The Japanese Gambit

Seen here sporting a smile from ear to ear is

Japanese Prime Minister Abe (Ah-be)

who is off to see the Wizard of Moscow.

He would have initiated by then,

closer ties with Russia,

notwithstanding the disputed territories close to Russia

and situated in Northern Japan.

My crystal ball must have foreseen this event,


What can Japan offer Russia?
A Partnership on the Energy Street,
A full industrial know how,
electronic innovations as adapted to armaments,
and training of personnel.
Mass production and management of industries
is the forte of the Japanese after the war.
The Russian T90, T95, T99 are humungous
with thick armor, powerful engines, and large caliber guns.
With new innovations on navigation, targeting and tracking
these behemoths will be more than a match for the American M1A1 Abrams.
The same innovations when included in the fighter jets and bombers,
the Russian Air Force would have superiority over all.
The Japanese work on the assembly lines as if
their lives depended on the work.
This attitude should rub off on the Russian workplace.
What can Russia offer?
A steady supply of oil and gas,
a treaty on the disputed islands which is based on joint ventures
on explorations, fishing, and settlements.
The undisputed sovereignty of Japan on the Northern islands
but with a 100-year contract for Russia to lease an air base
a contract similar to the Hongkong lease with UK.
The offer to sell arms, warships, and planes to Japan
so that Japan will convert from a mere self-defense force
to a veritable army and air force.
After this, and from what I can see
the Last Samurai of Japan
will be succeeded by its next SHOGUN.
Of course, the Wizard of Moscow may have other plans,
which do not mention a thing about geishas.


(originally dated May 2014)

Japan Stirs

If you search back this website,

you will come across my singling out 

the country of Japan becoming prominent

in the coming events.

The industrialization of this country,

after it opened its ports to the West,

develop a hunger for oil to fuel its industries.

This oil import was intentionally sanctioned

because Japan had developed a military force

superior to that in any country in the Pacific.

Its navy is beginning to rival that

which is based at Pearl harbor.

So this country went to war to secure

another oil source which is in

from New Guinea.

After the war was culminated by two nuclear bombs, 

the Japanese Army has been restricted

and limited to the size of a self-defense force,

with Us military bases enforcing this rule.

The subdued Bushido spirit now comes to the fore.

And there are Japanese nationalists who take

this code seriously,

and may act in a deranged manner,

particularly when they have a gun in the pocket,

and millenium in their minds.

The code still summons samurais.

The Nations Realign

After the splintering comes the realignment.

This time more consideration is given to

national needs than politics.

Oil is one important factor.

Trade is another.

And still another factor is

the immunization from the American sanctions.

Much is said about China, Turkey, Russia, India, Belarus, etc.

No focus is made on the Nippongo-speaking


the Land of the Rising Sun.

People would be amazed to find out

how this country will do

in its rise from this Ukrainian turmoil.

(will explain later in the next post,

or posts,

if I can finish it)


Noboyuki Tsujii

A gold medal for Noboyuki Tsujii of Japan, tied for First Place, in the Thirteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. He plays here two of Franz Liszt favorites, the La Campanella and the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. Although not as fast on the keys as Lang Lang, he makes up for it with special feelings added to the music. Amazing, I should say, because Noboyuki is almost blind.


Noboyuki Tsujii.mpg

(another treat for the Music Promotion Foundation)

The Will of the Shogun

Common to the start of all empires,

the Shogunate of Ieyasu Tokugawa started good

until his death, when his siblings take over.

And afterwards the people overthrow the Tokugawa Shogunate.


Shogun’s Will.mpg