win for a three- number hit same as the National 649 lottery. $50 dollars for a 4-number-win and $500 for a five-number win. The bonus number is counted only on after a  five-number win.

If you are one to experiment on your systems, this is the lottery to go with. If you get a 5-number win with your system, then carry it on the national 649. It should work the same way. But the trick is to get a win using the odds on this lottery or on any other lottery for that matter. What are the odds to play with?

The numbers from the last five draws usually gives you a three-number hit. The last nine draws may give you a five to six-number hit. The numbers from the last 17 draws may give you a seven-number hit. Your problem, of course, is how to choose the numbers from these last draws. as they will be too many to bet on even by using the wheeling systems.

And then again, refrain from mixing your systems. If one system is guaranteed to provide a 70% chance of hitting the numbers, if this is combined with another system that provides the same percentage of winning, then the total percentage afforded you would only be 70% of 70%, which is 49%.

Try a system like this : It tabulates the winning numbers from the view of the last nunber of 22. The numbers encircled are the numbers that hit. It is on the position of #2 for 7 and #11 for 2. If you can fill up this tabulation with the winning numbers AFTER the draw, then you may predict wich numbers to eliminate and which numbers may win. It would be easier for you to decipher this if you were a programmer with a desktop and a printer.

The last column shows the view from lotto number 22 before the western lottery draw tonight. At odd times, wheeling 15-numbers with a 4 out of 5 win guarantee would give back one 4-number hit plus seven 3-number hits. The bet costs $42. The prize win is $120. Play the odds!


Your Lottomax


Out of the 27 numbers to choose from, 28,33,34,35,40, was drawn plus number 12 as the bonus number for the lottomax.

Numbers 21,24,40,43,49, were drawn for the Western Lottomax plus 42 as the bonus number.

I missed including numbers 10,16,26, and 29. 24 came out in Western lottomax.

Five numbers plus the bonus number for each is not bad. The problem is, which lottery to choose what numbers?

Well, back to the drawing board, I mean, keyboard!




Crossword Puzzle No. 1


TIPS :26 = santol

45 = mabolo

57 = buto

61 = atis

3 = sulu

25 = sampalok

42 = bayabas

58 = uto

 (suggest you print out the box first and work it out of the screen. answers in a day or two)



If  a = b

Then  a2 = b2

And   a2 – b= 0

(a + b)(a – b) = 0

           (a + b) = 0

  therefore;  a = – b

The Nanolight

New Invention is the Nanolight.


Air Swimmers


This toy swims on air.


Minnea Gil Jones



Minnea  Gil  Jones

She holds two degrees. The second one is in Nursing

Iron Man2


So that’s how it is done, pirating movies, I mean.

The movie, our example of which is the Iron man2 movie, is copied or duplicated first by capturing the images from a theater screen by a vidcam. This method, of course, is risky because a lot of times people stting in the front rows often get up to go to the washrooms and such motivations are caught on the vidcam. Nevertheless, the movie is copied.

Transfer of the movie to a dvd disk is done with the use of a computer with the software for the purpose. Large scale duplications of the movie is done with commercial-type replicators. These can copy the movie in large numbers at a time.

Moving the duplicate internationally is not done with hard disk copies. Instead the movie data is transferred thru the internet. The movie is first compressed to about a third its gigabyte size and sent through by email or by websites very much similar to that 1.78 Gigabyte Iron Man 2 I posted before this. Compressed movies, however, lose its resolution, color and chroma. The movie becomes darker on the screen, with extreme colors of yellow or red, and the reolution is not recovered.

Pirated movies can be recognized by these shortcomings, and also by the fact that the extras and other features are missing. A small portion of movie lovers would copy, or pirate, movies for their personal library. A bigger portion would pirate movies for commercial benefits. These are the real, honest-to-corrupt pirates.

Catching them would be more difficult than preventing the copyright from being compromised.

The sources of pirated movies are vidcams used on theaters, promotional dvd disks, and company thefts from employees. If these sources are cut off, would there be a need for catching pirates of movies?

But of course, there are still more people who  dubs movies by skirting the copyguards on dvd disks.  This is now a different story, eh?




No downloadee pleese. Site under meentenance!

Wait for drummers to replace this one.


OK, it’s fixed. I transferred the local sites (a copy of this website) to a bigger Gigabyte hardrive because the size can only get bigger. I used a trial Dreamweaver CS5. Now this version, if ever there is anything better than the Dreamweaver CS3 which I own, has no been noticeable, and perhaps purchasing a new one is not advisable. However, Adobe does make it so that the version is not transferable from one pc to the other. If you buy the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection, it would set you back more than a couple of thousand dollars face2

Testing 1-2-3


If you could have the patience to download this file, you would have downloaded the movie Iron Man  2.



Iron Man 2 movie.mpg

(1.7 Gb downloads  between 45-65 minutes; or maybe right-click and save target)


What Caught the Trojan?

The trojan from, a Russian webhost provider, was caught by my newly-installed free antivirus called AVAST.  It runs unobtrusively and does not bother the processes of the computer as much as the other programs. What is more, it does not slow the computer down. The upgrade of this is not free but it is a more stringent anti-virus program.

It also has the habit of notifying you to get the upgrade fast after the trojan-spotting. And if you skip the offer, your computer crashes afterwards. Only by going to the F1 configuration on startup can the computer recover from the crash. Or perhaps what I experienced was just a failure to recover from a display standby. On second thought, I have configured my POWER to NEVER go on standby nor shut off automatically.

I have now reloaded my Norton Internet Security 2010 of which I still have about 40 more days till expiration date. I disabled the anti-spam feature, of course.

Excepting for that anti-spam debacle, the NIS do allow the user to have control of the computer operations and operates only on the computer’s idle times.  And it did catch 37 more low-risk cookies that the other anti-virus programs ignored.

And it refrains from reminding you  about “renewing your subscription, dummy!”

The European countries, with the abb “eu”, have suddenly topped the stats for hits on this website, most probably because of the post on  Russian webhost,

It appears that the anti-virus programs obtaining in the world today have their own systems to protect your computer from malwares. The tighter the security the software places on your desktop, the more limitations are imposed on the user’s control of the desktop. A time will come when the anti-virus software will be in control of your computer as regards the time you can use it, the sites you can browse, and the programs you can run on it.


Windows 7 Ultimate, the second

Windows 7 Ultimate, the second—-PROGRAMS

 It is getting clearer to me the reason for the multiple shelves and cabinets for the files on Windows 7. A file can now be opened in more ways than one. Moreover, a file can be processed in more ways than one. This arrangement becomes very helpful when the user is stuck on a procedure and is looking for a way out, or is looking to connect to a file or program. Since a program or a file can be accessed in several ways, the user does not have to close the operation he is in to get to another particular file or program. This is analogous to a driver who lost his way to Baclaran. Instead of turning around to pick up the road that he knows, he simply turns towards another direction or another route. This provides the user with OPTIONS—-no turning back, just go ahead, as if he was under a GPS voice direction. Now this arrangement may not be that favorable to the old users of Windows XP who have already burnt in their minds the way towards a file and the program to activate it. You can’t teach old dogs new tricks easily. Old dogs will whine and whimper and protest. I do protest, but I guess I have to burn myself a newer route towards that Record Now program. I must learn that there are OPTIONS open at almost any part of an operation.

 While we are on the subject of Record Now, let me explain what this is. This is a program to butn  files on a cd or dvd blank disk. It came as an integral part of the IBM OEM software, and was called IBM Record Now, actually made by Veritas. When the Sony dvd drives arrived, this Record Now was adopted to run its burning program controlled by what is called PX engine. This was made by Sonic.  It eased out the IBM Record Now and updated it to what is the most widely used burning engine, the Record Now 6.7. It never failed the burn.

 Comes now Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) and the Record Now failed to initialize even after the Windows Easy Transfer procedure. Transferring the files by external hard drive also failed to make it work. The only way the transfers would work is by reloading it via back-up restoration. But the .bkf backup program will not work on Windows 7 restore program, so a complete reload via disk will have to do. Alas, a Record Now 6.7 disk is non-existent.

 Painstakingly, I had to search my archives to the px.dll and the px engine zip file to load it on the Windows 7. Still no go. But good’ol Microsoft Support, they made it go the next day. It appears every program that is to be loaded to Windows 7 has to be processed in the Registry, too.

 Now, the Registry in Windows 7 cannot be reached by the earlier version of Start/Run/regedit, not anymore. But I must find this out. The Registry is where some particular OS shenanigans are devised.(heheheheh)



The Windows 7 programs, or those that I have encountered so far are not user friendly. The .pps file extension programs (like the Sunrise_Sunset.pps) does not open up with an autorun of sound and show. It opens up in .ppt. which is merely a Microsoft Powerpoint work area.  The Windows side by side command does not tile the folders vertically. Drag and drop by this method is non-existent. I can, however, drag a file and just point the cursor to a folder and the file is copied there as if dragged and dropped.

 The Dell Studio XPS Windows 7 Home Premium specializes in media so it incorporates a Cyberlink PowerDvd DX which is a mere stripped down player of PowerDvd. But it plays a blu-ray movie and HD videos. The HP Windows 7 Home Premium specializes in anime and games and the drive it has also specializes in fast refresh. Good for STARCRAFT playing. Also downloading shareware movies.

 I searched the windows system 32 for the command prompt program and I found it. This is the MS DOS program which I use to create my lotto (ehem) programs in Basic. The CMD feature is the first thing I look for in any new OS version of Windows!

 But I still bewail the fact that my Adobe Creative Suite could not be transferred to Windows 7. The software asks to be uninstalled first and then reloaded again. This I did already but the program insists that the Suite has to be uninstalled first. This means that I just cannot give up my Windows XP Pro upon which my second Adobe Creative Suite thrives.

 A funny thing about this Adobe company—when its programs run on my computer, it seems as if they have taken over the computer and that Microsoft is nowhere in sight.


15 minutes, eh?

You Tube now allows uploads of videos with a duration of 15 minutes.Those clips should be about 200-250 mb in length, if they are to be of the quality uploaded here in my website.

(Gaya-gaya, puto maya, sangperang muta!)

Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate

I am not wont to write product reviews if I were only constrained to say what I like about a particular product.  Neither would I do this if I will be required to say only what I do not like of a certain product. I feel more gratified about myself were I to write what is good and what is bad about the product. More so if I can provide a comparison with other similar products in the market.

People who write reviews that contain only what they feel for the product are unfair. More so if they are paid to do this. They must be able to compare and contrast between products if only to cover a lot of the situations obtaining in the consumer world. Otherwise, the public would not really know what they are writing about.

 The issue nowadays is whether Microsoft is telling the truth about their new computer operating system, the Windows 7.  Smarting from the public repugnance of the OS predecessor Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced the Windows 7 with such publicity and concern for public opinion that the OS actually slid in easily on the customers’ approval. Of course, the paying customers were also hungry for another operating system to replace the Windows Vista, unmindful of the fact that the Windows 7 is merely a modified, streamlined Windows Vista. What is Microsoft up to is the question to ask.

 If one were to buy a new computer today, it will advertently have an OS which is Windows 7, simply because there is nothing else which is more convenient to use other than Windows. In fact, the one who buys a new computer loaded with Windows 7 is much better off than the one who would upgrade their existing computers to Windows 7.

 But there are more people in the world who would upgrade rather than buy a new one. That is, if they really need another one and if they can afford another one. I myself prefer upgrading than buying a new pc. But I did buy one, a Dell, and another, an HP, just to settle my curiosity and to see whether Microsoft is telling the truth about Windows 7.

 But still I did the upgrade just to determine exactly which problems may arise in the process. Now comes the very important procedure of transferring the files from the old XP computer to the upgraded Windows 7 computer. Microsoft recommends using the Windows Easy Transfer method using an external hard drive. The files are copied to the external drive and then they are automatically reloaded to the computer after the Windows 7 upgrade is finished. This is easy, except the Windows Easy Transfer selects what files it is to collect and transfer. Guess what, it ignored about two-thirds of my program files and chose to transfer those that began with Windows, like Windows Media Player, Windows Encoder, etc; and afterwards gave a hint that I should transfer the rest of the files myself by reloading the programs.

 By the way, I chose as my test computer the oldest one I had which passed the Upgrade Advisor—-an IBM Netvista with 1 Gb ram and which I successfully upgraded from 40Gb to 80 Gb and then to 500 Gb hard disk capacity. It has a Sound Blaster 24 bit sound card and an ATI video card. I expected this pc to provide me with problems as I upgrade to Windows 7 ULTIMATE.  I chose this top-of-the-line version because I would like to know whether an XP OS can run on the same computer loaded with a Windows 7, a feature which only the top-of-the line Ultimate is able to do. My trials say it does but it is a little more complicated to explain how this is done. My suggestion is that if the very simple instructions from the Microsoft Download website still confuses you, get this book—“Switching to Microsoft Windows 7” —-the painless way to upgrade from Windows XP or Vista. This paperback by Elna Tymes and Charles Prael covers a lot of situations that Microsoft did not document.

 The first procedure that I tried was creating a second partition on the 500 GB drive and loaded the system on the empty drive and this was automatically renamed the “C” drive.

Now I have two partitions, one loaded with Windows 7 Ultimate, and the other still has the Windows XP Pro. Upon startup, the bios prods you to choose which operating system you want to open. This went okay for a time until I deleted something from one of the drives. It seems one partition still affects the other because when I deleted something from the System 32, the whole caboodle went down.

 Problems on startup are “skillfully” fixed by the Windows 7 software, from cd/rom  drive strappings to sound and graphic settings. The Recovery and Restore programs are better contrived than the XP Pro, although if a problem is insurmountable, the Ultimate just gives up and recycles on the same spot or just stands still with a blank stare. The XP Pro bypasses an insurmountable problem and keeps up a dialogue to lead you to the bios as a last resort.

While I had the Netvista testing the Ultimate, I had the Intellistation M Pro desktop running beside it with the XP Pro. This arrangement provided me with bases for comparison of the operating systems. Both are IBM desktops with IBM bios.

 The Netvista has a very quick startup and it opens files with a snap.  Even though it has only 1 Gb ram as against the 2 Gb of the M Pro; and 2 Ghz speed as against 3.4 Ghz of the M Pro, it kept up the pace. It had nothing, however, of the IBM delay (or buffer) to its executions in such a way that when a mistake is done on the keyboard, there is no correcting it. The mistake just goes through the consequences. The M Pro, however, simply isolates the mistake and refrains from executing it.

 The files of the Netvista is neatly organized and categories are well classified. Compared to the M Pro, the Netvista has more shelves and cabinets for each category. However, I find it easier to locate a file in the M Pro, which has fewer shelves, for the simple reason that it is in that one cabinet and not anywhere else.

 The Netvista was upgraded from XP Pro to the Windows 7 Ultimate, but it never did exhibit the hangups and crashes the way it is doing now after the upgrade, probably because the Ultimate OS is so sensitive to anything that is not in order, like a loose adapter or connector somewhere, that it refuses to budge anytime it senses that something is amiss. The XP Pro, having a delay time, ignores the problem and just bypasses it or beeps and beeps until the problem is aright.

 (To be continued) painter


Windows 7

It is fast! I have a 9 Gb ram, though, and a 64-bit file system to boot! Maybe that’s it.

And so continues the reloading of the programs a lot of which has to be updated to fit the Windows 7 OS. I just had to reconfigure the printers for the Windows 7. It appears that Microsoft has a phobia with scanners using the Arcsoft system pf Epson and Canon. Adobe has to be configured in my printers. It does not accept my Laser Tally Printer from UK.

I am using another desktop aside from the Dell, and I am satisfied with the speed of this. This pc runs on 2 Gb, Windows XP Pro. This is the one I know right and left. There is another two desktops and those are which I use to try various programs and operating systems. The Apple laptop with Leopard Operating system is taking the sidelines for now although it offers some items better than Microsoft.

The Windows Vista OS, which preceded Windows 7, could have had similar successes similar to Windows 7 had Microsoft gave the public the compatibility lists as was provided for Windows 7 now. In truth, there is good reason to believe that Windows 7 is a rectified Windows Vista, and that the OS is based on Windows Vista.

I found something good in Windows 7 now—-it has more pc game programs than the other OS that preceded it. I like most the CHESS game which I beat already. Of course I started off as a neophyte to the game just to test it, and it did try that mate-in-five-moves the first time around. I must have thrown it off its rocker when I forced an early exchange of queens which forced him to open up his right side and got himself caught with his left undeveloped.

These computer chess games are only as good as their programmers. Didn’t the IBM computer called “Big Blue” beat the world chess champion Kasparov?

I mean, if I keep my moves off the expected moves in chess, I could beat this computer game up to the end, even if it has started to make notations of the moves I make under some such situations.

The very good rule that my Father taught me in chess—never make a move which does not improve BOTH your offense and defense! I have found this advice very gratifying in most cases in life.



The Quattron

The Quattron is the new kid on the tv block. This is an innovative technology coming from SHARP.

From the standard RGB colors (Red, Green and Blue) Sharp added another color to be reproduced by the tv, and it is the color YELLOW.

The TV, marketed under the brand AQUOS, will now reproduce Red, Green, Blue, and yellow. This increases the number of colors reproduced from millions to trillions.

The price seems to be too much for this feature, though.

Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel

Senatorial Candidate, will refile the Reproductive Health Bill which she sponsored, answers questions about this Bill on Harapan.


This bill failed to pass in the House of Representatives probably because the bill’s provisions were not completely elaborated. This is a good bill. It seeks to satisfy all beliefs and do away with all taboos.

Although I believe in the bill, she might not come across to me completely in explaining its provisions in person, simply because the Reproductive Health Bill would be farthest from my mind when that happens.


One way to explain the Reproductive Health Bill is :

‘Kahit makipot na ang kumot crytears

ay bawal pa ring maglikot’   nosiree

Final Fantasy XIII

Speaking of art work, the new video game, Final Fantasy XIII, features unbelievable art work and graphics. It’s brightness was also cranked up to brilliant levels.

Best to play this on a 46″ 1080p LED at 240 hz. You’ll get glued to the set just watching the resolution unfold.

Crossword Puzzle No. 15



(Suggest to print this out and work on it) 


IQ Test